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Mens Races

Deer Park HS

2.5 Mile Varsity10:45 AM
Womens Races

Deer Park HS

2.5 Mile Varsity10:00 AM

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Mens Results

2.5 Mile Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Chris Ennis13:59Lewis and Clark
2.11Kenji Bierig14:09Lewis and Clark
3.12Derek Alcorn14:20Lewis and Clark
4.11Baxter Arguinchona14:28Lewis and Clark
5.11John Smith14:44Lewis and Clark
6.9Daniel Amann15:04Deer Park
7.11Nick Cypro15:04Lewis and Clark
8.10Joel Estelle15:04Lewis and Clark
9.11Zach Harcourt15:11Deer Park
10.10Dayde Collins15:12Deer Park
11.11Isaac Griffith15:18Lewis and Clark
12.12Michael Jonkers15:21Lewis and Clark
13.11Tyler Salisbury15:27Deer Park
14.11Scott Strong15:49Lewis and Clark
15.12Reggie Peone16:08Deer Park
16.9Sumner Goodwin16:08Lewis and Clark
17.10Grafton Pannell16:09Lewis and Clark
18.9Davis Mathieu16:10Lewis and Clark
19.9Kyler Goins16:11Lewis and Clark
20.10Matthew Riddle16:13Deer Park
22.11Michael Remmington16:41Lewis and Clark
23.10Alex McIntire17:05Deer Park
24.9Sam Davis17:05Deer Park
25.11Aron Krueger17:11Deer Park
26.11Kacey Traver17:11Lewis and Clark
28.10Sawyer Remillard17:28Lewis and Clark
29.9Connor Colestock17:44Lewis and Clark
31.11Cory Brandt18:02Lewis and Clark
32.11Josh Barnard18:02Deer Park
34.10Trevor Sebastian18:11Lewis and Clark
36.9Ian Trefry18:34Lewis and Clark
37.10Tyler Schuh18:48Deer Park
38.10Dylan Driscoll19:07Lewis and Clark
39.11Jeremy Dietz19:12Lewis and Clark
41.10Matt Seay20:32Deer Park
42.11Josh Lang20:57Deer Park
43.10Nick Williams20:57Deer Park
44.9Nick Davis22:47Deer Park
45.9John Chilberg27:21Deer Park
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Womens Results

2.5 Mile Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jessica Duenich16:44Deer Park
2.12Kaitlin Cunningham18:10Deer Park
3.11Allison Gladhart18:43Deer Park
4.11Sara Taylor18:56Deer Park
5.10Amanda Whittle18:57Deer Park
6.9Autumn Vanderburg19:41Deer Park
7.11Sarah Morse19:57Newport
8.11Jalynn Moser20:01Deer Park
9.11Israel Nickerson20:02Newport
10.12Rachel Roe21:50Deer Park
11.10Selena Lewis21:55Deer Park
12.9Janae Crowder22:05Newport
13.10Lexie Mulvania22:23Deer Park
14.9Emily Stephenson23:03Deer Park
15.9Penny Lelle23:16Newport
16.11Michelle Shepler24:24Deer Park
17.10Amy Otteson25:44Deer Park
18.12Sam Richter26:08Deer Park
19.11Asel Eshieva26:09Deer Park
20.9Jessica Aebischer26:24Deer Park
21.12Emily Reedy30:54Newport
22.11Hannah Kepner32:00Newport
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