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NCAA DI Mt. Region XC Champs 2008 Collegiate

Saturday, November 15, 2008

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - Bruce Carrick - Tertiary
Location - Collindale Golf Course, Fort Collins, CO - Map
Mens Races

Collindale Golf Course

10,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races
6,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

10,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.JrDavid McNeill29:18.3Northern Arizona
2.SrKyle Perry29:29.0BYU
3.SrMark Korir29:33.4Wyoming
4.SrJapheth Ng'ojoy29:35.9Texas-El Paso
5.SrPatrick Mutai29:47.3Texas-El Paso
6.JrJordan Kyle29:52.8Colorado
7.SrStephen Shay29:57.4BYU
8.SoRichard Medina29:57.7Colorado
9.SrChris Pannone29:58.2Colorado
10.JrNicodemus Ng'etich29:58.6Texas-El Paso
11.SoBen Ashkettle29:59.1Northern Arizona
12.SrMorten Bostrom30:00.9Northern Arizona
13.JrKenyon Neuman30:04.1Colorado
14.JrDavid Bishop30:06.0New Mexico
15.SrMatt Williams30:07.3Air Force
16.FrDiego Estrada30:09.1Northern Arizona
17.SrLee Emanuel30:09.7New Mexico
18.SrSeth Demoor30:11.8Colorado
19.JrJason Holt30:12.9Utah State
20.JrRichard Nelson30:14.1BYU
21.SoCameron Levins30:17.8Southern Utah
22.JrJacob Kirwa30:20.6New Mexico
23.JrRory Fraser30:21.1New Mexico
24.SrSean Houseworth30:21.9Air Force
25.SrJacob Gustafsson30:23.8BYU
26.SoMatthew Tebo30:25.1Colorado
27.JrRyan Merriman30:26.2BYU
28.FrNate Jewkes30:33.0Southern Utah
29.JrNathan Ogden30:36.1BYU
30.SrBryant Jensen30:38.3Weber State
31.FrThomas Gruenewald30:38.9BYU
32.SrMat Ashton30:41.7New Mexico
33.SoDaniel Wallis30:42.5Colorado State
34.FrChristian Thompson30:42.8Colorado
35.FrLynn Reynolds30:47.6Montana
36.JrJeremy Freed30:48.2Colorado State
37.SrJohn Killian30:49.3Northern Arizona
38.SoJustin Tyner30:50.0Air Force
39.SrMichael Huntington30:54.9Wyoming
40.SrDavid Olson30:57.5Weber State
41.JrBrock Hagerman31:02.8New Mexico
42.SoGilbert Limo31:03.3Texas Tech
43.JrAggrey Chirchir31:06.0Texas-El Paso
44.SrDavid Sheeran31:09.0Southern Utah
45.JrEric Lynch31:11.2Northern Arizona
46.JrAndrew Mauk31:13.0Colorado State
47.JrAlex Willis31:14.2New Mexico
48.JrMatthew Atkinson-A...31:16.1Montana State
49.FrGreg Miller31:22.0Wyoming
50.JrJason Pedersen31:24.2Northern Arizona
51.FrMike Hardy31:26.7Weber State
52.FrEliud Chirchir31:29.7Wyoming
53.FrPatrick Casey31:30.0Montana State
54.SoSeth Grossman31:30.6Wyoming
55.SoJake Keyser31:31.5Colorado State
56.SrBradley Chronister31:31.8Air Force
57.SrDaniel Castle31:39.6Air Force
58.SrKyle Jones31:41.2Air Force
59.SoRyan Friese31:48.4Colorado State
60.JrBob Lambert31:50.7Weber State
61.SrBrett Schuler31:57.2Wyoming
62.JrMichael Fisher32:06.1Montana
63.FrTrevor Ricks32:09.3Weber State
64.FrDaniel Howell32:09.9Utah State
65.FrIan Ruybalid32:13.1New Mexico State
66.SoKevin Sandall32:14.6Southern Utah
67.SoHunter Nelson32:15.9Utah State
68.SrDan Bingham32:17.4Montana
69.SrKip Taylor32:20.9Colorado State
70.JrZachary Nordahl32:21.2Air Force
71.SrDennis Brands32:22.3Montana
72.SoDaniel Jackson32:24.2Montana State
