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District VI Conference HS

Friday, October 23, 2009

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Meet Host - Blackfoot HS
Location - Blackfoot HS, Blackfoot, ID - Map
Mens Races

Blackfoot HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Blackfoot HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Tyler Crofts15:57.75Hillcrest
2.11Richard Kennedy16:08.97Rigby
3.12Sam Whitworth16:39.34Hillcrest
4.12Jon Garling16:42.40Hillcrest
5.12Jacob Scoville16:49.06Hillcrest
6.10Daniel Perry16:49.46Rigby
7.12Kolton Williams16:49.96Bonneville
8.12Brycen Wintch17:01.62Bonneville
9.12Rowland Grover17:02.87Bonneville
10.9Kohl Bingham17:06.59Blackfoot
11.12Isaac Wood17:24.12Hillcrest
12.9Dustin Duke17:25.21Hillcrest
13.12Zac Eddy17:28.72Hillcrest
14.11Joseph Fielding17:33.62Rigby
15.10Matt Croft17:35.96Blackfoot
16.10Trevor Wheeler17:37.59Hillcrest
17.11Conner Kunz17:40.50Rigby
18.10Tyler Wheeler17:41.81Hillcrest
19.12Isaac Jamison17:42.28Bonneville
20.12Kyle Nauman17:50.56Blackfoot
21.12Shawn Stoddard17:52.12Bonneville
22.11Jarom Boswell17:59.25Rigby
23.10Nathan Wintch18:11.06Bonneville
24.11Mike Hoover18:11.62Hillcrest
25.11Holden Cude18:13.96Bonneville
26.10Patrick Wilson18:33.44Bonneville
27.9Kaden Larson18:52.66Rigby
28.12Mitch Nelson19:00.15Rigby
29.12Tayler Bingham19:00.72Blackfoot
30.12Austin Rochette19:02.34Rigby
31.12Casey Hillyard19:03.50Hillcrest
32.12Scott Taylor19:06.78Hillcrest
33.9Dillon Kunz19:08.81Rigby
34.10Seth Clarke19:17.44Rigby
35.12Jacob Passmore19:19.12Rigby
36.10Dillon Dopp19:23.06Hillcrest
37.12Austin Hammer19:23.50Hillcrest
38.10Duke Madson19:23.96Rigby
39.9Tate Marley19:36.72Bonneville
40.9Seth Reis19:37.50Rigby
41.10Braxton Ard19:39.38Rigby
42.11Cody Cunningham19:39.93Blackfoot
43.10Andrew Roybal19:42.21Bonneville
44.9Jacob Warner19:43.37Hillcrest
45.11Joe McGrath19:44.56Hillcrest
46.11Justin Moscon19:46.34Hillcrest
47.11Preston StJohn19:52.03Blackfoot
48.12Ty Poston19:59.66Rigby
49.12Daniel Wood20:06.84Rigby
50.12Shawn Stoddart20:08.24Hillcrest
51.9Kade Christensen20:11.40Hillcrest
52.12Daniel Fifield20:11.90Hillcrest
53.12Craig Butikofer20:13.68Hillcrest
54.10Kayden Finlayson20:20.59Hillcrest
55.11Steven Baird20:26.30Hillcrest
56.10Brent Empey20:27.72Hillcrest
57.11Felix Fesch20:28.28Hillcrest
58.9Sawyer Varvel20:29.56Bonneville
59.10Reynold Grover20:30.68Bonneville
60.9Dakota Thornley20:38.47Bonneville
61.11Logan Christiansen20:41.78Blackfoot
62.9Elijah Bell20:44.75Rigby
63.10Quinn Thompson20:49.78Rigby
64.9Tyler Klingler20:52.24Bonneville
65.12Quinton Tapp20:53.65Hillcrest
66.12Bret Empey20:56.65Hillcrest
67.11Ryan Harvey21:00.02Hillcrest
68.10Wesley Lemmon21:00.65Rigby
69.11Josh Hope21:11.81Rigby
70.10Love Deep Sing21:25.41Rigby
71.9Tanner Cook21:29.75Hillcrest
72.11Cody Lutz21:33.56Hillcrest
73.10Austin Hillyard21:35.28Hillcrest
74.9Tyler Martin21:52.25Rigby
75.10Josh Young21:53.31Rigby
