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RPI Saratoga Invitational 2003 Collegiate

Saturday, October 25, 2003

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Saratoga State Park, Saratoga Springs, NY
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Mens Races

Saratoga State Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

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1.SrMichael Styczynski25:29Ithaca
2.SoJon French25:49St Lawrence
3.SrAndy Dana25:58St Lawrence
4.JrShawn Calabrese26:13Ithaca
5.SrAvi Kramer26:16Vassar
6.SrJonah Freedman26:17St Lawrence
7.SrJeff Abbott26:19Rochester IT
8.JrDarren Zens26:27Ithaca
9.SrAdam Cross26:29Rochester IT
10.SoAdam Van Nortwick26:39St Lawrence
11.FrMatthew St. James26:52Roberts Wesleyan
12.FrPatrick MC Greal26:56Ithaca
13.SrMichael Cook26:57Alfred U
14.JrRyan Pancoast26:58Rochester IT
15.SrDavid Hurtado27:08Rensselaer Polytechn...
16.JrSam Perry27:09St Lawrence
17.JrDoug DE Groote27:10Ithaca
18.-Jeff Arnold27:16Roberts Wesleyan
19.SrJon Booth27:17Rochester IT
20.SoJesse Williamson27:22Rochester IT
21.SrCurtis Howard27:24Rochester IT
22.JrRyan Bank27:25Alfred U
23.SrJohn Bonnett27:26Rensselaer Polytechn...
24.JrAaron Ladd27:28St Lawrence
25.JrJosh Schuster27:28Rensselaer Polytechn...
26.JrBob Baniak27:31Rensselaer Polytechn...
27.SoMatt Haringa27:32Rensselaer Polytechn...
28.FrMorton Caster27:34Ithaca
29.SoKevin Emblidge27:36St Lawrence
30.FrDane Schneider27:37St Lawrence
31.JrDaniel Burnett27:37Alfred U
32.SrLogan Quist-Chafee27:38Alfred U
33.SrValon Xharra27:39Bard
34.JrDaniel Gagnon27:45Alfred U
35.JrRyan Pollock27:46St Lawrence
36.SoSeth Golding27:46Ithaca
37.SoMalcolm Watson27:50Ithaca
38.FrEdward "Ned" Slagle27:51Hartwick
39.FrKevin Smith27:53Rochester IT
40.FrNicholas Paicos27:54Ithaca
41.SoChris Schauerman28:03Rochester IT
42.JrChad Byler28:04Rochester IT
43.SoJohn Evans28:08Rensselaer Polytechn...
44.JrRobert MC Coy28:14Rochester IT
45.FrStan Vinokur28:22Rensselaer Polytechn...
46.-Ian Hubbard28:23St Lawrence
47.SoBen Meade28:24St Lawrence
48.JrSchuyler Schuster28:29Vassar
49.SrDave Vona28:29Rensselaer Polytechn...
50.FrLuke Tamagna-Darr28:33Ithaca
51.FrAndrew Dorr28:34Roberts Wesleyan
52.FrWill Kohut28:39Rensselaer Polytechn...
53.SrRobert Middleton28:41Hobart
54.FrBrian Aucter28:42St Lawrence
55.SoDavid Cook28:44Alfred U
56.JrJustin Kratz28:49Alfred U
57.FrJames Martin28:49Union
58.FrJeff Abbott28:49Ithaca
59.-Bryan Ferguson28:54Ithaca
60.SoJustin Niebel29:01Roberts Wesleyan
61.SoJason Belt29:09Alfred U
62.JrEric Davis29:20Hartwick
63.SoJon Hudack29:22Alfred U
64.FrBobby Bloor29:24Rensselaer Polytechn...
65.FrAaron Loux29:27Roberts Wesleyan
66.SoJeff Norton29:29Alfred U
67.SoMichael Tegart29:33Hartwick
68.SrPeter Warrington29:34Rensselaer Polytechn...
69.FrGreg Holmes29:39Union
70.FrPhilip Ingrassia29:40Roberts Wesleyan
71.-Jeff Foran29:43Rensselaer Polytechn...
