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3,200 Meters Middle School
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3,200 Meters Middle School

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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School  

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Official Team Scores

1.White Pine (Saginaw)31
4.Pine River85
1.8Chris Lopez11:47.37 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
2.8Jon Castle12:09.25 PRFremont
3.7Parker Eisengruber12:19.16 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
4.8Anna Fudge12:25.19 PRCadillac
5.7Conner Smith12:31.60 PRPine River
6.8Wyatt Williams12:39.57 PRGrant
7.8Curtis Jewett12:42.22 PRFremont
8.8Joe Popielarz13:04.50 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
9.8Chris Baldwin13:06.83 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
10.7Mitch Mynatt13:07.19 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
11.8Max Cobb13:07.88 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
12.7Cole Gingrich13:10.46 PRPine River
13.7Zack Hiscock13:18.79 PRCadillac
14.8Alec Esparza13:20.22 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
15.8Steven Bednarz13:25.01 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
16.7Will Concannon13:33.98 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
17.7Matt Starry13:40.19 SRTS Nurnberger
18.7Michael Bry13:41.01 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
19.7Andrew Ellsworth13:48.14 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
20.7Connor Szukhent13:50.50 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
21.8Elliot VanDrummell14:01.93 PRPine River
22.8Ben Nott14:10.36 PRChippewa Hills
23.7Austin Nicholas14:18.07 PRFremont
24.7Daniel Pearce14:22.51 PRFremont
25.8Danny Crandell14:31.38 PRCadillac
26.7Logan Jennings14:36.05 PRGrant
27.-Joey McKeown14:39.32 PRHesperia
28.7Katy Jackson14:41.89Cadillac
29.7Jonathan Little14:46.95 SRTS Nurnberger
30.8Scott Laorr14:52.32 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
31.8Brandon Freudenstein15:02.73 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
32.7Nick Mitchell15:07.52 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
33.7Tyler Copron15:11.51 PRGrant
34.8Corey Fron15:15.43Chippewa Hills
35.8Emily Hearth15:18.64Cadillac
36.7Hunter Rosema15:23.27 SRHesperia
37.7Brachen Seipel15:28.88 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
38.7Michael Tuskey15:29.27 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
39.8Ethan Davenport15:35.80 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
40.7Dylan Eurich15:37.98 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
41.8Brenna LaRocque15:41.69Cadillac
42.7Peter Jensen15:46.51 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
43.7Chris Brower15:50.53 SRCadillac
43.7Brady Gort15:53.04 PRGrant
44.8McKenzie McCord15:54.07 PRCadillac
45.7Ben Rigling15:56.52 SRPine River
46.8James Guiette15:58.17 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
47.8Kyle Largent16:03.53 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
48.7Zack Wagner16:06.20 SRPine River
49.7Zach Bentley16:17.67Chippewa Hills
50.8Lizzie VanAlst16:24.97 PRCadillac
51.8Ben Macioszek16:33.69 PRCadillac
52.7Austin Scott16:42.45 SRChippewa Hills
53.7Tyler Baker16:57.85 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
54.7Peyton Kraus17:05.03 PRHesperia
55.8Glen Klahre17:38.89 PRFremont
56.8Ken Muir17:54.21 PRGrant
57.7Benancio Rodriguez17:55.94 PRGrant
58.8Matt King18:43.53 PRCadillac
59.7Michael Behl18:54.40 PRPine River
60.7Ian Klahre18:57.61 PRFremont
61.6Jason Davis19:36.68 SRTS Nurnberger
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Middle School  

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Official Team Scores

1.White Pine (Saginaw)38
2.Chippewa Hills66
4.Pine River94
5.TS Nurnberger106
1.8Megan O'Neil12:32.95Chippewa Hills
2.8Mary Doran12:49.77 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
3.8Lauren Zeerip12:59.49 PRHesperia
4.8Devyn Powell13:00.99 PRPine River
5.7Courtney Dennis13:09.23 PRChippewa Hills
6.7Mary Tozer13:24.48 SRHesperia
7.8Amanda Phillips13:36.23 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
8.8Amber Rambow13:41.04 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
9.7Kassy Nelson13:42.39 SRPine River
10.7Brooklyn Orosco13:44.49 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
11.7Casey Rappuhn13:52.69 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
12.7Sandy Kunnen14:05.11 PRFremont
13.8Michaela Smith14:06.17 PRTS Nurnberger
14.7Mallory Munderloh14:06.67 SRTS Nurnberger
15.8Collen Hall14:15.59 PRFremont
16.7Baily Majersky14:22.10 PRHesperia
17.8Alexandria Knaub14:24.83 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
18.8Nicole Tetreau14:34.92 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
28.7Katy Jackson14:41.89 SRCadillac
19.8Jessica Hilk14:45.51 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
20.8Hannah Fletcher14:47.92 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
21.7Taylor Nelson14:54.75 SRChippewa Hills
22.7Julia Lucas14:57.90 PRPine River
23.7Santana McIntyre14:59.99 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
24.8Kayla Kooistra15:01.68 PRGrant
25.8Libby Charbeneau15:02.17 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
26.8Olivia Llewelyn15:02.70 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
27.7Ellen Rombach15:03.21 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
28.7Katie Longtin15:05.24 PRChippewa Hills
29.8Hannah Mills15:09.09 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
30.7Marisa Thum15:14.00 SRTS Nurnberger
31.8Ashley Furry15:18.37 PRCadillac
35.8Emily Hearth15:18.64 PRCadillac
32.8Leah Near15:22.82 PRTS Nurnberger
33.8David Anderson15:24.25 PRCadillac
34.7Tabitha Martin15:26.13Chippewa Hills
35.8Sarah Mitchell15:27.50 PRCadillac
36.8Gabbie Wilder15:29.09 PRChippewa Hills
37.7Jacki Sheaffer15:29.63 PRChippewa Hills
38.7Sarah Cline15:30.00 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
39.8Shania Conley15:39.52 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
41.8Brenna LaRocque15:41.69 PRCadillac
40.8Kirsten Bisson15:42.09 PRGrant
41.8Madison Schwarz15:45.69 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
42.7Ali Kelley15:48.40 PRGrant
43.7Chris Brower15:50.53Cadillac
44.7Erin Schwartz15:58.82 PRPine River
45.-Caitlyn Fessenden16:03.63 PRHesperia
46.8Erin Drouillard16:05.50Chippewa Hills
47.8Hollyann Brassington16:24.41 PRChippewa Hills
48.7Michaela Whipple16:27.35 PRChippewa Hills
49.8Rachel Evangelista16:31.39 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
50.7Samantha Burdick16:33.05 PRHesperia
51.8Allison Stevens16:35.40 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
52.-Briana Turner16:41.44 PRHesperia
53.7Kala Stuart16:54.61 PRGrant
54.8Ariana Hernandez16:59.17 PRGrant
55.8Alyssa Blain17:07.57 PRGrant
56.7Savanna Beaudet17:11.05 PRPine River
57.7Lydia Heilbronn17:15.06 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
58.7Alex Dana17:31.21 SRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
59.7Dakota Jorgenson17:47.26 PRFremont
60.7Alexus Wimmer17:52.68 PRPine River
61.-Hayley Flanery18:07.72 PRHesperia
62.7Sophia Bradley18:18.36 SRTS Nurnberger
63.7Paige Damore18:31.74 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
64.8Megan Wekwert18:36.53 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
65.8Meagan Schultz18:46.48 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
66.8Jordin Gunderson18:49.27 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
67.7Shelby Burlingame18:54.22 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
68.8Amber Nickel19:14.63 PRWhite Pine (Saginaw)
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