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Chattanooga Cross Country Festival HS

Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - Bruce Carrick - CA
Location - Chickamauga Dam, Chattanooga, TN
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Mens Races

Chickamauga Dam

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Chickamauga Dam

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity
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 High School JV Boys
 High School JV Girls
 High School Varsity Boys 
                                   Team Scores                                    
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9 
   1 McCallie School              92    5    7   19   26   35   76   94           
      Total Time:  1:34:02.56                                                     
         Average:    18:48.52                                                     
   2 Cookeville High School      111    3   11   15   39   43   50   87           
      Total Time:  1:34:50.96                                                     
         Average:    18:58.20                                                     
   3 Hewitt-Trussville HS        115    1    8   10   47   49   52                
      Total Time:  1:34:30.83                                                     
         Average:    18:54.17                                                     
   4 Dunwoody                    134    2   14   18   28   72   73   80           
      Total Time:  1:34:45.43                                                     
         Average:    18:57.09                                                     
   5 Briarwood Christian Schoo   215   16   30   48   60   61   86   96           
      Total Time:  1:38:01.36                                                     
         Average:    19:36.28                                                     
   6 Carrollton High School      217    4   40   46   53   74   92   97           
      Total Time:  1:37:44.31                                                     
         Average:    19:32.87                                                     
   7 Soddy Daisy High School     233   36   37   44   54   62   70   85           
      Total Time:  1:38:49.25                                                     
         Average:    19:45.85                                                     
   8 Chattanooga Christian Sch   235   20   23   58   66   68  120  164           
      Total Time:  1:38:03.32                                                     
         Average:    19:36.67                                                     
   9 Heritage Hs, Catoosa        235   21   32   56   59   67  133  135           
      Total Time:  1:38:21.68                                                     
         Average:    19:40.34                                                     
  10 Northwest Whitfield High    295   25   29   51   83  107  109  118           
      Total Time:  1:39:34.93                                                     
         Average:    19:54.99                                                     
  11 Signal Mountain High Scho   297    9   22   42  110  114  145  152           
      Total Time:  1:39:36.96                                                     
         Average:    19:55.40                                                     
  12 Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe    357   13   17   91  102  134  185  188           
      Total Time:  1:40:49.81                                                     
         Average:    20:09.97                                                     
  13 Rhea Co. High School        384   12   81   82   90  119  140  149           
      Total Time:  1:41:34.87                                                     
         Average:    20:18.98                                                     
  14 Cleveland High School       400   34   77   78   95  116  143  169           
      Total Time:  1:42:11.20                                                     
         Average:    20:26.24                                                     
  15 Csthea (Home School)        411   27   69   75  117  123  125  160           
      Total Time:  1:42:27.79                                                     
         Average:    20:29.56                                                     
  16 Lenoir City High School     427   24   84  100  108  111  132                
      Total Time:  1:42:44.62                                                     
         Average:    20:32.93                                                     
  17 Chattanooga Central High    474   71   79   98   99  127  195                
      Total Time:  1:43:49.68                                                     
         Average:    20:45.94                                                     
  18 Ooltewah High School        506   57   88  104  113  144  157  184           
      Total Time:  1:44:58.15                                                     
         Average:    20:59.63                                                     
  19 Baylor School               534   41   65  136  137  155  189                
      Total Time:  1:46:11.37                                                     
         Average:    21:14.28                                                     
  20 Chatt. School for the Art   566   64  106  121  129  146  151                
      Total Time:  1:46:33.65                                                     
         Average:    21:18.73                                                     
  21 Polk Co. High School        567    6   55  161  170  175  182  194           
      Total Time:  1:47:46.16                                                     
         Average:    21:33.24                                                     
  22 William Blount High Schoo   584   63  112  122  139  148  168  172           
      Total Time:  1:47:06.95                                                     
         Average:    21:25.39                                                     
  23 Southeast Whitfield High    602   33  101  103  162  203                     
      Total Time:  1:54:45.51                                                     
         Average:    22:57.11                                                     
  24 McMinn Central High Schoo   638   38  124  147  163  166  167  179           
      Total Time:  1:49:22.76                                                     
         Average:    21:52.56                                                     
  25 Ringgold High School        642  105  126  128  141  142  178  191           
      Total Time:  1:48:24.48                                                     
         Average:    21:40.90                                                     
  26 LaFayette                   733   45  130  180  186  192  196  204           
      Total Time:  1:55:13.99                                                     
         Average:    23:02.80                                                     
  27 Sweetwater High School      740   31  138  174  198  199  202                
      Total Time:  1:58:21.64                                                     
         Average:    23:40.33                                                     
  28 Hixson High School          754   89  150  153  165  197  201                
      Total Time:  1:54:16.57                                                     
         Average:    22:51.32                                                     
  29 Grace Baptist Academy       768   93  115  177  190  193                     
