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MHSAA D3 Regional 20-3 Delta College Bay City Western HS

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Location - Delta College, Bay City, MI - Map
Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Anthony Miller16:18.2Freeland
2.12Mike Restifo16:48.9Saginaw Nouvel
3.11Kyle Henderson16:56.1Freeland
4.12Michael Kilbreath17:11.1Sanford Meridian
5.11Ryan Decker17:11.3Midland Bullock Creek
6.12Ryan Pickvet17:22.4Standish Sterling
7.10Nate Trejo-Tate17:25.8Freeland
8.9Adam Terwillegar17:27.2Midland Bullock Creek
9.12Joe Trapp17:28.4Sanford Meridian
10.12Dan Robinson17:35.0Saginaw Swan Valley
11.11Neil Noack17:36.5Freeland
12.11James Rogers17:36.8Saginaw Valley Luthe...
13.10Monte Scott17:37.0Freeland
14.9Ken Burns17:39.6Sanford Meridian
15.12Kyle Follebout17:42.3Hemlock
16.12Ryan Burdo17:44.8Freeland
17.12Kelton Beaubein17:54.0Hemlock
18.11Will Mapes18:03.5Sanford Meridian
19.-Guy Cotter18:11.7Tawas City
20.-Casey Rivette18:12.0Carrollton
21.10Dan Crowe18:14.8Roscommon
22.9Evan Thomas18:15.5Roscommon
23.11Nick Marter18:17.0Saginaw Valley Luthe...
24.11BJ Suitor18:28.5Saginaw Swan Valley
25.10Jacob Card18:29.1Freeland
26.12Kyle Anderson18:30.9St Charles
27.11Stephan Allison18:34.1St Charles
28.11John Brant18:46.8Gladwin
29.-Qwinn Shorkey18:48.5Standish Sterling
30.-Derrek Lucynski18:51.5Pinconning Area
31.12Kyle Babinski18:52.5Saginaw Nouvel
32.11Cody Richardson19:13.9Midland Bullock Creek
33.10Henry Sieggreen19:18.1Saginaw Nouvel
34.9Evan Oldenburg19:18.3Hemlock
35.10Spencer Cabala19:36.1Saginaw Valley Luthe...
36.9AJ Ammon19:37.3Roscommon
37.9Andrew Carlisle19:45.9Saginaw Nouvel
38.12Ben Schuller19:47.6Saginaw Nouvel
39.-Bryce Baase19:51.4Carrollton
40.9Sean Bremer19:53.6Sanford Meridian
41.11Zach Murray19:54.0St Charles
42.-Cody Geartner19:54.4Saginaw Swan Valley
43.11Frank Michalke20:00.3Standish Sterling
44.-Colin Boensch20:04.9Carrollton
45.-Brandon Yott20:08.1St Charles
46.9Cory Madaj20:10.7Midland Bullock Creek
47.12Brandon Himmelein20:11.2Saginaw Nouvel
48.-Cole Manning20:12.6Standish Sterling
49.12Evan Kuck20:13.6Saginaw Valley Luthe...
50.11Ryan Baumgart20:15.3Roscommon
51.-Tayor Huebler-Davis20:16.0Saginaw Swan Valley
52.11Clarence Johnson20:18.3Standish Sterling
53.11David Haskin20:23.8Sanford Meridian
54.12Schroeder Kyle20:26.6Hemlock
55.-Scott Hagenbaugh20:36.7Gladwin
56.12Steven Kreuger20:36.9Hemlock
57.-Matthew Hughes20:40.8Tawas City
58.11Dakota Talbot20:45.6Sanford Meridian
59.-Timothy Glasgow20:46.2Tawas City
60.-Kaleb VanAmburg20:49.4Saginaw Valley Luthe...
61.9Anthony Kushner20:51.9Tawas City
62.-Justin Cliff20:55.0Saginaw Valley Luthe...
63.11Terrance Walker21:03.8Saginaw Valley Luthe...
64.-Travis Taylor21:06.0Oscoda
65.11Michael Anibal21:13.3Midland Bullock Creek
66.9Hank Jacobs21:24.5Roscommon
67.12Mike Arellano21:30.9Saginaw Nouvel
68.9Buddy Jackson21:32.0Oscoda
69.10Jerry Flores21:37.8Saginaw Swan Valley
70.11Adam Brege21:57.5Midland Bullock Creek
71.-Koty LaPorte22:09.7Gladwin
72.10Aaron Colamarino22:15.3Standish Sterling
73.-Dan Medina22:21.9Roscommon
74.9Drew Wiltse22:35.3Roscommon
75.9David Bellville22:39.6Pinconning Area
76.12Tim Andrusiak22:41.7St Charles
77.9Gage Kienitz22:42.9Hemlock
78.10Trever McAlpine23:05.1Pinconning Area
79.10Schroeder Luke23:25.2Hemlock
80.10Matthew Horn23:32.8Tawas City
81.9Brian Perkins23:52.8Oscoda
82.10Anthony Stanley23:59.4Oscoda
83.11Jacob Shearer23:59.6Gladwin
84.-Jon Bodrie24:04.2Pinconning Area
85.11Taylor Szerdi24:25.3Gladwin
86.-Kasey Copus24:36.5Oscoda
87.10Brandon McMahon25:50.1Tawas City
88.11Vincent Raineri25:52.3Gladwin
89.-Jacob Noey26:34.4Midland Bullock Creek
90.10Michael Perkins27:17.4Oscoda
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Corey Bowen19:54.5Midland Bullock Creek
2.10Emilee Warner20:26.0Saginaw Swan Valley
3.11Amanda Slezsak20:31.9Freeland
4.10Emily Short20:46.9Tawas City
5.10Karina Pierce21:00.9Standish Sterling
6.11Chelsea Smith21:15.9Tawas City
7.10Jaclyn Trahan21:23.4Freeland
8.10Jessica Chernich21:24.0Freeland
9.11Emily Podgorniak21:24.7Pinconning Area
10.11Ashley Pickvet21:25.2Standish Sterling
11.10Dana Radosa21:29.5Midland Bullock Creek
12.11Malinda Smith21:36.9Saginaw Swan Valley
13.10Abbie Greenwell21:39.3Saginaw Valley Luthe...
