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Mens Results

1.9 Mile Junior Varsity  
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1.10Dallas Thorpe5:05.06 PRChico
2.10Kyle Truelove5:05.49 PRPleasant Valley
3.9Gary Thornton5:08.76 PRChico
4.10Cody Miller5:13.07 PRPleasant Valley
5.9Noah Heinemann5:17.75 PRPleasant Valley
6.9Andrew Fitzhugh5:18.56 PREnterprise
7.9Cole Wiegert5:28.57 PRChico
8.10Mark Jaradeh10:42.95 PRPleasant Valley
9.10Aaron Vasey10:54.05 PRRed Bluff
10.10Pang Lee11:16.90 PRChico
11.9Josef Grundy11:23.83 SRChico
12.9Jordan McManus11:25.20 PRRed Bluff
13.10Tyler Kittle11:27.25 PRPleasant Valley
14.11Travis Saito11:32.49 PRShasta
15.10Austin Grewell11:35.95 PRShasta
16.10Taylor Blaser11:38.59 PRRed Bluff
17.9Malcolm Hinz11:40.12 SRChico
18.10David Morrow11:48.38 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
19.10Brian Bradley11:53.93 PRPleasant Valley
20.10Dalton Potter11:56.58 PROroville
21.9Christian Anderson12:00.76 PRPleasant Valley
22.9Alan Jarjour12:01.67 PRPleasant Valley
23.10Billy Diskin12:02.64 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
24.10Zack Bolen12:03.06 PRChico
25.10Axel Musselman12:07.21 PREnterprise
26.10Riley Gallagher12:08.81 PRRed Bluff
27.10Mitch Alexander12:09.82 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
28.10Mason Sauseda12:14.33 PRChico
29.9Jonny Trimboli12:21.10 PRPleasant Valley
30.10Ben Oberlander12:37.78 PRShasta
31.9Jonathan Schneringer12:45.00 SRShasta
32.9Jacob St. Clair12:45.60 PRChico
33.9Josh Diaz12:59.94 PRPleasant Valley
34.9Danny Phelan13:03.06 SRChico
35.12Matt Fraser13:06.94 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
36.9Eli Hase13:10.76 PRChico
37.10Will Andes13:38.09 PRPleasant Valley
38.10Steven Vue13:50.64 SRPleasant Valley
39.11Jack Fitzpatrick13:57.79 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
40.12tyler Parks14:05.62 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
41.9Conner Schmidt14:12.38 SRShasta
42.10Jesse Regnart14:15.50 PRRed Bluff
43.9Micah Carey16:15.76 PRRed Bluff
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3 Mile Varsity  
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1.12Zach Kaylor15:38.00Enterprise
2.12Daniel Parker15:53.03 PRChico
3.12Dustin Gibbs15:59.21 PRPleasant Valley
4.12Tony Moore16:02.53 PRShasta
5.12Tom Dowdin16:04.58 PRChico
6.11Austin Lamkin16:38.47Enterprise
7.10John Collins16:40.02 SREnterprise
8.11Ryan Teesdale16:40.92Foothill (Palo Cedro)
9.12Payton Laurie16:47.15Pleasant Valley
10.11Garrett Cloney16:47.34Foothill (Palo Cedro)
11.12Chas Burton16:47.90 PRChico
12.12Marc Steiner16:48.79Pleasant Valley
13.12Devin Shoop16:51.00 PRRed Bluff
14.12Patrick Franco16:51.79 PRChico
15.11Russell Brandt16:58.58 SROroville
16.11Alexander Thomas17:01.31 SRChico
17.12Nolan Barnhart17:07.50 PRShasta
18.12Russell McGregor17:07.93 PROroville
19.11Isaiah Boles17:18.48Enterprise
20.11Ryker Heberle17:23.70 SRChico
