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Mens Races
1.25 Miles Varsity
2.4 Miles Varsity
4.7 Miles Varsity
3.7 Miles Varsity
Womens Races
1.25 Miles Varsity
2.4 Miles Varsity
4.7 Miles Varsity
3.7 Miles Varsity

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Mens Results

1.25 Miles Varsity  

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12Nate Faubion6:22 SRKing's
10Hap Emmons6:24 SRKing's
10Jarrod Clements6:31 SRKing's
10MinSeung Choi7:01King's
11Josh Balcos7:07 PRKing's
12Nick Lowe-Hale7:07King's
9Blake Hamm7:23King's
10Jonathan Yu7:28King's
11Matte Bailey7:30King's
11Matthew Matysik7:33 SRKing's
12William Chung7:43 PRKing's
11Luke Fruhling7:45King's
12Alex Peterson8:21 SRKing's
10Billy Loughrin8:24King's
9Blake Smith8:27King's
9Kyle Ellisen8:35 SRKing's
9Dalton Caughell8:49King's
12John Caldwell9:07King's
9Noah Elliott9:10King's
10Nick Fuller9:24 SRKing's
10Cort Thoreson10:10 PRKing's
10Christian Decker10:18King's
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4.7 Miles Varsity  

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10Hap Emmons31:12King's
11Ryan Gamache31:12 PRKing's
10MinSeung Choi31:16King's
12Nate Faubion31:49King's
12Nick Lowe-Hale32:39King's
10Jarrod Clements32:50King's
9Blake Hamm33:52King's
10Jonathan Yu34:00King's
11Matthew Matysik36:37 SRKing's
12Nolan Welfringer37:20 PRKing's
9Noah Elliott37:41 PRKing's
9Blake Smith37:46King's
11Matte Bailey39:20King's
11Luke Fruhling39:20 SRKing's
12Alex Peterson39:20King's
10Cort Thoreson42:00 PRKing's
9Adam Manker46:07 PRKing's
10Nick Fuller46:09King's
9Dalton Caughell50:14King's
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3.7 Miles Varsity  

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12Nate Faubion22:44 PRKing's
10Hap Emmons22:48King's
12Ryan McCormick23:16 PRKing's
10Jarrod Clements23:35King's
10MinSeung Choi23:49 PRKing's
11Josh Balcos24:10 PRKing's
12Nick Lowe-Hale24:25King's
9Blake Hamm24:31King's
11Josh Sowinski25:02King's
11Matte Bailey25:21King's
10Jonathan Yu25:59King's
11Matthew Matysik26:10 PRKing's
9Blake Smith27:03 SRKing's
10Matt Hartmann29:11 SRKing's
9Dalton Caughell29:30King's
12Alex Peterson30:38King's
10Billy Loughrin31:37King's
9Kyle Ellisen31:49 SRKing's
12John Caldwell32:51 PRKing's
10Nick Fuller33:25 SRKing's
10Cort Thoreson33:32 PRKing's
9Noah Elliott33:45King's
10Christian Decker33:55King's
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