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Anne Arundel 6 Team League Meet HS

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Meet Host - Chesapeake-AA HS
Location - Chesapeake HS, Pasadena, MD - Map
Mens Races

Chesapeake HS

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
Womens Races

Chesapeake HS

5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12William Neal15.51Chesapeake-AA
2.11Cody Vernon16.46Old Mill Senior
3.12Kyle Olslund16.51Old Mill Senior
4.11Ripken LaMarsh17.15Chesapeake-AA
5.12Dane Pegg17.18Chesapeake-AA
6.9Alex Love17.26Chesapeake-AA
7.10Sam Phipps17.31Chesapeake-AA
8.11DJ Drexel17.53Chesapeake-AA
9.12Zach Hoffman17.57Old Mill Senior
10.12Tyler Trainor18.00Chesapeake-AA
11.12Spencer Grenagle18.07Northeast-AA
12.10Matt Fontaine18.11Chesapeake-AA
13.12Nicholas Wise18.28Old Mill Senior
14.10Tom Adams18.29North County
15.12Eris Pinto18.32Old Mill Senior
16.12Phil Trainor18.37Chesapeake-AA
17.10Daniel Guth18.46Annapolis
18.10Shayne McIntyre18.48Old Mill Senior
19.10Mike Ferguson18.49Chesapeake-AA
20.10Chris Frye18.50North County
21.9Jacob Bustos19.04Arundel
22.11Andrew Brennan19.13Chesapeake-AA
24.11Ryan Hanson19.20Northeast-AA
25.11Chris Say19.22Arundel
26.-Nick Short19.24North County
29.11Adam Blevins19.36Chesapeake-AA
33.12Tyler Stocksdale19.40Chesapeake-AA
34.12Cody Garrett19.41Northeast-AA
35.11Ian Stringfield19.44Old Mill Senior
37.10Daniel Hendrix19.46Chesapeake-AA
38.11Shane O'Donnell19.47Annapolis
39.11Michael Stewart20.00Chesapeake-AA
40.-Shawn Farmer20.12Old Mill Senior
41.10Jamie Snead20.13Chesapeake-AA
42.9Jake Stolzenbach20.16North County
43.9Noah Ferry20.21Old Mill Senior
44.10Ryan Mcgahgan20.22Northeast-AA
46.12Ben Travers20.42Old Mill Senior
47.-Leon Parker20.42Old Mill Senior
48.11Jacob Kirchmann20.43Northeast-AA
49.11Greg Doyle20.48Old Mill Senior
51.9Tristan Freeburger20.51Northeast-AA
52.10Zack Miley21.01Chesapeake-AA
56.12Bradley Welsh21.11Northeast-AA
60.10Chris Kellner21.30North County
66.12Robby Tollett21.47Chesapeake-AA
67.11Mitch Kammer21.49Chesapeake-AA
77.10Patrick May22.47Chesapeake-AA
85.12Elizha Pinto23.39Old Mill Senior
88.9Robby Klebe23.52Chesapeake-AA
92.9Patrick Oltman25.22Chesapeake-AA
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Josie Fillat20.10Chesapeake-AA
2.11Lindsay Holland21.01North County
3.12Ashley Sturgill21.38Northeast-AA
4.12Kortnie Walker21.45Chesapeake-AA
5.10Katelyn Rilee21.50Chesapeake-AA
6.11Lindsay Butterworth21.58Chesapeake-AA
7.9Megan Morgan22.39Chesapeake-AA
8.9Juliette Mason23.09Chesapeake-AA
9.12Jazmine Holland23.16Old Mill Senior
10.11Julia Loudon23.17Chesapeake-AA
11.12Jessi Bond23.20Old Mill Senior
12.12Tara Stocksdale23.55Chesapeake-AA
13.11Angelina Sprecher23.56Old Mill Senior
14.11Kaili Owens24.08Old Mill Senior
17.12Katie Kocovinos24.39Chesapeake-AA
19.10Jessica Garrett24.41Old Mill Senior
20.10Ashley Dolan24.41Chesapeake-AA
23.11Jenna Beatty25.13Chesapeake-AA
24.9alanna Deleon25.15Arundel
25.12Olivia McWhirter25.21Chesapeake-AA
27.11Alex Dystant25.27Arundel
28.12Meghan Scheffel25.29Chesapeake-AA
32.11Jennifer Panek29.09Arundel
34.10Kaitlyn Govatos26.22Annapolis
35.12Casey O'Brien26.23Annapolis
37.9Madeline Dion26.25Annapolis
38.11Taylor Morris26.25Annapolis
39.9Cassidy Burlace26.26Annapolis
40.11Deanne Jones26.38Chesapeake-AA
41.10Ilana Hinkleman26.38Old Mill Senior
43.-Amber Zurn26.42Old Mill Senior
44.-Alley Andrews26.48North County
46.11Katie Paesch27.54Chesapeake-AA
47.9Emily Cheatwood28.51Chesapeake-AA
48.12Julianna Garvey28.56Chesapeake-AA
49.10Laurie Baldwin29.09Chesapeake-AA
51.11Nicole Arnold30.07Chesapeake-AA
53.9Kelly Compton30.56Chesapeake-AA
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