      Total Time:  1:56:03.21                                                     
         Average:    23:12.65                                                     
  30 Madison County              802  131  158  159  173  181  183                
      Total Time:  1:54:30.95                                                     
         Average:    22:54.19                                                     
  31 Boyd Buchanan High School   844  154  156  171  176  187  200                
      Total Time:  1:56:46.65                                                     
         Average:    23:21.33

 High School Varsity Girls 
                                   Team Scores                                    
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9 
   1 St. Pius X                   86    1    6   11   32   36   44   45           
      Total Time:  1:52:32.91                                                     
         Average:    22:30.59                                                     
   2 Heritage Hs, Catoosa        117    2   13   25   37   40   51   63           
      Total Time:  1:54:53.78                                                     
         Average:    22:58.76                                                     
   3 Hewitt-Trussville HS        142    7   10   24   47   54   59   60           
      Total Time:  1:56:33.74                                                     
         Average:    23:18.75                                                     
   4 Briarwood Christian Schoo   151   16   21   29   42   43   50   69           
      Total Time:  1:57:42.38                                                     
         Average:    23:32.48                                                     
   5 Cookeville High School      163   22   23   31   39   48   52   79           
      Total Time:  1:58:14.16                                                     
         Average:    23:38.84                                                     
   6 Dunwoody                    166    9   15   26   33   83   95                
      Total Time:  1:58:14.43                                                     
         Average:    23:38.89                                                     
   7 Northwest Whitfield High    241   19   38   49   62   73   75   99           
      Total Time:  2:01:39.48                                                     
         Average:    24:19.90                                                     
   8 Csthea (Home School)        246    8   17   30   76  115  118                
      Total Time:  2:02:43.27                                                     
         Average:    24:32.66                                                     
   9 Chattanooga Christian Sch   260   14   18   28   97  103  120  124           
      Total Time:  2:03:44.62                                                     
         Average:    24:44.93                                                     
  10 Cleveland High School       260    3   12   77   82   86                     
      Total Time:  2:01:58.94                                                     
         Average:    24:23.79                                                     
  11 Lenoir City High School     263    4    5   64   90  100  119                
      Total Time:  2:02:38.27                                                     
         Average:    24:31.66                                                     
  12 Carrollton High School      295   53   55   56   65   66   68   84           
      Total Time:  2:04:15.12                                                     
         Average:    24:51.03                                                     
  13 William Blount High Schoo   303   34   57   61   71   80  107  117           
      Total Time:  2:04:31.81                                                     
         Average:    24:54.37                                                     
  14 Polk Co. High School        358   41   58   81   87   91                     
      Total Time:  2:07:56.98                                                     
         Average:    25:35.40                                                     
  15 Rhea Co. High School        388   35   78   85   89  101  102  113           
      Total Time:  2:09:59.81                                                     
         Average:    25:59.97                                                     
  16 White Co. High School       431   20   74   94  121  122                     
      Total Time:  2:14:43.49                                                     
         Average:    26:56.70                                                     
  17 Baylor School               447   67   70   92  108  110  112  126           
      Total Time:  2:13:46.78                                                     
         Average:    26:45.36                                                     
  18 Ringgold High School        474   72   93   98  105  106  114                
      Total Time:  2:15:24.59                                                     
         Average:    27:04.92                                                     
  19 LaFayette                   499   46   88  104  130  131  132                
      Total Time:  2:29:11.46                                                     
         Average:    29:50.30                                                     
  20 Gordon Lee High School      502   27  111  116  123  125                     
      Total Time:  2:21:16.62                                                     
         Average:    28:15.33                                                     
  21 Southeast Whitfield High    589   96  109  127  128  129                     
      Total Time:  2:35:36.11                                                     
         Average:    31:07.23

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Gil Walton17:41.57Mc Callie
2.-David Mccandless18:23.86Mc Callie
3.11Ryan Schumacher18:24.14Mc Callie
4.-Tyler Richard18:27.13Mc Callie
5.10John Soper20:06.08Dunwoody
6.9Brendon Sexton20:11.04Dunwoody
7.-Tyler Gebelein20:22.72Heritage (Catoosa)
8.-Conner Pierce20:23.14Carrollton
9.-Paul Kirschenbauer20:28.14Baylor
10.-John Moreton20:31.97Mc Callie
11.5Nathan Nelms20:33.64Cookeville
12.10Justin Morgan20:35.09Cookeville
13.9Sam Newport20:40.46Carrollton
14.10Cole Matlock20:43.63Lenoir City
15.5Ben Dean20:48.33Cookeville
16.-William Trent20:56.46Dunwoody
17.10Jordan Williams20:59.36Mc Callie
18.-Jeremy Bottomley21:06.07Soddy-Daisy
19.-Seth Inman21:07.15Dunwoody
20.11Ted Dixon21:09.07Dunwoody
21.-Edward Terry21:10.58Mc Callie
22.-Milan Patel21:10.97Heritage (Catoosa)
23.-Luis Correal21:12.39Dunwoody
24.10Jeb Johnson21:14.87Soddy-Daisy
25.10Eddie Martinez21:24.09Carrollton
26.-Wes Landry21:24.88Cookeville
27.-Chris Reid21:27.11Mc Callie
28.11Michael Distante21:30.88Dunwoody
29.-Jordan Hidalgo21:32.07Rhea County
30.9Nathan Trippe21:39.20Carrollton
31.11Devon Johnson21:42.52Rhea County
32.-Jordan Smith21:49.34Northwest Whitfield
33.11Zac King21:50.95Rhea County
34.-Nick Gaultney21:53.28Dunwoody
35.-Kurt Zellner21:53.58Dunwoody
36.-Ryan Laminack21:55.08Heritage (Catoosa)
37.-Conner Hayes21:57.08Northwest Whitfield
38.-Graham Goldberg21:59.53Dunwoody
39.9Anthony Martinez22:02.58Carrollton
40.-Mitchell Stone22:03.25Northwest Whitfield
41.8Josh Galerstein22:04.69Dunwoody
42.-Carter Clarke22:06.55Mc Callie
43.-Scott Hannah22:14.28Cookeville
44.-Campbell Young22:17.40Mc Callie
45.11Patrick Johnson22:18.55Carrollton
46.10Bryce Rowan22:19.06Dunwoody
47.10Josh Barrott22:22.46Soddy-Daisy
48.12Graham LePage22:23.73Chattanooga Christia...