73.JrSteve Strickland32:24.7Utah State
74.SoChio Lopez32:25.0Utah State
75.SoLogan Culotta32:26.1Texas Tech
76.JrLevi Leferve32:28.6Weber State
77.SoRyan Davis32:31.5Idaho State
78.JrMackenzie Bloom32:35.9Montana
79.JrDevin McDowell32:38.4Montana State
80.JrJake Szot32:40.3Texas Tech
81.SoCarl Nystuen32:43.0Montana State
82.FrRyan Griesbach32:45.6Wyoming
83.JrJace Nye32:47.9Weber State
84.SoKelvin Daratha33:03.6Montana State
85.JrChris Baldus33:08.5Montana State
86.SrHeath Wing33:22.3Utah State
87.SoNathan Milles33:24.8Texas Tech
88.FrNigel Sharp33:25.1Southern Utah
89.SrJosh Sifuentes33:33.1New Mexico State
90.FrLogan Torgison33:39.1Idaho State
91.FrZack Dawson33:47.4Texas Tech
92.SoSean Clark33:48.0Montana
93.JrCory Higgins33:53.2Texas Tech
94.FrColin O'Neill33:55.6Montana
95.SoPatrick Hernandez33:56.7New Mexico State
96.FrAnthony Ellis34:00.1New Mexico State
97.JrAaron Greer34:00.5Texas Tech
98.FrColin Anderson34:01.7Colorado State
99.SrCharles Hillig34:02.4Northern Colorado
100.SoMichael Hart34:05.1New Mexico State
101.SoZach Barrett34:07.9Idaho State
102.FrChaz Anestos34:35.5Idaho State
103.SrJames Nduati35:05.2New Mexico State
104.SoAaron Wolfe35:22.1Idaho State
105.FrMarcus Porter35:28.2New Mexico State
106.FrEric Strand35:40.9Idaho State
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.SrSally Kipyego19:31.9Texas Tech
2.JrLillian Badaru20:12.3Texas Tech
3.JrVeronica Pohl20:25.3Northern Arizona
4.JrAngela Wagner20:43.4BYU
5.SrMichelle Corrigan20:44.8New Mexico
6.SrAsia Diaz20:49.8Texas Tech
7.SoAstrid Leutert20:50.3Northern Arizona
8.JrGladys Kipsang20:50.7Texas Tech
9.JrAlyssa Abbott20:52.4Utah
10.FrNatalie Haws20:53.5Weber State
11.FrLacey Oeding20:55.9New Mexico
12.FrEllie Rastall20:57.2Colorado State
13.JrEmily Higgins20:59.5Wyoming
14.SoLaura Thweatt20:59.7Colorado
15.JrNell Rojas21:00.4Northern Arizona
16.SrAshley Johnson21:03.5Utah State
17.JrNicky Archer21:06.3New Mexico
18.SrCarolyn Boosey21:08.1New Mexico
19.SrLeslie Luna21:08.5New Mexico
20.JrAshley Gibson21:09.0New Mexico
21.SrChelsea Digrazia21:10.3Utah
22.JrEmily Hanenburg21:12.8Colorado
23.SoAlysha Davis21:17.3Wyoming
24.FrJamie Smith21:21.5Southern Utah
25.SrChepleting Boit21:22.0Texas Tech
26.SrKirsten Anthony21:22.3Colorado State
27.FrKaty Andrews21:23.4BYU
28.SoCecily Lemmon21:23.8BYU
29.SoJepchirchir Kigen21:24.6Texas-El Paso
30.FrEmma Coburn21:25.3Colorado
31.FrKaylen Slack21:25.7Colorado
32.SrLauren Endersen21:26.0Utah
33.FrHaley Lawrence21:26.3Northern Arizona
34.FrKortnee Burton21:28.4Northern Arizona
35.SoKatrina Drennen21:29.4Montana
36.SrMorgan Ekemo21:33.1Colorado
37.FrJordan Burke21:34.6Nevada-Reno
38.JrHappy Mary Bacia21:35.4Texas-El Paso
39.SoAllison Gohl21:36.4Colorado State
40.FrJessie Chugg21:39.5Utah State
41.SoKathya Garcia21:40.1Texas-El Paso
42.SoMichelle Guzman21:40.6Texas Tech
43.FrVanessa Hancock21:41.2Northern Arizona
44.JrCaitlin Lynch21:41.6Air Force
45.SoAmanda Moreno21:42.6Nevada-Reno
46.SoAnna Sperry21:45.8BYU
47.SoStacy Slight21:46.6BYU
48.SrAmy Cook21:46.9Weber State
