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Green Hill Park 5k Course

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.11Patrick Woodford
16:48.72Patrick Henry (Roano...
2.12Austin Grubb
16:53.97Floyd County
3.11Cody Seymour
16:59.44Cave Spring
4.11Andrew Smith
17:01.21Cave Spring
5.10Kevin O'Connor
17:03.56William Byrd
6.12Matthew Howard
7.11Frank Locascio
8.9Cimarron Nicely
9.11George Carter
10.12Robert Deis
17:11.72Jefferson Forest
11.12Todd Tenpas
17:19.19Jefferson Forest
12.11Nick Leffell
17:20.94William Byrd
13.11Caman Skelton
14.12Zach Carroll
15.11Andrew Grubb
17:33.33Floyd County
16.12Brett Driver
17.10James Kasper
17:43.03 SRGlenvar
18.9Nick Link
19.11Hartnel Paultre
17:50.19Patrick Henry (Roano...
20.11Tom Hudson
17:53.18Cave Spring
21.10Stuart Robertson
17:53.88Staunton River
22.11John Boitnott
17:54.33Franklin County
23.11TJ Campensa
17:56.37 SRFranklin County
24.12Phillip Gilmore
17:58.48 SRWilliam Byrd
25.11Justin Resendes
18:01.45Jefferson Forest
26.10Locher Grove
18:05.13Patrick Henry (Roano...
27.12Curtis Whitlow
18:06.04Jefferson Forest
28.12Eric Bartocc
18:07.17 PRAlleghany
29.11Shannon Hoover
30.12Eden Keith
18:15.02Floyd County
31.11Will Stratton
18:16.75Jefferson Forest
32.12Mark Overstreet
18:19.63Cave Spring
33.9David Barrett
18:20.89Staunton River
34.11John Peake
18:24.21Patrick Henry (Roano...
35.11Tres Langhorne
18:26.72Jefferson Forest
36.10Zane Laughlin
18:29.48 SRJefferson Forest
37.10Robbie Higgs
38.10Peter Daniel
18:34.35 PRCarlisle
39.11Tallman McBride
18:35.06 SRCave Spring
40.12Taylor Bohon
18:36.02Cave Spring
41.12Johnathan Williams
18:36.27 PRWilliam Byrd
42.12John Burt
18:36.55 PRHidden Valley
43.12Joshua Williams
18:36.81 PRWilliam Byrd
44.9Tyler Burgess
18:37.41Franklin County
45.12Cole Conley
18:37.95Floyd County
46.11Jordan Bazak
18:38.71Patrick Henry (Roano...
47.11Ben Brisley
18:43.19Hidden Valley
48.-Kit Mahoney
18:44.13Roanoke Catholic
49.10Bennett Witcher
18:44.46Lord Botetourt
50.10Jordan Gutierrez
18:47.25 PRAuburn
51.9Ike Podell
18:48.19 SRNorth Cross
52.11Faron Young
18:48.75Patrick Henry (Roano...
53.11James Hoover
54.9Colton Parker
18:51.06Staunton River
55.10Harrison Tony
18:53.62Patrick Henry (Roano...
56.11Matthew Via
18:56.46Roanoke Catholic
57.10Eric Giffin
18:57.78William Byrd
58.9Ryan Cotton
18:58.19 SRHidden Valley
59.-Jonathan La Barge
18:58.51 PRFranklin County
60.11Chris Boyd
19:00.04William Byrd
61.10Michael Lefew
62.12Ben Goldwasser
19:04.15Roanoke Catholic
63.9Joe Cotter
19:05.15Roanoke Catholic
64.12Riley St. Pierre
19:05.84Floyd County
65.9Tyler Barnett
19:06.42Lord Botetourt
66.12Corey Morrell
67.11Ethan Oakley
19:07.75 SRFranklin County
68.11Matthew Lamar
19:08.95Franklin County
69.9Micheal Smith
70.12Sol Simpson
19:13.85William Fleming
71.12Sam Oakey
19:17.17Roanoke Catholic
72.10Gabriel Whitlock
19:18.21Floyd County
73.9Cameron Vaughn
19:23.09Hidden Valley
74.11Nic Rawlings
75.12Leo Priddy
19:24.30 PRHidden Valley
76.12John Harvey
77.9Doug Hartley
19:28.17 SRHidden Valley
78.-Michael Chesser
19:29.18 SRLord Botetourt
79.11Barry Schmidt
19:37.61 PRStaunton River
80.12Durham Falabella
19:38.22Staunton River
81.11Zach Link
82.9Harrison McNabb
83.12Tony Myers
19:48.77Roanoke Catholic
84.11Russell Callahan
19:50.34Floyd County
85.11Brett Crocker
19:53.61 SRLord Botetourt
86.11Zach Gude
19:55.10 PRCave Spring
87.12Jacob Clark
19:55.60Eastern Montgomery
88.12Terae Harris
89.12Cy Clemo
19:57.71Roanoke Catholic
90.10Seth Linkous
19:59.41 PREastern Montgomery
91.10Landon Elmore
92.10Craig Walton
93.10Dylan Turner
20:02.64 SRLord Botetourt
94.11Nick Barker
20:03.50 PRHidden Valley
95.10Zach Setchel
96.10Samuel Phifer
20:09.34 PRFranklin County
97.12Evan Smith
20:11.24 PRNorthside
98.9Cole Bradley
99.-Daniel Nicely
20:13.06 PRAlleghany
100.10Cody Quesenberry
