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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Michael Bailey
16:14.53Greenbrier Christian
2.12David Leber
17:49.38Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
3.11Ryan Lanoue
18:17.30Norfolk Collegiate
4.12Bobby Lanoue
18:25.01Norfolk Collegiate
5.12David Blanchard
18:30.49Cape Henry Collegiate
6.11Jacob Lejman
18:33.64Bishop Sullivan Cath...
7.11Greg Swanson
18:37.63Norfolk Christian
8.11Andy Adams
18:46.90Norfolk Christian
9.12Jeff Warner
19:02.13Norfolk Christian
10.12Clint Boyer
19:20.95Norfolk Collegiate
11.12AJ Beck
19:22.52Norfolk Collegiate
12.10Trevon Foster
19:23.20Norfolk Christian
13.10Adam Link
19:37.69Walsingham Academy
14.9Ian Hawkes
19:48.31Walsingham Academy
15.12Jack Hall
19:51.56Bishop Sullivan Cath...
16.12Brian Rusnak
20:00.94Bishop Sullivan Cath...
17.8Peter Eich
20:08.86Norfolk Christian
18.11Alex Crenshaw
20:19.06Cape Henry Collegiate
19.9Amory Langley
20:24.81Bishop Sullivan Cath...
20.8Dawson Connell
20:27.67Hampton Roads Academy
21.9Marc Leber
20:36.93Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
22.10Damian Girona
20:38.43Hampton Roads Academy
23.12Josiah Horn
20:38.73Greenbrier Christian
24.11Brent Hearn
20:42.43Bishop Sullivan Cath...
25.11Mike Faust
20:50.39Bishop Sullivan Cath...
26.11Peter McCabe
20:55.71Bishop Sullivan Cath...
28.9Zack Szymanski
20:58.83Greenbrier Christian
29.9Daniel Mulvey
20:59.72Cape Henry Collegiate
30.10Holt Lassiter
21:00.44Bishop Sullivan Cath...
31.9Wesley Norton
21:01.59Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
32.12Morgan Kempster
21:25.58Norfolk Collegiate
33.10Wilson Waddill
21:32.80Hampton Roads Academy
34.9Carter Elswick
21:41.22Greenbrier Christian
35.8Zach Leitner
21:47.69Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
36.8Patrick Lestyan
21:48.57Greenbrier Christian
37.11AJ Kelly
22:05.48Bishop Sullivan Cath...
38.10Thomas Palmer
22:09.72Norfolk Christian
39.10Thomas DiFazio
22:14.63 SRBishop Sullivan Cath...
40.-Adam Becerra
22:17.67Bishop Sullivan Cath...
41.12Addison Page
22:19.59 PRCape Henry Collegiate
42.11JJ Baumgartner
22:24.57Bishop Sullivan Cath...
43.-Josiah Ramsawh
22:27.24 PRNorfolk Collegiate
44.8David Baldwin
22:27.77Norfolk Collegiate
45.9Chris Douglas
22:31.72Bishop Sullivan Cath...
46.10Tyler Webb
22:33.69Bishop Sullivan Cath...
47.11James Duvall
22:42.04Bishop Sullivan Cath...
48.11Matt Fanghella
22:43.27Bishop Sullivan Cath...
49.9Jacob Howell
22:44.06Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
50.11Brooks Mears
22:52.99Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
51.11Andrew Sceviour
22:53.31Norfolk Christian
52.-Isaih Drew
22:54.65 SRAtlantic Shores Chri...
53.-James Mtcham
22:56.05 PRHampton Roads Academy
54.10Anthony Waldner
22:56.81Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
55.10Jared Donaghue
22:59.39Bishop Sullivan Cath...
56.7Josh Pesich
23:01.25Norfolk Christian
57.10James Titus
23:01.62Bishop Sullivan Cath...
58.12Sal Serpe
23:01.95Cape Henry Collegiate
59.12Nik Staicer
23:03.98Bishop Sullivan Cath...
60.9Tripp Jones
23:06.08Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
61.8Steve Turack
23:08.41Norfolk Collegiate
62.11Jake Lindsey
23:10.16Bishop Sullivan Cath...
63.12Phillip Mccrite
23:16.09 SRBishop Sullivan Cath...
64.12Joe Reedy
23:18.77Cape Henry Collegiate
65.10Colin Baumgartner
23:20.41 PRBishop Sullivan Cath...
66.7Matthew Lawrence
23:26.57Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
67.11Trip Bose
23:38.01Norfolk Christian
68.8Ian Gallagher
23:44.52Walsingham Academy
69.-Paul Thrush
23:46.84Bishop Sullivan Cath...
70.10Marshall Padilla
23:54.21Hampton Roads Academy
71.7Luke FitzHarris
23:59.21Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
72.-Austin Wyenandt
24:01.29Walsingham Academy
73.11Kenneth Gerry
24:06.78Norfolk Christian
74.11Thomas Simmons
24:10.93Bishop Sullivan Cath...
75.-Michael Peterson
24:17.72Bishop Sullivan Cath...
76.11Tony Monaco
24:45.27Bishop Sullivan Cath...
77.11Clayton Leverett
24:51.99Bishop Sullivan Cath...
78.11Kyle Miller
24:55.80Bishop Sullivan Cath...
79.-Michael Ahlrgrim
25:04.94Atlantic Shores Chri...
80.-Brock Hamilton
25:05.69 PRAtlantic Shores Chri...
81.12Drew Sinesi
25:06.19Norfolk Collegiate
82.-David Ascarrunz
25:07.93Bishop Sullivan Cath...
83.11Aaron Houck
25:10.25Bishop Sullivan Cath...
84.12Brian Cash
25:10.64Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
85.9Reed Mccarter
25:10.88Hampton Roads Academy
86.11Brian Fuller
25:14.48Hampton Roads Academy
87.9Andrew Flores
25:19.51 SRAtlantic Shores Chri...
88.8Nathan Hecht
25:32.43Norfolk Collegiate
89.7Spencer Mathews
25:43.75Norfolk Collegiate
90.12Mark Raynor
25:52.39Bishop Sullivan Cath...
91.10Philip Jones
26:02.25Cape Henry Collegiate
92.11Ben Salazar
26:16.40Bishop Sullivan Cath...
93.-Sam Crouch
26:16.66 PRNorfolk Collegiate
94.8Chandler Julien
26:28.40Walsingham Academy
95.11Douglas Reutzel
26:38.48Cape Henry Collegiate
96.12Douglas Parr
26:41.25Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
97.10Alex Krupski
26:55.51Walsingham Academy
98.11James Henifin
26:58.69Hampton Roads Academy
99.9Ben Allen
27:14.16Hampton Roads Academy
100.11Nick Leon
27:30.45Bishop Sullivan Cath...
101.10Matt Lustig
27:52.09Hampton Roads Academy
102.-Daniel Brown
28:15.86 PRBishop Sullivan Cath...
103.12Corbin Tudor
28:19.68Bishop Sullivan Cath...
104.-David Smith
29:24.78 PRNorfolk Collegiate
105.6Shawn Rice
30:24.60Atlantic Shores Chri...
106.-Mack Jonathan
30:25.01Atlantic Shores Chri...
107.-J Andrews
30:35.98 PRAtlantic Shores Chri...
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