72.SoKyle Poag29:47Roberts Wesleyan
73.FrEzra Markowitz29:50Vassar
74.FrBryan Wandel29:54Roberts Wesleyan
75.SrAndrew Crawford30:04Alfred U
76.SrRobbie Fair30:07Vassar
77.JrAaron Fitts30:12Rensselaer Polytechn...
78.FrKyle Herwig30:14Rensselaer Polytechn...
79.-Greg Nuber30:23Rensselaer Polytechn...
80.SoGauthier Giacomoni30:25Hobart
81.FrTom O'Grady30:31Rensselaer Polytechn...
82.FrRobert Stevenson30:33Hobart
83.FrMichael Guglielmo30:42Hobart
84.-Nic Engel30:44Rensselaer Polytechn...
85.SoGreg McClung30:45Union
86.FrTed Williams30:52Hobart
87.FrBrian Myer30:55Union
88.JrDrew Mosher31:01Hobart
89.-Matt Welch31:04Rensselaer Polytechn...
90.SoSamir Halilovic31:24Vassar
91.JrAaron Sherman31:30Roberts Wesleyan
92.-Jesse Bye31:31Union
93.SoAndrew Schaeffer31:42Union
94.-Paul Mueller31:57Alfred U
95.SoChris Bory32:05Union
96.JrDustin Wicksell32:14Hartwick
97.SoMichael White32:34Vassar
98.FrTomas Simovic33:07Union
99.FrJon Thatcher33:31Union
100.-Dan Graffam34:30Vassar
101.-Kenny Moss34:32Alfred U
102.SoMatthew Kennedy35:11Roberts Wesleyan
103.SoSean Pelnick36:08Hobart
104.-Ted Griswold37:05Alfred U
105.SoJonathan Newman37:20Vassar
106.-Alex DI Lorenzo37:29Alfred U
107.-Mike Contario37:40Roberts Wesleyan
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.SrHeidi Spalholz18:05Rochester IT
2.SrAmanda Laytham18:06Ithaca
3.JrKim Cipura18:11Roberts Wesleyan
4.SrAmy Barr18:13St Lawrence
5.JrBridgette Pilling18:16Ithaca
6.SrRebecca Rosenberg-...18:28Rensselaer Polytechn...
7.SoKerry Banazek18:36St Lawrence
8.JrTora Olafsen18:36St Lawrence
9.-Jessica Garrison18:42Roberts Wesleyan
10.FrSusan Meyer18:45Ithaca
11.SoAnastasia Kasianchuk18:45Ithaca
12.SrKristen Cravotta18:46Ithaca
13.FrElizabeth Ludovici18:47St Lawrence
14.SrAmanda Fix18:52St Lawrence
15.JrErin Doak18:57Roberts Wesleyan
16.SoJennifer Scribani18:58Roberts Wesleyan
17.SoBridget Coon19:08St Lawrence
18.FrLeigh McCallen19:10Vassar
19.SoTrisha Sliker19:18Rochester IT
20.JrLindsay Dalpiaz19:19Ithaca
21.FrLauren Carter19:21Rensselaer Polytechn...
22.SrClaire Lears19:22Rensselaer Polytechn...
23.-Elizabeth Reed19:23Roberts Wesleyan
24.FrRachel Blasiak19:26Ithaca
25.SrLucy Amory19:27Vassar
26.SoIrena MC Quarrie19:28Ithaca
27.JrShala Wilson19:35Hartwick
28.SrRachael Beck19:37Vassar
29.SoNilly Buchsbaum19:42Vassar
30.JrMelissa Glotzbecker19:44St Lawrence
31.SrCara O'Toole19:48Rensselaer Polytechn...