49.-Taylor Oscar22:23.98Mc Callie
50.10Patrick Bryant22:31.47Baylor
51.-Matthew Sayne22:35.32Hamilton
52.10Matthew Heinichen22:36.80Signal Mountain
53.9Trevor Wagoner22:38.49Chattanooga Home Sch...
54.-Alex Ramey22:39.04Mc Callie
55.11Kyle Thurman22:39.74Rhea County
56.-Scott Carey22:46.63Heritage (Catoosa)
57.-Michael Dorrill22:48.77Dunwoody
58.-Chris Guerrant22:49.79Dunwoody
59.-Patrick McGannon22:51.89Dunwoody
60.11Chris Billings22:54.51McMinn Central
61.-James Heck22:55.23Hamilton
62.10Tyler Hancock22:56.38Dunwoody
63.9Daulton Ash22:56.66Northwest Whitfield
64.10Will Carpenter22:57.11Chattanooga Christia...
65.11Daniel Smith23:04.77Cleveland
66.10Carter Griffin23:05.04Chattanooga Christia...
67.11Dillan Mills23:09.58Carrollton
68.-Justin Wulff23:14.60Dunwoody
69.10Sam Boyette23:17.40Signal Mountain
70.-Steven Cook23:17.85Rhea County
71.9L.T. Miller23:18.96Rhea County
72.11Elliot Carl23:21.64Chattanooga Christia...
73.Will McEwen23:25.25Chattanooga Christia...
74.-Spencer Adams23:25.55Soddy-Daisy
75.6Ben Gernt23:29.84Cookeville
76.-Parker Templeton23:34.10Signal Mountain
77.-Tim Yates23:37.24Chattanooga Home Sch...
78.9Steven Jennings23:39.33William Blount
79.10Tyler Croft23:42.34Cleveland
80.11Michael Lee23:50.60Lenoir City
81.-Adam Gebelein23:55.70Heritage (Catoosa)
82.-Garrett Henderson23:56.32Northwest Whitfield
83.-Hunter Hogan23:59.27Ooltewah
84.9Parker Hollander24:06.85Dunwoody
85.8Owen Firebaugh24:07.60Dunwoody
86.-Neil Stanton24:09.80Cookeville
87.-Cal Fluhr24:11.31Baylor
88.-Drew Phillips24:14.05Polk County
89.12Randy Hooper24:19.50Carrollton
90.-Charles FoisyGalla...24:20.64William Blount
91.-Brett Evanyk24:21.16Cleveland
92.-Eric Van Winkle24:23.55Dunwoody
93.10Kaleb Wakefield24:28.61Ooltewah
94.-Sterling Holcomb24:31.13Heritage (Catoosa)
95.10Chase Padgett24:32.22Chattanooga Christia...
96.-Chris Brown24:39.88Northwest Whitfield
97.11Alfredo Rocha24:40.26Carrollton
98.-Jacob Nelson24:42.86Soddy-Daisy
99.-Ben Orban24:43.72Cookeville
100.-David Williams24:44.00Chattanooga Home Sch...
101.-Zack Gray24:47.39Soddy-Daisy
102.-Brice Demo24:48.39Carrollton
103.-Seth Cope24:51.46Ringgold
104.9Joesph Bass24:51.74Carrollton
105.10Bobby Clayborn25:00.71Ooltewah
106.-Clark Templeton25:04.26Hamilton
107.10Tyler Barnes25:06.72Chattanooga Christia...
108.-Tyler Gant25:09.30Ringgold
109.-Ryan O'Neal25:13.55McMinn Central
110.-Cory Shelton25:18.36Polk County
111.9Cody Johnson25:23.23Rhea County
112.10Brian Griffiths25:27.16Rhea County
113.8Dylan Smith25:32.82Madison County
114.-Will Coleman25:46.41Rhea County
115.-Russell Godkin25:48.76William Blount
116.-Gabriel Bodley25:49.09Polk County
117.-Jack Varnell26:13.59Chattanooga Home Sch...
118.11Dillon Versprille26:22.15Ooltewah
119.-John Till26:28.50Chattanooga Home Sch...
120.-Mark Dwyer26:45.26Dunwoody
121.-Derek Scarbro26:58.06William Blount
122.-Kerith Blakney26:58.65Chattanooga Home Sch...
123.9Mark Zellner26:58.89Dunwoody
124.9Will Maples27:01.44McMinn Central
125.11Hunter Sutherland27:19.51McMinn Central
126.-Garrett Smith27:21.36Rhea County
127.-Chad Collins27:43.14Ooltewah
128.10Matt Guinn27:44.79Cleveland
129.-Will Lewis27:57.13Ringgold
130.-Conner Dilworth27:58.14Dunwoody
131.-Taylor Mahaffey28:09.75Cookeville
132.-Josiah Blakney28:26.93Chattanooga Home Sch...
