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Great American Legends 2009 Collegiate

Friday, September 04, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Purdue Varsity Cross Country Course, West Lafayette, IN - Map
Mens Races

Purdue Varsity Cross Country Course

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

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1.SrAndy Baker25:16.50Butler
2.JrCaden Shields25:28.60Purdue
3.SrKris Gauson25:57.66Butler
4.SoCale Allen26:09.58Purdue
5.SrTom Boardman26:19.23Butler
6.Bahlbi Gebreyohanns26:28.95Unattached
7.FrCorey Scott26:42.08Purdue
8.FrKevin Oblinger26:44.80Butler
9.FrRob Stewart27:07.86Purdue
10.JrIsaac Bryan27:18.48Taylor
11.FrStephen Schulz27:19.48Purdue
12.FrSteven Stoot27:20.15Purdue
13.SoLadd Mercer27:22.80Purdue
14.Steve Swank27:31.05Unattached
15.FrCharles White27:37.96Purdue
16.SrTaylor Eaton27:40.22Butler
17.SrMichael Pabody28:11.35Taylor
18.SoDominic DeSantis28:16.15Purdue
19.SrTom Robertson28:48.13Taylor
20.FrCorbin Slater29:13.99Taylor
21.SoOrion Wenrich29:37.36Butler
22.FrCraig Jordan29:48.38Butler
23.FrCaleb Pack29:52.06Taylor
24.SrJeff Hubley30:04.61Taylor
25.JrBrian Tencher30:06.65Taylor
26.JrMatt Bane30:35.35Taylor
27.FrDerek Groves31:32.73Butler
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

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1.FrKatie Clark18:03.27Butler
2.SrKristin Phillips18:35.08Purdue
3.FrCamille Buscomb18:46.55Purdue
4.FrKirsti Legg18:56.43Butler
5.SoStephanie Bonk19:02.06Purdue
6.SrSarah Klaczynski19:17.13Purdue
7.SoKatie Conrad19:24.30Purdue
8.SoKara Conflenti19:42.22Purdue
9.FrKelly McCurdy19:43.81Purdue
10.FrShelbi Burnett19:48.16Butler
11.SoLauren Haberkorn19:51.74Butler
12.FrErin Czuprynski19:55.20Purdue
13.FrKarleen Ritchie20:13.42Butler
14.FrKaitlyn Love20:16.52Butler
15.FrCallie Klatt20:39.50Butler
16.SoBonnie Kaminsky20:55.12Butler
17.SrWhitney Turner21:22.12Butler
18.JrMary Andorfer21:42.86Butler
19.SrAshley Dick22:05.92Butler
20.JrErica Hunt22:52.72Butler
21.FrKelsey Neal24:05.66Butler
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