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Steven Thompson Memorial Centipede Race HS

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Meet Host - Centennial HS
Location - Les Bois Park - Western Idaho Fairgrounds, Boise, ID
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Mens Races

Les Bois Park - Western Idaho Fairgrounds

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity6:00 PM
Womens Races

Les Bois Park - Western Idaho Fairgrounds

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.11Cody Larson18:19.81Capital
2.11Connor Lewis18:39.56Centennial
3.12Chad Hansen18:45.70Centennial
4.9Connor Combs18:46.63Centennial
5.9Micah Drew18:46.84Centennial
6.9Mark Chatterton18:48.30Centennial
7.12Evan Rust18:52.79Capital
8.11Kevin Temple18:56.17Centennial
9.11Dan Retzlaff19:01.00Centennial
10.11Anthony Konecni19:07.58Capital
11.11Alister Tencate19:18.31Capital
12.11Lane Ambrose19:21.36Capital
13.12Ross Taylor19:39.84Capital
14.12Jordan Jensen19:43.16Liberty Charter
15.12Troy Washburn19:47.73Liberty Charter
33.9Erik Engberson19:54.18Rocky Mountain
16.12Jared Hamblin19:59.77Liberty Charter
17.12Fabian Ortiz20:03.26Liberty Charter
18.12Kurtis McConnell20:09.26Liberty Charter
19.12Martijn ten Kate20:09.46Liberty Charter
20.9Dustin Gilliam20:10.11Centennial
21.12Doug Simpson20:11.29Centennial
22.9Lane Bridges20:12.16Centennial
43.9Cole Smith20:13.71Rocky Mountain
23.10Justin Senecal20:17.60Centennial
24.10Jarom Barney20:22.77Liberty Charter
25.12Sam Reading20:23.70Capital
26.11Justin Carr20:24.50Capital
27.9Jackson Turner20:25.32Capital
28.11Justin Steele20:30.77Capital
29.11Corey Hennen20:31.21Capital
30.11Logan Farley20:35.39Centennial
31.12Trevor MacLean20:37.29Capital
32.11Cameron Kauffman20:42.42Centennial
33.10Austin Clark20:44.20Centennial
34.10Joel Johnson20:45.59Capital
59.11Ben Simpson20:49.25Rocky Mountain
35.10Andrew Curtis20:56.44Centennial
36.11Ammon Winter21:02.03Capital
37.9Ty Morris21:09.00Centennial
38.10Shauton Stubbs21:10.38Centennial
39.9McKay Jones21:14.67Centennial
40.12David Zmuda21:16.65Capital
41.10Alex Myers21:19.50Capital
42.11Mack Walker21:20.59Centennial
43.10Mark Jejch21:21.67Centennial
44.9Malcolm Tencate21:24.43Capital
45.9Brooks Nielson21:31.82Centennial
86.10Jacob French21:31.81Rocky Mountain
90.9Blake Krueger21:36.52Rocky Mountain
91.9Taylor Mower21:40.72Rocky Mountain
46.11Tyler Bunderson21:46.81Capital
47.10Corbin Richards21:49.72Capital
98.10Kodee Dugger21:50.37Rocky Mountain
101.9James Tolman21:52.33Rocky Mountain
105.10Colin Haueter21:58.91Rocky Mountain
48.12Jon Ung22:02.78Centennial
118.9Henry Thompson22:24.73Rocky Mountain
121.11Cory Farrow22:30.85Rocky Mountain
49.10Alex Humphries22:37.31Centennial
50.10Kevin Townsley22:42.81Centennial
51.12Dan Orozco22:58.48Centennial
52.10Lance Sibal23:07.32Centennial
53.9Zach Harbauer23:08.91Centennial
54.9Christian Ogata23:20.62Centennial
171.10Scott Squire25:09.22Rocky Mountain
55.12Bob Suchy28:01.78Centennial
56.9Donaldson Layne28:02.24Centennial
57.9Connor Smith28:29.28Centennial
58.9Brian Luke28:35.82Centennial
59.9Levi Orr29:25.84Centennial
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Kramer Quist17:41.35Centennial
2.12Anthony Trakas17:45.95Capital
3.11Alex Harper17:47.54Centennial
4.12Gabe Garcia17:58.08Capital
5.12Sean Saxton17:59.59Rocky Mountain
