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NCAA DIII Southern Collegiate Athletic Conf Champ 2009 Collegiate

Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - International Horse Park, Conyers, GA
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Mens Races

International Horse Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
6,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

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1.SoJackson Brainerd24:29.60Colorado College
2.SrBryant Wright24:37.60Trinity (TX)
3.SrJason Parks24:55.90Centre
4.JrDaniel Kraft24:58.10Colorado College
5.JrNick Pucillo24:58.40DePauw
6.JrClinton Cahall25:01.50Centre
7.SrChass Armstrong25:09.20Trinity (TX)
8.SrZack Weinberg25:09.90DePauw
9.JrAndrew Wagner25:10.80Colorado College
10.SoDavid Wilder25:15.60Colorado College
11.JrZach Brush25:19.80Trinity (TX)
12.JrChris Hague25:26.80Sewanee - University...
13.JrChris Moore25:33.90Rhodes
14.FrNoah Droddy25:33.90DePauw
15.SrJoe Evans25:38.00DePauw
16.SrSteve Clark25:40.00DePauw
17.SoPete Richard25:42.00DePauw
18.SoWillie Polio25:47.40Centre
19.JrDrew Kellum25:49.60Hendrix
20.SoCody Beatty25:53.70Rhodes
21.SoMax Gerken26:00.90Colorado College
22.SrDaniel Rudd26:05.90Southwestern (TX)
23.SrEnrique Sanchez26:09.00Oglethorpe
24.SrJay Wellik26:13.40DePauw
25.SrColin Johnson26:20.30Rhodes
26.SoZach Freeland26:27.10Southwestern (TX)
27.SoNate Kober26:28.80DePauw
28.JrJosh Deaton26:30.00Rhodes
29.JrSam Morgan26:31.90Centre
30.FrSal Perdomo26:32.40Trinity (TX)
31.JrAdam Cribb26:34.40Trinity (TX)
32.SoRobert Edmonds26:34.90Trinity (TX)
33.SoGraham Campbell26:40.00Centre
34.FrThomas Bobbitt26:43.00Southwestern (TX)
35.SoRobert Caseria26:46.00Colorado College
36.FrTyler Catterton26:48.20Rhodes
37.FrPancho Escobedo26:51.70Trinity (TX)
38.SoTyler Giesting26:52.60DePauw
39.SoWill Hawes26:54.90Rhodes
40.SrJosh Gideon27:05.80Southwestern (TX)
41.SoMichael Dougan27:06.30Colorado College
42.SoJohn Gilmer27:07.90Sewanee - University...
43.JrRobert McMillan27:09.80Rhodes
44.JrAndrew Jolley27:10.50Sewanee - University...
45.FrAndres Ramirez27:10.80Hendrix
46.FrMatt Grisham27:23.20Rhodes
47.JrGeorge Zhang27:24.50Centre
48.SrKyle Barrett27:27.00DePauw
49.FrAndrew Vierra27:27.20Colorado College
50.FrWill Troy27:29.00Centre
51.SoDavid Chinchilla27:38.20Hendrix
52.SoEvan Nelsen27:41.50Rhodes
53.JrAllen Smith27:41.90Southwestern (TX)
54.SoEric Elliot27:44.10Trinity (TX)
55.FrEric Hawley27:47.70DePauw
56.FrAdam Edelman27:49.70Colorado College
57.JrWinn Haynes27:55.40Hendrix
58.JrJames Woolley27:56.60Trinity (TX)
59.JrSebastian Winkler27:57.20Southwestern (TX)
60.SoJack Santos27:57.50Centre
61.FrWes Haynie28:03.20Hendrix
62.FrMicah Cothren28:07.10Hendrix
63.SrMatthew Broussard28:13.50Southwestern (TX)
64.FrJ.J. Crumpler28:18.30Centre
65.SrPaul Dixon28:23.30Sewanee - University...
66.JrLuis Zimbron28:27.20Oglethorpe
67.JrWill Mohr28:30.30Sewanee - University...
68.FrJohn Dyer28:32.20Hendrix
69.FrMark Greene28:32.60Trinity (TX)
70.FrHugo Cordova28:37.40Millsaps
71.SoPatrick Platzer28:44.90Sewanee - University...
72.SoPreston Lennon28:47.90Sewanee - University...
73.SrAndy Williams28:52.30Centre
74.JrSteve Brunson28:59.90Rhodes
75.SrColby Bishop29:13.90Trinity (TX)
76.SoIsaac Barron29:15.90Oglethorpe
77.SoJonathan Cripe29:22.40DePauw
78.JrWill Hunt29:39.80Rhodes
79.SrMark Carr29:44.00Centre
80.JrWill Cowan29:47.40Sewanee - University...
81.FrClay Bond30:09.50Sewanee - University...
82.FrThompson Wells30:21.00Sewanee - University...
83.FrTim Gillis30:48.40Millsaps
84.SrMike Warner30:55.60Trinity (TX)
85.JrMatt Miller30:57.00Rhodes
86.SrJay Russell31:48.60Oglethorpe
