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Prince George's County Invitational HS

Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Meet Host - Parkdale HS
Location - Fort Washington Park, Fort Washington, MD - Map
Mens Races

Fort Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Fort Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Robby Creese16:13.0Glenelg
2.12Thomas Arias16:48.0Damascus
3.11Alex Arias17:07.0Damascus
4.11Cecil Jonas17:16.0Damascus
5.12Doug Goodwin17:26.0Glenelg
6.11Sean Coffey17:30.1Glenelg
7.12Austin Clark17:30.1Glenelg
8.12Ben Constantinides17:41.0Damascus
9.-S Tharbee17:46.0Suitland
10.12Jonathan Constanti...17:48.0Damascus
11.12James Bartlett17:50.8Damascus
12.12Anthony Huff17:51.0School Without Walls
13.11Andy Drum17:53.0Middletown
14.10Lorenzo Acosta17:54.0Damascus
15.10Simon Gigli17:55.0School Without Walls
16.12Skyler Stasiewicz17:57.0Middletown
17.12Troy Browne18:03.0C.H. Flowers
18.11William Atchison18:08.0Middletown
19.11John Bosse18:14.0Glenelg
20.12Corey Robertson18:18.0Meade
21.11Brady Dailey18:21.0Middletown
22.10Gerardo Amaya18:24.1Bowie
23.12Robert Lebair18:24.6Glenelg
24.11Ryan Aylward18:27.0Glenelg
25.12Chris Henry18:29.0Gwynn Park
26.11Luther Westbrook18:31.0Dunbar
27.12Geoff Schaeffer18:34.4Middletown
28.11Christian Harrison18:34.6Bishop McNamara
29.12Olamilekan Ogunlola18:57.5School Without Walls
30.12Dan Cameron18:57.8Meade
31.11Matthew Feather18:58.1Bishop McNamara
32.12Paul Edwards18:58.4Bowie
33.9Alan Ottenstein19:27.0Bowie
34.11Domonique Anderson19:28.0Meade
35.12Keven King19:38.5Henry A Wise
36.12Adrain Miller19:38.9Henry A Wise
37.10John Walker19:42.0Bowie
38.11Travis Trim19:44.0National Christian
39.12Imani Kelly19:44.2Roosevelt
40.12Najee Anderson19:44.6C.H. Flowers
41.11Amal Jones19:44.6Friendly Senior
42.10Myron Davis19:52.4C.H. Flowers
43.12David Lieb19:52.4Middletown
44.10Javon Cox19:54.0Dunbar (DC)
45.10Kyle Carrier19:54.0Southern-AA
46.-Fikareem El20:09.0School Without Walls
47.12Charles Njiande20:09.0Roosevelt
48.12Erick Jackson20:10.0Dunbar (DC)
49.12Ted Jeong20:11.0School Without Walls
50.12Calvin Crawley20:12.0DuVal
51.-Kristopher German20:16.0Meade
52.11Nick Wolf20:17.0Middletown
53.11Sonny Hicks20:22.0Bishop McNamara
54.-M McIntyre20:24.0Suitland
55.12Christopher Spriggs20:25.0Bishop McNamara
56.12Ryan Magruder20:32.0Bishop McNamara
57.11Jerome Brown20:34.0Bowie
58.-Allan Ddamulira20:36.0Crossland
59.-Jeremy Lambert20:40.5Bowie
60.11Stamar Mitchell20:40.7Central-PG
61.12Brian David20:42.0Henry A Wise
62.12Daniel Robertson20:43.1Henry A Wise
63.10Wesley Gordon20:46.3Bishop McNamara
64.10Thomas Dempsey20:48.0Southern-AA
65.12Micheal Jackson20:52.0Dunbar
66.12Quasi Augustin20:55.0Roosevelt
67.-Louis Frarrine21:13.0Southern-AA
68.11Avery Gaskins21:15.0Bishop McNamara
69.-Francisco Nunez21:17.0Crossland