14.12Stephanie Miller22:06.6Freeland
15.12Kara Ramsey22:11.7Saginaw Valley Luthe...
16.10Kaleigh Theriault22:12.5Freeland
17.11Sara Padilla22:13.8Carrollton
18.9Sara Stanley22:21.3Standish Sterling
19.12Sarah Schulz22:24.7Freeland
20.11Holly Trapp22:27.2Sanford Meridian
21.9Erin Moser22:28.1Midland Bullock Creek
22.10Kassie Resio22:32.1Saginaw Swan Valley
23.12Stephanie Faller22:32.4Saginaw Valley Luthe...
24.9Mallory Willford22:35.1Gladwin
25.11Theresa Shibilski22:36.3Freeland
26.10Ashley White22:39.1Standish Sterling
27.12Alyssa Pruder22:42.8Standish Sterling
28.9Kayla Radosa22:48.5Midland Bullock Creek
29.11Sarah Frederick22:49.1Midland Bullock Creek
30.9Alicia Ramsey22:49.9Saginaw Valley Luthe...
31.12Victoria Roberts22:52.7Saginaw Nouvel
32.-Amber Lash22:55.3Sanford Meridian
33.-Heather Kindy23:02.9Saginaw Swan Valley
34.12Marissa Mcguinness23:03.5Saginaw Swan Valley
35.11Shannon McDougall23:06.7Pinconning Area
36.-Rebekah Allington23:08.4Carrollton
37.10Audrey Speckhard23:17.2Hemlock
38.9Haylee Hutchison23:21.2Tawas City
39.-Stephanie Abbe23:29.1Sanford Meridian
40.11Sara Lee23:31.8Sanford Meridian
41.9Chelsey Szyperski23:33.0Pinconning Area
42.9Krista Peterson23:50.7Roscommon
43.10Courtenay Tafel23:51.9Saginaw Nouvel
44.10Paige Kushion23:55.6St Charles
45.11Courtney Kienitz24:01.6Hemlock
46.12Alicia Trombley24:13.0Standish Sterling
47.10Bailey Mielke24:20.1Hemlock
48.9Sarah McIntosh24:28.5Gladwin
49.10Tori Ludu24:29.5Hemlock
50.11Jill Kalinowski24:38.0Gladwin
51.-Abby Beyett24:41.7Carrollton
52.-Mary Wood24:43.0Oscoda
53.10Ashley Alexander24:58.7Sanford Meridian
54.9Katherine McKenzie25:07.7Tawas City
55.11Ariel Cammin25:18.3Midland Bullock Creek
56.11Leah Lalonde25:20.7Standish Sterling
57.-Jnnifer Menz25:23.2Roscommon
58.-Jessica Reinhard25:25.2Oscoda
59.-Brittany Wenzlick25:26.8Sanford Meridian
60.-Erica Jackson25:27.4Tawas City
61.10Kendal Ward25:35.0Hemlock
62.9Kirsten Babinski25:49.1Saginaw Nouvel
63.11Nicole Ennest25:51.7Hemlock
64.11Melissa Goodwin25:52.3Gladwin
65.10Carissa Onifer25:56.9Sanford Meridian
66.10Heather Krotzer26:19.2Midland Bullock Creek
67.11Kayla Wakeman26:44.1Saginaw Valley Luthe...
68.11Angie Furtaw26:51.6Saginaw Valley Luthe...
69.-Monica Lange26:58.2Saginaw Swan Valley
70.-Carly Meshew27:14.5Tawas City
71.10Cayleen Diffin27:23.0Gladwin
72.-Katie Hoffman27:27.4Pinconning Area
73.11Alyssa Schramm27:28.4St Charles
74.11Alyssa Schlink27:32.7Pinconning Area
75.-Nichole Jackson27:58.7Oscoda
76.-Bekah Kreckman29:11.1Gladwin
77.10Mara Perry29:15.1Saginaw Nouvel
78.11Katrina Shay29:43.3Saginaw Valley Luthe...
79.9Toni Harden29:44.8Roscommon
80.9Joan Idzior29:58.7Pinconning Area
81.-Olivia Sieggreen30:22.0St Charles
82.10Annie Gembrowski30:30.5Saginaw Nouvel
83.10Rachel Kurecka30:30.8Saginaw Nouvel
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