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Carolina 9 Conference Championship - 10/20/2009 HS

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - Joe Vignolini
Location - Northwood HS XC Course, Pittsboro, NC
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Mens Races

Northwood HS XC Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Northwood HS XC Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.11Eric Williams17:36.4Northwood
2.12Phillip Goodling17:38.6Cedar Ridge
3.12Tyler Oleski17:40.6Carrboro
4.11Matt Jordan17:42.2North Carolina Schoo...
5.11Elliot Pahel-Short17:43.1Carrboro
6.12Michael Jones17:46.6North Carolina Schoo...
7.12Richard Torbert17:51.4Northwood
8.12Ty Fenton17:51.8Carrboro
9.11Kerry Ellwanger17:55.0North Carolina Schoo...
10.12Eric Hill17:58.5Raleigh Charter
11.11Jordan Thomas18:01.2Carrboro
12.12Stacy Harden18:02.8Cedar Ridge
13.9AJ Tucker18:07.9Cedar Ridge
14.12Christian Johnson18:08.9North Carolina Schoo...
15.12Trey Sharpe18:26.8Cedar Ridge
16.11Casey Dorriety18:29.2Durham School of Arts
17.10Jesse Dellea18:31.5Carrboro
18.12Peter Schultz18:32.6Raleigh Charter
19.11Eli Turlington18:38.4North Carolina Schoo...
20.10Michael Jushchuk18:40.6Carrboro
21.10Andrew Witcher18:53.7Carrboro
22.12Clark Kurt18:55.9Northwood
23.9Matt Schumacher19:01.7Cedar Ridge
24.12Chris Maynor19:07.0North Carolina Schoo...
25.11Alex Li19:15.4North Carolina Schoo...
26.11Alex Dunham19:23.6Raleigh Charter
27.10Spencer Clark19:32.1Durham School of Arts
28.-Jessie Crawford19:37.8River Mill Academy
29.11Nebiyou Aynu19:39.3Durham School of Arts
30.11Silas Hill19:42.1Cedar Ridge
31.12Noah Decker19:47.9Cedar Ridge
32.10Sam Williams19:53.2Northwood
33.11Aaron Gross19:54.7Durham School of Arts
34.12Scott Cutler19:55.8Raleigh Charter
35.12Adam Kendall20:00.6Granville Central
36.9Tyler Klund20:16.4Northwood
37.9Forrest Glosson20:27.9Northwood
38.-Zach Crawford20:32.8River Mill Academy
39.11Shane Walker20:33.2Granville Central
40.12Reid Bryan20:34.4Northwood
41.11Brendan Burns20:35.2Raleigh Charter
42.10Tevin Hester20:46.3Granville Central
43.10Andreas Hill21:20.0Durham School of Arts
44.10Andy Masten21:56.2Durham School of Arts
45.10Ezra Grossinger21:56.9Durham School of Arts
46.10Jack Browne21:57.5Raleigh Charter
47.9Cory Lomena22:17.6South Granville
48.11Khalil Jacobs22:20.8Raleigh Charter
49.9Ansar Muhammed22:22.1South Granville
50.11Michael Thompson22:28.0South Granville
51.-Donnie Miller23:35.4River Mill Academy
52.-Billy Vos24:05.1River Mill Academy
53.-Christian Bass24:10.8River Mill Academy
54.11Matthew Chavis24:39.8Granville Central
55.11Bill James24:44.1Granville Central
56.-Keegan Lax26:13.6River Mill Academy
57.-Taylor Boysen26:17.8River Mill Academy
58.10Mike Bauchkey26:20.5South Granville
59.10Celvin Green26:57.1South Granville
60.-Ian Martin27:17.8River Mill Academy
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.12Hayden Stults18:06.3Carrboro
2.12Bobby Mook18:44.6Carrboro
3.12Ian Wahrenbrock18:45.2Carrboro
4.9Dominic Collichio18:46.7Carrboro
5.12Dakota Pahel-Short18:50.8Carrboro
6.12Timothy Muyimbwa19:03.1Carrboro
7.11Samuel Jacobs19:04.3North Carolina Schoo...
8.10Alexander Taylor19:06.1Carrboro
9.11Justin Martin19:30.7North Carolina Schoo...
10.11William Gilmore19:38.2North Carolina Schoo...
11.12Mitchell Owens19:38.6North Carolina Schoo...
12.11Joseph Shepherd19:40.8North Carolina Schoo...
