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KSHSAA 3A State Cross Country Championships HS

Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Wamego Country Club, Wamego, KS - Map
Mens Races

Wamego Country Club

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Collin Trickle17:02.41Minneapolis
2.11Austin Bogina17:18.68Northeast
3.11Jake Spence17:30.01Baxter Springs
4.12Michael Wolf17:32.30Holcomb
5.12Jacee Jarnagin17:34.82Holcomb
6.11Enrique Sanchez17:35.41Southwestern Heights
7.12Dillon Hackett17:35.95Minneapolis
8.11Josh Rankin17:36.50Ellsworth
9.9Jordan Hett17:40.07Marion
10.11Jordan Speed17:40.61Wichita Independent
11.12Tyler Blass17:41.15Beloit
12.12Ethan VanZant17:41.76Central Heights
13.10Tyler Roberts17:47.20Sterling
14.11Garret Daugherty17:52.14Minneapolis
15.11Adam Larson17:55.09Riley County
16.12Grady Goff17:55.50Riley County
17.11Kyle Stromgren17:58.09Osage City
18.12Ryan Jones18:02.63Marion
19.12Kayson Matthews18:03.07Lakin
20.12Aaron Catlin18:03.70Beloit
21.11JL Pourin18:09.98Goodland
22.9Eli Alholm18:11.69Kansas City Christian
23.12Travis Diener18:20.58Lyons
24.12Seth Ruder18:23.04Rock Creek Senior
25.10Zach Hartwell18:24.20Norton Community
26.12Kyle Sooter18:26.49Halstead
27.11Steven Howard18:29.96Eureka
28.12Mitchell Gaede18:30.56Holcomb
29.10Jahman Hill18:30.95Larned
30.10Jacob Campbell18:33.74Wichita Independent
31.10Jason Ream18:35.50Wichita Independent
32.11Justin Heston18:35.98Northern Heights
33.11Max Craddock18:36.58Wichita Collegiate
34.12Brett Robinson18:41.61Holcomb
35.11Peter Reed18:42.14Sterling
36.12Robert Langdell18:42.63Lyons
37.12Logan Wedel18:44.69Minneapolis
38.10Zach Wolken18:45.58Wichita Independent
39.12Nate Reznicek18:48.00Burlington
40.10Derek Moore18:49.87Wellsville
41.9Peter Wiebe18:54.41Southwestern Heights
42.11Cody Rodriguez18:55.29Lyons
43.9Drake Mahoney18:56.02Burlington
44.9Dallas Edwards18:56.52Jefferson County N
45.10Bryan Henry18:57.40Norton Community
46.12Austin Gautier18:58.23Lyons
47.11Landon Noll18:59.24Jefferson County N
48.9Trenton Cox18:59.91Sabetha
49.11Kevin Williams19:00.36Beloit
50.12Brad Bengel19:00.84Jefferson County N
51.12Talon Thompson19:05.77Southeast
52.12Nathan Vogel19:07.21Hillsboro
53.11Mathew Sparkman19:08.39Lyons
54.9Cole Meyer19:09.28Wellsville
55.11Joe Emanuels19:09.79Kansas City Christian
56.12Matthew Messerla19:11.44Riley County
57.11Troy Bainter19:11.89Norton Community
58.10Jordan Thompson19:12.43Wellsville
59.10Brendon Thomas19:19.76Holcomb
60.10Billy Noll19:20.27Jefferson County N
61.10Tanner Finney19:23.79Beloit
62.12Daniel Skucius19:25.45Sterling
63.9Matt Musser19:25.86Riley County
64.9Hunter Schwartz19:27.82Burlington
65.12Garrett Zachary19:28.32Beloit
66.10Jon Gibson19:28.77Kansas City Christian
67.10Tyler Newkirk19:29.26Burlington
68.12Gabe Fallin19:30.16Kansas City Christian
69.12Steven Rathert19:33.67Atchison County Comm
70.12Christian Kline19:35.89Kansas City Christian
71.11Nolan Gaede19:36.36Holcomb
72.10Eddie Creek19:37.86Marysville
73.10Josh Werner19:38.97Wichita Independent
74.9Jake Jaderston19:41.41Sterling
75.11Jacob Schrick19:43.98Jefferson County N
76.9Isaac Kuder19:44.81Minneapolis
77.12Matt Scherffius19:45.23Burlington
78.12Nick Martinez19:46.66Lyons
79.12Stephen Cowan19:47.32Kansas City Christian
80.12Trevor Geisler19:48.21Riley County
81.9John Renner19:52.56Norton Community
82.11Kegan Vanover19:53.45Norton Community
83.12Jake Termini19:53.92Kansas City Christian
84.9Michael Banderas19:54.31Holcomb
85.12Tyler Leakey19:55.43Jefferson County N
86.12Chris Speed19:58.51Wichita Independent
87.10Jared Cullop20:06.12Sterling
88.9Nathan Elder20:08.26Riley County
89.10Christian Packebush20:17.10Wichita Independent
90.11Trenton Meyer20:24.57Wellsville
91.10Austin Silsby20:25.96Wellsville
92.11Dustin Bluma20:27.60Burlington
94.11George Chapman20:31.81Beloit
95.12Eduoard Huyghebart20:36.41Jefferson County N
96.12Chris Maddy20:37.77Norton Community
97.10Donevan Gillespie20:38.32Riley County
98.10Weston Penn20:44.11Minneapolis
99.12Scott McConaghy20:53.61Beloit
100.11Jordan Anderson20:55.88Burlington
