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Saydel HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2 Mile Middle School
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2 Mile Middle School

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Official Team Scores

2.P C M44
3.Ballard Community71
4.Des Moines North108
1.11Jake Potter17:42.91P C M
2.10Koelten Reed17:47.34P C M
3.11Travis Newman18:22.00Saydel
4.12Zach Buehrer18:35.94 PRSaydel
5.11Zach Ahrenholtz18:40.43Ballard Community
6.12Chris Philips18:54.92 PRSaydel
7.-Claude Tuyikenze18:57.90 PRDes Moines North
8.12Troy Cornwell18:58.26 PRSaydel
9.11Ben Naber19:02.36 SRP C M
10.9Alan Perry19:04.40 SRBondurant-Farrar
11.12Kaleb Catron19:05.72P C M
12.10Morgan Paxton19:11.42 SRCarlisle
13.11Sawyer Flynn19:16.77 SRBallard Community
14.12Blake Renaud19:21.85 PRBallard Community
15.12Nick King19:30.59 PRSaydel
16.10Joshua Hostetler19:30.81 SRBondurant-Farrar
17.-Jordan Armstron19:35.98 PRDes Moines North
18.12Zach Sommers19:46.85 PRSaydel
19.10Peter Detar19:48.98 PRBallard Community
20.-Alex Blum19:51.41 PRBallard Community
21.-Ethan Zerley19:55.50 PRP C M
22.10Joe Jensen20:03.33 SRBallard Community
23.10Adam Matthews20:11.58 SRBallard Community
24.10Casey Musgrove20:11.84 PRP C M
25.10Brian Warren20:13.70 SRDes Moines North
26.11Ibrahim Tembe20:14.01 PRDes Moines North
27.12Nick McEachron20:34.83 PRSaydel
28.9JT Crowley20:59.95 SRCarlisle
29.10Shadow Rusk21:08.79 SRColfax-Mingo
30.9Zachary Quick21:19.65 SRBondurant-Farrar
31.12Matthew Snyder21:25.74 PRBondurant-Farrar
32.-Luke Millman21:33.70 PRCarlisle
33.10Will VanZee21:34.35 PRP C M
34.10Matt Russell21:35.83 SRDes Moines North
35.-Logan Brandt21:41.81 PRBondurant-Farrar
36.9Quinn Hanson-Pollock21:43.86 SRBondurant-Farrar
37.10Jeffrey Critchlow21:55.12 SRCarlisle
38.10Tim Snyder22:15.15 SRMartensdale-St. Marys
39.12Ceeron Williams22:31.29 PRDes Moines North
40.12Connor Rowe22:38.29 PRCarlisle
41.12Travis Jensen23:06.93 PRColfax-Mingo
42.-Jim Agey23:41.00 PRColfax-Mingo
43.12Eric Yates24:29.82 PRCarlisle
44.10Adam Ornduff25:34.46 PRCarlisle
45.10David Brent26:04.39 SRWest Central Valley-...
46.10Jamie Swihart26:19.96 PRMartensdale-St. Marys
47.10Justin Rogers27:54.57 SRWest Central Valley-...
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