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Mens Races
2,500 Meters 7th & 8th Grade12:15 AM

Victory Park

5,000 Meters Varsity10:45 AM
1,600 Meters 6th Grade & Under11:30 AM
Womens Races

Victory Park

5,000 Meters Varsity10:00 AM
1,600 Meters 6th Grade & Under11:30 AM
2,500 Meters 7th & 8th Grade11:45 AM

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Albion (Closed 2013)

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1.12Paul Lewis15:46.3Albion (Closed 2013)
2.12Sebastian Reisch16:12.7 PRHillsdale
3.12Lyle Kafer16:19.4Hillsdale
4.11Kenny Harris16:27.6Albion (Closed 2013)
5.12Tyler Graustein16:40.3Stockbridge All Conference
6.10Tyler Harrison16:54.7Leslie
7.9Bryan Peoples17:05.7Albion (Closed 2013)
8.10Brian Terry17:20.8 SRHillsdale
9.11Elijah Batchelor17:21.3Hillsdale
10.11Mason Cutler17:28.0Stockbridge All Conference
11.10Kal Caulkins17:34.5 SRHillsdale
12.11Jalen Weaver17:49.5Albion (Closed 2013)
13.9Alec Armstrong17:53.5Stockbridge All Conference
14.12Zach Platte17:56.2Stockbridge All Conference
15.11Mike Borton18:00.2Hillsdale
16.9Quinn Miller18:03.2 SRHillsdale
17.12Ian Bumpus18:07.3 PRStockbridge
18.11Erick Roth18:14.4 SRHillsdale
19.12Jonathan Young18:14.8 PRLansing Christian
20.10Jacob Laferriere18:26.4Parma Western
21.11Chase Tropf18:29.7 SRLeslie
22.10Carles Summerour18:30.2 PRAlbion (Closed 2013)
23.12Brian Sears18:30.7 PRStockbridge
24.12Zach Olson18:43.4Stockbridge
25.10Anthony Rickle18:44.3 SRStockbridge
26.9Tanner Jewell18:50.5 SRParma Western
27.10Josh Steckelberg18:53.3Leslie
28.12Austin Lelle18:55.3 SRAlbion (Closed 2013)
29.11Darius Crum19:09.4Albion (Closed 2013)
30.11Gabe Ojeda19:21.9Parma Western
31.9Mohammad Al-Saadi19:34.1Albion (Closed 2013)
32.10David Campbell19:44.5Stockbridge
33.12Zach Bliven19:49.2 PRLeslie
34.10Tyler Carpenter19:51.8Stockbridge
35.10Justin Gibbs20:05.1Leslie
36.12Kyle Kramer20:06.0Stockbridge
37.12DJ Radtke20:31.5Parma Western
38.11Jordan Laird20:41.5Parma Western
39.10Chad Elmer20:43.1Stockbridge
40.12Alex Albarran21:00.7Albion (Closed 2013)
41.12Chris Seward21:09.1Parma Western
42.10Zack Lagow21:09.7 PRParma Western
43.10John Tyler Parmer21:35.9 PRLansing Christian
44.10Matt Nolan21:39.9 PRStockbridge
45.9Kevin Gorman21:54.9 SRLeslie
46.9Brendan Maynard21:58.9Parma Western
47.10Lucas Friday22:22.4Lansing Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Albion (Closed 2013)

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1.10Audrey Tremaine19:17.9Leslie
2.10Brooke Prieskorn19:35.3Leslie
3.11Kayla Smith19:54.5Leslie
4.12Ashley Steers19:57.8Leslie
5.11Kristen Fillmore20:02.9 SRStockbridge
6.11Jacqueline Fillmore20:04.3 SRStockbridge
7.10Kellie Rizzolo20:10.8 SRStockbridge
8.11Storm Boyer20:27.2Stockbridge
9.12Tre Washington20:27.9Albion (Closed 2013)
10.11Sydney Tremaine20:28.8Leslie
11.9Courtney Hinkley20:29.1Hillsdale
12.9Kasey Caulkins20:43.0 SRHillsdale
13.10Miriah Hagy21:07.4Lansing Christian
13.10Miriah Hagy21:07.5Lansing Christian
14.10Jasmine Holloway21:09.1Stockbridge
15.10Sarah VanOrman21:18.8 PRHillsdale
16.9Elizabeth Perkins21:34.6Lansing Christian
17.9Courtney Myers21:35.2Lansing Christian
18.10Julia Snider21:36.2 SRStockbridge
19.9Sarah Subject21:36.4Leslie
20.12Taylor Woodruff22:10.3Parma Western
21.11Mackenzie Hill22:23.4Hillsdale
22.11Sania Cheema22:32.0 PRParma Western
23.11Megan Spencer22:37.0Albion (Closed 2013)
24.11Mindy Freeland22:53.7Parma Western
25.10Sherisa VanSickle22:54.8 PRHillsdale
26.10Kyler Huss22:56.3Parma Western
27.11Meghan Jordon23:00.1 SRBrooklyn Columbia Ce...
28.9Emily Boller23:01.0 SRBrooklyn Columbia Ce...
29.11Aqsa Cheema23:04.3Parma Western
30.11Bethany Peterson23:09.8Parma Western
31.11Madison Mclelland23:12.0Stockbridge
32.10Erin Hoeft23:16.3Lansing Christian
33.10Hailey Willett23:19.3Leslie
34.9Aliyah Owens23:32.6 PRAlbion (Closed 2013)
35.10Lauren Easton23:33.6Parma Western
36.12Cece Torres23:35.8Albion (Closed 2013)
37.9Brianna Meyers23:48.9Parma Western
38.12Morgan McFerran24:02.7 PRParma Western
39.11Katie Shalosky24:18.2Hillsdale
40.12Laura Turcotte24:32.7 PRLeslie
41.9Melody Theut24:38.2Stockbridge
42.10Karen Albarran24:57.4Albion (Closed 2013)
43.11Shantella Sherman25:03.5Albion (Closed 2013)
44.11Taylor Morse25:11.2Brooklyn Columbia Ce...
45.12Carly Moore25:21.9Albion (Closed 2013)
46.10Kelsey Lamson25:30.9 PRBrooklyn Columbia Ce...
47.9Taylor Hannel25:47.4Hillsdale
48.9Lauryn Hendrickson26:22.1Parma Western
49.9Skyleigh Rathbun26:31.9Leslie
50.12Michelle Maher26:36.3Parma Western
51.10Christina Garza26:52.6Lansing Christian
52.9Brianna Baldridge27:32.8Stockbridge
53.9Katelynn Ferris27:34.5 PRParma Western
54.9Huei Sears40:38.4Leslie
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