133.10Tyler Smith28:50.48Ooltewah
134.-Brandon Lindsey28:51.31Cookeville
135.-Tanner Hill30:41.93Gordon Lee
136.-Ethan Poteet30:58.30McMinn Central
137.-Ryan Nunez31:31.80Ooltewah
138.-Dakota Brown32:17.18Gordon Lee
139.-Bharat Dhir34:40.15Dunwoody
140.-Tanner Summs35:25.12Cookeville
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Carson Chambliss17:49.48Hewitt-Trussville
2.11James Dwyer17:56.04Dunwoody
3.11Boston Maxwell18:09.87Cookeville
4.11Jaccob Mobbs18:10.47Carrollton
5.11Thomas Walters18:20.55Mc Callie
6.12Justin Greer18:22.82Polk County
7.12Douglas Anderson18:23.05Mc Callie
8.9Brian Russell18:29.91Hewitt-Trussville
9.10Matthew Marshall18:33.13Signal Mountain
10.10Philip Jones18:33.40Hewitt-Trussville
11.11John Birdwell18:35.73Cookeville
12.12Artemio Pascual18:35.98Rhea County
13.11Phillip Williams18:37.26Lakeview Fort Ogleth...
14.10Kyle Sexton18:39.34Dunwoody
15.11Trigg Summs18:43.35Cookeville
16.12Casey Bales18:44.33White County
17.8Ramsey Ritchie18:44.60Briarwood Christian
18.12Jacob Mercer18:46.72Lakeview Fort Ogleth...
19.11Jeremy Cohen18:47.22Dunwoody
20.12Nihar Patel18:49.54Mc Callie
21.Thomas Powell18:49.83Chattanooga
22.-Caleb Bennett18:50.24Heritage (Catoosa)
23.10Crosby Wheeler18:50.68Signal Mountain
24.Cameron Anderson18:53.88Chattanooga
25.9Nathan Jones18:54.90Lenoir City
26.10Jordan Jones18:55.37Northwest Whitfield
27.12Anders Clarke18:59.79Mc Callie
28.11Kenny Steffes19:07.85Chattanooga Home Sch...
29.11Alec Ausley19:09.68Dunwoody
30.9Brody Cook19:10.58Northwest Whitfield
31.12Ben Watson19:18.34Briarwood Christian
32.9Samuel Hawkins19:22.08Sweetwater
33.-Kevin Coffman19:25.58Heritage (Catoosa)
34.12Josue Limas19:26.75Southeast Whitfield
35.9Grant Currin19:28.48Cleveland
36.11Houston Clark19:29.63Mc Callie
37.12Seth Atchley19:30.66Soddy-Daisy
38.11James Lilley19:34.25Soddy-Daisy
39.-Cameron Smith19:38.34McMinn Central
40.10Chase Mussard19:39.89Cookeville
41.12Hunter Wood19:40.18Carrollton
42.10Tyler Blackmon19:40.48Baylor
43.10Austin Etheridge19:41.78Signal Mountain
44.11Michael Wallace19:42.12Cookeville
45.11Bryan Wade19:43.04Soddy-Daisy
46.-Preston McCalmon19:43.32Lafayette
47.11Spencer Campbell19:44.95Carrollton
48.9Nick McCormick19:45.36East Hamilton
49.10Blake Galloway19:47.40Hewitt-Trussville
50.12Jake Wilson19:49.30Briarwood Christian
51.10Ian Carter19:50.64Hewitt-Trussville
52.12Jared Mckelvey19:51.04Cookeville
53.-Brandon Harris19:51.63Northwest Whitfield
54.11Zack Walsh19:52.08Hewitt-Trussville
55.11Carter Owens19:54.28Carrollton
56.9Tyler Traub19:54.52Soddy-Daisy
57.9Patrick Shultz19:54.74Polk County
58.-Jacob Thacker19:54.94Heritage (Catoosa)
59.11Tyler Harvey19:55.20Ooltewah
60.Richard Reinink20:00.39Chattanooga
61.-Trevor Gocke20:00.91Heritage (Catoosa)
62.11Patrick Snook20:03.65Briarwood Christian
63.10Thomas Countess20:05.47Briarwood Christian
64.10Ryan Gardner20:06.78Soddy-Daisy
65.-Shawn Thompson20:07.76William Blount
66.12Cole Cavour20:07.99Arts & Sciences (Cha...
67.9Andrew Austin20:08.17Baylor
68.Sasha Peters20:08.98Chattanooga
69.-Ryan Hacherl20:10.01Heritage (Catoosa)
70.Peyton Simmons20:10.24Chattanooga
71.-Isaac Hinchman20:10.53Chattanooga Home Sch...
72.12Joey Leahy20:12.67Soddy-Daisy
73.Caleb Sanchez20:12.89Chattanooga
74.-Brandon Breslin20:13.15Dunwoody
75.-Evan Brannan20:14.18Dunwoody
76.11Levi Ward20:14.43Carrollton
77.9Ben Oates20:14.64Chattanooga Home Sch...
78.-Davis Couch20:15.52Mc Callie
79.12Raheem Wells20:16.39Cleveland
80.12Quinn Hickey20:20.09Cleveland
81.Kevin Robinson20:20.31Chattanooga
82.10Will Sylvester20:21.97Dunwoody
83.-PJ Harris20:24.06Baylor
84.12Quinton Carter20:24.31Rhea County
85.12Tyler Cruver20:27.29Rhea County
86.11Nathan Ward20:28.70Northwest Whitfield
87.11Hunter Morris20:29.31Lenoir City
88.10Matt Jenkins20:30.24Soddy-Daisy
89.10Zach McCormick20:30.45East Hamilton
90.10Trey Long20:30.98Briarwood Christian
91.-Andre Greppin20:34.06Cookeville
92.-Alex Crowe20:34.81Ooltewah
93.11Andrew Gennett20:37.11Hixson
94.11Zach Gibson20:38.50Rhea County
95.-Garret Black20:40.59Lakeview Fort Ogleth...