76.10Logan Gambles21:57.50Blackfoot
77.10Braxton Bennett22:05.03Bonneville
78.12Spencer Iglinski22:07.09Rigby
79.9Matt Anderson22:07.93Bonneville
80.12Wyatt Hickman22:14.81Blackfoot
81.10David Young22:21.53Bonneville
82.11Mike Roybal22:34.00Bonneville
83.10Colt Tucker22:34.78Rigby
84.9Josh Ritchie23:00.78Bonneville
85.10David Norman23:21.25Hillcrest
86.12Travis Lundquist24:18.47Rigby
87.10Denham Passmore24:32.38Rigby
88.10Jacob Manwaring29:57.84Hillcrest
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10Callie Evans19:25.75Hillcrest
2.12Lindsey Acor20:04.75Hillcrest
3.10Kaitlin Whitworth20:38.53Hillcrest
4.11Courtney Brown20:47.91Hillcrest
5.10Sidney Acor20:59.12Hillcrest
6.10Karli Lundquist21:14.75Rigby
7.12Karlee Brown21:30.22Bonneville
8.9Kendra Brown21:32.56Bonneville
9.9Kendall Armstrong21:33.52Blackfoot
10.9Katie Mallard21:44.56Bonneville
11.10Kathryn Perry21:56.00Hillcrest
12.12Leesa Wangsgard21:59.46Hillcrest
13.10Blayre Thiel22:12.72Bonneville
14.9Brittany Thornock22:14.84Bonneville
15.9Christie Seedall22:17.87Bonneville
16.12Ashley Gilgen22:28.28Hillcrest
17.11Hannah Maus22:33.72Hillcrest
18.9Shaina Hansen22:37.24Rigby
19.12Audrey Welker22:42.00Hillcrest
20.12Celeste Godfrey22:44.06Hillcrest
21.12Lindsey Taylor22:52.62Rigby
22.10Madeline Eddy23:02.59Hillcrest
23.10Chelsea Speirs23:06.52Hillcrest
24.9Stephanie Bungard23:07.31Bonneville
25.9Breeanna Attebury23:24.91Bonneville
26.11Janin Stever23:29.72Bonneville
27.12Robbi Redford23:30.52Hillcrest
28.10Audrey Thorne23:31.24Hillcrest
29.9Cheyenne Storer23:32.28Bonneville
30.9Shalane Carson23:38.34Hillcrest
31.12Alexis Stevens23:39.62Hillcrest
32.9Jen Reeves23:41.12Rigby
33.12Kelli Parkhurst23:47.72Hillcrest
34.9Alyssa Velickoff23:54.78Hillcrest
35.11Allison Astel23:58.43Hillcrest
36.11Karissa Hughes23:59.06Hillcrest
37.12Shannon Lords24:05.78Hillcrest
38.9Jessica Dunlop24:11.84Blackfoot
39.9Kaitlin Stevens24:20.06Hillcrest
40.9McKenzie Williams24:26.66Bonneville
41.10Kacie Koester24:42.34Bonneville
42.10Britany Maxwell24:59.88Blackfoot
43.9Elisabeth Garling25:22.53Hillcrest
44.11Mariah Stewart25:22.93Hillcrest
45.12Megan Hale25:25.09Hillcrest
46.12Kaitlin Ball25:59.47Hillcrest
47.10Tristan Youngstrom26:02.72Rigby
48.10McKenzi Redford26:06.84Hillcrest
49.10Jessica Romrell26:10.15Blackfoot
50.11Frida Walan26:13.65Bonneville
51.12Amber Dunn26:15.75Blackfoot
52.9Abigail Horack26:31.84Blackfoot
53.12Karrah Landon26:33.87Hillcrest
54.11Michaela Struhs26:41.56Blackfoot
55.9Shannon McClain26:50.44Rigby
56.11Kierstin Barrott26:57.47Hillcrest
57.10Whitney Youngstrom27:01.56Rigby
58.10Kathryn Staley27:16.31Hillcrest
59.10Camille Baker27:17.62Hillcrest
60.10Makayla Call27:24.18Rigby
61.10Sara Wood27:45.12Rigby
62.10Lindsey Jackson28:06.81Hillcrest
63.10Mikyla Christensen29:44.97Bonneville
64.10Hailey Ogden29:45.78Bonneville
65.10Emily Reese31:09.06Hillcrest
66.11Cassandra Bair31:46.09Hillcrest
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