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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  

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1.11Matthew Cioe16:58 PRMansfield
2.12Jeff Boyle16:58 PRMansfield 5:39
3.11Shayne Collins16:59 PRMansfield
3.12Patrick McGowan16:59 PRMansfield
3.12Brendan Boyle16:59 PRMansfield
6.12Matt Hernon17:16 PRMansfield
7.10Matt Berluti17:37 PRMansfield
8.12Harry Ehrlich17:37 PRSharon
9.10Logan David17:38 SRKing Philip
10.9Conor Monks17:43 SRMansfield
11.11Tom Cunningham17:57 PRMansfield
12.11Alec Armstrong17:58 PRMansfield
13.10Kham Haleudeth17:58 PRMansfield
14.10Josh Lampron17:58 SRMansfield
14.11Ryan Petrella17:58 PRMansfield
14.11Dan Jean17:58 PRMansfield
17.10Chris Nugent17:59 PRMansfield
17.12Stephen Gershlak18:01 PRSharon
19.10Mitch Negus18:16 SRMansfield
20.10Nate Michener18:18 SRMansfield
10Danny Scribner18:29 PRSharon
11John Conway18:30 PRMansfield
12Craig Tyner18:31 PRMansfield
10Zach Frazier18:32 PRMansfield
10Vinnie Pignone18:32 PRMansfield
11Matthew Erwin18:38 PRMansfield
10Michael Dupuis18:41 PRSharon
11Ryan Mckinnon18:46 PRMansfield
10Brendan McCarthy18:49 SRMansfield
11Sam Hayes18:51 PRMansfield
10Matthew Ostrow18:53 PRSharon
9Ryan Corrigan18:56 SRMansfield
10Ben Ryter18:59 PRSharon
12Zach Stringham18:59 PRSharon
11Adam Osowski19:10 SRMansfield
12Alex Weaver19:16 PRSharon
11Josh Marohn19:19 PRMansfield
10Caleb Haydanek19:32 PRMansfield
10CJ Stocking19:42 PRMansfield
11Jeremy Sawyer19:45 PRSharon
11Evan Tatro19:55 PRSharon
11David Jordan20:01 SRMansfield
10Ryan Matthews20:15 PRMansfield
10Chris Sorge20:19 PRMansfield
12Andrew Gruber20:27 PRSharon
9Jonathan Sirota20:30 PRMansfield
9Sam VanNuland20:36 PRMansfield
11Jonah Primiano20:44 SRMansfield
10Griffin Robertson20:45 SRMansfield
11Anthony Tran20:46 PRMansfield
11David Abrahamson20:51 PRMansfield
10Nate Somes21:12 SRMansfield
10Thomas Gaughan21:13 PRMansfield
10Jeremy Ham21:13 PRMansfield
12Jason Kraus21:19 PRSharon
9Sullivan Gassmann21:38 SRSharon
11Bryce Egan21:39 PRMansfield
10Robert Dawson21:39 PRSharon
12Harry Pesce21:43 PRMansfield
9Matt Nugent21:58 PRMansfield
12Kyle Allen22:03 PRMansfield
10Nick Haley22:05 SRMansfield
9Amir Hackett22:09 SRMansfield
10Nick Sylvia22:25 SRMansfield
10Michael Censorio22:28 PRMansfield
10Krishna Bandi22:37 PRMansfield
10Brian Ferreira22:44 PRMansfield
10Gary Zhou23:45 PRMansfield
9Michael Drinan23:45 PRMansfield
9Michael Brodin23:53 SRMansfield
10Connor Hichens24:38 PRSharon
10Gabe O'Connor24:46 PRMansfield
10Sean Lambert24:47 SRMansfield
10Cody Brown25:12 PRMansfield
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Womens Results

3 Mile Varsity  

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1.12Cassandra Olsen19:22 PRMansfield
2.10Stacey Wojcik19:44 PRKing Philip
3.12Anastasia Lutkevich20:21 PRMansfield
4.11Lauren Columbare20:21 SRMansfield
5.10Emily Belastock20:25 PRMansfield
6.12Alexandra Purdue-S...20:40 PRSharon
7.10Hannah Beaulieu20:43 PRKing Philip
8.9Samantha Kaplan21:18 PRSharon
9.11Kimberly Hilfrank21:28 PRKing Philip
10.11Katherine Nash21:31 PRMansfield
11.10Laura Burnham21:34 PRMansfield
12.12Anna Dominesey21:39 PRMansfield
13.11Elena Huang21:45 PRSharon
14.12Samantha Gillis21:47 PRMansfield
16.11Caroline McClain21:53 PRSharon
15.10Jessica Grainger21:59 PRMansfield
18.11Alyssa Stavola22:04 PRKing Philip
16.9Abby Wright22:25 SRMansfield
20.11Meaghan Perry22:27 PRSharon
21.10Laura Caeran22:34 SRMansfield
22.12Kristen Spillane22:40 PRMansfield
23.10Paige MacPherson22:41 PRMansfield
24.12Sabina Vaichys22:42 PRSharon
25.10Emily Lamb22:43 PRKing Philip
11Melanie Tabroff22:52 PRSharon
27.12Erika Jacobs23:12 PRMansfield
28.10Sarah Miller23:33 SRMansfield
29.12Taylor Briseno23:36 PRMansfield
30.10AnneMarie Grammer23:47 PRMansfield
32.10Hanna Nash23:59 PRMansfield
10Hayley Kats25:10 PRSharon
36.11Emily Broyles25:24 PRMansfield
38.10Haley Bougas25:32 PRMansfield
39.12Stephanie Bennett25:33 PRMansfield
41.10Merry Cogswell25:46 PRMansfield
42.10Dana Foley25:46 PRMansfield
43.10Caroline Biggs26:03 PRMansfield
45.11Brittany Greene26:16 PRMansfield
46.11Monica Cusack26:39 PRMansfield
47.10Medha Biswas26:41 PRMansfield
52.11Rachel Orkin26:52 PRMansfield
48.10Molly Jenssen27:02 PRMansfield
49.10Katelyn Dalton27:17 PRMansfield
50.10Danielle Draghi27:54 PRMansfield
51.10Alexandra Morse28:11 PRMansfield
53.10Meg MacKinnon28:51 PRMansfield
12Alyssa Zisk30:40 PRSharon
9Nancy Chinnappan37:25 PRSharon
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