101.11Talison Crosby20:56.40Sterling
102.12John Corman21:00.09Minneapolis
103.10Matt DeWerff21:06.44Sterling
104.10Curtis Kunard21:29.14Wellsville
105.10Caleb Smith22:33.42Wellsville
106.9Ryan Bainter23:51.75Norton Community
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Jenna Snell15:38.19Ellinwood
2.9Heather Ruder15:46.64Thomas More Prep-Mar...
3.11Morgan Trible16:04.59Frederic Remington-W...
4.9Sarah Wright16:04.91Douglass
5.10Kimberly Smith16:13.16Northern Heights
6.9Paige White16:21.69Baxter Springs
7.9Megan Doyle16:22.41Belle Plaine
8.9Leah Murata16:36.31Horton
9.9Anna Trahan16:37.92Minneapolis
10.12Ivy Wellman16:38.35Belle Plaine
11.11Megan Duggins16:54.94Wichita Collegiate
12.12Whitney Steinike16:56.37Ellsworth
13.11Becky Jensen16:56.89Rossville
14.9Regan Simpson16:57.33Norton Community state medalist
15.9Allison Pfeifer16:58.38Thomas More Prep-Mar...
16.11Courtney Sager16:59.05Southeast Of Saline
17.10Karly Ruggle17:00.71Riley County
18.12Haley Wellman17:01.76Horton
19.9Dannyle Reyes17:05.55Fredonia
20.12Julia Rosales17:08.17Lakin
21.9Stacy Pachta17:11.13Riley County
22.10Emily Collins17:12.53Riley County
23.11Shanna Prescott17:14.14Larned
24.11Kristin Tippin17:15.48Kansas City Christian
25.9Ashley Heston17:18.39Northern Heights
26.10Abby Bainter17:21.19Norton Community
27.11Taylor Scott17:21.52Belle Plaine
28.11Kylee Gragg17:24.85Minneapolis
29.12Shanae Porter17:25.41Beloit
30.11Shelbi Hamilton17:26.65Minneapolis
31.11Janelle Bailey17:32.55Riley County
32.9Karissa Pena17:33.56Holcomb
33.9Nina Spence17:34.02Baxter Springs
34.10Brynn McIntyre17:34.31Belle Plaine
35.10Cajsa Larson17:38.46Riley County
36.9Annie Mindrup17:39.82Thomas More Prep-Mar...
37.10Brooke Wells17:41.27Southeast Of Saline
38.12Lindsay Seele17:49.20Rossville
39.9Savanna Chestnut17:49.54Northern Heights
40.9Julia Kent17:52.27Norton Community
41.9Rebecca Elsen17:54.10Ellinwood
42.10Jaden Bolmer17:54.61Lakin
43.10Lily Young17:56.98Kansas City Christian
44.9Kamilla Jones17:57.39Norton Community
45.9Rachel Ash17:57.99Kansas City Christian
46.12Dayna Pachta17:59.26Riley County
47.12Dusti Greenlee18:04.01Sedgwick
48.12Kelsey Vinson18:04.42Eureka
49.11Kim Mealiff18:05.40Beloit
50.11Michelle Klepper18:06.41Ellinwood
51.10Taylor Slavens18:06.84West Franklin
52.9Hannah Stirton18:07.43Horton
53.11Hayley Taylor18:08.00Thomas More Prep-Mar...
54.11Morgan Trott18:10.94Kansas City Christian
55.11Amelia Hunt18:12.57Belle Plaine
56.10Rhiann Jones18:13.77Burlington
57.11Emily Milton18:15.17Kansas City Christian
58.12Kendall Perry18:17.05Minneapolis
59.9Paige Bontz18:24.11Rossville
60.11Paulina Montoya18:28.75Ellinwood
61.12Annie Hartman18:30.96Kansas City Christian
62.9Heather Cleveland18:37.98Southeast Of Saline
63.11Dustyna Sprigg18:41.34Norton Community
64.11Tiffany Cleveland18:44.60Southeast Of Saline
65.12Savanna Christensen18:49.63Medicine Lodge
66.11Elizabeth Karr18:52.33Northern Heights
67.11Roxie Vos18:57.77Kansas City Christian
68.11Brittany Harrington19:01.15Eureka
69.11Kendra Lawson19:01.66Southeast Of Saline
70.10Ashley Flaming19:02.11Belle Plaine
71.12Jena Sauber19:03.08Southeast Of Saline
72.9Lexi Merz19:05.81Horton
73.10Rebecca Strecker19:11.98Ellinwood
74.11Chelsea Carr19:13.91Northern Heights
75.12Kalee Kirmer19:14.26Thomas More Prep-Mar...
76.12Heather Eddings19:20.01Burlington
77.11Sierra Yianakopulos19:21.55Southeast Of Saline
78.11Lindsey Gaskell19:25.46Horton
79.10Bailey Griffith19:33.82Osage City
80.11Kaylen Rossi19:35.49Norton Community
81.11Emma Giles19:37.98Minneapolis
82.12Becca Dunlop19:47.35Burlington
83.9Abbey Marcotte19:47.68Riley County
84.10Brileigh Scothorn19:55.96Burlington
85.12Emily Volker20:06.32Thomas More Prep-Mar...
86.11Mandy McGuire20:20.23Southeast
87.10Paige Gasper20:34.57Horton
88.12Morgan Halderson20:36.19Minneapolis
89.11Ashley Herb20:40.38Eureka
90.11Kristen Thweatt21:04.98Burlington
91.9Hannah Maddy22:07.31Ellinwood
92.9Bailey Schmidt22:46.82Eureka
93.10Hayle Randle22:48.40Eureka
94.11Cristal Ibarra22:49.72Eureka
95.9Rachel Shultz22:50.27Eureka
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