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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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7.11Geoff Hull18:55McQueen
9.12Ian Faulds19:32McQueen
11.11Benjie Portillo19:49McQueen
13.12Trevor Hallam21:29McQueen
14.12Matt Tradewell21:37McQueen
15.12Sam Garcia21:45McQueen
17.10Kevin Foote21:58McQueen
21.9Douglas Yan23:25McQueen
22.11Austin Tolotti24:38McQueen
23.11Paul Deleon24:45McQueen
25.9Mark Nelson25:40McQueen
26.11Joseph Franc26:04McQueen
28.9Jordan Harris26:43McQueen
29.10Zach Ward26:43McQueen
30.11Paul Fromherz26:58McQueen
32.12Trevor Dix28:24McQueen
33.-Nicholas Hamon38:50McQueen
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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2.10Angel Aiyuk22:31McQueen
3.10Melena Mendive22:38McQueen
7.9Lauren Mathis23:39McQueen
12.9Haley Harris24:28McQueen
20.12Kirstyn Flint25:11McQueen
24.12Nicole Arulanantham26:09McQueen
27.12Judy Fisher26:33McQueen
28.12Jennifer Jempsa26:35McQueen
29.9Caitlin Faulds26:39McQueen
32.11Nadeen Black27:02McQueen
34.9Kristen McCormack27:22McQueen
38.10Emily Scott28:23McQueen
40.11Maria Castedo28:45McQueen
42.10Sara Ruiz29:36McQueen
44.10Daisy Alcala30:54McQueen
45.10Jessica Patchin31:04McQueen
47.10Melissa Hamon31:49McQueen
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