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NJAIAW/Osprey Open Collegiate

Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Richard Stockton College, Galloway, NJ
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Mens Races
6,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
6,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

6,000 Meters Men  

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1.JrAbad Akhtar19:11.5Richard Stockton
2.FrMatt Ardelean20:02.8Richard Stockton
3.SoJim Codianni20:19.7Richard Stockton
4.John Pollina20:36.6cptc
5.SoNate George20:40.5Richard Stockton
6.JrDane Bender20:45.5New Jersey City U
7.SoSteve Monteleone21:08.3Drew
8.JrNicholas Kipkosgei21:08.9Bloomfield
9.FrDave Bertulis21:09.6Cumberland County
10.SoElson Smajlaj21:26.0Bloomfield
11.FrDave Henry Owens21:32.8Cumberland County
12.FrZack Mower21:34.2Drew
13.SrWilliam Walsh21:43.0Bloomfield
14.FrRandall Faiges21:46.0Richard Stockton
15.FrMoses Rotich22:05.4Bloomfield
16.SrStephen Rinaldi22:23.0Richard Stockton
17.FrMaxwell Rich22:23.8Drew
18.SoKevin Quiroz22:29.1Bloomfield
19.SoJohn Burkhart22:33.7Cumberland County
20.JrKyle Shaughnessy22:34.5Richard Stockton
21.JrAndrew Ehlert22:34.8Drew
22.FrRyan Lundy22:39.0Brookdale CC
23.FrDerrick Nickle22:40.2Cumberland County
24.FrDillon Glasser22:41.5Richard Stockton
25.FrAnthony Carei22:42.0Cumberland County
26.SoDevang Patel22:51.6Bloomfield
27.FrColin Dube22:53.2Brookdale CC
28.SoAlec Moran22:55.5Brookdale CC
29.FrEric Wiggins22:58.9Cumberland County
30.FrTim Barnum23:06.3Drew
31.FrMichael Neigel23:09.2Ocean County
32.FrJarryd Novin23:10.7Ocean County
33.SoKaram Alkhalil23:13.3New Jersey City U
34.FrMathew Manglona23:14.7Brookdale CC
35.FrJames Handschuch23:19.6Richard Stockton
36.FrWilliam Alston23:30.2Brookdale CC
37.FrSteven Bowman23:50.7Bloomfield
38.FrRichard O'Connor24:00.7Richard Stockton
39.FrBabosola Ojutalayo24:07.7Bloomfield
40.SrGreg Del Russo24:08.1Drew
41.-Thomas Kimelblatt24:12.1Drew
42.FrCaleb Small25:41.4Cumberland County
43.FrKenneth Rice27:24.7New Jersey City U
44.FrNick Cervini27:26.2Cumberland County
45.FrChristian Cox28:18.3New Jersey City U
46.-Michael Romano28:19.3Ocean County
47.-Bruce Simmons28:51.6Drew
48.FrCharles Allen28:55.7New Jersey City U
49.SoJordan Manglona28:59.6Brookdale CC
50.SoGarrett Ellis31:06.6New Jersey City U
51.FrEvan Baytops31:06.8New Jersey City U
52.FrCharles Waugh31:07.1New Jersey City U
53.-Cordel Lindsey33:21.7Cumberland County
54.JrOraldo Austin35:09.4New Jersey City U
55.FrStephen Mukoma42:53.9New Jersey City U
56.FrAhmed Gueye42:54.0New Jersey City U
57.FrShamid Parker49:01.4New Jersey City U
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women  

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1.JrRobin England23:18.8Rutgers-Camden
2.-Jennifer Nelson23:33.4Ocean County
3.JrHeather DiCrescenzo24:00.8Rutgers-Camden
4.SrMeredith Malloy24:24.7Richard Stockton
5.JrRobyn Evangelist24:41.1Richard Stockton
6.FrAlyssa Collier25:09.4Ocean County
7.Moira Cunningham25:19.3Central Park Tra
8.FrPriscilla Robinson25:29.0Ocean County
9.JrKatherine Rudy25:37.8Richard Stockton
10.JrJill Leaness25:58.7Richard Stockton
11.FrNicole Salge26:18.4Richard Stockton
12.FrEmily Capille26:21.3Richard Stockton
13.-Sarah Morris26:24.1Drew
14.-Erine O'Connor26:34.4Ocean County
15.SrKatherine Cross26:36.7Drew
16.SrAshley Walker26:53.5Drew
17.-Lauren Ashman27:01.8Ocean County
18.FrBarbara Prokopiuk27:30.9Richard Stockton
19.SoMercy Puma27:34.0Bloomfield
20.-Liz Keefer27:43.9Richard Stockton
21.-Taylor Madden28:05.2Ocean County
22.SoDana Christensen28:13.2Richard Stockton
23.SrJennifer Bedoya29:23.0Bloomfield
24.-Elaine Josefowski29:42.9Ocean County
25.SrCarley Thompson29:45.5Drew
26.-Brittany Nycz30:00.2Ocean County
27.SoDanielle Colon30:35.1New Jersey City U
28.FrBertina Beaubrun30:36.8Bloomfield
29.JrVanessa Lamision30:50.0Bloomfield
30.SoShakiyrah Bishop30:50.3Bloomfield
31.JrKye'airre Cary30:55.7New Jersey City U
32.FrJessica Haaf31:04.5Cumberland County
33.FrSarah Singer31:21.8Cumberland County
34.FrJessica Blow31:22.9Rutgers-Camden
35.SrJaclyn Feola31:36.7Caldwell
36.SoAngela Vitellaro32:06.1Drew
37.-Erika Cannedy32:13.6Drew
38.SrErin Dougherty32:35.1New Jersey City U
39.JrJen Baciu33:09.3Rutgers-Camden
40.SoDeana Dedovitch33:20.0Bloomfield
41.SrDanielle Cleary33:32.6Caldwell
42.FrChelsea Loscalzo34:39.9Caldwell
43.FrDre'Shonda Williams35:04.2Bloomfield
44.JrRobyn Burton35:04.6Bloomfield
45.FrKaitlynn Arena35:15.6Cumberland County
46.SoJacqueline Baron38:29.4Brookdale CC
47.SoLa'Shonda Carter39:34.1New Jersey City U
48.SoMelissa Goodwin39:35.3New Jersey City U
49.FrKaleemah Lewis40:00.8New Jersey City U
50.FrAudrey Wilson40:32.8New Jersey City U
51.FrMarissa Dietrich40:34.5Rutgers-Camden
52.SoDeseria Sanders40:40.4New Jersey City U
53.JrRuth Rivera41:03.7Rutgers-Camden
54.SrCandice Bellamy41:12.3New Jersey City U
55.FrSattirah Johnson41:28.8New Jersey City U
56.FrChristina Varela42:14.1Rutgers-Camden
57.SoNadia Mughal42:35.2Rutgers-Camden
58.SoCandice Brown42:35.5Cumberland County
59.SoKenyetta Gorham42:53.8New Jersey City U
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