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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men

1.FrJohn Darcey
26:55.48 PRWestfield State
2.SoPatrick Regan
27:03.73Westfield State
3.FrWilliam Taft
27:09.49Bridgewater State
4.FrStephen Wahome
27:09.83Bridgewater State
5.FrAnthony Fissora
27:11.44Westfield State
6.JrMatt Spano
27:14.96 SRFitchburg State
7.SrKyle Schaeffer
27:20.10Fitchburg State
8.SoChris Kibler
27:27.76Fitchburg State
9.SoAlex DeRosa
27:29.37Salem State
10.JrRyan D'Arcangelo
27:48.43Bridgewater State
11.SoJonathan Joyce
28:01.37Westfield State
12.SrTim Wood
28:01.65 PRFitchburg State
13.FrAndrew Swiderski
28:04.76 PRBridgewater State
14.FrIsrael Rodriguez
28:05.28Salem State
15.FrPatrick Lucas
28:09.40 PRFitchburg State
16.FrAlex Droby
28:09.99Worcester State
17.SrMark Dawson
28:10.98Salem State
18.SrJohn Connolly
28:12.43Westfield State
19.FrJeff Sousa
28:12.91 SRBridgewater State
20.JrDaniel Haryasz
28:15.22Westfield State
21.JrPaul Matz
28:24.90Massachusetts Maritime
22.SrNick Curelop
28:28.96 PRMass. College of Lib...
23.FrDavid Phipps
28:36.30Bridgewater State
24.JrPatrick Dannaher
28:40.20Massachusetts Maritime
25.SoBrian Lanciault
28:40.62 SRWestfield State
26.FrChad McCarthy
28:50.31 PRMassachusetts Maritime
27.SoNicholas Raby
28:50.60 PRMass. College of Lib...
28.FrDaniel McCloskey
28:51.80Massachusetts Maritime
29.JrJordan Ralph
28:56.13Westfield State
30.SrGreg Seery
29:00.55Westfield State
31.FrMichael Grasela
29:04.78Fitchburg State
32.FrNicholas Mole
29:09.99Westfield State
33.SoWilliam Lary
29:21.57Fitchburg State
34.JrBrian Maniglia
29:31.65Massachusetts Maritime
35.FrGreg Babiec
29:46.06 PRWorcester State
36.FrScott Bockus
29:46.65Westfield State
37.FrKyle Petka
29:53.78 PRFitchburg State
38.SrMatthew Sturgis
29:56.22Massachusetts Maritime
39.FrTyler DiLibero
29:58.62Salem State
40.SoAlbert Wong
30:04.38 SRFitchburg State
41.FrBrendan Corcoran
30:07.32Westfield State
42.FrThomas Kelley
30:09.70 SRWestfield State
43.SoMichael Sukeforth
30:09.85 PRBridgewater State
44.FrMichael Mitcheroney
30:10.31 PRWestfield State
45.FrAram Mulhern
30:11.05Massachusetts Maritime
46.SoMatt Bono
30:14.48Salem State
47.FrJoseph Clayton
30:19.29 SRWestfield State
48.FrMatt Johnson
30:22.94 PRWestfield State
49.SoJustin Hunt
30:24.31Worcester State
50.SoBrent Gleason
30:25.27 SRBridgewater State
51.SrNorman Everett
30:33.12 PRWorcester State
52.FrTim Mazeika
30:35.17Worcester State
53.SoAdam Charbonneau
30:36.57Westfield State
54.FrJoshua Kaddy
30:37.10 SRFitchburg State
55.FrScott McIntosh
30:40.17 PRWorcester State
56.SrJason McWhirter
30:40.86 SRMassachusetts Maritime
57.FrMatt Vercollone
30:41.62 PRBridgewater State
58.JrStephen Griffith
30:42.23 SRWestfield State
59.FrTaylor Goehring
30:45.02 PRBridgewater State
60.FrEvan Balderelli
30:53.64 SRMassachusetts Maritime
61.SoKyle Yeh
31:00.46 SRWestfield State
62.FrGreg Hartwich
31:06.21 SRFramingham State
63.FrDaniel Rutledge
31:09.63 SRBridgewater State
64.FrJames Walker
31:10.16 PRWorcester State
65.SoKevin Sheehan
31:15.35 SRBridgewater State
66.FrAaron Landau
31:19.93 PRFitchburg State
67.FrWilliam Leahy
31:23.65 PRMass. College of Lib...
68.SoSteven Ward
31:24.17 PRFitchburg State
69.SrBen Mandelbaum
31:24.72 SRMassachusetts Maritime
70.FrPaul Couture
31:30.12 PRSalem State
71.JrTony Izzo
31:31.08 PRWestfield State
72.SrBenjamin Warren
31:32.37 PRMass. College of Lib...
73.JrJustin DeRosa
31:49.99 SRSalem State
74.SoNicholas Fenton
31:54.99 SRMassachusetts Maritime
75.JrJoshua Gibson
31:56.31 SRWestfield State
76.SrJustin Brophy
31:59.13 PRWestfield State
77.FrChristopher McDonn...
32:04.98 PRMassachusetts Maritime
78.JrJames Maloney
32:41.11 SRMass. College of Lib...
