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65th Annual Aztec Cross Country Invitational Collegiate

Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Balboa Park, San Diego, CA - Map
Mens Races

Balboa Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races

Balboa Park

5,000 Meters Women
Last Updated 8:08 PM, Thu, May 24


Men 8K
Team Scores
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
Results - Men                                                          
   1 Northern Arizona University  16    1    2    3    4    6    8    8
      Total Time:     2:08:08                                          
         Average:       25:38                                          
   2 University of San Francisco  55    5   10   11    14  15   16   20
      Total Time:     2:13:12                                          
         Average:       26:39                                         
   3 Long Beach State             77    7   12   17    18  23   30     
      Total Time:     2:15:14                                           
         Average:       27:03                                           
   4 University of San Diego A   142   24   26   29    31  32   33   34
      Total Time:     2:19:21                                         
         Average:       27:53                                         
   5 Saint Mary's                150   13   22   36    38  41   45   52
      Total Time:     2:21:57                                          
         Average:       28:24                                                    
   6 San Diego Mesa College      155   21   25   27    39  43   44   58
      Total Time:     2:21:49                                                    
         Average:       28:22                                                    
   7 Point Loma Nazarene         215   19   35   37    57  67 
      Total Time:     2:31:24                                  
         Average:       30:17                                 
   8 Grand Canyon                222   28   40   46    53  55   59   66 
      Total Time:     2:29:48                                  
         Average:       29:58                                 
   9 University of San Diego B   237   42   47   48    49  51   56   61
      Total Time:     2:31:13                                         
         Average:       30:15                                         
  10 Chapman                     289   50   54   60    62  63   64   65
      Total Time:     2:45:35                                         
         Average:       33:07                                         

Women 5K
Team Scores
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
Results - Women                                                                  
   1 Northern Arizona University  29    1    3    6    7   12   24   33          
      Total Time:     1:33:16                                                    
         Average:       18:40                                                     
   2 University of San Francisco  43    4    5    9   11   14   15   18          
      Total Time:     1:34:30                                                    
         Average:       18:54                                                    
   3 Long Beach State            110    2    8   20   36   44   47   50          
      Total Time:     1:38:35                                                    
         Average:       19:43                                                    
   4 San Diego State University  113   13   17   23   28   32   34   43          
      Total Time:     1:38:54                                                    
         Average:       19:47                                                    
   5 University of San Diego A   115   10   22   26   27   30   39   40          
      Total Time:     1:39:00                                                    
         Average:       19:48                                                    
   6 Point Loma Nazarene  A      138   16   21   29   35   37   41   42          
      Total Time:     1:40:12                                                    
         Average:       20:03                                                    
   7 Saint Mary's                191   25   31   38   48   49           
      Total Time:     1:44:04                                                    
         Average:       20:49                                                    
   8 University of San Diego B   259   45   46   55   56   57   65           
      Total Time:     1:49:32                                                    
         Average:       21:55                                                    
   9 San Diego Mesa College      282   19   58   64   70   71   77   78               
      Total Time:     1:54:25                                                    
         Average:       22:53
  10 Chapman                     287   53   54   59   60   61   72   75               
      Total Time:     1:53:06                                                    
         Average:       22:38
  11 Grand Canyon                317   52   62   66   68   69   76                
      Total Time:     1:56:37                                                    
         Average:       23:20
  12 Point Loma Nazarene  B      317   51   63   67   73   74                 
      Total Time:     1:59:51                                                    
         Average:       23:59                                       