32.FrKim Keszey19:49St Lawrence
33.JrAlyssa Tingle19:51Ithaca
34.JrKara Krebs19:53Ithaca
35.SrLisa Capomaccio19:54Union
36.FrKaren Thorp19:54William Smith
37.SrKerry White19:57Alfred U
38.FrAllison Freeman19:59St Lawrence
39.-Rachel Kaplan20:00William Smith
40.-Molly Lawson20:03Ithaca
41.FrLeanne Roncolato20:04William Smith
42.FrKristen Egan20:05Alfred U
43.-Megan MC Rae20:06Roberts Wesleyan
44.SoShira Evans20:11Ithaca
45.FrAmanda Sullivan20:12Roberts Wesleyan
46.SoCatherine Kautz20:13Alfred U
47.FrAutumn Swan20:15Hartwick
48.JrMolly Rider20:18William Smith
49.SoElaine Heimers20:19Alfred U
50.SrMegan MacNeil20:19Rochester IT
51.SoJennifer Paludi20:20Union
52.FrAnna McClaugherty20:21Alfred U
53.SrKorin DE Acetis20:26St Lawrence
54.JrMegan Reeve20:26St Lawrence
55.SrSarah Snydacker20:27Vassar
56.JrPayson Warlick20:30Ithaca
57.FrJennifer Strong20:35William Smith
58.FrLucy Cohen20:38Vassar
59.FrSarah Paul20:38Rochester IT
60.FrFrancesca Bruno20:41William Smith
61.-Brittany Burgess20:42Ithaca
62.SoElizabeth Hixson20:45Vassar
63.SrJessica Vastola20:48Rochester IT
64.JrLisa Curtin20:49Rochester IT
65.FrDiana Best20:54Vassar
66.SoSarah Heitner20:57Union
67.JrEmily Meacham20:58Rensselaer Polytechn...
68.FrBridget Curran21:00Bard
69.SrLeah Underwood21:07Rensselaer Polytechn...
70.SrLisa Malazzo21:07Alfred U
71.FrJulia Moore21:08Rensselaer Polytechn...
72.JrNicole Haahr21:10Alfred U
73.-Amanda Clarke21:12Roberts Wesleyan
74.JrMorgan Farrow21:13Hartwick
75.FrNatalie Bradfield21:16St Lawrence
76.SrEdith Werpachowski21:25Rensselaer Polytechn...
77.-Julie Keating21:27Roberts Wesleyan
78.SrCorey Atwell21:31Rensselaer Polytechn...
79.SrAmanda Ray21:38Hartwick
80.FrEmily Gordon21:48William Smith
81.SoKathryn Nilsen21:59Hartwick
82.FrAnna Bonnett22:03Rensselaer Polytechn...
83.-Johanna Primmer22:05Rensselaer Polytechn...
84.-Rachel Kelley22:07Roberts Wesleyan
85.SoAmanda Condello22:11William Smith
86.SrTera Hatfield22:16Vassar
87.SoJulie Morganti22:19Rochester IT
88.FrBrandi Cahill22:19Bard
89.-Emily LA Duca22:24William Smith
90.-Maggie Masella22:34Rensselaer Polytechn...
91.JrMaureen MC Glenn22:36Alfred U
92.-Kristen Ungaro22:37Roberts Wesleyan
93.SoRachel Atwood22:42Bard
94.SoKimberly Miner22:46Rochester IT
95.FrKatie Lee22:50Union
96.JrAbby Morgan22:53Bard
97.SoKatrina Hein22:54Roberts Wesleyan
98.-Amy O'Donnell22:54Rochester IT
99.FrCaroline Goodman22:56Vassar
100.JrMeira Gottlieb23:01Alfred U
101.FrJenna Rubinoff23:02William Smith
102.SoCarin Jenkins23:20Union
103.SoJessica McCarthy23:31Rochester IT
104.JrEmily Schmall23:41Bard
105.SoTracy Hubschmitt23:42Alfred U
106.-Christine Wood23:53Roberts Wesleyan
107.SoBecky George24:08Roberts Wesleyan
108.FrSheileen Nicholson24:10Hartwick
109.JrAli Waibel24:14Union
110.JrClaudia Offray24:16William Smith
111.SoChristie Seaver24:21Bard
112.FrKelly Detoy24:26Bard
113.JrChrissy Duff24:32Union
114.-Caley Borglum25:46Alfred U
115.-Nadia Hajii25:51Bard
116.SoSylvi Cohn26:15Vassar
117.SoMeghan Farrington26:39Vassar
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