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Lancer Invitational HS

Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Stratford Woods, Midland, MI - Map
Mens Races

Stratford Woods

5,000 Meters Div 1/2
5,000 Meters Varsity III
Womens Races

Stratford Woods

5,000 Meters Varsity III
5,000 Meters Div 1/2

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Div 1/2  

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10Justin Arlt17:34Midland
12Ben Marsh17:58Midland
11Ben Reed18:05Midland
34.12Travis Loveberry18:22Mt. Pleasant
12Paul Regier18:26Midland
10Ryan Koehlinger18:40Midland
45.11Mike Todd18:49Mt. Pleasant
47.11David Rowley18:55Mt. Pleasant
48.12Spencer Way18:57Mt. Pleasant
57.10Aaron Schmidt19:04Mt. Pleasant
11Lucas Madill19:11Midland
63.11Tom Rowley19:17Mt. Pleasant
10Lex Hollenbeck19:19Midland
69.12Dylan Bambach19:24Mt. Pleasant
12Kevin Roach19:29Midland
72.10Adam Onica19:29Mt. Pleasant
73.11Zach Felton19:29Mt. Pleasant
76.9Chris Yoder19:30Mt. Pleasant
-Josh Marshall19:37Midland
11Max Arbury19:52Midland
89.11Logan Dennis19:52Mt. Pleasant
11Anthony Ells19:55Midland
11Ben Hutter20:03Midland
99.11Andrey Koptelov20:13Mt. Pleasant
11Nick Groulx20:22Midland
104.10Matt Sherlock20:29Mt. Pleasant
105.10Sean Bradley20:29Mt. Pleasant
10Marshall Krueger20:35Midland
10David Green20:37Midland
110.9Nick Schlosser20:38Mt. Pleasant
9Travis Smith20:39Midland
10Michael Curtis20:41Midland
115.11Spencer Wentworth20:46Mt. Pleasant
116.9Robert Neal20:48Mt. Pleasant
118.10Joey Foster20:50Mt. Pleasant
11Ryan Fant20:58Midland
11Justin Leslie21:02Midland
125.10Drake Neff21:06Mt. Pleasant
128.10Ben Roberson21:14Mt. Pleasant
9Bradley Pankow21:16Midland
9Jake Richard21:25Midland
134.9Taylor Felton21:30Mt. Pleasant
9Jared Beach21:40Midland
11Quinlan Gaul22:03Midland
147.12Kurt Kreiner22:29Mt. Pleasant
11David Waters23:01Midland
158.10Jeremy Quick23:05Mt. Pleasant
12Garrett Pochert23:11Midland
162.9Trent Vuillemot23:13Mt. Pleasant
168.11TJ Ingersoll23:28Mt. Pleasant
174.11Adam Kucera24:36Mt. Pleasant
11Scott Bell24:46Midland
180.10Conner Wood25:20Mt. Pleasant
183.10Bryan Hoeft26:14Mt. Pleasant
184.10Michael Caleca26:16Mt. Pleasant
185.10James Castillo26:17Mt. Pleasant
11Shane Romer26:29Midland
11Kevin Erkkila26:42Midland
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity III  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
11Megen Rapp20:04Midland
11Courtney Rouse20:44Midland
10Katy Pekala20:55Midland
11Camille Bishop22:37Midland
11Elizabeth Waters23:08Midland
9Stephanie Mendyk23:28Midland
10Amelia Cope23:29Midland
11Ann Marshall24:02Midland
10Jordan Stanick24:04Midland
-Ashley Mikkola24:10Midland
9Abby Hutter24:21Midland
9Rose Ferguson25:34Midland
10Alexandra Ladwig25:54Midland
9Emilee Monville26:20Midland
11Shannon Fick27:43Midland
10Rebekah Welser28:18Midland
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5,000 Meters Div 1/2  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Ashley Montgomery19:03.68Mt. Pleasant