21.9Blake Zufall17:29.10Shasta
22.11Eli Stillman17:29.94 SRParadise
23.11Nathan McFarlane17:32.02 PREnterprise
24.10Jessie Stephens17:34.83Pleasant Valley
25.11Jose Zavala17:43.73Oroville
26.10Jared Wilding17:48.84 SRShasta
27.12Colin Roth17:50.06 PRRed Bluff
28.11Jordan Wright17:51.25 PROroville
29.10Eric Espinosa17:53.40 SRRed Bluff
30.10Dillan Geltz17:57.53 SROroville
31.12Shane Dominguez-Fe...17:59.47 PRChico
32.11Charles Aylward18:02.36 PRPleasant Valley
33.11Kyle Rodriguez18:07.60 PRRed Bluff
34.11Charles Loman18:10.14 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
35.11Ryan Lundberg18:12.31Pleasant Valley
36.12Tyler Radler18:13.97Pleasant Valley
37.11Daniel Lapp18:17.93Shasta
38.11David Baumgartner18:19.15 PRChico
39.11Gareth Nedved18:21.94 PRPleasant Valley
40.11Ivan Bowles18:26.37 PRPleasant Valley
41.9Hunter Jensen18:28.65 SRShasta
42.10Sterling Fabbri18:31.67 SRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
43.11Garritt Sanders18:34.95 SRRed Bluff
44.10Tyler Parker18:38.24 SRShasta
45.12Dillon Collins18:44.45Foothill (Palo Cedro)
46.11Sean Brown18:49.84Chico
47.10Samuel Bransky18:56.65Chico
48.11Will Guymon18:57.71 PRPleasant Valley
49.11Will Hall18:58.50Oroville
50.10Brent Rowse19:14.89 SRParadise
51.11Kyle Adams19:22.20 SREnterprise
52.11Alex Strauss19:23.28 PRPleasant Valley
53.12Tyler Mathews19:25.91 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
54.12Brandon Sergeeff19:52.25Foothill (Palo Cedro)
55.11Austin Shilts19:56.22 PRRed Bluff
56.12Dante Garaventa19:58.49 PRRed Bluff
57.12Michael Bray19:59.64 PRPleasant Valley
58.12Cameron Olson20:09.93Enterprise
59.11Marc David Vollmer20:10.67 PRPleasant Valley
60.11Alexander Thompson20:32.75 PRChico
61.11Zachary Brown20:37.14 SRRed Bluff
62.11Cy Bravo20:38.72 PRRed Bluff
63.11George Leece20:39.99 SRPleasant Valley
64.11Jordy Howell20:52.35 PRChico
65.11Stephen Lutes21:18.01 PRRed Bluff
66.11Lucus Mosier21:38.43 PROroville
67.11Alex Bartel21:46.96 PRPleasant Valley
68.12Erik Muellers22:02.37 PRParadise
69.11Tige O'Bar22:10.96 PRRed Bluff
70.12Jacob McManus22:35.69 PRRed Bluff
71.10Sean Pickering22:56.24 SRParadise
72.11Stephen Cordiero23:04.94 SROroville
73.12Michael Smith25:51.85 PRRed Bluff
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Womens Results

1.9 Mile Junior Varsity  
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1.10Karina Carrillo12:37.00 PRChico
2.10Kathryn Westlund12:39.00 PRChico
3.9Katelyn Schneider12:56.00 PRPleasant Valley
4.9Taylor Barron13:02.00 PRChico
5.9Laurel Shoop13:02.00 PRRed Bluff
6.10Jenna Stansbury13:03.00 PRChico
7.10Allison Willis13:07.00 PRChico
8.9Michelle Thorpe13:08.00 PRChico
9.9Amy Marler13:29.00 PRPleasant Valley
10.9Delaney Smith13:45.00 SRChico
11.10Andi Lubben13:48.00 PRShasta
12.9Catherine Reineman13:50.00 PRRed Bluff
13.9Poho Lo13:51.00 PRPleasant Valley
14.10Kelsie Cagle13:52.00 PRShasta
15.10Stephany Mua13:52.00 PRChico