13.12Kai Lieth19:58.3Carrboro
14.11Kevin Minogue19:59.7Carrboro
15.12Luke Henry20:01.0Northwood
16.10Elliot Oleski20:03.3Carrboro
17.11Michael Morken20:05.1Carrboro
18.9Jonathan Hoffman20:12.8Carrboro
19.11Kristiaan Sheedy20:19.6North Carolina Schoo...
20.12James Nicholson20:24.8Raleigh Charter
21.9Jacob Sipple20:25.8Raleigh Charter
22.11Robert Sprude20:36.3North Carolina Schoo...
23.11Nick Woodcock20:37.7North Carolina Schoo...
24.11Justin Dolly20:39.1Northwood
25.10Tony Masse20:45.3Carrboro
26.11David Harris20:59.2North Carolina Schoo...
27.11Elliot Cartee21:14.2North Carolina Schoo...
28.10Daniel Foushee21:16.5Northwood
29.11Issac Loh21:18.1North Carolina Schoo...
30.10Chris Campbell21:24.9Durham School of Arts
31.9Montgomery Kirby21:25.8Northwood
32.9Joey Hoffman21:26.7Carrboro
33.9Max Griffin21:38.5Northwood
34.12Gene Huneycutt21:39.3Cedar Ridge
35.12Mark Bobbe21:41.7North Carolina Schoo...
36.12Cameron Williams21:45.4Northwood
37.11Andrew Lomax21:46.7North Carolina Schoo...
38.11Peter Perry21:48.0Northwood
39.10Chris Runyan21:48.9Northwood
40.9Nile Latowsky22:04.3Carrboro
41.12Shane Pusz22:05.2North Carolina Schoo...
42.11Kevin Huang22:18.9North Carolina Schoo...
43.11Colin Jacobs22:23.5Northwood
44.11Justin Yu22:24.4North Carolina Schoo...
45.10Troy Zehnder22:25.4Cedar Ridge
46.9David Gray22:28.4Cedar Ridge
47.10Russell Smith22:29.3Northwood
48.9Daniel Huddleston22:47.1Raleigh Charter
49.11Andrew Rodriquez22:50.9Durham School of Arts
50.9Adam Fairbanks23:06.1Raleigh Charter
51.12Caleb Dagenhart23:20.8North Carolina Schoo...
52.9Preston Jacobs23:24.8Cedar Ridge
53.12Cameron Mc Intosh23:26.8Northwood
54.12Collin Grimes23:33.9Raleigh Charter
55.11Michael Bai23:48.3North Carolina Schoo...
56.9Blake Hollar23:53.4Northwood
57.10Anthony Harr24:01.5Northwood
58.9Kerry Smith24:02.6Northwood
59.11Thomas Powell24:05.1North Carolina Schoo...
60.11Grayson North24:10.8Raleigh Charter
61.11Derek Bowden24:29.8Durham School of Arts
62.9Graham Farris25:01.9Raleigh Charter
63.11T Lim25:03.9North Carolina Schoo...
64.11Nick Albertson25:12.4Carrboro
65.10Andrew Tate25:18.8Northwood
66.9David Restrepo26:40.1Cedar Ridge
67.11David Wheaton27:24.8Carrboro
68.10Blaine Taylor27:31.4Carrboro
69.11John Mitchell27:47.0North Carolina Schoo...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.9Grace Morken20:02.3Carrboro
2.12Frances Dougherty20:15.9North Carolina Schoo...
3.10Laura Hamon20:20.5Carrboro
4.10Julia Sloane20:29.9Northwood
5.10Frankie Perone20:40.3Carrboro
6.12Mackenzie Neighbors21:02.6Raleigh Charter
7.10Maisie Mraz21:14.1Carrboro
8.12Callie Turlington21:23.9North Carolina Schoo...
9.9Alexa Phillips21:27.9Carrboro
10.9Sierra Houck21:29.9Cedar Ridge
11.10Liberty Britz21:30.3Cedar Ridge
12.9Camilla Dohlman22:02.5Carrboro
13.9Maria Vanderford22:10.8Northwood
14.10Kerri Snipes22:23.4Northwood
15.12Romina Boyle22:30.2Cedar Ridge
16.12Emma DeWitt22:34.4Durham School of Arts
17.10Theresa Meyer22:42.6Durham School of Arts
18.12Ashley Baker22:48.0North Carolina Schoo...
19.12Christan Godinez22:54.8Carrboro
20.9Allison Gould23:01.6Northwood
21.11Brittany Davis23:04.4North Carolina Schoo...
22.12Stefanie Schwemlein23:22.8North Carolina Schoo...