70.12Kyle Bell21:24.0Dunbar (DC)
71.12Lawrence Garrett21:45.0C.H. Flowers
72.12Delonte Pratt21:47.0Dunbar (DC)
73.12Melvin Bundy21:57.0Potomac
74.11Mohmad Jalloh21:59.0Bowie
75.12Edward Blackstone22:00.0Dunbar
76.-Kadeem Holland22:02.0Meade
77.12Cassius Mackel22:04.0Friendly Senior
78.12Devran Ross22:12.0Fairmont Heights
79.12Anthony Mays22:17.0Henry A Wise
80.12Edose Ibadin22:19.0DuVal
81.10Deion lee22:31.0Fairmont Heights
82.11Shaquano Brooks22:42.0Central-PG
83.11Trevor Morrisey22:45.0Southern-AA
84.10Jamie Dennis23:03.5Southern-AA
85.11Brian Rose23:03.7Southern-AA
86.12Jordon Lewis23:05.0C.H. Flowers
87.11Nazell Alston23:08.0Central-PG
88.12Devin James23:16.0Fairmont Heights
89.10Branden Colbert23:18.0National Christian
90.12Yannick Beete23:39.0Roosevelt
91.11Daniel Bedard23:54.0Southern-AA
92.11Ayinde Cunningham24:01.0School Without Walls
93.11Lester Gyasi24:22.0Henry A Wise
94.12Donte Bethea24:29.0Dunbar
95.11Gerwan Harrison24:35.0Fairmont Heights
96.11Justin McPherson24:36.0Northwestern-PG
97.11William Taylor24:46.0Potomac
98.-Bobby Arnold24:48.1Crossland
99.-Ahmed Smith24:48.3Potomac
100.9Stephen Walker25:05.0C.H. Flowers
101.11Philips Harris25:07.0Fairmont Heights
102.11Emeka Brooks25:27.0Fairmont Heights
103.11Robert Smith25:38.0National Christian
104.-Konly Harding27:55.0C.H. Flowers
105.-Umar Butler29:22.0Potomac
106.9Quentin Scott29:24.0National Christian
107.10Justin Jefferson31:00.0National Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Emily McIlvried20:45.0Damascus
2.11Alexandra Carroll21:01.0Damascus
3.10Karly Najaka21:09.0Damascus
4.12Tnay Williams21:13.0C.H. Flowers
5.10Lakayja Alston21:20.0Damascus
6.11Kirby Taylor21:28.0Glenelg
7.12Danielle Gaynor21:48.0C.H. Flowers
8.12Bianca Parker21:52.0Largo
9.11Brinae Robinson22:00.0Western
10.9Kylee Patton22:05.0Damascus
11.10Lanie Swanhart22:07.0Glenelg
12.12Elizabeth Carino22:10.0Parkdale
13.11Syrita Hunt22:14.0Western
14.12Chelsey McMinn22:15.0Damascus
15.-Alexis Nalston22:20.0Suitland
16.9Lahni Clifton22:30.2Western
17.10Devin Brooks22:30.8Meade
18.10Summer Cox22:36.0Southern-AA
19.12Jasmine Martin22:41.0Meade
20.11Katie Bussard22:46.0Middletown
21.10Jessica Elliott22:56.0Middletown
22.11Michille Turner23:25.0H.D. Woodson Senior
23.12Sada Wakefield23:28.0Crossland
24.9Leia Conrad23:29.0Bishop McNamara
25.11Maddie Henry23:30.0Glenelg
26.12Amber Lindsey23:33.0Largo
27.12Denae Ford23:36.0C.H. Flowers
28.10Tarcha Parker23:40.0Largo
29.9Kristin Yuan23:42.0Glenelg
30.11Sarah Stang23:47.0Glenelg
31.10Mary Saunders23:51.0H.D. Woodson Senior
32.12Ameera Teal24:01.0C.H. Flowers
33.9Harper Dine24:03.0Frederick
34.11Kim Dews24:03.0H.D. Woodson Senior
35.-Eroummon Oviasogie24:04.0H.D. Woodson Senior
36.12Camille Washingon24:04.0C.H. Flowers
37.-Mary Laugesen24:16.0Meade
38.11Gabbi Maher24:16.0Frederick
39.10Victoria Elliott24:21.0Frederick
