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Navy Salty Dog Invitational 2009 Collegiate

Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Meet Host - Navy Collegiate
Location - USNA Cross Country Course, Annapolis, MD
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Mens Races

USNA Cross Country Course

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
6,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
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1.JrAndrew Hanko24:37.10Navy
2.FrJustus David24:49.40Morgan State
3.SoJames Pearson24:50.20Navy
4.SoCody Rome25:03.00Navy
5.SoKenneth Bunnell25:07.50Navy
6.SrChristopher Horel25:08.10Navy
7.SoDominic DellaPelle25:13.70Navy
8.FrDaniel Kipkorir Mu...25:16.40Morgan State
9.SoRyan Williams25:17.80American
10.SoJeremy Haney25:20.80Navy
11.SoDylan Bernard25:22.00Mt St. Mary's
12.SrDaniel McDevitt25:24.50Loyola (MD)
13.JrRoss Hughes25:27.20Navy
14.JrJeff Brannigan25:30.10American
15.SrAaron Foote25:36.20Navy
16.JrSteve Tobochnik25:39.40Johns Hopkins Univer...
17.FrPatrick Quinn25:43.80Navy
18.JrColin Eustis25:46.00American
19.SrAndrew Madison25:48.00Maryland-Baltimore C...
20.FrMark Leininger25:53.90American
21.SoJosh Olsen25:59.80American
22.SrDaniel Cartica26:00.20George Washington
23.JrJeremy Scheid26:00.80American
24.JrGarret Martucci26:04.10American
25.JrStephen Feebish26:08.30Loyola (MD)
26.SoMichael Sheehan26:12.40Navy
27.SoCraig Brown26:15.50American
28.SrRichard Griffith26:22.70Navy
29.JrZach Borenstein26:29.80George Washington
30.SoEric Reichert26:32.00Elizabethtown
31.JrDerek Cheng26:34.30Johns Hopkins Univer...
32.SoColby Miller26:34.70Elizabethtown
33.JrMichael Christmas26:37.90Maryland-Baltimore C...
34.JrAndrew Zahornacky26:38.20George Washington
35.FrChristopher Swisko26:39.20Mt St. Mary's
36.JrBrandon Hahn26:39.70Johns Hopkins Univer...
37.SoEvan DeArmitt26:47.60Elizabethtown
38.JrKieran Dowling26:48.20Loyola (MD)
39.SrMichael Yuan26:49.50Johns Hopkins Univer...
40.SrMyles Lund26:50.00Elizabethtown
41.SoJohnathan Verrangia26:53.00Loyola (MD)
42.SrTerrence Moran26:53.80Loyola (MD)
43.SrRobbie Lockhart26:54.70George Washington
44.FrJosh Day27:03.80Maryland-Baltimore C...
45.FrTj Cowing27:04.50Maryland-Baltimore C...
46.FrSean Caskey27:05.90Mt St. Mary's
47.SrDavid Sigmon27:09.90Johns Hopkins Univer...
48.JrChris Snyder27:10.80Maryland-Baltimore C...
49.SrKyle Ryan27:12.40Mt St. Mary's
50.SoMatthew Hassett27:14.50Loyola (MD)
51.SoAndrew Yen27:15.30Johns Hopkins Univer...
52.SoRoy Jones27:17.90Maryland-Baltimore C...
53.JrTimothy Burns27:19.00Loyola (MD)
54.FrNick Kisley27:20.40Johns Hopkins Univer...
55.FrAristotle Johnson27:26.60Maryland-Baltimore C...
56.SoCharlie Larsen27:29.30Elizabethtown
57.-Mike Glassman27:38.60Maryland-Baltimore C...
58.FrKevon Carter27:41.90Morgan State
59.FrJosh Baker27:46.60Johns Hopkins Univer...
60.FrAaron Focht27:48.40Elizabethtown
61.FrAlexander Long27:56.90Johns Hopkins Univer...