79.SoNathan LaRose
35:48.00 SRFitchburg State
80.SoKurt Harris
37:30.00 PRFitchburg State
81.FrPatrick Boyle
37:36.00Framingham State
82.SoWalter Bouchard
37:58.00Mass. College of Lib...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women

1.SrKerry Arouca
19:10.44Westfield State
2.FrSarah Lagasse
19:53.47 PRBridgewater State
3.JrAllison Brown
19:56.43Westfield State
4.FrErin Donohue
19:59.85 PRWorcester State
5.JrAmanda Hauswirth
20:12.55Bridgewater State
6.JrJulie Messinger
20:19.93Westfield State
7.JrJessica Eidinger
20:27.59 SRBridgewater State
8.SoJennifer Fuller
20:42.19 PRSalem State
9.SoMarissa Bonito
20:42.45Westfield State
10.FrBecca Montano
20:42.75 PRSalem State
11.FrLyndsay Wray
20:49.72Westfield State
12.FrRachael Cardin
20:54.49Westfield State
13.FrBrittany Grueter
20:55.97Worcester State
14.JrRebeccah Chase
20:58.30 PRBridgewater State
15.-Rachel Boudreau
20:59.14Fitchburg State
16.JrCarissa Penney
21:05.32Bridgewater State
17.SoDiana DeMont
21:08.01 SRBridgewater State
18.JrRachael Dionne
21:14.09 SRWestfield State
19.FrCarolyn Connolly
21:15.68Westfield State
20.JrTaylor Krajewski
21:22.15Salem State
21.SoMeghan Plant
21:25.58Worcester State
22.SrJennifer Daniels
21:29.73Westfield State
23.JrKelli Hurst
21:46.23 PRBridgewater State
24.SrLauren Fograshy
21:49.42Massachusetts Maritime
25.SoKatelyn Page
21:53.05Fitchburg State
26.FrEmily Lane
21:54.60Fitchburg State
27.SoElizabeth Abate
21:55.07Westfield State
28.JrLinda Fortunato
22:04.97Fitchburg State
29.JrLisa Carney
22:08.13Westfield State
30.SoMelissa Harris
22:09.11 SRBridgewater State
31.SoMolly Gates
22:33.35Worcester State
32.SrShawna Kennedy
22:34.26Salem State
33.JrLouise Comerford
22:38.85Bridgewater State
34.JrNicole Brown
22:45.34 PRWestfield State
35.JrXhirley Gonzalez
22:52.56Mass. College of Lib...
36.SrKaitlin O'Donnell
22:52.98Massachusetts Maritime
37.FrSiobhan Duffy
22:53.71Westfield State
38.JrJennifer Lucey
22:55.14Westfield State
39.SrJaneen Rahman
23:01.45Salem State
40.JrStepanie Jarvis
23:04.23Fitchburg State
41.SoFrancesca Boggs
23:05.01 PRFitchburg State
42.SoCaitlin Culver
23:05.59Mass. College of Lib...
43.FrNicole Boudreau
23:06.06 SRWorcester State
44.SoBethany Ricci
23:10.18Westfield State
45.JrSelina Welles
23:12.25Westfield State
46.JrTheresa Cote
23:13.48Salem State
47.FrKristina Richard
23:15.73Worcester State
48.JrErin Abbott
23:27.74 PRFitchburg State
49.JrKate Cennamo
23:33.99Westfield State
50.SoEmily Burbank
23:35.31 SRMassachusetts Maritime
51.SoCarrioe Hill
23:37.00 PRFitchburg State
52.SrAdrienne Fisher
23:43.60 SRWorcester State
53.SoRachael Comee
23:47.22Westfield State
54.SrEmily Rizzo
23:56.89Massachusetts Maritime
55.SrElena Greck
24:12.59Westfield State
56.SoLeah Walczak
24:29.08Worcester State
57.FrKayle McElroy
24:31.12Worcester State
58.FrToni Dobbins
24:35.70 PRBridgewater State
59.SoLisa Dias
24:57.14Fitchburg State
60.FrValbona Saliu
24:57.48Framingham State
61.JrEmily Johnson
25:08.73Mass. College of Lib...
62.FrDevon Smith
25:23.45Massachusetts Maritime
63.SrKristina Gagnon
25:25.17Fitchburg State
64.FrSophie Enman
25:35.14Massachusetts Maritime
65.SoKathryn Scott
25:46.83Fitchburg State
66.JrKathleen Micheli
26:07.31 SRMassachusetts Maritime
67.SoMichelle Korn
26:24.79Framingham State
68.JrJessica Smosky
26:28.26 SRMass. College of Lib...
69.SrHeather Nichols
26:33.29Fitchburg State
70.FrNatalie Marchi
27:04.60 PRWorcester State
71.FrKaitlin Scannell
27:27.53 SRMassachusetts Maritime
72.SoNicole Gamez
27:42.45 PRSalem State
73.FrGretchen Kramer
28:18.19 SRMassachusetts Maritime
74.JrKathryn Joslyn
28:31.42 PRFitchburg State
75.JrRachel Wright
29:10.57Mass. College of Lib...
76.SrCarlie Roy
35:00.00Fitchburg State
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