2.12Allison White19:13.41Midland H H Dow
3.10Taylor Stepanski19:37.36Alpena
4.11Samara Donajkowski19:51.63Alpena
5.11Megen Rapp20:04.16Midland
6.11Nicole Yates20:31.09Auburn Bay City West...
7.10Xavier Donajkowski20:34.52Alpena
8.12Briana Green20:43.48Mt. Pleasant
9.11Courtney Rouse20:44.48Midland
10.11Heidi Pearson20:48.63Mt. Pleasant
11.10Katy Pekala20:55.65Midland
12.10Deja Wallace21:06.18Saginaw Heritage
13.12Stacie Swinton21:07.47Saginaw Heritage
14.9Briana Devine21:10.06Alma
15.11Kellie Mussell21:21.88Midland H H Dow
16.12Kendra Ouillette21:23.50Auburn Bay City West...
17.12Catherine Clark21:43.03Auburn Bay City West...
18.11Brittany Salter21:48.93Mt. Pleasant
19.9Abby MacArthur21:58.29Alpena
20.11Sami Humphrey21:58.96Alma
21.11Tori Humphrey21:59.41Alma
22.11Brooke Wagner22:11.96Midland H H Dow
23.9Kristy Behmlander22:21.24Auburn Bay City West...
24.9Ellie Siegert22:24.25Alpena
25.9Kelsey Lewis22:25.13Alpena
26.9Racheal McDonald22:26.33Alpena
27.11Camille Bishop22:37.08Midland
29.12Amanda Peterson22:49.33Auburn Bay City West...
31.10Cheyenne St Andrew22:55.57Ogemaw Heights
28.11Katie Clark22:56.02Midland H H Dow
30.10Shiloh St Andrew22:57.25Ogemaw Heights
32.11Elizabeth Waters23:08.96Midland
33.12Kaitlin Thomas23:09.80Alpena
34.11Kate Davis23:18.70Auburn Bay City West...
35.10Alyssa Woo23:22.13Midland H H Dow
36.11Kaitlyn Mitchell23:24.36Midland H H Dow
37.10Micheala Bundy23:24.89Mt. Pleasant
38.12Peyton Dawkins23:27.09Saginaw Heritage
39.12Macey Nacarato23:28.14Saginaw Heritage
40.9Stephanie Mendyk23:28.96Midland
41.10Amelia Cope23:29.98Midland
42.10Allie Vickery23:33.53Midland H H Dow
43.10Ellen Schoenherr23:35.40Auburn Bay City West...
44.12Kim Behmlander23:37.06Auburn Bay City West...
45.10Adrien Steinhurst23:44.54Ogemaw Heights
46.9Catherine Fritzler23:45.07Saginaw Heritage
47.11Teya Immel23:45.45Ogemaw Heights
48.11Emily Wilson23:53.21Midland H H Dow
49.11Julia Abrahmson23:59.39Bay City Central
50.11Ann Marshall24:02.15Midland
51.11Janae Brown24:02.89Midland H H Dow
52.10Nicole Nalazek24:03.48Saginaw Heritage
53.10Jordan Stanick24:04.81Midland
54.12Kylie Aultman24:07.18Mt. Pleasant
55.10Rebecca Parsons24:10.06Midland H H Dow
56.-Ashley Mikkola24:10.41Midland
57.10Lizzy Wohlford24:11.47Midland H H Dow
58.12Annie Krueger24:17.88Midland
59.12Sarah Kendziorski24:19.61Alpena
60.9Abby Hutter24:21.29Midland
61.11Mariah Martinez24:27.72Mt. Pleasant
62.9Krista Gregg24:28.38Mt. Pleasant
63.11Jorie Diehl24:40.10Ogemaw Heights
64.11Kailey White24:44.72Mt. Pleasant
65.10Becca McBryde24:45.71Mt. Pleasant
66.11Carling Lombard24:52.14Alma
67.10Ashli Betzer24:52.14Alma
68.10Keely Wyatt24:54.92Ogemaw Heights
69.11Sam Sweet24:58.83Bay City John Glenn
70.10Kristen Iles25:00.25Saginaw Heritage
71.12Maria Beach25:03.53Midland
72.9Natalie Nowakowski25:03.84Alpena
73.9Julia Cherwinski25:04.10Saginaw Heritage
