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Hockomock Championship HS

Saturday, October 24, 2009

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Borderland State Park, North Easton, MA - Map
Mens Races

Borderland State Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Borderland State Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Patrick McGowan16:11.35Mansfield
2.12Brendan Boyle16:18.60Mansfield
3.11Shayne Collins16:21.51Mansfield
4.10Drew Beck16:26.35Oliver Ames
5.12Christian Bates17:00.17Canton
6.12Jason Beland17:02.58Foxboro
7.12Jeff Boyle17:03.09Mansfield
8.10John Henry17:04.87Franklin
9.10Sean Gorham17:15.64Oliver Ames
10.12Matt Hernon17:18.64Mansfield
11.12Mike Morris17:19.6Stoughton
11.-Michael Morris17:19.60Stoughton
12.10Brendan Sullivan17:20.58Foxboro
13.10Andrew Hood17:22.03Franklin
14.12Connor Quinn17:29.69Oliver Ames
15.11Matthew Cioe17:33.26Mansfield
16.12Chris Merola17:36.44Oliver Ames
17.11Jimmy Paschal17:38.00Canton
18.11Kyle Tagen17:38.53Oliver Ames
19.10Jim Sullivan17:41.47Oliver Ames
20.11Luke Binney17:44.33Oliver Ames
21.11Charlie Sexton17:44.76North Attleboro
22.12Max Nolan17:45.16North Attleboro
23.11Ryan Petrella17:49.31Mansfield
24.11Conor Foley17:50.46Foxboro
25.11Josh Sheehan17:53.59Canton
26.12Tyler Lorenz17:54.69Foxboro
27.11Michael Bronstein17:56.31Canton
28.12Alex Gutkowski17:58.95Franklin
29.12Brian Carroll18:00.41North Attleboro
30.10Kham Haleudeth18:01.92Mansfield
31.12Jason Butera18:03.40Franklin
32.10Joe Haederle18:03.96Oliver Ames
33.12Harry Ehrlich18:06.90Sharon
34.10Josh Lampron18:07.40Mansfield
35.11Gregory May18:09.21Franklin
36.10Sean Lazzeri18:14.71Franklin
37.11Chris Vilela18:15.79Oliver Ames
38.10Andrew Kerester18:24.14Oliver Ames
39.9Conor Monks18:25.78Mansfield
40.10Mike Curley18:26.05North Attleboro
41.12Michael Gershlak18:26.69Sharon
42.11Atticus Rentsch18:28.78Stoughton
43.11Marlon Crome18:30.66Stoughton
44.11Andrew Bradley18:38.10Foxboro
45.12Nick Melfi18:39.66Franklin
46.11Vlad Leopard18:42.91Canton
47.11Saeed Vossoughi18:48.74Canton
48.12Walker Teso18:49.94North Attleboro
49.12Matt Rodenbush18:52.63Stoughton
50.12Nikita Amelchenko18:53.01Canton
51.11Alan D'Adamo18:57.40North Attleboro
52.10Paul O'Donahue18:58.77Franklin
53.12Paul Shepter19:01.35Canton
54.10Logan David19:03.39King Philip
55.12Colin Whitney19:07.13King Philip
56.12Parker Fitzgibbon19:07.84North Attleboro
57.12Matt McCarthy19:11.92King Philip
58.10Ben Ryter19:12.57Sharon
59.11Ben Alden19:12.84Foxboro
60.10Danny Scribner19:13.96Sharon
61.11Chad Cohen19:15.73Canton
62.11Mitchell Roberts19:17.30King Philip
63.10Matthew Ostrow19:18.56Sharon
64.12Josh David19:20.07North Attleboro
65.11Chris Lewin19:20.68Franklin
66.10Michael Dupuis19:22.99Sharon
67.10Nick Green19:23.99Stoughton
68.11Andrew Hamlin19:24.81Franklin
69.12Dennis McCormick19:29.21Stoughton