62.SoRussell Speiden28:01.20Elizabethtown
63.SrAndrew Coleman28:04.90George Washington
64.FrDavid DJ Puleo28:07.30Loyola (MD)
65.SoTim Jones28:11.60Maryland-Baltimore C...
66.FrBenjamin Press28:20.10Johns Hopkins Univer...
67.FrEric Loose28:27.20Loyola (MD)
68.SoDaniel Kane28:31.60George Washington
69.JrSean Barrett28:33.80Loyola (MD)
70.SrNoah Jampol28:40.80Johns Hopkins Univer...
71.SoAndrew Stakem28:41.70Mt St. Mary's
72.SoJohn McAuliffe28:46.30Mt St. Mary's
73.JrIsaac Richardson28:51.20Morgan State
74.SoVincent Cherry29:00.20Mt St. Mary's
75.SoPatrick Hairfield29:05.30Maryland-Baltimore C...
76.FrMichael Picard29:08.80Loyola (MD)
77.SoMichael Rath29:40.10Mt St. Mary's
78.FrJarren Williams30:05.90Morgan State
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women  
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1.FrEmily Jones22:31.83Georgetown
2.SrNatasha Labeaud22:39.71Georgetown
3.FrKirsten Kasper22:40.37Georgetown
4.SrLauren Gregory22:44.61Georgetown
5.SoOctavia Rinehardt22:47.21American
6.JrSara Parkinson23:00.12Maryland-Baltimore C...
7.FrRachel Schneider23:05.71Georgetown
8.SrLaura Paulsen23:09.00Johns Hopkins Univer...
9.SrSuzanne Gabriel23:11.67Maryland-Baltimore C...
10.SrKelsey Malmquist23:20.24Georgetown
11.FrMeaghan Gregory23:22.18Georgetown
12.SrMira Patel23:27.61Johns Hopkins Univer...
13.FrLiz Provost23:31.87Johns Hopkins Univer...
14.FrBrigid Byrne23:32.88Navy
15.SoCecilia Furlong23:34.29Johns Hopkins Univer...
16.JrKatherine Rentz23:34.88Navy
17.SrMegan Hogan23:37.98George Washington
18.JrJessica Stern23:38.44George Washington
19.FrAnnie Barry23:39.15Navy
20.Liz Milewski23:43.03Unattached
21.FrMegan Kinsella23:46.13Mt St. Mary's
22.JrChristina Valerio23:47.21Johns Hopkins Univer...
23.JrKathleen Cervo23:48.77Loyola (MD)
24.SrAnna Bernal23:49.79Navy
25.SrErica Ziel23:50.96Navy
26.SoKeri Wilson23:52.45Maryland-Baltimore C...
27.SoLauren Borduin23:53.67Georgetown
28.SrAlexandra Gass23:56.89Navy
29.SoLaura Gallo23:59.68Georgetown
30.SrGreta Wicklund24:04.46American
31.SrMary O'Grady24:05.07Johns Hopkins Univer...
32.JrSarah Burns24:05.92Navy
33.JrAmanda Bossi24:08.40Loyola (MD)
34.JrAlyssa Doyle24:12.02Loyola (MD)
35.SoMolly Hebda24:14.10Navy
36.FrJulia Weir24:20.12George Washington
37.JrMegan Brower24:22.77Johns Hopkins Univer...
38.SrNadia McMillan24:28.94Johns Hopkins Univer...
39.FrKathryn Franke24:32.57Mt St. Mary's
40.FrJuliana Stern24:34.55George Washington
41.FrHeather Stevens24:36.37George Washington
42.SrRachel Forcino24:38.02American
43.SoStephanie Gibney24:41.99Loyola (MD)
44.JrBethany Rahall24:53.99Navy
45.SrJenny Rubin25:00.96Navy
46.SrCourtney McNamara25:09.24Loyola (MD)
47.SoKatie Taylor25:11.41Navy
48.FrNatalie Omundson25:12.74American
49.SoMarina McGrail25:13.53Navy
50.FrMegan Arnold25:14.43Maryland-Baltimore C...