16.9Taylor Walls13:57.00 PREnterprise
17.10Raelynne Vaught14:12.00 PRChico
18.10Lucero Carranza14:12.00 PRChico
19.10Samantha Clements14:16.00 PRRed Bluff
20.10Stephanie Allen14:31.00 PRChico
21.9Jaime Lemeuix14:51.00 PREnterprise
22.9Alyssa Leffler14:56.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
23.9Tiffany Sparling14:59.00 PREnterprise
24.9Carly Mantle15:34.00Pleasant Valley
25.10Mackenzie Allison15:36.00 PRShasta
26.10Shyann Paulsen16:13.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
27.10Darby McClelland16:26.00 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
28.9Qoua Xiong17:05.00 PRPleasant Valley
29.10Marissa Abbott17:15.00 PRShasta
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3 Mile Varsity  
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1.10Kody Atkins19:22.60 SRChico
2.11Lily Brose19:31.45 PRRed Bluff
3.10Amanda Costa19:40.10 SRChico
4.11Lora James19:50.24Shasta
5.9Azure Grant19:52.66 SRChico
6.10Gabrielle Finley-V...19:54.88 PRPleasant Valley
7.11Sarah Brandt20:01.01Oroville
8.11Heather Waldorf20:01.59 PRChico
9.12Analy Nava20:07.96 SRChico
10.9Melanie Hickman20:10.35 SRPleasant Valley
11.10Lorena Reed20:16.68 SRChico
12.12Melissa Mcrae20:23.34Enterprise
13.12Kelsey O'Sullivan20:28.80 PRPleasant Valley
14.9Annie Stratton20:53.10Paradise
15.11Delanne Bartlett21:10.83Enterprise
16.9Zoe Kaschke21:12.09 PREnterprise
17.9Breanna Brown21:16.19Foothill (Palo Cedro)
18.11Ariana Altier21:16.79 PRChico
19.11Emily Stein21:17.28Foothill (Palo Cedro)
20.12April Griffin21:40.71Oroville
21.11Molly Finn21:43.49Oroville
22.9Tammey Kramm21:46.12 SREnterprise
23.11Katie Parks21:49.58 PRRed Bluff
24.11Shannon Woodfill21:50.78Shasta
25.11Michelle Osuna21:56.79Shasta
26.9Sarah Hill21:58.85 PRShasta
27.10Christina Ferretti22:02.08Oroville
28.11Samantha Magana22:13.71Foothill (Palo Cedro)
29.12Katie McKinley22:17.53 PRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
30.10Kat Ponke22:19.05 PRShasta
31.11Erin Eicholtz22:26.16 SRRed Bluff
32.11Courtney Johnson22:29.62 SROroville
33.12Stevi Dewell22:31.81 SRParadise
34.10Becca Phillips22:33.96 SREnterprise
35.12Lauren Francis22:45.95 PRPleasant Valley
36.9Michelle Gamer22:50.81 SRParadise
37.10Gina Consentino22:53.91 PRRed Bluff
38.12Tara Stouffer23:07.30Shasta
39.9Kelsey DiFillipo23:17.34 SRFoothill (Palo Cedro)
40.11Zora Thomas23:19.25Chico
41.12Katie Erlendson23:20.92 SRPleasant Valley
42.11Roxi Luppino23:26.31 PRRed Bluff
43.11Alyssa Marler23:30.13 PRPleasant Valley
44.11Lauren Kaminski23:35.07 PRChico
45.11Caitlin Van Court23:40.68 PRChico
46.11Ariel Priest24:38.97Foothill (Palo Cedro)
47.11Katrina Ornelas25:00.55 PRChico
48.12Gwendolyn Deeds25:01.13 SRChico
49.11Alaina Howard25:28.28Foothill (Palo Cedro)
50.12Briana Denmark25:42.10 PRRed Bluff
51.11Cadie Cagle26:37.56Shasta
52.11Aubrey Danz26:41.05 SRParadise
53.11Breanna Crabtree26:41.74Paradise
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