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NCAA DI Horizon League Conference XC Championships 2007 Collegiate

Saturday, October 27, 2007

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Sunset Hills Farm Park, Valparaiso, IN
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Mens Races

Sunset Hills Farm Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

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1.JrAndy Baker24:56.8Butler
2.SrSam Jacobs26:03.3Butler
3.JrTommy Davies26:09.5Butler
4.FrMatt Lawder26:15.1Butler
5.SrKenton Wories26:16.5Butler
6.FrBen Reifenberg26:24.4Loyola-Chicago
7.FrPatrick Liederbach26:24.5Detroit Mercy
8.JrChristopher Honig26:31.6Valparaiso
9.FrIsaiah Kessio26:33.4Wright State
10.SoJustin Dickman26:34.5Youngstown State
11.SrSinisa Simic26:35.2Detroit Mercy
12.JrRyan Kuphall26:40.1Loyola-Chicago
13.JrDan Nemergut26:41.6Youngstown State
14.JrLeandro Schults26:44.1Valparaiso
15.FrNathan Tavenor26:46.7Butler
16.FrEvan Firestone26:52.0Wright State
17.FrJake Lape26:56.7Youngstown State
18.FrAnthony Wile26:59.0Loyola-Chicago
19.SrAndrew Hayner27:06.4Detroit Mercy
20.JrAlex Sutphen27:10.9Illinois-Chicago
21.SrJorge Flores27:12.4Illinois-Chicago
22.FrRoger Pinon27:15.2Illinois-Chicago
23.FrJim Ramson27:19.5Youngstown State
24.JrJake Bradosky27:20.1Wright State
25.SrRyan Miller27:22.6Wisconsin-Green Bay
26.JrJim Turchyn27:24.8Valparaiso
27.JrJimi Bleicher27:25.5Loyola-Chicago
28.JrRichard Krupar27:26.4Valparaiso
29.SoNicholas Aubert27:26.7Illinois-Chicago
30.FrAlexander Harris27:27.2Detroit Mercy
31.SoMatt Driefke27:28.3Wisconsin-Milwaukee
32.SrCarlos Zamora27:30.2Wright State
33.SoEric Pitt27:38.1Wisconsin-Milwaukee
34.FrAndrew Fox27:39.1Wisconsin-Milwaukee
35.SoDan Cline27:39.9Illinois-Chicago
36.FrJoel Hartenberger27:42.3Valparaiso
37.SoMatt McCabe27:44.6Loyola-Chicago
38.SrRD Goodright27:47.5Youngstown State
39.SrJosh Bland27:47.9Illinois-Chicago
40.FrJoe Copploe27:50.5Youngstown State
41.SoRyan Mleziva27:52.0Wisconsin-Milwaukee
42.SoKyle Fetters27:53.8Wright State
43.FrJason Axt27:58.6Wisconsin-Milwaukee
44.FrMarcus Acuna28:02.1Detroit Mercy
45.SrAndrew Lindsay28:03.2Detroit Mercy
46.SrLuke Karban28:03.7Wisconsin-Green Bay
47.FrTony Reiss28:07.7Wright State
48.SoMike Sorenson28:08.5Wisconsin-Milwaukee
49.SoDavid Carter28:09.3Valparaiso
50.JrTom Schutzius28:16.6Illinois-Chicago
51.SoSean Finnerty28:19.5Youngstown State
52.FrScott Matzoll28:21.6Loyola-Chicago
53.JrJordan Stanfill28:23.5Valparaiso
54.SrAlex Gutman28:24.6Wright State
55.JrAbraham Clark28:27.4Wisconsin-Green Bay
56.JrRyan Hartwig28:31.7Wisconsin-Green Bay
57.FrMadison Roeder28:32.6Butler
58.SoNick Porter28:34.0Wisconsin-Milwaukee
59.SrChris Smith28:44.4Butler
60.FrAnthony Scaparo28:46.9Wright State
61.FrRyan Ayala28:49.3Detroit Mercy
62.SoFarrahadoon Durrani28:51.7Illinois-Chicago
63.FrBen Borton28:55.3Wisconsin-Milwaukee
64.SoChase Rost28:56.8Wisconsin-Green Bay
65.FrJake Dialesandro29:02.4Youngstown State
66.SoKevin Sheehan29:04.6Wright State
67.SoChristopher Lechner29:14.1Valparaiso
68.SrMitchell Nast29:15.5Wisconsin-Green Bay
69.FrScott Denham29:16.6Youngstown State
70.SrTroy Carmody29:17.7Wisconsin-Green Bay
71.SrTom Chin29:24.8Illinois-Chicago
72.SoMatt Cervarich29:25.6Valparaiso
73.FrChris Bednarczyk29:28.0Valparaiso
74.SrPhil Hawley29:44.0Butler
75.FrBradley Endres29:48.2Wisconsin-Green Bay
76.FrKevin Smalley29:54.0Detroit Mercy
77.FrJeff Winkelman29:59.2Wisconsin-Milwaukee
78.JrMark Riggs29:59.8Illinois-Chicago
79.FrJustin Bui30:17.8Valparaiso
80.JrJared Snell30:18.4Valparaiso
81.FrMatt Poirier30:29.5Wisconsin-Green Bay
82.JrCorey Bins30:45.6Wisconsin-Green Bay
83.SoMike Bley32:44.6Valparaiso
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

