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NCAA DI Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Championships 2009 Collegiate

Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno, NV - Map
Mens Races
8,000 Meters Men10:00 AM
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women10:45 AM

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

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1.SoBrian McKenna26:00.1Utah State
2.JrErick Garcia26:04.4Fresno State
3.SoDaniel Howell26:04.4Utah State
4.SoMarkus Geiger26:23.1Idaho
5.FrKevin Rosaaen26:25.5Boise State
6.SrSteve Strickland26:34.5Utah State
7.JrNick Bolinder26:36.8Utah State
8.SoSteven Atkinson26:39.0Utah State
9.SoIan Ruybalid26:42.8New Mexico State
10.JrPaul Zwama26:45.8Fresno State
11.JrSawyer Bosch26:48.0Boise State
12.SrJason Holt26:51.8Utah State
13.FrDaniel Vartanian26:52.8Fresno State
14.FrJeff Howard27:04.1Boise State
15.SrFrank Sanders27:08.6Fresno State
16.FrJonah Ruybalid27:10.5New Mexico State
17.FrRobert Selph27:12.7New Mexico State
18.JrChio Lopez27:15.4Utah State
19.SoEric Larson27:20.9Utah State
20.JrKevin Higgs-Una27:25.1Boise State
21.JrScott Foley27:29.5Boise State
22.FrRyan Fenton27:31.4New Mexico State
23.JrCasey Snider27:35.9Utah State
24.SoJames Clark27:46.3Idaho
25.FrZach Wiles27:53.5Boise State
26.SoKevin Taft27:56.0New Mexico State
27.JrMichael Hart27:59.4New Mexico State
28.FrTerry Williams28:03.4New Mexico State
29.SoEric Battles28:04.1Fresno State
30.SoBrian Pierre28:04.4Boise State
31.FrCarson Keller28:07.1Fresno State
32.SoAlex Brekke28:16.2Idaho
33.JrElijah Carillo28:17.4Fresno State
34.FrCory Ytsma28:18.1Idaho
35.JrAlan Shelton28:19.4San Jose State
36.FrMatt Wolfe28:20.5Louisiana Tech
37.-Jeremiah Johnston28:22.4Idaho
38.SrCameron Lockard28:24.1Boise State
39.FrSam Salus28:25.3Idaho
40.JrAlfredo Coronado28:38.2San Jose State
41.JrJonathan Gragert28:42.2San Jose State
42.SrDavid Haefele28:46.5San Jose State
43.JrJack Ramstead28:48.2Louisiana Tech
44.SoJosh Slocum28:55.5Louisiana Tech
45.FrLars Lunstrum28:58.1Idaho
46.SoMarcus Porter28:58.5New Mexico State
47.JrMitchell Pfyl29:08.2Fresno State
48.FrMichael Jamieson29:09.5Fresno State
49.FrKevin Hemphill29:10.0New Mexico State
50.SoSterling Granger29:14.0San Jose State
51.JrDavid Blausey29:20.6San Jose State
52.JrIrvin Garcia29:22.7San Jose State
53.SoJermaine Morris29:37.5Louisiana Tech
54.FrJeff Osborn29:47.5Idaho
55.JrKyle Davis29:54.0Louisiana Tech
56.JrLuke Galvan30:07.9San Jose State
57.SoAlex Esparza30:35.1San Jose State
58.FrAdam Carlisle31:25.1Louisiana Tech
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

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1.FrCourtney Schultz19:11.4New Mexico State
2.FrCamille Schultz19:12.4New Mexico State
3.SoTeegan Schoch19:16.0Idaho
4.SoJessie Chugg19:34.5Utah State
5.SoJordan Burke19:35.9Nevada-Reno
6.FrShannon Porter19:38.5Boise State
7.SrIngrid Flores19:39.4New Mexico State
8.SrRoxanne Sellick19:44.8Fresno State
9.FrChelsa McDonnell19:53.1New Mexico State
10.JrBrittany Hurtado19:59.6New Mexico State
11.JrAlma Janet Martinez19:59.8Nevada-Reno
12.JrBrandi Gutierrez20:04.4New Mexico State
13.JrAlicia Holt20:06.6Utah State
14.FrSamantha Diaz20:09.3Nevada-Reno
15.SrMarissa McPhail20:12.2Fresno State
16.FrAlex Litzsinger20:13.9Utah State
17.FrKatarina Ratkowiak20:20.8Nevada-Reno
18.FrKaylee Campbell20:23.1Utah State
19.SoKim Quinn20:23.8Utah State
20.SoJulia Veseth20:26.0Idaho
21.JrJustine Baugh20:27.7Utah State
22.SrJennifer Hernandez20:30.2Fresno State
23.SoLauren Schaffer20:30.9Idaho
24.SrJessica Forrester20:33.2Hawaii Manoa
25.FrSamantha Thompson20:33.8New Mexico State
26.SrMaike Holthuijzen20:39.4Idaho
27.SrMelissa McFaddan20:43.9Idaho
28.JrAmy Arenas20:44.3New Mexico State
29.SoKate Lambdin20:45.2San Jose State
30.SrNatalia Jarawka20:46.7Nevada-Reno
31.SoLiisa Cushing20:47.5Hawaii Manoa
32.JrErica Digby20:48.6Idaho
33.FrPiper Delaney20:49.6Boise State
34.SrMandy Russ20:54.5Nevada-Reno
35.SoAmber Rasmussen20:55.9Utah State
36.JrAshley Aitken20:58.4Hawaii Manoa
37.SoKatherine Gallagher20:59.0Boise State
38.FrStephanie Burt20:59.6Utah State
39.SrErin Stratton21:02.0Utah State
40.JrCarly Gerard21:03.9Boise State
41.JrMariana Monasi21:09.3Hawaii Manoa
42.SoChristy Works21:11.6Nevada-Reno
43.SoShea Hanson21:11.9Boise State
44.JrArely Marquez21:16.2San Jose State
45.JrAlexandria Bell21:16.8Boise State
46.JrTava Tedesco21:19.3Hawaii Manoa
47.FrGloria Sosa21:22.0Nevada-Reno
48.SrVeronica Paredes21:22.3Fresno State
49.FrNicole Painter21:25.7Nevada-Reno
50.SrNisha Richardson21:28.6San Jose State
51.SoPamela Cruz21:29.2Fresno State
52.SoAnna Kalbrener21:33.8Idaho
53.SoMelody Braden21:36.2Boise State
54.FrLaurel Draper21:37.9Idaho
55.SoApril Lewis21:38.8New Mexico State
56.FrMarrijtje Molenhuis21:44.6Fresno State
57.SrSuzanne Hancock21:45.6San Jose State
58.JrBreanne Whitlock21:47.8Boise State
59.FrAshlee Jiminez21:53.4Hawaii Manoa
60.JrLauren Dubay21:56.9San Jose State
61.JrKelsey Smith22:11.5Fresno State
62.SoBeth Raymond22:14.9San Jose State
63.JrMeaghan Vinton22:17.4San Jose State
64.SoVictoria Smith22:39.2San Jose State
65.FrStevie Brumwell22:43.4Fresno State
66.FrShelby Yoakum22:55.9Hawaii Manoa
67.SrPaloma Domiquez23:13.7Fresno State
68.SoChelsea Dressle23:45.5Louisiana Tech
69.SrAnnaliza Rizo24:03.2San Jose State
70.JrKristen Loy25:29.8Louisiana Tech
71.JrLauren Gilbert27:37.1Louisiana Tech
72.JrShante Benion29:43.7Louisiana Tech
73.JrWhitney Smith34:50.6Louisiana Tech
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