70.10Joe Tierney19:30.40Foxboro
71.10Philip McCarty19:30.83King Philip
72.12Zach Stringham19:32.04Sharon
73.11Dave Reiffarth19:41.22North Attleboro
74.12Colin McFarland19:47.84King Philip
75.10Chad O'Neil19:58.17King Philip
76.10Andrew Moses19:59.01Foxboro
77.10Kevin Overko20:05.71Stoughton
78.12Alex Weaver20:14.57Sharon
79.11Jeremy Sawyer20:32.55Sharon
80.12Andy Lamb20:49.30King Philip
81.11Luke Hanna20:56.09Canton
82.9Kevin Scollins21:22.53Foxboro
83.11Christopher Scully21:27.51Stoughton
84.10Cameron Lyon21:31.44King Philip
85.12Mike Meagher21:49.29Stoughton
86.11Dan Decker22:05.11Foxboro
87.11Mike Zagieboylo22:10.54King Philip
88.12Andrew Gruber22:17.07Sharon
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.11Tom Cunningham18:02Mansfield
6.10Nate Michener18:29Mansfield
7.11Dan Jean18:37Mansfield
8.10Zach Frazier18:38Mansfield
9.10Chris Nugent18:39Mansfield
10.11Adam Osowski18:43Mansfield
11.10Mitch Negus18:51Mansfield
12.10Matt Berluti18:52Mansfield
14.10Vinnie Pignone19:06Mansfield
15.12Craig Tyner19:17Mansfield
18.11Ryan Mckinnon19:24Mansfield
20.12Vinny Buonora19:27Mansfield
21.11Matthew Erwin19:29Mansfield
22.11Alec Armstrong19:31Mansfield
23.10Brendan McCarthy19:33Mansfield
24.10CJ Stocking19:33Mansfield
25.11David Jordan19:34Mansfield
28.9Ryan Corrigan19:42Mansfield
29.12Kyle Kilduff19:48Mansfield
30.11Josh Marohn19:51Mansfield
31.10Caleb Haydanek19:52Mansfield
41.10Ryan Matthews20:16Mansfield
51.10Mark Phan20:37Stoughton
55.11Sam Hayes20:43Mansfield
68.11David Abrahamson20:58Mansfield
84.11Jonah Primiano21:36Mansfield
88.12Ben McKay21:46Stoughton
90.11Anthony Tran21:50:00Mansfield
92.10Griffin Robertson21:52:00Mansfield
97.10Nate Somes21:58Mansfield
99.11Alex Bouthillier21:59Mansfield
101.9Amir Hackett22:03Mansfield
105.11Bryce Egan22:13Mansfield
109.10Thomas Gaughan22:18Mansfield
113.10Michael Censorio22:24Mansfield
114.10Nick Haley22:26Mansfield
117.10Nick Sylvia22:30Mansfield
120.12Kyle Allen22:35Mansfield
128.10Brian Ferreira23:05Mansfield
134.12Jon Gately23:12Stoughton
138.9Jack D"Addieco23:25Stoughton
140.9Michael Brodin23:30Mansfield
145.12Harry Pesce23:35Mansfield
154.9Michael Drinan24:11:00Mansfield
157.11Rory Siegel24:17Stoughton
168.10Cody Brown24:42:00Mansfield
171.10Sean Lambert24:55:00Mansfield
178.10Gabe O'Connor25:10:00Mansfield
189.10Adam Elmowitz26:24Stoughton
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Jenna Davidner18:56.78Oliver Ames
2.12Mary Cole19:13.57Franklin
3.11Megan Ross19:14.79Franklin
4.10Alexandria Giese19:27.90Franklin
5.12Ali Kirsch20:02.48Sharon
6.12Cassandra Olsen20:18.11Mansfield
7.12Aubree Piepmeier20:25.95Franklin
8.10Stacey Wojcik20:30.85King Philip
9.10Emily Stickles20:31.51Franklin
10.10Shannon Hickey20:36.77Oliver Ames
11.10Deirdre Simms20:38.23Stoughton
12.11Rachel Kline20:41.12Oliver Ames
13.9Lauren Hagen20:48.95Franklin