51.FrJacqueline Blackburn25:20.96Navy
52.FrErin Crawford25:22.86George Washington
53.FrMarie Ferguson25:26.29Johns Hopkins Univer...
54.SoLauren Scholl25:27.78American
55.FrLaura Blevins25:33.72Maryland-Baltimore C...
56.SoJade Wright25:37.25Navy
57.FrChloe Staab25:39.69Navy
58.FrShannon McCarthy25:44.93Navy
59.FrMaura Welch25:46.15George Washington
60.FrColleen Smith25:46.97Mt St. Mary's
61.SoKathryn Baselice25:48.16Johns Hopkins Univer...
62.-Alexandra Smargiassi25:49.34George Washington
63.SrKatie Calhoun25:57.49Navy
64.JrSara Ochs26:00.08Loyola (MD)
65.SrAlexandra McMillan26:01.56Johns Hopkins Univer...
66.FrJacqueline D'Antonio26:06.11Loyola (MD)
67.FrNora Barnicle26:07.31George Washington
68.SoCassie Cummings26:09.78Johns Hopkins Univer...
69.SrSarah Lorch26:10.29Georgetown
70.FrEmily Rooney26:23.05Loyola (MD)
71.FrHannah Hayes26:24.79Navy
72.SrMairin Leahy26:27.65Maryland-Baltimore C...
73.SoKristina Mun26:30.00Navy
74.SrKaitlin Baker26:32.77Navy
75.FrAshley Mannix26:36.90Navy
76.SoMaggie Ashton26:52.58Johns Hopkins Univer...
77.FrMargaret Larkin27:09.68Loyola (MD)
78.JrEstelle Faulkner27:12.70George Washington
79.SrMaura Tipping27:15.35Mt St. Mary's
80.FrJosey Mintel27:19.14Johns Hopkins Univer...
81.Frances Popp27:27.30Unattached
82.SrBrianne Vozzella27:28.04Mt St. Mary's
83.JrCortney Crouse27:28.56Maryland-Baltimore C...
84.JrHaleigh Duggan27:34.55American
85.FrKellie Quinn27:36.44American
86.FrCalli Pappas27:39.75Loyola (MD)
87.FrLeslie Myint27:43.23Johns Hopkins Univer...
88.SoChristina Praydis27:53.05Mt St. Mary's
89.FrChristine Kim27:54.18Johns Hopkins Univer...
90.FrKimia Ganjaei27:55.61Johns Hopkins Univer...
91.FrAnne Pigula27:59.02Johns Hopkins Univer...
92.SoTara Jakubik28:15.63American
93.JrSharon Green28:17.46Johns Hopkins Univer...
94.SoKelsey Greene28:21.61Mt St. Mary's
95.SoMegan Earley28:32.79Mt St. Mary's
96.FrMeagan Keane28:39.22Loyola (MD)
97.SoNicole Sharer28:55.27Johns Hopkins Univer...
98.FrEmily Haight29:12.36Johns Hopkins Univer...
99.SrMegan Wei29:28.78Johns Hopkins Univer...
100.FrKatherine Ringwood29:31.43Loyola (MD)
101.SoLindsey Kent29:31.76Johns Hopkins Univer...
102.SoCatherine George30:04.17Johns Hopkins Univer...
103.SrBrianna Mannuccia30:09.22Mt St. Mary's
104.FrKatherine Hekker30:17.96American
105.SoStephanie Rodas30:20.59Johns Hopkins Univer...
106.FrAnna Scalamogna30:32.26American
107.FrJessica Micciolo31:24.87American
108.SoRebecca O'Malley31:38.03Johns Hopkins Univer...
109.JrJessie Hollingsworth42:33.88Johns Hopkins Univer...
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