40.9Nichelle McMillan24:22.0Meade
41.12Jessica Paschall24:25.0Dunbar
42.10Julia Karcewski24:26.0Middletown
43.9Brielyn Rogers24:28.0Bishop McNamara
44.-Mariah Green-Adans24:34.0Meade
45.12Tory Trovillion24:43.0Glenelg
46.12Ashley Lindsey24:50.0Largo
47.11Kamilah Mckenzie24:56.0Largo
48.10Barbaretta Short24:58.0Dunbar (DC)
49.11Darlena Green25:26.0Dunbar
50.11Chandace DeShields25:29.0Dunbar
51.12Mary Williams25:35:00Crossland
52.11Maureen McCarrick25:37.0Middletown
53.9Mary Milkerin25:38.0Middletown
54.10Chancelle Ndomfeng25:45.0Fairmont Heights
55.11Paulette Fogle25:52.0Bishop McNamara
56.10Sydney Walker25:54.0Frederick
57.9Anna Kuegler26:07.0Southern-AA
58.11Destane Stokes26:08.0Western
59.9Maya Perry26:14.0Bowie
11Michelle Hines26:25.00Dunbar (DC)
61.10Jenna Laplaca26:26.0Frederick
62.-Alica Brown26:30.0H.D. Woodson Senior
63.9Kathryn Tross26:37.0Frederick
64.10Channel Tramell26:41.0Largo
65.11Kelsey Owens26:43.0Middletown
66.-Christina Francais26:46.0Northwestern-PG
67.10Shylia Buie26:47.0Dunbar
68.12Jessica Mengele26:48.0Western
69.12Diamond McCoy26:53.0Dunbar (DC)
70.-Lanette Lee27:00.1Roosevelt
71.11Oshin Bennett27:00.5Laurel
72.-Nina Jones27:00.9Dunbar
73.9Esther Omolola27:03.0Parkdale
10Treyniqua Dickey27:15.00Dunbar (DC)
74.12Meredith Ellmore27:15.0Southern-AA
75.10Treniqua Dickey27:15.0Dunbar (DC)
76.12Agnes Conteh27:22.0Largo
77.10Laguannea Whitmire27:24.0Fairmont Heights
78.12Courtney Cox27:42.0Bowie
79.10Britney Jones27:52.0Potomac
80.-Britni Ruff 28:04.0Bowie
81.12Brandi Battalico28:25.0Bishop McNamara
82.12Chanae Davis28:27.0Bishop McNamara
83.11Ashlee Hayes28:48.0Central-PG
84.10Victoria Martz28:51.0Southern-AA
85.11Jasmine Stubs28:58.0DuVal
86.12Ajada Thomas28:59.0Western
87.10Daja Tyree29:12.0Fairmont Heights
88.9Shanice Hodges29:19.0Dunbar (DC)
89.-G Younghorn29:25.0Northwestern-PG
90.11Shanell Debraux29:40.0Bishop McNamara
91.-Portia Porter29:45.0Henry A Wise
92.-Kia Dawkins29:46.0Henry A Wise
93.10Shannon Pitts29:50.0National Christian
94.10Acquirra Carter29:54.0Dunbar (DC)
95.11Olivia Williams30:20.0Central-PG
96.9Yolanda Epps30:33.0Dunbar (DC)
97.10Lila Pipersburgh30:50.0Laurel
98.11Chyna Brown31:40.0Bishop McNamara
99.-Shantenia Lane32:08.0H.D. Woodson Senior
100.11Lashawn Gooden32:13.0Henry A Wise
101.9Alexis Kennedy32:56.0Dunbar
102.12Elizabeth David32:57.0Northwestern-PG
103.10Hannah Mosby32:59.0Southern-AA
104.11Aianya Dancy33:30.0Central-PG
105.-Jasmine Mason33:42.0Dunbar (DC)
106.12Oniesha Shinault33:48.0DuVal
107.-Sarita Kavatana34:27.0National Christian
108.11Lauren Kelley34:42.0Southern-AA
109.12Sharde Pasley36:33.0Dunbar
110.-Ayarri Conway_Bris...36:38.0Fairmont Heights
111.9Sade Olaiya37:24.0Henry A Wise
112.-Julianna Oliver37:32.0Southern-AA
113.-Alexus Outlaw41:45.6Fairmont Heights
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