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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Men  
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1.SrJace Nye15:43Weber State
2.JrBrett Hales15:49Weber State
3.SrSteve Shepherd15:59Weber State
4.FrGreg Montgomery16:01College of Idaho
5.Paul Hoffman16:05Unattached
6.SoKeanne Schuler16:08Idaho State
7.FrChris Burnett16:09Weber State
8.SoJohn Coyle16:14Weber State
9.JrZach Barrett16:16Idaho State
10.JrPaul Sartin16:20College of Idaho
11.FrKevin Dickey16:20.10Weber State
12.FrBryce Jenkins16:21Idaho State
13.SrTodd Gilbert16:28Weber State
14.FrKyle Moffett16:31Utah State
15.SoKiprotich Langat16:37College of Idaho
16.JrJ.J. Burk16:39College of Idaho
17.JrLevi Lefevre16:41Weber State
17.JrCasey Snider16:41Utah State
19.SoMike Tucker16:45Idaho State
20.FrDominic Bolin16:48College of Idaho
21.SrGeoff Williams16:51College of Idaho
22.FrAndrew Hugill16:52College of Idaho
23.JrAaron Wolfe16:55Idaho State
24.Eric Strand17:04Two Lap Team
25.-Morgan Empy17:13Utah State
26.FrJoe Montoya17:16College of Idaho
27.JrAlex Goold17:17College of Idaho
28.SoZeke Wilson17:27College of Idaho
29.FrJason Hunt17:28College of Idaho
30.-Curtis Carlisle17:30Weber State
31.Chaz Anestos17:39Two Lap Team
32.SrMike Tobiason17:45College of Idaho
33.FrJared Lupton17:47College of Idaho
34.FrDevin Pierson17:48Utah State
35.SoGarrett Traughber17:52College of Idaho
36.FrNick Hampton18:02College of Idaho
37.Kyle Dickerson18:04Two Lap Team
38.JrNash Ricci18:08College of Idaho
39.Will Frazier18:12Two Lap Team
40.SoDaniel Wenz18:17College of Idaho
41.Shannon Cosey18:25Two Lap Team
42.FrJoe Baum18:30College of Idaho
43.Cory Kniep18:43Unattached
43.Evan Strand18:43Two Lap Team
45.SoElliot Gould18:51College of Idaho
46.JrScott Pearson18:54Idaho State
47.Derek Janssen19:33Unattached
48.Matt Swan19:41Two Lap Team
49.SoGreg Bush19:57College of Idaho
50.Joe Perdue20:06Unattached
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