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.JrJordan Chipangama25:17Northern Arizona
2.SoAhmed Osman25:34Northern Arizona
3.SoDiego Estrada25:35Northern Arizona
4.JrJason Pedersen25:41Northern Arizona
5.SoGanbileg Bor25:52San Francisco
6.SoDarius Terry26:01Northern Arizona
7.SoRaul Arcos26:19Long Beach State
8.SoJoe Withers26:19Northern Arizona
9.SoAndrew Bellus26:21Northern Arizona
10.JrKameron Holbrook26:26Northern Arizona
11.FrTim Freriks26:35Northern Arizona
12.JrEric Lynch26:38Northern Arizona
13.FrScott Blair26:42Northern Arizona
14.SoWill Marquardt26:43San Francisco
15.SrAlex Nelson26:47San Francisco
16.JrSteven DeCastro26:48Long Beach State
17.JrMark Blucher26:50St Mary's (CA)
18.JrJesus Romo26:52San Francisco
19.FrAdrian Rafiee26:58San Francisco
20.JrJosh Horeled27:00San Francisco
21.SrDan Lanzillotti27:03Northern Arizona
22.Nick Kelly27:12Unattached
23.SrJake Ainsworth27:13Long Beach State
24.FrJared Long27:16Long Beach State
25.SoWilliam McNeil27:18Point Loma Nazarene
26.JrRavi Amarawansa27:19San Francisco
27.SoConnor Betancourt27:20San Diego Mesa
28.SoTyler Alvarez27:22San Francisco
29.John Yatsko27:25Unattached
30.SoDevin Hopkins27:31San Francisco
31.SoRobb Van Wyck27:36St Mary's (CA)
32.JrJosh Ruff27:38Long Beach State
33.FrChris Flaherty27:40U of San Diego
34.FrDeng Akeng27:42San Diego Mesa
35.SoShane Smith27:43U of San Diego
36.SoRyan McMonigle27:46San Diego Mesa
37.FrChris Lewis27:50Grand Canyon
38.FrErik Anderson27:50U of San Diego
39.FrNaveed Kharrat27:52Long Beach State
40.Kyle Simmons27:59Unattached
41.JrKevin O'Mally28:02U of San Diego
42.FrAshish Agrawal28:06U of San Diego
43.SoWill Rial28:11U of San Diego
44.-Jacob Cutter28:17U of San Diego
45.SrCasey Kear28:35Point Loma Nazarene
46.JrBrad Alban28:38St Mary's (CA)
47.SoBrant Jones28:54Point Loma Nazarene
48.SrMarcus Lopez29:02U of San Diego
49.-Jacob Rogers29:14U of San Diego
50.Chris Jacobs29:21Unattached
51.FrFrankie Rivera29:22St Mary's (CA)
52.SoMason Westfall29:24San Diego Mesa
53.SoJulio Zuniga29:28Grand Canyon
54.FrJustin Haley29:29U of San Diego
55.FrJordan Lerma29:31St Mary's (CA)
56.SoAdam Conover29:32U of San Diego
57.FrFelix Martinez29:37San Diego Mesa
58.FrChris Burnham29:55San Diego Mesa
59.FrAntonio Vencgas30:10St Mary's (CA)
60.SrMiles Lindsay30:12Grand Canyon
61.FrChase Roberts30:17U of San Diego
62.Stuart Chapman30:22Unattached
63.SoJohn Maheu30:23U of San Diego
64.FrLuke Daenitz30:28U of San Diego
65.SoChris Cresci30:31Chapman
66.-James Schitt30:33U of San Diego
67.SoJames Hayes30:36St Mary's (CA)
68.SoNicholas Cross30:56Grand Canyon
69.FrAngel Flores30:57Chapman
70.JrAndrew Zappala31:22Grand Canyon
71.SoMichael Koch31:36U of San Diego
72.FrAlexandre Williams31:40Point Loma Nazarene
73.FrRobin Gilson31:58San Diego Mesa
74.JrWilliam McClarty32:34Grand Canyon
75.FrCraig McGirr32:49Chapman
76.-Matt Oden33:03U of San Diego
77.FrEric Brown33:11San Diego Mesa
78.Jim Hernandez34:06Unattached
79.FrNathan Worden34:40Chapman
80.FrJared Pasquarella34:52San Diego Mesa
88.SrOrlando Benitez34:57Point Loma Nazarene
81.-Matt Brown36:38Chapman
82.SoGleysen Maxime37:28Chapman
83.-Alex Bettaieb38:18San Diego Mesa
84.FrCale Skagen38:53Chapman
85.SoRyan Murray39:43Chapman
86.SrLuke Larm41:39Grand Canyon
87.FrAnthony Jacobsmeyer44:02Chapman
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.SrVeronica Pohl18:11Northern Arizona
2.SoLiz Ramos18:32Long Beach State
3.SoEliza Gawryluk18:35Northern Arizona
4.FrEva Krchova18:36San Francisco
