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LO, OC, WL, Canby,Tigard, McMinnville HS

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Meet Host - McMinnville HS
Location - Joe Dancer Park, McMinnville, OR - Map
Mens Races

Joe Dancer Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races

Joe Dancer Park

5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:00 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.10Matthew Crawford18:59.0West Linn
10Alex Seigal19:00Oregon City
9Robin Fahy19:04McMinnville
6.11Toby Reutter-Harrah19:18.0West Linn
7.12Seth Wheeler19:18.0West Linn
8.10Avi Levy19:20.0West Linn
10.10Steven Boe19:39.0West Linn
11.10Tyler Harmon19:44.0West Linn
12.11Mason Helberg19:47.0West Linn
13.12Nic Ferguson19:51.0West Linn
14.11Nico Matthews19:51.0West Linn
15.10Blair Wax19:52Lake Oswego
16.9Sam Sanford20:00Lake Oswego
12Andrew Marshall20:06Oregon City
19.12Akihiro Eguchi20:10Lake Oswego
11Adam Settell20:23McMinnville
9Corbin Ranche20:26McMinnville
26.10Ryan LeBuhn20:34Lake Oswego
10Luke Guilmette20:38McMinnville
10Dylan Weaver20:49McMinnville
29.9Cameron Lea20:49Lake Oswego
31.10Nick Michels20:55.0West Linn
10Dan Noyes20:58McMinnville
9Jon Abbott20:59Oregon City
37.12Nash Callaghan21:07.0West Linn
11Mick Stevens21:10McMinnville
9Drew Bernhisel21:12McMinnville
41.10Taylor Pearce21:17Lake Oswego
42.9Keith Billings21:20Lake Oswego
12Nick Fey21:22McMinnville
45.9Matt Bowen21:41Lake Oswego
47.11Jack Barrett21:57.0West Linn
10Jeff Burton22:03McMinnville
11Daniel Harmon22:06McMinnville
12Will Passo22:10McMinnville
52.11Brian Ferguson22:12.0West Linn
10Ross Passo22:14McMinnville
54.10Chase Wanamaker22:20.0West Linn
10Frank Rook22:25McMinnville
10Martin Leung22:27McMinnville
10Grant Lim22:32McMinnville
10Thomas Carey22:34McMinnville
60.11JR Cornelius22:38.0West Linn
61.11Nick Love22:38.0West Linn
63.11Steven Britton22:57Lake Oswego
64.11Cory Reiniger23:02.0West Linn
65.10Brendan Hanlon23:02Lake Oswego
10Kyle Preston23:05McMinnville
9Christian Arellano23:08McMinnville
68.11Nick Bottcher23:08Lake Oswego
70.9Taylor Robinson23:15Lake Oswego
71.9Will Gregg23:19Lake Oswego
72.12Eric Boehm23:28.0West Linn
73.9Nathan Braschayko23:30Lake Oswego
9Arlo Kneeland-MacD...23:31McMinnville
12Tristan Henry23:36McMinnville
76.9Chad Kjemhus23:37Lake Oswego
78.10Bobby Thurston23:54Lake Oswego
79.12James Lowe23:57.0West Linn
80.12Sambaran Chattergie24:35.0West Linn
81.12Jordan Ackerson24:43Lake Oswego
82.11Kyle Teach24:45Lake Oswego
12Michael Grinich25:46McMinnville
11CJ Raujol26:28Oregon City
86.9Tanner Contla26:56.0West Linn
87.9Oliver Giramma27:17Lake Oswego
11Keenan Carr27:27McMinnville
89.9Preben Ingvaldsen33:43Lake Oswego
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Sean Coleman16:35Canby
12Josh Raines16:39Canby
11Jacob Goertz16:52Oregon City
4.10Elijah Greer16:55Lake Oswego
5.12Riley Werner17:03Lake Oswego
11Austin Fricker17:11Canby
7.11Ben Morrow17:16.0West Linn
8.11Chris Caldwell17:22Lake Oswego
9.11Michael Bernert17:28.0West Linn
11.11Alex Martin17:35Lake Oswego
12Michael Theis17:39Canby
12Tyler Mills17:54Oregon City
11Chris Zebede18:01Canby
17.12Brandon LaDick18:06.0West Linn
12Michael Sweet18:11Oregon City
19.10Neil Rajput18:13.0West Linn
20.10Isaac Hayden18:15Lake Oswego
12Clayton Pugsley18:16Canby
23.12Harrison Ko18:20.0West Linn
10Mitchell Raines18:28Oregon City
25.12Alex Robinson18:29Lake Oswego
12Kevin Chambers18:31McMinnville
27.11Taylor Kolasinski18:32.0West Linn
29.12Charlie Lammers18:36.0West Linn
11Nick Petshow18:41Canby
10Nolan Henden18:42Canby
11Lucian Battaglia18:44McMinnville
32.9Logan Kelly18:44.0West Linn
11Alex Cypro18:46McMinnville
35.12MacAdam Lea18:47Lake Oswego
11Sam Bernhisel18:52McMinnville
9Kyle Dreibelbis18:54McMinnville
12Russell Dodge18:54Canby
11Kaleb Nyquist18:56McMinnville
11Alex Grant18:58McMinnville
11Phillip Park18:59Canby
12Cameron Schmidt19:07McMinnville
11Andrew Willis19:15McMinnville
12Travis Harper19:18Oregon City
47.12Michael Grothe19:22Lake Oswego
11Jesse Thomison19:23McMinnville