49.FrStephanie Jensen21:49.1BYU
50.JrErin Heffron21:49.9Wyoming
51.SoKim Quinn21:50.7Utah State
52.FrRachel Lange21:52.8BYU
53.SoAlma Janet Martinez21:53.3Nevada-Reno
54.SoEmily Byra21:53.7Wyoming
55.SrCaroline Berry21:54.4Utah State
56.SoAlicia Holt21:54.7Utah State
57.SoEmma Reed21:55.0New Mexico
58.FrCatherine Cumming21:57.3Colorado
59.SoAddison LeMaster21:58.2Texas Tech
60.SoErica Wendt-Richar...21:59.1Idaho State
61.FrLaken Skidmore22:02.5Weber State
62.SrKellie Anderson22:03.1Utah
63.SrChrista Avena22:05.3Nevada-Reno
64.SrJanett Ern22:06.1Utah
65.SoAmy Arenas22:07.1New Mexico State
66.SoChelsea Chauvet-Mo...22:07.7Nevada-Reno
67.FrMichelle Dettmann22:08.6Colorado State
68.FrKendra Gerk22:12.3Colorado State
69.JrAlison Romanko22:12.8Air Force
70.SoBrandi Gutierrez22:14.0New Mexico State
71.JrKatherine Anderson22:15.3Air Force
72.JrCassie Olson22:16.1Weber State
73.SoNikki Codd22:16.6Northern Arizona
74.SoAllison Sawyer22:18.7Colorado
75.FrRuth Hilton22:20.7Utah State
76.FrHeather Haug22:22.4Montana State
77.FrNicole Peters22:23.0Colorado State
78.JrKatie Thompson22:24.1Weber State
79.SoKala Jacquet22:24.9Montana State
80.FrElyse Willard22:26.2Air Force
81.SrMarissa Saunders22:31.6Colorado State
82.FrKiersten Blauer22:31.9Southern Utah
83.FrAuriele Fain22:32.2Air Force
84.FrRebecca Sorenson22:33.5Montana State
85.SoSamantha Gaffney22:34.5Utah
86.FrKirsten Bradford22:35.1Southern Utah
87.JrIngrid Flores22:35.9New Mexico State
88.JrColleen Sanderlin22:37.6Northern Colorado
89.FrKris Thomasberg22:43.5Idaho State
90.JrKellie Callahan22:43.8Northern Colorado
91.SoBridgette Hoenke22:44.3Montana
92.SoDiana Medina22:49.4Southern Utah
93.FrBradi Hutchinson22:50.7Idaho State
94.SoLynzee Baxter22:52.4Southern Utah
95.SrAllie Brosh22:54.1Montana
96.SoIrene Masai22:56.7Wyoming
97.SrKim Tritz23:00.3Montana
98.SoJessica Klier23:00.6Montana
99.SoKatherine Ward23:01.0Air Force
100.SoBrittany Hurtado23:01.4New Mexico State
101.SoKerynn Davis23:01.8Idaho State
102.FrCarly Selleck23:03.5Utah
103.FrCydney Jacobsen23:05.9Idaho State
104.SoChealse Miller23:16.7Idaho State
105.FrLoren Storey23:18.8Weber State
106.SoMorgan Dunley23:22.9Montana State
107.FrLauren Kuennen23:23.9Montana State
108.JrChristina Herrera23:25.0New Mexico State
109.SrNikki Peterson23:27.0Wyoming
110.SrTiffany Tandy23:28.3Nevada-Reno
111.FrBrooke Chavez23:29.3Montana State
112.JrKate Call23:40.6Southern Utah
113.SrMandy Janowitz23:41.1Idaho State
114.JrErin Apsey23:42.7Northern Colorado
115.JrErin Stratton23:47.6Utah State
116.JrNatalia Jarawka23:50.0Nevada-Reno
117.SrMegan Chojnacki23:56.6Texas-El Paso
118.FrPhaelen French24:00.7Air Force
119.SoSteffi Minson24:02.1Southern Utah
120.SrBrianna Spletstoser24:05.0Northern Colorado
121.FrJessica Payne24:15.1New Mexico State
122.FrKitria Stewart24:26.8Texas-El Paso
123.SrDelia Cesar24:41.6Texas-El Paso
124.SoKatie Gilboy24:48.6Montana State
125.JrLeigh Fredrickson25:15.2Montana
126.SoRayanna Fernandez25:37.9New Mexico State
127.FrAleta Jokisch26:43.3Montana
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