96.9Cassidy Emory20:41.38Carrollton
97.12Tyler Fricks20:42.00Grace Baptist Academy
98.-Bryant Jenkins20:42.26Mc Callie
99.9Justin Jones20:43.01Cleveland
100.12Robert Patrick20:44.03Briarwood Christian
101.9Blake Duncan20:45.43Carrollton
102.12Zack Orrison20:46.38Silverdale Baptist
103.Alex Edwards20:47.98Chattanooga
104.-Drew Sansing20:51.51Tennessee Temple
105.Shane Shelton20:54.18Chattanooga
106.12James Higdon20:55.76Lenoir City
107.-Ryan Thomason20:59.17Southeast Whitfield
108.-Micah Smith21:01.70Lakeview Fort Ogleth...
109.-Logan Ledford21:02.01Southeast Whitfield
110.11Spencer Griffith21:04.52Ooltewah
111.-Jarrett Curtis21:06.09Ringgold
112.-Alex Hawkins21:06.66Arts & Sciences (Cha...
113.-Blake Phillips21:08.65Northwest Whitfield
114.9Sam Deford21:10.77Lenoir City
115.9Parker Cook21:11.85Northwest Whitfield
116.10Cutler Cole21:13.63Signal Mountain
117.11Cole Monahan21:13.88Lenoir City
118.11Mason Weisneck21:14.33William Blount
119.-Josh Hendon21:15.99Ooltewah
120.10Zack Hodge21:16.21White County
121.10James Agan21:17.74Signal Mountain
122.-David Hall21:18.20Grace Baptist Academy
123.9Nate Brownfield21:23.23Cleveland
124.11Cole Walker21:23.57East Hamilton
125.12Adam Anderson21:24.13Chattanooga Home Sch...
126.-Connor Wilson21:26.15Northwest Whitfield
127.11Justin Freeman21:28.79Rhea County
128.Eric Floden21:29.68Chattanooga
129.12Mike Jones21:30.09Arts & Sciences (Cha...
130.-Ryan Hodgson21:30.36William Blount
131.12Tim Zorca21:30.64Chattanooga Home Sch...
132.9Mark Eddington21:31.74McMinn Central
133.-Grayson Sutherland21:32.47Chattanooga Home Sch...
134.-Josh Brubaker21:32.71Ringgold
135.Mike West21:34.32Chattanooga
136.-Joey Nielson21:35.58Ringgold
137.11Drew Mallett21:36.57Arts & Sciences (Cha...
138.-Jonathon Strickland21:37.36Lafayette
139.11Will Breaden21:37.95Madison County
140.10Zach Mitchell21:38.71Lenoir City
141.-Quinton Gibson21:39.25Heritage (Catoosa)
142.-Mason Payne21:43.54Lakeview Fort Ogleth...
143.10Caleb Cobb21:47.20Heritage (Catoosa)
144.10Matt Newton21:49.12East Hamilton
145.-shane Dering21:53.11Baylor
146.-Zach Mcbrien21:55.20Baylor
147.9Andrew Birge21:57.32Sweetwater
148.10Adam Barton21:59.44William Blount
149.-Moses Dodd22:01.36Berean Academy
150.10Bradley Payne22:02.37Rhea County
151.-Gabriel Rich22:03.78Ringgold
152.11Ben Treine22:06.32Ringgold
153.11Jake Hartline22:06.58Cleveland
154.-Josh Clark22:07.63Ooltewah
155.11Nathaniel Nelson22:09.73Signal Mountain
156.12Chris Lindberg22:12.34Arts & Sciences (Cha...
157.11Troy Torbett22:14.41McMinn Central
158.10Everett Gronstrom22:15.06William Blount
159.11Zach Smith22:15.88Rhea County
160.-Dylan Kessler22:16.87Hixson
161.11Michael Ball22:17.48Arts & Sciences (Cha...
162.9Stephen Turner22:18.27Signal Mountain
163.-Giovanti Palacio22:19.99Hixson
164.-Joey Galliano22:26.72Boyd Buchanan
165.-Cory Kay22:31.59Gordon Lee
166.9Alex Dunn22:34.41Baylor
167.-Tyler Tipton22:37.21Boyd Buchanan
168.-Patrick Zdunek22:40.06Ooltewah
169.10Daniel Tilson22:40.32Madison County
170.9Eithen Cissell22:44.46Madison County
171.9Joshua Finley22:45.79Chattanooga Home Sch...
