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MHSAA D2 Regional 18-2 Algonac Goodells Country Park HS

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Goodells County Park, Goodells, MI - Map
Mens Races

Goodells County Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Goodells County Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Xavier Manalo16:09.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
2.12Emery Pitcel16:18.0Richmond
3.11Derrick Laparl16:38.0St. Clair
4.11Nick Brosky16:40.0St. Clair
5.11Brad Lorant16:45.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
6.11Christopher Burns16:52.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
7.12Brett Burg17:18.0Richmond
8.10Patrick Miller17:22.0St. Clair
9.11Alex Chizmadia17:25.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
10.11Josh Rivard17:30.0Algonac
11.11Dominic Moscone17:32.0Algonac
12.11Joe Sedlak17:33.0Warren Lincoln
13.12Logan Lawson17:34.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
14.9Dustin Pitcel17:39.0Richmond
15.12Matt Kurowski17:43.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
16.12Matt Heminger17:51.0St. Clair
17.11Grant Hafner17:56.0Richmond
18.12Dave Wilemski17:57.0St. Clair
19.11Greg Gizowski18:05.0St. Clair
20.10John Alexander18:08.0Madison Heights Lamp...
21.12Ben Wyant18:15.0Algonac
22.10Tyler Krajenka18:16.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
23.11Stephen Poleni18:19.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
24.12Vincent Coppola18:19.0Warren Woods Tower
25.12Scott Stafford18:20.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
26.11Ryan Crispin18:24.0Hazel Park
27.9Randy Gotler18:26.0St. Clair
28.11Justin Rea18:40.0Warren Fitzgerald
29.10Jacob Lambert18:42.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
30.-Raymond Stetter18:44.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
31.10Joseph Cavanaugh18:46.0Madison Heights Lamp...
32.12Heritier Ndele18:55.0Warren Lincoln
33.9Charles Hayden18:55.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
34.10Anthony Clemons18:57.0Madison Heights Lamp...
35.-Levi Laframboise19:00.0Hazel Park
36.12Corey Jackson19:08.0Warren Woods Tower
37.12Brian McCloy19:11.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
38.12Nick Marino19:11.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
39.9Robert Holman19:14.0Marine City
40.10Brett Kramer19:16.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
41.10Jonathan Roberts19:20.0Hazel Park
42.10Jeremy Joanis19:21.0Madison Heights Lamp...
43.11Tyler Peters19:26.0Algonac
44.10Scott Stawinski19:27.0Warren Fitzgerald
45.11Clint Barley19:27.0Hazel Park
46.10Bradley Thueme19:30.0Marine City
47.11Gordon Marcinkoski19:34.0Algonac
48.12Brian McFawn19:34.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
49.11Simon Crachiola19:36.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
50.10Remar Smith19:37.0Warren Fitzgerald
51.10Bryan Bailey19:45.0Center Line
52.-Omar Balawi19:46.0Madison Heights Lamp...
53.9Max Taylor19:46.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
54.11Devon Johnson19:47.0Warren Fitzgerald
55.10Mitchell Berkley19:49.0Warren Woods Tower
56.9Michael Graham19:50.0Richmond
57.-Ryan Wenk20:03.0Algonac
58.-Ashton Lyon20:13.0Madison Heights Lamp...
59.12Mark Cody20:16.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
60.10Craig Regoni20:21.0Warren Woods Tower
61.9Ryan Dean20:22.0Marine City
62.10William Poleni20:25.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
63.-David Diperna20:25.0Madison Heights Lamp...
64.10Austin Bercik20:30.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
65.11George Byers20:34.0Warren Woods Tower
66.12Josh Brenner20:40.0Marine City
67.-Timothy Stahurski20:52.0Hazel Park
68.10Bill LaDuke20:58.0Marine City
69.11Kyle Countryman21:08.0Hazel Park
70.12Tom Beindit21:10.0Richmond
71.-Tu'sond Jewell21:22.0Detroit Acad of Arts...
72.-Allen Reichle21:25.0Marine City
73.-Trevor Kirby21:53.0Marine City
74.11Vang Her22:23.0Warren Lincoln
75.-Antonio Washington26:31.0Warren Lincoln
76.-J. Vincent Allen27:18.0Detroit Acad of Arts...