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1.JrLaura Rolf17:33.0Valparaiso
2.SrGenni Gardner17:38.9Butler
3.SrClaire Holme18:13.4Butler
4.SrHolly Nearman18:15.1Wisconsin-Milwaukee
5.JrRachel Gibbs18:20.7Butler
6.SrRachael Button18:53.5Valparaiso
7.SoMarbeth Shiell18:58.7Butler
8.JrErin Magargee19:04.4Wisconsin-Milwaukee
9.SoColleen Donovan19:05.2Loyola-Chicago
10.FrDanielle Locascio19:11.4Loyola-Chicago
11.JrGenevieve Binnie19:13.0Loyola-Chicago
12.SrAngie Huebner19:15.1Wisconsin-Milwaukee
13.SoAbbie Zaspel19:21.0Wisconsin-Milwaukee
14.FrOlivia Myers19:22.7Illinois-Chicago
15.JrPam Staton19:29.5Loyola-Chicago
16.SrIsabelle Stoate19:39.5Butler
17.FrAlison Rack19:40.4Loyola-Chicago
18.SoMary Brennan19:43.6Illinois-Chicago
19.FrAllison Craine19:51.0Cleveland State
20.SoJolene Sell19:51.8Wisconsin-Green Bay
21.SrAubrey Smith19:52.1Butler
22.JrGada Qafisheh19:54.5Loyola-Chicago
23.JrLiz Brothen20:08.2Wisconsin-Milwaukee
24.SrCalli Grimes20:11.7Butler
25.FrCaitlin Sauerhage20:14.0Valparaiso
26.FrAlyssa Glenn20:16.8Wright State
27.SrRachel Hansen20:18.4Loyola-Chicago
28.FrHannah Willis20:20.2Wisconsin-Milwaukee
29.FrKelsi Nutter20:22.7Wright State
30.SoLaura Ring20:23.1Wisconsin-Milwaukee
31.FrKayleigh Toombs20:24.7Detroit Mercy
32.JrDanyelle Somerfield20:25.8Illinois-Chicago
33.FrTanaiya Fisher20:31.2Wisconsin-Milwaukee
34.SoLauren Blase20:35.3Youngstown State
35.FrJessica Eichen20:41.8Detroit Mercy
36.FrRosemary Gillam20:42.1Illinois-Chicago
37.SrSarah Kemple20:43.6Butler
38.JrKendelle Krause20:43.8Wisconsin-Green Bay
39.JrTerricita Thomas20:45.6Detroit Mercy
40.SrMarie Pitsenbarger20:45.9Wright State
41.SrCallie Bartel20:46.1Wisconsin-Green Bay
42.JrEmily Farrell20:47.3Wisconsin-Green Bay
43.SoColleen Conway20:51.9Cleveland State
44.FrAubrey Bosma20:53.5Valparaiso
45.JrCrissy Bieling20:54.8Detroit Mercy
46.SoAlyssa Bradford20:55.7Valparaiso
47.FrKayla Witmer20:56.7Youngstown State
48.FrKristin Scolarici20:57.1Illinois-Chicago
49.SoLisa Lee20:58.6Youngstown State
50.JrJulie Piotrowski20:59.9Cleveland State
51.SoMary Kate Carrick21:02.1Illinois-Chicago
52.SrKerry Brennan21:03.0Illinois-Chicago
53.SoBeata Gorzynska21:03.3Detroit Mercy
54.SoJen Roman21:03.7Youngstown State
55.FrNatalie Hopwood21:04.3Wright State
56.FrKristie Ferrans21:04.8Detroit Mercy
57.SoRachel Howell21:04.9Valparaiso
58.SoDawn Goodwin21:05.5Youngstown State
59.FrKelli Grundmann21:07.2Wisconsin-Milwaukee
60.JrMadelyn McGhee21:09.2Youngstown State
61.SoAlison Ohliger21:16.2Cleveland State
62.FrJordan Hoile21:18.2Cleveland State
63.JrJennifer DeFauw21:18.2Detroit Mercy
64.FrSara Christensen21:19.4Valparaiso
65.JrDanielle Magargee21:28.1Wisconsin-Milwaukee
66.JrJulie Cain21:28.1Illinois-Chicago
67.FrKelcie Witmer21:32.9Youngstown State
68.FrCarlisle Heinselman21:38.6Youngstown State
69.FrKrisiti Wasserburger21:43.5Wisconsin-Milwaukee
70.JrWhitney MacK21:47.2Wisconsin-Green Bay
71.FrMarissa Bozue21:48.0Wright State
72.FrDanielle Pozolinski21:48.2Wisconsin-Green Bay
73.FrMalin Heineking21:49.8Youngstown State
74.JrAudrey Piotrowski21:50.5Cleveland State
75.FrShantel Jackson21:55.5Youngstown State
76.FrSarah Heining21:59.4Wright State
77.FrStephanie Johnson22:23.4Illinois-Chicago
78.JrChanteenel McClendon22:28.8Detroit Mercy
79.SrErin Stache22:31.4Wisconsin-Green Bay
80.SoTaryn Cochran22:39.8Wright State
81.FrWhitney Bowman22:42.4Valparaiso
82.SrChristina Hill22:48.4Wright State
83.JrHillary Hamer22:49.2Wisconsin-Green Bay
84.JrAlison Furton22:52.8Wisconsin-Green Bay
85.JrLauren McLaughlin22:56.0Valparaiso
86.JrAmy Moore23:04.5Youngstown State
87.JrMelissa Franson23:14.4Wisconsin-Green Bay
88.JrKatie Puthoff23:28.1Wright State
89.JrMelisa Mazanec23:33.7Cleveland State
90.JrAmy Salzman23:37.0Cleveland State
91.FrAshley Aggi23:56.0Detroit Mercy
92.FrKatie Hennessey24:11.0Valparaiso
93.FrCatalina Marquez25:26.1Illinois-Chicago
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