172.-Cody Johnson22:48.92Polk County
173.-John Nunez22:54.40Southeast Whitfield
174.-Jack Bales22:56.13White County
175.-Max Miller22:56.51McMinn Central
176.Jacob Warren22:57.51Chattanooga
177.-Chris Bovell23:00.55Hixson
178.-Bradley Ward23:01.76McMinn Central
179.11Matt Cantley23:06.12McMinn Central
180.10Emmett Smith23:07.86William Blount
181.10Cullen Mitchell23:10.46Cleveland
182.-Tanner O'Daniel23:13.08Polk County
183.-Nathan Commers23:13.31Boyd Buchanan
184.-Matt Morton23:16.02William Blount
185.-Brian Burnsed23:20.93Berean Academy
186.-John Webb23:21.26Madison County
187.-Ryan Daggs23:23.24Sweetwater
188.-Tyler Cheatham23:26.60Polk County
189.-Austin Mills23:33.33Boyd Buchanan
190.-Clayton McMasters23:34.05Grace Baptist Academy
191.-Josh Craig23:50.71Ringgold
192.11Austin Vincent24:05.35McMinn Central
193.-Chance Deberry24:05.76Lafayette
194.10John Adams24:06.96Madison County
195.-Dakota Bird24:14.30Polk County
196.10Richard Monell24:16.67Madison County
197.11Chase Walker24:21.92Ooltewah
198.-Harley McDaniel24:32.97Gordon Lee
199.-Garrett Williams24:33.17Lakeview Fort Ogleth...
200.-Lance Underwood24:39.82Lafayette
201.11Ron Fry24:53.29White County
202.-Zach Eller24:56.08Boyd Buchanan
203.-Kaleb Graham24:59.90Lakeview Fort Ogleth...
204.-Wright Smith25:03.36Baylor
205.-Brandon Clark25:04.90Grace Baptist Academy
206.-Tucker Parrish25:06.48Ringgold
207.-Micah Jones25:07.73Lafayette
208.-Matt Hall25:24.06Grace Baptist Academy
209.-Israel Dodd25:29.69Berean Academy
210.-Tylor Hall25:56.39Polk County
211.Gregory Belue25:59.95Chattanooga
212.-Baron Watson26:00.29Lafayette
213.-Nick Alemany26:02.05Hixson
214.-Ryan Oaks26:35.24Sweetwater
215.-Tyrus Chislom26:51.76Berean Academy
216.11Arbys Reyes27:03.76Sweetwater
217.-Payton Smith28:00.61Boyd Buchanan
218.-Travis Eberhardt28:19.07Gordon Lee
219.-Eric Barr28:34.56Hixson
220.12Jonathan Baldelomar28:43.76Sweetwater
221.-Joaquin Lopez30:23.18Southeast Whitfield
222.-Dakota Burrage30:23.18Lafayette
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Jane Jestus23:50.20Cookeville
3.-Rachel Rebne24:58.11Heritage (Catoosa)
4.-Kirby Earp25:26.27Heritage (Catoosa)
5.12Rachel Crouch25:43.93Cookeville
6.10Sara Watters25:46.71St Pius X Catholic
7.-Katie Hoffman25:56.72St Pius X Catholic
8.-Anna Paulino25:59.55St Pius X Catholic
9.-Abby Rhodes26:03.27Cookeville
10.10Kayla Sims26:10.25Cookeville
11.9Sara Beth Alford26:11.08Carrollton
12.-Caroline Martin26:14.70Cookeville
13.9Elizabeth Pettit26:19.52St Pius X Catholic
14.-Amanda Lann26:25.09Heritage (Catoosa)
15.12Fante Bradford26:31.91Carrollton
16.-Rachel Van Winkle26:32.37Dunwoody
17.-Dakota Carter26:37.52Cookeville
18.11Sydney Rupe26:43.18Baylor
19.-Georgia Cottrell26:51.24Carrollton
20.-Anne Patrick Meagher26:51.45St Pius X Catholic
21.12Caroline Speth26:54.98Dunwoody
22.9Devon Dabney26:56.26St Pius X Catholic
23.10Colleen Burke26:56.72St Pius X Catholic
24.9Sara Cronan27:01.71Dunwoody
25.-Kendall Pence27:27.21Carrollton
26.10Tess Clegg27:36.28St Pius X Catholic
27.-Morgan Allen27:48.94Rhea County
28.10Rebecca Lancaster27:55.80Dunwoody
29.-Meagan Goode28:00.96Northwest Whitfield
31.10Molly Clegg28:08.05Dunwoody
32.9Abigail Frashchilla28:08.29St Pius X Catholic
33.-Bethany DeWitt28:19.18Carrollton
34.11Morgan Budle28:22.49Rhea County
35.10Yarely Jimenez28:41.21Carrollton
36.-Riley Hatcher28:41.63Polk County
37.12Cason Hightower28:42.91Carrollton
38.-Kaylin Warren28:45.82Cookeville
39.-Samantha Jones28:46.47Heritage (Catoosa)
40.-Autumn Graves28:46.78Polk County
41.9Katey Brooks28:48.52Carrollton
42.10Julie Laberge28:58.17Carrollton
43.9Emily Thurman29:07.82Rhea County
44.10Megan Gammon29:08.08Carrollton
45.12Emma Curtis29:18.87Dunwoody
46.-Rachel Epperson29:26.30Polk County
47.-Kelly Botsch29:26.58Dunwoody
48.9Rachel Kent30:06.70Chattanooga Christia...
49.-Kerby Reed30:28.57Heritage (Catoosa)
50.11Kelly Meadors30:34.06Chattanooga Christia...
51.-Bria Tolliver30:35.66Northwest Whitfield
52.-Krista Dalton30:35.89Carrollton
53.-Jamie Burns30:46.73Cleveland
54.-Megan Preston30:49.24Dunwoody
55.-Lindsay Owings30:55.77Dunwoody
56.-Megan Brown31:02.46Rhea County
57.10Ashlyn Pyden31:07.98St Pius X Catholic
58.10Maclain Yowarsky31:09.78Polk County
59.-Chelsea Douhne31:18.63Northwest Whitfield
60.-Danielle Cox31:24.35Dunwoody
61.-Hardika Dhir31:27.87Dunwoody
62.-Megan Harris31:34.30Rhea County
63.-Quinn Rhodes31:40.78St Pius X Catholic
64.-Lydia Williams31:43.98Chattanooga Home Sch...