5.JrNicole Bowler18:36San Francisco
6.SoHaley Lawrence18:39Northern Arizona
7.SrNell Rojas18:44Northern Arizona
8.FrAnne Randall18:48Long Beach State
9.-Hillary Kyar18:57San Francisco
10.FrEmerald Raney19:01U of San Diego
11.FrSophie Curl19:05San Francisco
12.FrTorin Shriver19:07Northern Arizona
13.SrRachel Williams19:10San Diego State
14.FrHayley Niles19:16San Francisco
15.FrChloe Treleven19:20San Francisco
16.FrGina Erbacci19:31Point Loma Nazarene
17.Missy Barclay19:37Unattached
18.FrMarianne Hogan19:39San Diego State
19.FrHeather Zytkewicz19:47San Francisco
20.SoMichelle Thompson19:47San Diego Mesa
21.FrHillary Zator19:49Long Beach State
22.FrBreelan Matranga19:49Point Loma Nazarene
23.SoSahar Bala19:49San Francisco
24.Rachel Williams19:50U of San Diego
25.JrSara Beyers19:53San Diego State
26.JrNikki Codd19:57Northern Arizona
27.JrLaurel Kleiber20:00San Francisco
28.FrRosie Smith20:01St Mary's (CA)
29.FrMackenzie Entrikin20:02U of San Diego
30.SoKirsten Allan20:02U of San Diego
31.JrMichelle Martinez20:04San Diego State
32.FrBailey Massenburg20:05Point Loma Nazarene
33.SoJanessa Rose20:05U of San Diego
34.JrTess Grannemann20:07St Mary's (CA)
35.FrJordan Davis20:08San Diego State
36.SoGabi Barillas-Long20:09Northern Arizona
37.FrJosefine Koskinen20:15San Diego State
38.FrAshlee Szabo20:16Point Loma Nazarene
39.SoJessica Barnard20:16Long Beach State
40.FrLyndsey Rakestraw20:18Northern Arizona
41.Prism Garcia20:24Unattached
42.JrKatie Kunz20:31Point Loma Nazarene
43.SoNatalie Sojka20:38St Mary's (CA)
44.SoBridget O'Keefe20:42U of San Diego
45.Kim Sherman20:46Unattached
46.SoKelly Shambaugh20:47U of San Diego
47.JrSamantha Espindola20:50U of San Diego
48.JrJennifer Reynolds20:53Point Loma Nazarene
49.SoChristine Nolan20:57U of San Diego
50.SoGenieva Ozuna20:58Point Loma Nazarene
51.JrAmy Brown21:05San Diego State
52.-Kirsten Neill21:10Long Beach State
53.JrLaura Wells21:10U of San Diego
54.SoAlex Clancey21:17U of San Diego
55.Kristen Glenn21:18Unattached
56.SoAngie Afman21:22Point Loma Nazarene
57.JrDenise Nunez21:24Long Beach State
58.FrAlaina Bird21:30Point Loma Nazarene
59.SoKim Cunningham21:35St Mary's (CA)
60.FrErin Burke21:43St Mary's (CA)
61.-Lindsay Kaplan21:45Long Beach State
62.FrSabrina Rathor21:48San Diego State
63.SoMelissa Casarez21:55Point Loma Nazarene
64.SoMissy Bunn21:56San Diego State
65.FrRenee Peck21:59Grand Canyon
66.FrAmanda Kristedja22:10Chapman
67.FrKayla Heath22:11Chapman
68.SrDana Dancey22:14U of San Diego
69.SoMaddie Levine22:20U of San Diego
70.SrMakenzie Mabry22:28San Diego State
71.SoKatie Case22:31U of San Diego
72.FrSuzanne Cornwell22:39San Diego Mesa
73.JrKirsten Moore22:47Chapman
74.SoLillian Weber22:52Chapman
75.SoAngelica Hernandez23:06Chapman
76.FrJoy Hulsey23:07Grand Canyon
77.FrAnna Bray23:16Point Loma Nazarene
78.-Jessica Herman23:23San Diego Mesa
79.SoKelly DeYoung23:28U of San Diego
80.Hana Lata23:31Unattached
81.FrShannon Walsh23:40Grand Canyon
82.FrVictoria Domico23:48Point Loma Nazarene
83.SoEvelia Stacey23:54Grand Canyon
84.SrArlin Guadian23:57Grand Canyon
85.FrKristy Schneider24:07San Diego Mesa
86.FrBrianna Sherells24:29San Diego Mesa
87.FrKatharin Hendricks25:01Chapman
88.SoElyse Swift25:06Point Loma Nazarene
89.SoOlivia Robinson25:46Point Loma Nazarene
90.FrJessie Dress25:47Chapman
91.FrEmily Cruz25:49Grand Canyon
92.FrKim Goodwin26:10San Diego Mesa
93.-Rufina Bavin26:11San Diego Mesa
94.-Dina Reyes34:10San Diego Mesa
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