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WIAA 2A State Championships HS

Saturday, November 08, 1997

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - John Crawford
Location - Sun Willows Golf Course, Pasco, WA - Map
Mens Races

Sun Willows Golf Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Sun Willows Golf Course

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Mike Witt16:17Lakeside
2.10Matt Harriman16:21Omak
3.12Kevin Smith16:29Ridgefield
4.12Neil Small16:30Chewelah
5.10Rafael Chacon16:36Grandview
6.12Jose Mata16:38East Valley-Yakima
7.11Ryan Davison16:41East Valley-Yakima
8.12Ian Grulke16:44Rochester
9.12Bill Warner16:45Riverside
10.12Brian Christie16:45Omak
11.12Lyndsy Roberts16:47Ephrata
12.10Luis Reyes16:48Wapato
13.11Jeremy McCullough16:51Lakewood
14.11Rosendo Gudino16:52Toppenish
15.11Perry Welch16:55Lakeside
16.11Trevor Blackwell16:58Lakeside
17.12Todd Smith16:59Cascade-Leavenworth
18.11Nathan Waunch16:59Rochester
19.9Owen Farcy16:59Vashon Island
20.9Boyd Massie17:00Omak
21.11Trevor Smith17:00Lakeside
22.11Merle Jones17:01East Valley-Yakima
23.12Trevor Galey17:03Grandview
24.12James Corliss17:04Steilacoom
25.9Jake Haskins17:05Port Townsend
26.10Shawn Close17:08Lakeside
27.12Corey Wemp17:11Ephrata
28.12Willi Gorrod17:13Goldendale
29.11Torin Koos17:17Cascade-Leavenworth
30.10Luke McIlroy17:18Naches Valley
31.12Christian Nessit17:21Port Townsend
32.10Nathaniel Harrison17:22Meridian
33.12Derek Smith17:23Lakeside
34.12Brendan Hay17:26Elma
35.12Jeff Joly17:28East Valley-Yakima
36.10Preston Brashers17:28Stevenson
37.12Troy Pokswinski17:29Lakewood
38.11Nate Murray17:30Lakewood
39.11Scott Cihak17:31Hoquiam
40.10Jason Taylor17:32Ephrata
41.11James Hustad17:37Ephrata
42.10Jeremy Poland17:40Steilacoom
43.10Nathan Bilodeau17:41Ephrata
44.12Justin Zemlicka17:44Rochester
45.11Trevor Henry17:45Forks
46.12Barry Barber17:47Orting
47.11Kip Twaddle17:52Meridian
48.9Nathan Skuza17:53Elma
49.12Jason Ostenson17:59Steilacoom
50.9Dan Guerrero18:01Ephrata
51.11Brett Larson18:02Lakeside
52.11Ryan Nichols18:12Rochester
53.9Tievon Tachell18:13Omak
54.10Chip Halseth18:14East Valley-Yakima
55.10Brian Black18:19Ephrata
56.10Robert Knight18:20Elma
57.10David Wheeler18:21Elma
58.12Ian Barton18:26Lakewood
59.10Ian Nelson18:34Ridgefield
60.9John David de La H...18:36Rochester
61.12Justin Grillo18:42Omak
62.11Ben Irwin18:44Rochester
63.10Jose Gutierrez18:45East Valley-Yakima
64.10David Moulton18:50Omak
65.10Brandon Names18:52Lakewood
66.12Phillip Roberts19:03Steilacoom
67.11Billy Kent19:17East Valley-Yakima
68.12Jay Snyder19:18Steilacoom
69.12Brian Johnson19:18Elma
70.12Donovan McCaleb19:19Rochester
71.10Matt Clapp19:28Lakewood
72.10Craig Langseth19:32Omak
73.10Isaac Johnson19:39Steilacoom