14.11Lauren Gallagher21:03.67Oliver Ames
15.12Sharone Moverman21:04.56Oliver Ames
16.11Sarah Andres21:12.92Foxboro
17.12Anastasia Lutkevich21:19.04Mansfield
18.10Hannah Beaulieu21:21.93King Philip
19.10Emily Belastock21:37.16Mansfield
20.10Alana Prinos21:38.21Foxboro
21.10Robin Leowald21:45.49Oliver Ames
22.12Alicia Kelly21:53.60Stoughton
23.11Lindsey Walsh21:54.48Stoughton
24.11Brianna Kimball21:58.38North Attleboro
25.12Alexandra Purdue-S...22:07.83Sharon
26.9Samantha Kaplan22:10.72Sharon
27.10Rachel Flynn22:11.75Franklin
28.12Anna Dominesey22:25.82Mansfield
29.10Jessica Grainger22:29.03Mansfield
30.11Katherine Nash22:36.95Mansfield
31.11Meghan Shaw22:41.80Franklin
32.11Caroline McClain22:44.12Sharon
33.10Shannon Haughey22:47.11North Attleboro
34.11Katie Lavoie22:47.34Franklin
35.11Steph Foster22:47.57Oliver Ames
36.11Kimberly Hilfrank22:53.26King Philip
37.11Sara Teague22:53.89Canton
38.11Elena Huang22:54.67Sharon
39.10Mairead Bagley22:55.53Canton
40.12Rachel Zussman22:57.48Oliver Ames
41.11Meaghan Perry22:58.16Sharon
42.12Karen Anselmi23:00.58Franklin
43.10Rachel Ducharme23:01.62North Attleboro
44.10Emily Ducharme23:01.83North Attleboro
45.11Alyssa Stavola23:07.85King Philip
46.12Vanessa Parker23:13.55North Attleboro
47.11Melanie Tabroff23:15.90Sharon
49.12Samantha Gillis23:16.39Mansfield
50.9Abby Wright23:18.02Mansfield
51.10Laura Burnham23:20.21Mansfield
52.10Tayla Curran23:24.10Oliver Ames
53.12Dana Belanger23:35.85Oliver Ames
54.10Jade Paul23:44.83Stoughton
55.11Nicole Childers23:51.82North Attleboro
56.10Sara Pinchieri23:53.26Stoughton
57.11Kate D'Orazio23:57.37Canton
58.10Jacqueline Bailey23:59.08Foxboro
59.12Berk, Lila Singer ...23:59.51Canton
60.11Lauren Pinchieri24:02.39Stoughton
61.10Emily Lamb24:04.12King Philip
62.9Alice Bronstein24:06.74Canton
63.11Laura Speicher24:08.71North Attleboro
64.9Victoria Norman24:21.73King Philip
65.11Jenny Syndey24:25.25Canton
66.10Julie Schoener24:25.75Foxboro
67.12Katarzyna Kozak24:37.18Stoughton
68.9Susanna Noe24:43.30Stoughton
69.9Elen Popadoupalis24:43.91Canton
70.10Nichole Sarkis24:49.22North Attleboro
71.9Erika Raskind24:54.04Stoughton
72.-Brenna Pereira24:57.77North Attleboro
73.12Ginny Tang25:27.10North Attleboro
74.12Sabina Vaichys25:30.06Sharon
75.9Victoria Bailey25:41.79Foxboro
76.11Anni Addlesberger26:05.71King Philip
77.10Hayley Kats26:08.93Sharon
78.10Rushaine Dalrymple26:10.18Canton
79.10Nicole Hayner26:29.15Stoughton
80.12Kelly Duggan26:33.17Canton
81.12Elizabeth Allen26:40.65King Philip
82.12Kelly Moscariello26:49.37King Philip
83.9Kelly Shine27:00.64Foxboro
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
197.9Ariana Hall26:59Stoughton
219.11Theresa Glennon29:28Stoughton
223.10Brenna Tumilty30:34Stoughton
224.10Kerlyne Jean-Bapti...30:46Stoughton
227.10Kristina Kozak32:04Stoughton
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