87.SrDavid Pruit31:49.30Southwestern (TX)
88.JrEllis Jones32:00.40Oglethorpe
89.JrHouston Taylor32:35.70Centre
90.SoBrian Easley32:39.50Sewanee - University...
91.-David Bastian32:39.80Millsaps
92.-Alex Cummings32:53.80Millsaps
93.SoSean Lovett33:42.70Oglethorpe
94.SoAlex Van Zandt34:24.10Oglethorpe
95.FrHunter Bondurant34:25.10Millsaps
96.FrTony Golden37:12.60Oglethorpe
97.FrJessie Painter39:03.40Millsaps
98.-Andrew Fleming39:30.80Millsaps
99.FrTim Tanko41:07.30Oglethorpe
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.SrLauren Reich22:12.46DePauw
2.JrCaitlin Masse22:41.71Trinity (TX)
3.SrEllen Mail23:26.86DePauw
4.SoTaylor Stephens23:37.67Rhodes
5.SoClaire Hollis23:39.67DePauw
6.SrCybil Covic23:46.69Rhodes
7.JrKelsey Dudziak23:59.46Rhodes
8.SrMelissa DeFabrizio24:09.52Rhodes
9.FrJess Macy24:17.59DePauw
10.JrAnna Johnson24:24.44Rhodes
11.SoBekah Rehkamp24:32.28Centre
12.SoLolly Plummer24:47.69Hendrix
13.SrLiza Poris24:51.28Hendrix
14.JrSandy Henin24:57.29Rhodes
15.SoKelsey Moore24:57.43DePauw
16.SoMadeleine Keenan25:11.47Hendrix
17.JrClaire Corban25:15.05Hendrix
18.SrLauren McCafferty25:15.81Centre
19.SrTami Warner25:16.78Southwestern (TX)
20.JrAlana Dewitt25:23.95DePauw
21.SrMelissa Buckley25:26.00DePauw
22.SrMitzi Harrington25:29.40Sewanee - University...
23.SoMargot Cutter25:30.11Colorado College
24.FrStephanie Davenport25:38.77Hendrix
25.SoMegan Hurster25:42.01Colorado College
26.SoMaggie Harkins25:43.29Colorado College
27.FrMadeleine Harrigan25:44.28Rhodes
28.FrSarah Haroldson25:46.02Sewanee - University...
29.SrJulie Southworth25:54.58DePauw
30.SrKendra Tippens25:59.88Sewanee - University...
31.SoLindsey Bauman26:03.23DePauw
32.JrRegina Basconi26:09.33Centre
33.JrHaley Gray26:11.90Centre
34.JrMarianne Kirk26:12.77Rhodes
35.SoCaroline Webster26:14.32Rhodes
36.SoLisa Becharus26:14.60DePauw
37.SrJasmine Martin26:14.62Trinity (TX)
38.SrBethany Pratt26:23.00Centre
39.FrTaryn Owens26:26.64DePauw
40.SrAmanda Meyer26:32.35DePauw
41.FrHillary Dawe26:34.40Centre
42.JrMary Matthews26:38.27Sewanee - University...
43.FrEmma Fesperman26:44.97Rhodes
44.SoJordan Hanson27:06.96Trinity (TX)
45.FrWhitney Langston27:10.62Rhodes
46.JrJenna Price27:21.10Trinity (TX)
47.JrKrissy Ford27:23.16Trinity (TX)
48.SoLisa Morse27:24.53Southwestern (TX)
49.SoBeth Cleary27:26.78Oglethorpe
50.SrHolly Overcash27:27.49Centre
51.FrNina Roumell27:30.78Colorado College
52.FrChristina Hadly27:47.40Southwestern (TX)
53.JrChelsea Herzog27:48.84Colorado College
54.JrMolly McGee27:54.01Colorado College
55.JrRose Myers28:08.06Centre
56.JrEmily Uhar28:11.83Hendrix
57.JrMegan Miller28:16.20Centre
58.FrHillary Quirk28:17.26Rhodes
59.SoGeorgia Ivsin28:40.78Colorado College
60.SrChessie MacRae28:42.34Sewanee - University...
61.SoCristina Hamme28:58.74Trinity (TX)
62.JrUrsula James29:20.36Southwestern (TX)
63.-Krista Clark29:25.32Millsaps
64.FrAnnie Wigginton29:29.91Centre
65.FrAshley Eklund29:42.48Centre
66.JrLili McEntire30:04.24Southwestern (TX)
67.SrAvery Livingston30:04.61Oglethorpe
68.FrLaure Wooden30:14.91Southwestern (TX)
69.JrMichelle Chelemer30:24.66Oglethorpe
70.JrMaureen Russell30:25.53Sewanee - University...
71.SoNatalie Rebentisch30:30.13Millsaps
72.FrSarah Foster30:59.39Oglethorpe
73.FrSherry Blystone31:08.90Oglethorpe
74.FrApril Tolley32:16.30Oglethorpe
75.SrMary Mitchell Will...32:53.84Millsaps
76.SoBianca Hernould33:33.88Oglethorpe
77.FrSheldon Mills34:46.70Sewanee - University...
78.FrBekky Strom34:54.10Oglethorpe
79.FrChelsea Couch35:54.10Oglethorpe
80.JrMolly Lehmuller36:04.26Millsaps
81.SoKate Garand36:05.72Millsaps
82.-Nell Knox36:47.74Millsaps
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