65.12Carrie Minnis31:44.20Grace Baptist Academy
66.12Sarah Boyd31:52.68Northwest Whitfield
67.9Alexa Becker32:06.18Dunwoody
68.12Marybeth Calahan32:17.47Grace Baptist Academy
69.-Merrily Suits32:27.51Northwest Whitfield
70.-Madeline Moffitt32:44.79Grace Baptist Academy
71.-Claudia Wharton33:05.92Baylor
72.12Ashley Stewart34:00.01Rhea County
73.11Camille Kenny34:08.98Carrollton
74.-Hannah Benjamin34:52.89Cookeville
75.-Wesa Courtney35:08.74St Pius X Catholic
76.-Rebekh Kanife35:29.76Polk County
77.-Courtney Koening38:36.87St Pius X Catholic
78.9Rachel Davis38:36.87Chattanooga Christia...
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5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Kathleen LaPorte20:33.22St Pius X Catholic
2.-Stephanie Shipley21:06.08Heritage (Catoosa)
3.9Beka Day21:18.77Cleveland
4.11Dianna Eddington21:42.37McMinn Central
5.10Jessie Hodnett21:45.31Lenoir City
6.9Chandler Rogers21:46.11Lenoir City
7.11Erin Osment21:58.15St Pius X Catholic
8.12Rachel Sims22:08.29Hewitt-Trussville
9.10Catherine Ellis22:14.67Chattanooga Home Sch...
10.-Mckenzie Johnson22:15.99Dunwoody
11.10Olivia Brady22:21.92Hewitt-Trussville
12.-Sara Seckman22:27.84St Pius X Catholic
13.10Maria Lopez22:28.18Cleveland
14.-Brandi Thompson22:34.63Heritage (Catoosa)
15.11Hayley Moreno22:41.35Soddy-Daisy
16.Chelsea Jones22:42.31Chattanooga
17.12Charlotte Collins22:43.95Dunwoody
18.10Kimberly Galloway22:45.83Briarwood Christian
19.12Kiersten Vradenburgh22:46.10Chattanooga Home Sch...
20.Meg Sabourin22:46.68Chattanooga
21.9Shelby Wilson22:53.59Northwest Whitfield
22.9Morgan Voyles22:55.22White County
23.9Marycatherine Ellard23:04.72Briarwood Christian
24.10Rachel Roberts23:05.42Cookeville
25.9Courtney Thompson23:06.22Cookeville
26.12Shelby Hallmark23:09.21Hewitt-Trussville
27.9Moriah Edwards23:11.83Heritage (Catoosa)
28.10Katie Martin23:20.89Dunwoody
29.12Hannah Jenkins23:27.69Soddy-Daisy
30.-Camilia Loggins23:30.60Gordon Lee
31.Aften Whitmore23:31.15Chattanooga
32.10Lauren Mason23:32.68Briarwood Christian
33.9Emily Meadow23:35.26East Hamilton
34.10Holly Zorca23:36.02Chattanooga Home Sch...
35.11Haley Grinder23:37.92Cookeville
36.11Ellen Osment23:38.17St Pius X Catholic
37.12Radia Yansaneh23:48.81Dunwoody
38.10Emily Guillaume23:49.71William Blount
39.10Lorena Pascual23:50.43Rhea County
40.7Erin Whitlark23:55.53St Pius X Catholic
41.-Lauren Gocke23:58.13Heritage (Catoosa)
42.11Jenna Williams23:59.96Northwest Whitfield
43.9Haley Jackson24:02.27Cookeville
44.-Kansas Carpenter24:03.11Heritage (Catoosa)
45.12Sara Wilson24:03.77Polk County
46.11Varina Hart24:07.62Briarwood Christian
47.11Marylant Cotten24:11.53Briarwood Christian
48.10Holly Kilpatrick24:13.08St Pius X Catholic
49.10Emily Cramer24:13.34St Pius X Catholic
50.-Kaitlyn Winter24:16.92Lafayette
51.11Maggie Meacham24:21.20Hewitt-Trussville
52.10Hannah Ellis24:22.33Cookeville
53.9Maggie Kalafut24:24.80Northwest Whitfield
54.10Katy Gilbert24:25.15St Pius X Catholic
55.12Lizzie Handlin24:27.57Briarwood Christian
56.-Elizabeth Phelps24:28.06Heritage (Catoosa)
57.11Katie Mccrary24:28.34Cookeville
58.12Emma Grillo24:29.11Carrollton
59.12Alyssa Stephens24:29.35Ooltewah
60.10Kayla Price24:33.12Hewitt-Trussville
61.11Payton Smith24:36.47Arts & Sciences (Cha...