74.10Bailey Loftis25:09.60Midland H H Dow
75.9Amanda Black25:09.89Mt. Pleasant
76.9Rachael Reh25:14.44Saginaw Heritage
77.12Leah Thompson25:16.33Saginaw Heritage
78.12Ashley Thompson25:26.83Ogemaw Heights
79.9Christine Burke25:30.33Alpena
80.11Molly McGilivary25:30.62Mt. Pleasant
81.11Johanna Buiteweg25:30.64Alma
82.-Laura Jones25:33.87Saginaw Heritage
83.9Rose Ferguson25:34.56Midland
84.11Chloe Loftis25:35.40Midland H H Dow
85.-Whitney Stallings25:39.47Saginaw Heritage
86.11Lauren Van Wormer25:39.79Bay City Central
87.10Alexandra Ladwig25:54.30Midland
88.9Victoria Guzman25:59.98Alpena
89.9Elaine Lowe26:05.36Alpena
90.10Emily Hurrell26:11.52Auburn Bay City West...
91.-Madison Meter26:14.07Saginaw Heritage
92.9Sarah Pearson26:17.04Mt. Pleasant
93.11Hannah LeForce26:18.69Ogemaw Heights
94.-Linda Holmkvist26:20.04Ogemaw Heights
95.12Maggie Smith26:20.91Midland
96.10Lara Morey26:21.58Saginaw Heritage
97.10Natalie DeFour26:25.78Alpena
98.-Kathryn Kowalczk26:27.00Mt. Pleasant
99.9Caitlin Freed26:28.23Alma
100.11Sydney Flaminio26:30.24Midland H H Dow
101.12Samantha Fogus26:32.57Midland H H Dow
102.10Rachel Nitz26:41.20Midland H H Dow
103.9Stephanie Wysocki26:41.57Ogemaw Heights
104.11Daria Gosztyla26:44.42Bay City Central
105.9Mimi Saghir26:47.01Bay City Central
106.9Anita Hernandez26:58.55Alma
107.10Laura Nolan26:59.41Saginaw Heritage
108.11Ellyn Goncer27:06.60Mt. Pleasant
109.12Josie Wiltse27:12.58Ogemaw Heights
110.10Margaret Coopes Me...27:22.47Alpena
111.11Jessica Allen27:22.90Auburn Bay City West...
112.9Ashley Kuehne27:28.72Auburn Bay City West...
113.11Shannon Fick27:43.47Midland
114.9Abigail Musch27:47.34Alpena
115.11Katie Flint27:52.38Midland H H Dow
116.10Alesha Wood28:01.37Ogemaw Heights
117.10Rebekah Welser28:18.93Midland
118.12Kaitlyn Bertram28:19.19Ogemaw Heights
119.11Kelsey Kurr28:28.62Bay City Central
120.9Amy McNeil28:44.15Alpena
121.9Kristie McNeil28:48.54Alpena
122.9Amanda Elliot28:56.79Bay City Central
123.12Juli Frampton29:05.20Alpena
124.12Zoe Chaffin29:07.32Alma
125.10Karlie Hernandez29:09.09Auburn Bay City West...
126.9Claudia Schultz29:13.25Auburn Bay City West...
127.12Ganae Zettle29:16.53Ogemaw Heights
128.12Kandice Torozinski29:19.47Bay City Central
129.10Meghan Ellis29:20.75Mt. Pleasant
130.11Meagan Huebner29:29.88Auburn Bay City West...
131.10Brittany Little29:31.82Ogemaw Heights
132.9Allison Smith29:40.18Mt. Pleasant
133.10BreiAnna Bertossi29:43.10Ogemaw Heights
134.12Devin Glover29:46.89Alma
135.9Layken Bechill29:59.86Mt. Pleasant
136.12Liz McBryde30:09.46Mt. Pleasant
137.9Veronica Martin30:36.01Auburn Bay City West...
138.-Kelsey Crzegorczyk30:57.40Midland
139.11Taylor Harter31:17.00Mt. Pleasant
140.12Paige Smith31:48.00Bay City Central
141.12Stephanie Schacher31:55.00Auburn Bay City West...
142.9Emily Westendorf32:07.00Saginaw Heritage
143.-Darci Houle34:26.00Bay City Central
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