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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Men  
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1.JrAndy Gregor16:12 SRDickinson
2.JrGreg Leak16:12 SRDickinson
3.JrNick Karwoski16:12 SRDickinson
4.SoBrian Krusell16:12 SRDickinson
5.SoKent Pecora16:14 PRDickinson
6.FrDylan Straughan16:21 PRDickinson
7.SrGregory Cumming16:23 PRGettysburg
8.SoMichael Tarkoff16:25 PRDickinson
9.JrJeff Butterworth16:32 PRGettysburg
10.FrTed MacDonald16:36 PRDickinson
11.SrJustin Frisco16:39 PRDickinson
12.SoDaniel O'Neill16:46 PRGettysburg
13.FrBrenden Repack16:49 SRGettysburg
14.SoRyan Bell16:57 SRFranklin & Marshall
15.SoClay Reynolds17:03 SRGettysburg
16.SrFrank Hoban17:03 PRGettysburg
17.SrBrandon Jones17:05 PRDickinson
18.FrGrigory Iventichev17:05 PRDickinson
19.FrJames Pagano17:05 SRDickinson
20.JrGreg Williams17:12 PRGettysburg
21.SrMichael Blake17:22 PRDickinson
22.FrSean Galiczynski17:24 SRDickinson
23.JrAdrian Macdonald17:25 SRGettysburg
24.FrDavid Breen17:28 SRDickinson
25.FrErik Bachrach17:30 PRDickinson
26.JrFranklin Dekker17:32 PRFranklin & Marshall
27.SrAndrew Gentile17:35 PRDickinson
28.SrDaniel Strein17:37 PRGettysburg
29.FrSean Denson17:40 PRDickinson
30.SoTom Robson17:42 SRDickinson
31.FrMarc Stachowski17:44 PRGettysburg
32.FrWilson Riccardo17:45 SRDickinson
33.SoEric Olsen17:49 SRFranklin & Marshall
34.SoNik Tama17:55 SRGettysburg
35.JrAndrew Reed18:07 SRGettysburg
36.JrBen Khouri18:09 SRDickinson
37.SoRobert Allaway18:14 SRDickinson
38.SoThomas Daniels18:19 SRGettysburg
39.FrDennis Young18:21 SRDickinson
40.JrNate Yancheff18:25 SRDickinson
41.SoJeffrey Hindes18:26 PRFranklin & Marshall
42.SrRob Werk18:32 PRGettysburg
43.SoRob Jansen18:52 SRDickinson
44.JrRyan Birnbaum18:55 PRFranklin & Marshall
45.SrAlex Steel19:02 PRGettysburg
46.JrEvan Bollinger19:15 SRDickinson
47.FrMike Mansuy19:19 SRDickinson
48.FrTed Broderick19:20 SRGettysburg
49.FrBryant Robinson19:36 PRFranklin & Marshall
50.SoJoel Meredith19:41 PRDickinson
51.FrTrevor Donnelly19:42 PRFranklin & Marshall
52.FrMichael Dohrman19:44 PRFranklin & Marshall
53.JrAndrew Askins19:51 SRGettysburg
54.SoPaul Tanasoca20:17 PRGettysburg
55.JrPaul Corbett20:35 PRDickinson
56.SoMason Showalter20:45 PRGettysburg
57.FrSam Schleappi20:57 PRGettysburg
58.SrRyan Daniel21:05 PRDickinson
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
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1.JrSarah Fritz19:00 PRGettysburg
2.SrDarcy McDonald19:10 PRDickinson
3.JrKerrin Epstein19:19 SRGettysburg
4.SrBecca Trosch19:34 PRDickinson
5.SoKimberly Powell19:47 PRDickinson
6.JrKristina Pfeifer20:02 PRDickinson
7.SoElizabeth Kosta20:16 PRDickinson
8.SrRachel Guthridge20:22Gettysburg
9.FrCatherine Campbell20:22 PRDickinson
10.SrBecca Zabel20:32 PRGettysburg
11.SoRachel Suydam20:44Franklin & Marshall
12.JrEmily Lawrence20:48 PRDickinson
13.SrMegan Hunter21:00Franklin & Marshall
14.SoEmily Wilson21:02 SRFranklin & Marshall
15.SoBrynn Steblay21:05 PRDickinson
16.JrKelly Farrelly21:06Franklin & Marshall
17.SoEmily Kornfeld21:09Franklin & Marshall
18.FrErica Forzley21:09 PRGettysburg
19.SoAmy Jordan21:11Franklin & Marshall
20.FrRebecca Robbins21:15 SRDickinson
21.FrMerit O'Hare21:20 SRDickinson
22.JrMary Hamilton21:24 SRDickinson
23.SoLauren Woodcock21:33 PRDickinson
24.JrSara Coleman21:34 PRGettysburg
25.SoJenna Bush21:45Franklin & Marshall
26.SrJennie French21:45 PRGettysburg
27.JrSarah Romano21:45Dickinson
28.FrGrace Thompson21:51Franklin & Marshall
29.SoEmily Bastian22:00 PRDickinson
30.FrGina Norato22:02 PRDickinson
32.FrHillary Flynn22:11 PRFranklin & Marshall
33.SoMichelle Sanchez22:13 PRDickinson
33.JrJessica Jalbert22:28 PRGettysburg
34.SoAmy Burke22:46Franklin & Marshall
36.FrAmanda Pellowe22:50Gettysburg
37.SoCasey Lumpkin22:51Gettysburg
37.FrKyler Philbin22:54Gettysburg
38.JrEva Greenberg22:59Dickinson
39.JrJamie Hennick23:04 PRDickinson
40.SoRebecca Dooley23:13 PRDickinson
41.FrElizabeth Albright23:17Franklin & Marshall
42.FrMarianne Royce23:27 PRGettysburg
43.SoKatie Griffin23:29 PRGettysburg
44.SoMelissa Zimmerman23:47Franklin & Marshall
45.FrMargaret Capp24:17Franklin & Marshall
46.SrEmily Weir24:20Franklin & Marshall
47.FrValerie Craven24:48 PRGettysburg
48.JrBecky Kinsley25:00 SRGettysburg
49.SrKiera Rakoff25:03Franklin & Marshall
50.SrSamantha Schneider25:28 PRFranklin & Marshall
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