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Mens Races
2,000 Meters Middle School10:45 AM
Womens Races
2,000 Meters Middle School10:30 AM

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Mens Results

2,000 Meters Middle School  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.Eric Storey8:13.99Moscow
2.8Monix Pande8:28.44Lewiston
3.7Cameron Sager8:53.37 PRLewiston
4.Mike Zuba8:56.47Moscow
5.7Chandler Teigen8:57.71Asotin
7.7Tanner Bond9:06.32Lewiston
8.Ryley Hanks9:29.40Moscow
9.8Joe Kurle9:29.86 PRLincoln of Pullman
10.8Jamison Wolsborn9:35.38Lincoln of Pullman
11.8Jesse Wallace9:40.93 PRTroy
12.7Bryce Goodenough9:47.96Lewiston
13.Aiden Worth9:50.94Moscow
14.7Jake Gosse9:54.13 PRAsotin
15.8Mason Schumaker9:59.21 PRCuldesac
16.Xavier Murdoch9:59.55Moscow
18.Ned Caisley10:28.23Moscow
19.7Griffin Rovegno10:31.70Lincoln of Pullman
21.7Trevor Joireman10:46.25 PRLincoln of Pullman
22.Hugh Cole10:53.09Moscow
23.Conner Bruce10:58.52Moscow
24.Bradley Ayling11:02.13Moscow
25.8Ty Urquhart11:09.00 PRLewiston
26.7Isaiah Bren11:09.41Lewiston
27.6Will Riley11:10.71 SRPotlatch
28.7Brian Strobel11:22.60 PRAsotin
29.8Fetcher Aukerman11:38.25 PRLincoln of Pullman
30.6Josh Nelson12:10.89 SRTroy
31.7Dane Slaybaugh12:16.47 PRAsotin
32.Jasper Wallen12:18.80Moscow
33.7Douglas Cowdrey12:21.96 PRAsotin
34.8Michael Skinner13:03.40 PRLapwai
35.7Lincoln Foster13:21.78 PRLewiston
36.6Jeremy Dau14:13.30 PRCuldesac
37.Daniel Conners14:35.68Moscow
38.Joseph Cornwall14:59.72Moscow
39.6Tanner Schwartz15:57.13 PRCuldesac
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