77.-Melvin Bell27:20.0Detroit Acad of Arts...
78.10Nathan Scott27:22.0Algonac
79.-Timothy Denmark29:28.0Detroit Acad of Arts...
80.12Andrew Dyer29:40.0Warren Woods Tower
81.11Trevor Kelley38:30.0Center Line
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Gina Valgoi18:43.0Warren Regina
2.12Hannah Brisson18:54.0Richmond
3.12Alexandria Vintevo...19:07.0Marine City
4.11Louisa Coppola19:18.0Warren Woods Tower
5.12Alicia Fowler19:32.0St. Clair
6.11Paige Hoag19:42.0Richmond
7.9Sara Barron19:43.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
8.10Ericka Snyder19:47.0Marine City
9.12Carrie Kozel20:02.0Algonac
10.12Meghan Schrader20:04.0Algonac
11.10Kayla Smade20:06.0St. Clair
12.11Alex Lallier20:07.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
13.10Emily Ward20:14.0Marine City
14.9Colette Chapp20:16.0Warren Regina
15.11Rachel Hanson20:24.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
16.12Sarah Seewald20:28.0Madison Heights Lamp...
17.10Kaitlyn Krysiak20:31.0Madison Heights Lamp...
18.-Kaitlin DeBoyer20:38.0Algonac
19.10Angela Gordon20:47.0Madison Heights Lamp...
20.11Elizabeth Kapala20:55.0Madison Heights Lamp...
21.12Rene Cholyway20:57.0Warren Regina
22.12Alayna Lekosiotis21:00.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
23.12Risa Juliano21:09.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
24.12Sarah Uppleger21:11.0Marine City
25.9Hannah Bedford21:20.0Marine City
26.12Melanie Maggetti21:23.0Marine City
27.12Angela Mayack21:33.0Warren Woods Tower
28.11Tammi Leonard21:35.0Madison Heights Lamp...
29.11Elyse McKenna21:37.0Algonac
30.10Kristina Parise21:38.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
31.10Casey Lafriniere21:39.0Warren Woods Tower
32.10Taylor Jones21:40.0Warren Fitzgerald
33.10Samantha Jebrael21:44.0St. Clair
34.12Katlyn Santini21:44.0Marine City
35.11Sarah Colonello21:48.0Warren Regina
36.11Ashley Margosian21:48.0Richmond
37.11Morgan Schultz21:48.0Richmond
38.9Samantha Jackson22:07.0Pontiac Notre Dame P...
39.10Robin Rogers22:18.0Algonac
40.12Kelsey Countryman22:18.0Hazel Park
41.10Carmen Folk22:19.0Warren Regina
42.11Sadie Cinato22:20.0Warren Woods Tower
43.-Andraya Jogenson22:21.0St. Clair
44.11Rachel Zynel22:29.0Warren Regina
45.11Chelsea Essenmacher22:34.0Richmond
46.-Stephanie Gloomis22:39.0Hazel Park
47.9Arianna Davidson22:51.0Warren Regina
48.11Alyca Melick23:03.0St. Clair
49.10Lauren Fitzpatrick23:10.0Warren Woods Tower
50.11Nicole Weidenhaner23:19.0Madison Heights Lamp...
51.10Karla Maradigia23:41.0Madison Heights Lamp...
52.-Jennifer Jiles23:49.0Algonac
53.10Holly Hilliker23:50.0Algonac
54.9Samantha Schwartz23:57.0St. Clair
55.12Katie Jurcak24:04.0Richmond
56.12Emily Schmitt-Matzen24:15.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
57.12Caitlin Sheardy24:26.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
58.-Meaghan Kelley24:27.0Center Line
59.11Ariel Almanza24:35.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
60.9Mariane AbouJaoude24:40.0Warren Woods Tower
61.-Meghan Verweibe25:43.0Hazel Park
62.10Katherine Crachiola25:55.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
63.10Jessica Wallace26:10.0St. Clair Shores Lak...
64.11Mariah Barnhart27:17.0Warren Woods Tower
65.11Amber Kilanowski35:32.0Hazel Park
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