48.11David Byerly19:23Lake Oswego
11Alex King19:27Oregon City
12Adrian Lopez19:42McMinnville
11Geoffrey Barrett19:45Canby
10Casey Ellingson19:52McMinnville
54.10Paul Hoard20:04Lake Oswego
10Joe Sommers20:05Canby
10Zach Snyder20:10Canby
56.9Reed Oliver20:11Lake Oswego
11Nick Van Tassel20:16Canby
10Jake Peters20:20Canby
11Logan Downs20:57Canby
9Justin Purdy21:05Canby
10Michael Rohm21:17Canby
12Matt Semperboni21:33Canby
10Adam Dornbusch21:33Canby
9Michael Wright22:01Canby
12Kyle Anderson22:35Canby
9Wiley Wipf23:03Canby
12Taylor Jones25:24Canby
10John Brady26:25Oregon City
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Taylor Nowlin19:43.0West Linn
11Adrienne Baglien20:44Canby
7.11Shelley Chestler21:11Lake Oswego
10Hannah Groshong21:22Oregon City
11Hannah Wright21:22Canby
10.12Kelsey Gerber21:28.0West Linn
9McKayla Fricker21:30Canby
11Lynette Blunck21:34Canby
12.12Whitney Harmon21:34.0West Linn
15.11Natalie Pittenger21:46.0West Linn
16.11Rachel Seigneur21:48West Linn
17.11Emily Fuller21:49Lake Oswego
10Karina Nyquist21:54McMinnville
19.11Diana Crane21:55.0West Linn
20.11Lauren Ohlson22:01Lake Oswego
21.9Kathryn Flyte22:13.0West Linn
22.11Kristi Pace22:13.0West Linn
12Olivia Tomlinson22:16Oregon City
23.9Kathleen Preston22:16Lake Oswego
25.12Vivian Gaddis22:25Lake Oswego
26.11Alyssa Jernigan22:37.0West Linn
10Megan Schuh22:38Canby
28.10Maura Throckmorton22:43Lake Oswego
12Ashley Anderson22:57McMinnville
31.10Natalie Lampson22:58Lake Oswego
32.11Claire Egli23:01Lake Oswego
33.10Molly Ponkevitch23:02Lake Oswego
10Beca Scherpf23:15McMinnville
35.9Jess Strull23:18Lake Oswego
11Krisi Bumbar23:24Canby
37.12Sydney Chestler23:29Lake Oswego
12Rebecca Noble23:35McMinnville
10Rebekah Kuhl23:36Oregon City
9Christie Pietila23:47Oregon City
10Lindsay Sitton23:48McMinnville
10Bailey Rinehold23:49McMinnville
11Nyssa Stone23:52Canby
11Kourtney Fjelland23:57McMinnville
9Danielle Marchant24:05Canby
12Katie Searle24:19McMinnville
10Abigail Johnstone24:51McMinnville
9Lizzy Trickey25:01McMinnville
10Jessica Aubin25:04Canby
49.9Paula Kearns25:06Lake Oswego
10Riley Crucchiola25:27Canby
12Megan Heintz25:47Canby
10Elva Suarez25:52Canby
9Ashley Mead26:08Canby
12Aimee Shafer26:53Oregon City
10Jessica Mello28:01Canby
10Molly Minson33:03Canby
12Mai Bhumiwat33:09Canby
9Amanda Porter33:56Canby
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Shannon Edwards22:51.0West Linn
2.11Sarah Chicoine23:31.0West Linn
11Bea Bellville23:34McMinnville
4.12Kelli Walters23:35.0West Linn
5.11Sara Myre23:37.0West Linn
6.12Erika Levison23:38Lake Oswego
7.11Marilyn Baker24:16.0West Linn
8.10Rachel Boehm24:25.0West Linn
9.11Katie Crane24:31.0West Linn
10.10Evan Goldsmith24:41Lake Oswego
11.12Rachael Modrcin24:42Lake Oswego
12.10Maddie White24:50Lake Oswego
10Camila Matamala-Ost24:52McMinnville
14.10Sara Sebastain24:54.0West Linn
16.12Jenni Denekas25:18.0West Linn
18.11Jillian Fagan25:33Lake Oswego
19.11Sheryl Schiefelbein25:42.0West Linn
21.12Anna Denecke25:48Lake Oswego
9Mariah Currey25:50McMinnville
23.12Anna Pederson25:50.0West Linn
25.11Katie Sun25:55Lake Oswego
12Caitlin Van Patton25:57McMinnville
28.11Becca Hodges26:02Lake Oswego
29.12Amanda Micossi26:14Lake Oswego
30.10Emily Hawley26:17Lake Oswego
31.10Taylor Teed26:18Lake Oswego
32.10Mikey Levison26:18Lake Oswego
33.10Catlin Dennis26:21Lake Oswego
34.9Lily Hammer26:21Lake Oswego
35.9Angela Brashear26:33Lake Oswego
10Jessica Hamilton26:37McMinnville
37.12Meghan Gardner26:51.0West Linn
38.9Julia Li27:24Lake Oswego
41.9Natalie Harris28:02.0West Linn
11Michelle Pardee29:15McMinnville
45.9Melanie Overall29:29Lake Oswego
12Lauren Shafer29:39Oregon City
9Gia Battaglia29:41McMinnville
10Amy Pardee29:45McMinnville
11Natalie White30:24McMinnville
12Ashley Raujol31:11Oregon City
9Lacy Hamilton31:36McMinnville
53.9Holly Takach31:48Lake Oswego
54.9Sarah Seitz32:11Lake Oswego
55.11Lauren Woody32:20.0West Linn
10Esperanza Lara33:26McMinnville
11Erin Morse37:24McMinnville
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