74.12Matt Wood19:42Lakewood
75.9C.J. Richmond19:50Elma
76.11Matt Bulick19:57Steilacoom
77.9James Lystad20:35Elma
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Staci Hunter18:56Ephrata
2.11Lana Noble19:33Connell
3.10Sarah Bell19:50Newport
4.12Marcy Kinzel19:54Ephrata
5.12Shannon Larson19:58Forks
6.12Laura Becker19:59Montesano
7.9Jackie King20:01Hoquiam
8.10Leslie Nelson20:04Omak
9.12Connie Williams20:18Lakeside
10.11Angie Wood20:21Steilacoom
11.12Lori Allred20:25Ephrata
12.10Marie Pascoe20:28Hoquiam
13.10Danielle Peck20:33Cascade-Leavenworth
14.10Laurie Rounds20:34Wapato
15.11Carrie Sellereite20:34Connell
16.11Eryn Cook20:36Pullman
17.10Barrett Ebright20:41Vashon Island
18.9Lauren White20:44Newport
19.10Sara Robinson20:45Colville
20.10Michelle Kinley20:46Chewelah
21.11Liesl Opp20:55Newport
22.10Shelby Moore20:57Black Hills
23.10Amanda Baker21:01Colville
24.10Amy Ellingson21:02Elma
25.9Carrie Hufaker21:03Pullman
26.9Bethany VanEtten21:03Steilacoom
27.10Pam Kobylarz21:04Newport
28.9Cassie Weyhmiller21:07Port Townsend
29.10Sarah Thompson21:08Ephrata
30.11Rebecca Jacobson21:09Lakewood
31.12Becky Franza21:11Cascade-Leavenworth
32.11Jean Gardner21:12Newport
33.9Jamie Anderson21:13Lakewood
34.11Andrea Quinn21:15Granite Falls
35.9Tiffany Criger21:16Lakewood
36.11Casey Clevenger21:16Cascade-Leavenworth
37.10Courtney Munson21:17Rochester
38.11Nora Zaprzalka21:17Riverside
39.9Kara Flannery21:17Ephrata
40.10Kelli Keiper21:21Riverside
41.10Makayla Gabel21:22Riverside
42.10Becca Hassler21:23Riverside
43.12Mori Laurich21:24Newport
44.12Tarell Muscutt21:26Nooksack Valley
45.9Jessica Kneeshaw21:31Vashon Island
46.11Shawn Olson21:33Meridian
47.12Christy Mease21:37Riverside
48.10Rebecca Rumann21:37Cascade-Leavenworth
49.9Kyle Bergren21:46Cascade-Leavenworth
50.11Susie Schweizer21:52Cascade-Leavenworth
51.9Kae Stephens21:56Vashon Island
52.12Anna Ostman22:00Newport
53.12Becca Sudduth22:03Vashon Island
54.9Jennie Dickson22:16Montesano
55.12Leaha Leuze22:22Lakewood
56.11Annie Kemp22:25Riverside
57.10Hayley Wood22:27Riverside
58.11Tiffany King22:32Hoquiam
59.11Danyel Brown22:37Ephrata
60.11Elaine Mortimeyer22:39Montesano
61.12Abby Parks22:41Montesano
62.9Alicia Cleverly22:43Hoquiam
63.9Amy Kazen22:44Lakewood
64.10Lorien Smith22:53Ephrata
65.11Della Barrett22:56Hoquiam
66.10Lana Waters23:02Lakewood
67.12Cheryl Souza23:10Montesano
68.12Michelle Walsh23:16Lakewood
69.11Krisa Gardner23:30Vashon Island
70.11Bett Simpson23:41Hoquiam
71.12Erinn Devere23:48Vashon Island
72.12Heather Vorenkamp24:12:00Vashon Island
73.10Taryn Gallington24:20:00Montesano
74.12Colleen Ward24:56:00Montesano
75.11Jodi Autrey26:01:00Hoquiam
76.10Sara Carani27:20:00Cascade-Leavenworth
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