23.11Kali Xu23:27.5North Carolina Schoo...
24.10Franny Valour23:30.4Cedar Ridge
25.10Yancey Luft23:36.0Northwood
26.-Marla Crawford23:40.4River Mill Academy
27.10Kaitlyn Mattiace23:43.5Northwood
28.11Leah Sell-Goodhand23:44.1Durham School of Arts
29.9Sam Frenduto23:49.5Cedar Ridge
30.11Brittany Porterfield23:56.6Northwood
31.11Savannah Bower24:04.7South Granville
32.12Hannah Ball-Damberg24:08.2Durham School of Arts
33.9Allison Andrews24:14.6Durham School of Arts
34.11Lila Fleishman24:53.4Cedar Ridge
35.11Mallory Bulkley25:02.1Raleigh Charter
36.-Christi Spivey25:38.2River Mill Academy
37.12Jessie Barrick25:55.1Cedar Ridge
38.10Briana Haith26:18.0Granville Central
39.10Avonlea Bryant-Com...26:18.4Durham School of Arts
40.11Emily Ewing26:27.7Raleigh Charter
41.9Danielle Siegert26:43.1Raleigh Charter
42.11Allison Hren26:53.7Raleigh Charter
43.-Maddison Bryant26:57.9River Mill Academy
44.10Cheyenne Cheung27:11.1Raleigh Charter
45.11Quishanna Tanner27:37.5South Granville
46.10Reagan Padgett27:42.2Durham School of Arts
47.11Courtney McNair29:05.8Granville Central
48.11Alaina Doyle29:45.4Raleigh Charter
49.-Ashley Ricci30:35.2River Mill Academy
50.12Gabrielle Fain32:49.7South Granville
51.9Coley Lyon32:57.1South Granville
52.10Ciara Smith32:57.5South Granville
53.9Mallory James33:43.3Granville Central
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.12Rosie Scanga23:19.4Carrboro
2.10Chelsea Williams23:36.7Northwood
3.11Colleen Ni Zhanxi23:47.6North Carolina Schoo...
4.10Crystal Overcash23:53.8Northwood
5.11Josie Hollingsworth24:09.2Carrboro
6.12Hilary Schultz24:48.3Cedar Ridge
7.10Deborah Montes24:55.7Cedar Ridge
8.12Hanna Miller24:56.7Carrboro
9.9Laura Kriegh25:10.0Northwood
10.12Cameron Russell25:16.1Northwood
11.10Lauren Sobnosky25:29.7Cedar Ridge
12.11Elizabeth Marshall25:30.1Carrboro
13.12Allie Gray25:37.4Northwood
14.11KC Hart25:38.6Northwood
15.10Jessica Wynne25:46.6Northwood
16.11Grace Huh25:51.2North Carolina Schoo...
17.11Miriam McDonough26:37.6Carrboro
18.9Kendall Tutor26:47.3Cedar Ridge
19.11Suzy Schmalbeck26:56.1Durham School of Arts
20.9Adair London27:07.7Northwood
21.9Diana Bourn27:15.1Northwood
22.12Betsy Bertram27:31.7Cedar Ridge
23.10Allana Geoffrion27:37.1Durham School of Arts
24.10Kristin Hutchinson27:55.9Northwood
25.10Kayla Ward28:00.9Raleigh Charter
26.10Rebecca Prichard28:03.9Durham School of Arts
27.12Amelia Pak-Harvey28:08.0Cedar Ridge
28.10Delaney Henry28:21.0Northwood
29.10Arlee Hiskey28:25.0Cedar Ridge
30.11Peyton Kennedy28:47.9Carrboro
31.12Louisa McIver28:52.7Cedar Ridge
32.12Chelsae Dumbauld29:01.9North Carolina Schoo...
33.9Mariel Geron29:13.6Cedar Ridge
34.9Marika Ball-Damberg29:32.2Durham School of Arts
35.11Alexandra Holt29:35.7Durham School of Arts
36.10Chelsea Miller29:43.3Durham School of Arts
37.10Norah Moran29:45.7Raleigh Charter
38.11Taylor Brown29:46.6North Carolina Schoo...
39.10Holly Gravitte30:25.4Cedar Ridge
40.12Meredith Camp31:38.4Cedar Ridge
41.9Carlyn McGiffin33:13.3Durham School of Arts
42.11Hannah O'Grady35:52.5Carrboro
43.12Eleonora Muller37:25.7Cedar Ridge
44.11Hannah Liu38:56.7Raleigh Charter
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