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NAIA Dakota Athletic Conference Championships 2009 Collegiate

Friday, November 06, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Robbinsdale Park, Rapid City, SD - Map
Mens Races
8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

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1.SrTyler Van Peursem27:29.09Dakota State
2.SrSammy Chavez27:30.69Dickinson State
3.SrAnthony Drealan27:41.91Dakota State
4.JrDevon Berkness27:47.39Dakota State
5.JrMatt Fideler27:50.85Dakota State
6.SoNeil Long27:57.90Black Hills State
7.JrBrandon Velasquez28:04.48Minot State
8.SrBirch Haraden28:06.56Black Hills State
9.JrAndrew Manning28:19.02Dakota State
10.SoThomas Everett28:22.25South Dakota Mines &...
11.FrLaine Parish28:29.72Black Hills State
12.SoJed Morgan28:34.71Black Hills State
13.JrDominic Tarus28:37.91Dickinson State
14.SoJason Bierle28:41.06Black Hills State
15.-Derek Lovato28:43.59South Dakota Mines &...
16.FrCraig Leavitt28:44.61Black Hills State
17.SrMarcus Moor28:49.45South Dakota Mines &...
18.SoBen Harrison29:00.64Dakota State
19.SrColton Reid29:11.62South Dakota Mines &...
20.SrIsmael Arzola29:21.42Dickinson State
21.JrLucas Fried29:33.80South Dakota Mines &...
22.SrMark Mazza29:39.28Black Hills State
23.JrJoseph Koerber29:49.48Jamestown
24.FrJosh Wilson30:04.72Black Hills State
25.JrCory Meza30:18.41Minot State
26.FrMichael Hoffman30:24.25Dakota State
27.JrHillary Kimutai30:35.18Dickinson State
28.SrKelly Roemmich30:44.12Jamestown
29.FrLeon Medina30:44.80Minot State
30.SrKyle Sanderson31:17.81Dakota State
31.FrDylan Hildenbrand31:19.00Minot State
32.FrRyan Perry31:20.66Minot State
33.SoCody Foreman31:25.47Dakota State
34.JrLief Rasmussen31:38.93Jamestown
35.SoMatt Pike31:41.19South Dakota Mines &...
36.JrJohn Towle31:54.83Minot State
37.SoEben Nordahl31:58.84South Dakota Mines &...
38.-Joseph Deng32:12.59South Dakota Mines &...
39.FrDavid Londe32:19.58Jamestown
40.SoJohn Bintliff33:05.16Dakota State
41.JrKhaldon Evans33:31.54Minot State
42.SrCody Roland33:32.72Jamestown
43.FrAndy Quenzer33:58.59Dakota State
44.SrEli Turnbough34:45.27Dickinson State
45.JrJarann Johnson34:53.47Jamestown
46.FrKyle Heim34:57.44Jamestown
47.FrCaleb Belter35:35.64Jamestown
48.SrDevin Hiller36:23.74Minot State
49.-Dmitry Smyk39:10.43Dickinson State
50.SoLuis Elizondo40:21.53Minot State
51.FrMichael Barrios42:01.95Dickinson State
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

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1.FrErin Curran19:12.12Black Hills State
2.SrWendy O'Lexey19:14.89Black Hills State
3.SoKatie Conlon19:41.24Jamestown
4.SrAlyssa Bossler19:45.10Jamestown
5.FrBreyette Schall20:23.23Minot State
6.SoStephanie Warnke20:24.27Dakota State
7.SrRayel McPeters20:26.06Dickinson State
8.SoGladys Rotich20:38.01Dickinson State
9.FrAbi Bever20:38.88Black Hills State
10.SrKatie Cook20:39.98Black Hills State
11.SrTina Soto20:44.21Dickinson State
12.JrRobyn Rosechandler21:00.59Black Hills State
13.SoCambrya Belter21:04.89Jamestown
14.SoLeigh Anne Whiteside21:05.81Black Hills State
15.JrSamantha Warnke21:12.44Dakota State
16.SrLorin Maki21:17.35Dickinson State
17.SrClarice Bauer21:18.64Dakota State
18.FrBrittany Young21:22.46Dakota State
19.SoMadeline Hornung21:38.50Jamestown
20.JrKendra Crisman21:40.80South Dakota Mines &...
21.SoCassandra Sayler21:47.35Minot State
22.JrEmmylyn Bentley21:52.08Jamestown
23.SrSuzann Swett22:00.51Dakota State
24.SrLauren Dietrich22:04.50Minot State
25.FrLiz Beck22:12.91Minot State
26.JrAshleigh Anderson22:18.57Jamestown
27.SrAmanda Towle22:34.07Minot State
28.JrVanessa Escobar22:42.03Dickinson State
29.FrMirelys Pizarro22:53.80Minot State
30.-Katelyn Kieffer22:55.46South Dakota Mines &...
31.SrKayla Ferguson22:55.67Black Hills State
32.SrRachel Bickford23:03.68Jamestown
33.SrMelissa Perez23:07.07Dickinson State
34.SoMallory Souder23:11.33Jamestown
35.JrKallie Merrill23:26.84Jamestown
36.JrSuzy Avey23:40.60Jamestown
37.-Alexis Godeke23:46.37South Dakota Mines &...
38.FrKara Johnsrud23:55.60Minot State
39.FrCarmen Colby24:06.16Black Hills State
40.FrMariela Sanchez24:24.74Dickinson State
41.SrDebbie Lopez25:03.11Dickinson State
42.-Amanda McConnell25:16.69South Dakota Mines &...
43.-Jamie Swetella27:38.02Dickinson State
44.-Elizabeth Kelley28:17.62South Dakota Mines &...
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