62.9Morgan Hufnagel24:37.99Carrollton
63.11Courtney Pellhum24:39.03Carrollton
64.9Catherine O'Neill24:39.60St Pius X Catholic
65.11Olivia Edwards24:42.18William Blount
66.11Haley Richmond24:42.67Polk County
67.11Kinsey Waylander24:43.79Hewitt-Trussville
68.9Alyssa Allbitton24:47.43Hewitt-Trussville
69.10Cassandra Wolff24:48.65William Blount
70.11Kayla Griffin24:50.15Northwest Whitfield
71.-Emily Tinker24:54.81Heritage (Catoosa)
72.12Erin Vanhoy25:02.60Lenoir City
73.11AC Scarlett25:09.29Madison County
74.12Heather Redrow25:10.07Carrollton
75.10Jessica Edwards25:18.92Carrollton
76.9Natasha Laufer25:20.49Baylor
77.11Amelia Hasburn25:22.76Carrollton
78.9Samantha Swords25:24.16Briarwood Christian
79.10Kate McBrien25:24.38Baylor
80.-Abagail Queen25:26.92William Blount
81.-Jordan McCoy25:30.52Ringgold
82.-Emilie Musto25:30.98Northwest Whitfield
83.10Alex Stover25:32.90White County
84.9Natalie Williams25:35.14Northwest Whitfield
85.4Lauren Bonds25:36.16Chattanooga Home Sch...
86.12Rachel Townsend25:39.44Cleveland
87.12Amy Newport25:39.68Rhea County
88.-Rachel Zitting25:42.59Cookeville
89.10Sarah Wilson25:44.35William Blount
90.9Emily Wilson25:52.75Polk County
91.11Alison Mendel26:04.10Cleveland
92.10Jessica Andersen26:04.79Dunwoody
93.11Dori Gragg26:12.59Carrollton
94.9Elizabeth Brown26:16.77St Pius X Catholic
95.12Hannah Travis26:19.55Rhea County
96.9Gabby Claborn26:25.31Ooltewah
97.11Danielle O'Neill26:28.45Cleveland
98.10Ashley Prill26:31.81Polk County
99.-Hannah Turner26:35.30Lafayette
100.-Taylor Hidalgo26:36.81Rhea County
101.9Delaney Pierce26:42.78Lenoir City
102.-Amanda Webb26:45.98Polk County
103.-Hadyn Daugherty26:50.81Baylor
104.11Jamie Sawyer26:51.80Madison County
105.10Jordan Jones26:52.77Ringgold
106.10Jessie Campbell26:53.14Sweetwater
107.7Alissa Justus27:01.18White County
108.12Alex Mastin27:02.49Dunwoody
109.11Amber Young27:03.65Southeast Whitfield
110.Amy Davis27:04.19Chattanooga
111.12Macy White27:04.40Boyd Buchanan
112.11Crystal West27:06.98Ringgold
113.-Kaitlyn Wade27:07.88Northwest Whitfield
114.-Sorayda Funes27:21.47Lenoir City
115.11Davinity Tallent27:33.34Rhea County
116.12Alexis Sholl27:35.49Rhea County
117.11Priscilla Huguenin27:35.80Berean Academy
118.12Julia Rox27:37.58Boyd Buchanan
119.Chloe Westbrook27:40.29Chattanooga
120.-Laney Hunter27:45.84Lafayette
121.11Mary Locke27:54.52Ringgold
122.9Alexandra Whitting...27:59.80Ringgold
123.10Chancey Straily28:01.73William Blount
124.-Aysha Merrill28:05.28Baylor
125.-Nelda Benitez28:05.55Southeast Whitfield
126.11Megan McMahon28:05.82Baylor
127.-Haley Smith28:08.57Gordon Lee
128.11Rachel Dance28:13.63Ooltewah
129.10Kaki Pruett28:15.16Baylor
130.Danille Wnuk28:16.16Chattanooga
131.10Tori Blackmon28:18.66Rhea County
132.-Kiana Russell28:24.29East Hamilton
133.-Allison Gribble28:28.87Ringgold
134.-Michelle Contarino28:30.32Chattanooga Home Sch...
135.11Gena Gover28:31.14Madison County
136.11Summer Poteet28:32.41McMinn Central
137.-Lil Bradbury28:34.63Gordon Lee
138.-Becky Thomas28:40.51Berean Academy
139.10Amy Crenshaw28:40.79Lakeview Fort Ogleth...
140.10Anne Schmidt28:42.68Signal Mountain
141.-Natasha Strain28:48.47William Blount
142.-Ruth Hinchman29:00.29Chattanooga Home Sch...
143.-Katie Grugin29:04.14Lenoir City
144.10Rachel Winkfield29:20.74McMinn Central
145.Sarah Sabourin29:23.35Chattanooga
146.10Rachel Kolodziej29:26.50White County
147.-Krista King29:47.69White County
148.-Emily Lockhart30:11.72Gordon Lee
149.Elizabeth Hailey30:17.59Chattanooga
150.-Laura Mann30:22.69East Hamilton
151.-Aubrey Casey30:35.05Soddy-Daisy
152.-Brett Tucker30:49.21Boyd Buchanan
153.-Amanda Madaris30:51.10Gordon Lee
154.10Shelby Lokhart31:14.64Signal Mountain
155.-Phoenix Ray31:22.35Baylor
156.-Rosie Salaices32:34.33Southeast Whitfield
157.11Allison Vargo32:35.88Signal Mountain
158.-Lizzie Rush32:58.29Chattanooga Central
159.-Taylor Holland32:58.56Soddy-Daisy
160.-Kim Nunez33:51.91Southeast Whitfield
161.-Dalia Duarte34:00.67Southeast Whitfield
162.-Shanea Hinson35:11.63Lafayette
163.-Brennan McCalmon35:21.77Lafayette
164.-Shelby Rogers35:27.44Lafayette
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