6.12Ben Metcalf18:00.35Centennial
7.12Conrad Davis18:00.72Centennial
8.11Austin Baum18:01.03Centennial
9.12Kevin Goddridge18:01.61Centennial
10.12Chris Sumner18:02.02Centennial
11.12Christian Duplessie18:03.65Capital
12.11Brad Heusinkveld18:17.83Capital
13.12Austin Abromeit18:20.02Capital
14.12Martin Vail18:29.17Capital
15.9David Steele18:31.13Capital
16.9Justin Ross18:31.54Rocky Mountain
17.12Jacob Schlador18:32.35Rocky Mountain
18.12Tygan Shelton18:39.01Rocky Mountain
19.12Joel Brown18:39.72Rocky Mountain
44.9James Crawford18:51.11Rocky Mountain
49.9Camron Pearce18:59.50Rocky Mountain
20.10Jack Bradford19:06.21Rocky Mountain
21.9Ian Cavey19:08.76Rocky Mountain
61.9Nate Quist19:24.51Rocky Mountain
64.9Alec Sigston19:29.18Rocky Mountain
69.10Brandon Gross19:35.07Rocky Mountain
73.11Garret Hook19:40.24Rocky Mountain
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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3.10Gina Hampton22:44.36Rocky Mountain
1.11Ellie Durupt24:03.73Centennial
2.11Cambria Ziemer24:05.27Centennial
3.9Mindi Brown24:11.81Centennial
4.11Huma Attifi24:13.51Capital
5.9Jessica Horrocks24:20.00Centennial
28.11Brittany Lock24:22.17Rocky Mountain
29.10Perry Holderness24:22.82Rocky Mountain
6.11Ali Burton24:26.17Capital
7.12Beth Byce24:31.93Centennial
8.12Sam Michell24:33.44Centennial
9.12Brynrose Foote24:35.77Capital
10.10Marisa Weyn24:39.35Capital
11.9Micayla Huston24:40.33Centennial
12.11Kaylee Christensen24:41.83Centennial
13.12Shelby Richins24:42.58Capital
14.12Missy Jenkins24:45.05Liberty Charter
15.12Grace Donovan24:45.69Capital
16.10Sarah Bradburn24:52.17Centennial
17.12Angie Call24:56.21Capital
18.11Brinnlie Jensen24:59.13Centennial
19.11Felicia Williams25:07.41Centennial
20.10Lauren McMurray25:17.27Centennial
21.10Jade Hamblin25:18.96Liberty Charter
43.9Kelton Barr25:23.00Rocky Mountain
62.10Clare Myers26:23.91Rocky Mountain
22.12Christi Avery26:25.61Capital
63.11Diana Sun26:26.84Rocky Mountain
23.12Hailey Sorenson26:47.21Capital
24.11Michelle Shannon27:07.41Capital
25.11Brittany Yoest27:31.88Capital
26.9Alex Gale27:39.81Centennial
78.9Emma Lock27:40.42Rocky Mountain
80.11Bekah Chamberlain27:44.05Rocky Mountain
84.9Lexi Rich27:56.25Rocky Mountain
27.12Becca Almond28:24.50Centennial
28.12Ariel Keeney28:58.93Centennial
29.10Taryn Matthews29:02.62Centennial
30.10Grace Davies29:20.33Capital
31.11Rachel Brooking30:00.62Capital
32.11Tyler Martin30:14.75Capital
120.9Lina Zaverukha35:36.55Rocky Mountain
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Laura Hansen21:04.07Capital
2.12Myja Maki21:08.82Capital
3.11Abby Larson21:26.66Capital
4.12Susanna Fleming21:29.11Capital
5.10Katie Nicholls21:34.25Centennial
6.10Rachel Sullivan21:37.75Centennial
7.12Stephanie Geschke21:46.21Capital
8.11Lauren Slaughter21:50.10Centennial
9.9Emily Coleman21:51.81Centennial
10.11Ashley Salzman21:53.04Capital
11.12Kayla Bishop21:57.41Centennial
12.11Tasia Bowman22:01.93Capital
13.9Sydney Kinsey22:10.04Centennial
14.12Jennifer Yearsley22:58.96Centennial
15.9Dana Snell23:18.11Rocky Mountain
16.11Aschlei Hook23:18.94Rocky Mountain
17.11Hailey Bradshaw23:20.05Rocky Mountain
18.9Jessica Phillips24:07.29Rocky Mountain
19.11Morton Sarah24:59.25Rocky Mountain
20.10Jacarei Echevarria24:59.77Rocky Mountain
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