101.11Frederick Strickland
20:19.44 PRWilliam Fleming
102.12John Lipes
20:27.09Craig County
103.10Mitch Willis
20:29.57Lord Botetourt
104.12William Bright
20:44.97 PRNorthside
105.11Chris Wingfield
21:15.62Lord Botetourt
106.11Eugene Terry
21:20.38 SRWilliam Fleming
107.-Alex Chandel
21:26.04 SRNorth Cross
108.10Evan Nicely
109.-Matt Ohl
110.12Ethan Linkous
21:41.34Eastern Montgomery
111.10Kyle Hutchens
21:47.26Eastern Montgomery
112.10Ben Batzel
21:54.32North Cross
113.12Nick Vishneski
22:02.38 PREastern Montgomery
114.9Jordan Vishneski
22:07.39 PREastern Montgomery
115.-Vincent Bailey
22:18.48 PRCraig County
116.12Winston Shorter
22:46.72Eastern Montgomery
117.9McKenna Willis
23:00.99Staunton River
118.-James Wright
23:03.38 SRCraig County
119.-Justin Dowdy
23:08.28 SRCraig County
120.10Lonnie Gross
23:20.74 SRWilliam Fleming
121.9Willia Strickland
24:03.71William Fleming
122.-Robert Kuczmarski
24:17.57Staunton River
123.-Trae Meder
24:49.41 SRCarlisle
124.-Drew Taylor
24:49.74North Cross
125.-Jacob Garman
26:31.09 SRCraig County
126.-Jacob Beard
26:31.36 PRCraig County
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Joanna Stevens
2.12Kathleen Stevens
3.12Leah Fitchett
4.11Erin Wheeler
5.12Drew Dillon
20:20.38 PRHidden Valley
6.9Melissa Teeple
20:21.24Franklin County
7.11Leigha Schimmoeller
20:26.09Jefferson Forest
8.10Anna Carson
20:30.36Patrick Henry (Roano...
9.10Kachina Muller
20:40.80 PRPatrick Henry (Roano...
10.10Kate Buss
11.12Molly Western
20:51.93Cave Spring
12.12Mary Deis
20:55.78Jefferson Forest
13.9Olivia Raines
21:23.02 SRSalem
14.11Elizabeth Camilletti
21:24.98Hidden Valley
15.12Caitlyn Beck
21:38.51Patrick Henry (Roano...
16.12Deirdre Caffrey
21:39.13Patrick Henry (Roano...
17.9Abigail Black
21:41.24Jefferson Forest
18.10Anne Baldridge
21:49.59Patrick Henry (Roano...
19.10Melissa Schaefer
21:54.38Cave Spring
20.12Olivia Jackson
22:00.70Jefferson Forest
21.12Casey Clark
22:10.61 SRNorthside
22.12Reema Azar
22:25.85Cave Spring
23.11Jessi Fortner
22:32.06Cave Spring
24.10Alexis Bowen
22:33.10Jefferson Forest
25.10Lauren Jaeger
26.10Kayla Hurley
22:42.01 PRFranklin County
27.10Allyssa Walker
22:43.41 SRNorthside
28.12Allison Fishburne
22:43.97Jefferson Forest
29.9Emily Rawlings
30.11Jamie Phlegar
22:46.96Cave Spring
31.10Lisa Wilkins
32.11Emily Strelka
23:03.55Roanoke Catholic
33.11Amanda Spero
23:10.61 PRFranklin County
34.11Tessa Englund
23:13.41Jefferson Forest
35.10Courtney Sizemore
23:14.73 PRFranklin County
36.10Elizabeth Wilson
23:15.25 SRNorthside
37.10Alyssa Huntington
38.12Jordan Gulli
23:18.46 PRWilliam Byrd
39.10Brianna Swartwout
23:19.71Craig County
40.9Hannah Cribb
41.10Nikki Cerva
23:30.84Eastern Montgomery
42.12Hannah Flanders
23:36.35Franklin County
43.11Angela Sanabria
23:39.79 PRWilliam Byrd
44.11Sarah Brighton
23:41.67Patrick Henry (Roano...
45.12Maggie Thompson
23:42.03Roanoke Catholic
46.11Mary Lawrence
23:47.16 PRCave Spring
47.11Lauren Stiles
23:47.61Cave Spring
48.9Cara Neikirk
49.11Elle Agee
23:53.68Patrick Henry (Roano...
50.-Evyn Turney
23:59.02 PRLord Botetourt
51.11Allison Adkins
52.11Laura McConchie
24:15.92 SRWilliam Byrd
53.12Cori Swanson
24:23.94 PRWilliam Byrd
54.10Kora White
24:37.78Craig County
55.12Autumn Watson
24:40.56Franklin County
56.11Caitlin Hoch
24:43.26Franklin County
57.10Jessica Stebar
24:44.97Craig County
58.11Amy Putnam
24:47.20 SRNorth Cross
59.12Jenna Peck
24:52.53 PRSalem
60.10Hannah Alleman
24:57.04 SRAlleghany
61.11Emily Yeatts
25:03.47 SRWilliam Byrd
62.12Nikki Holland
25:09.85 SRFloyd County
63.11Jessica Snead
25:13.85Lord Botetourt
64.12Sarah Perez
65.11Cynthia Stinnette
25:20.56 SRWilliam Byrd
66.12Tempry Goff
25:21.02Floyd County
67.10Lillian Garrecht
25:22.62 PRStaunton River
68.11Kara Kingery
25:23.70 SRWilliam Byrd
69.-Ragan Corner
25:26.27 PRNorth Cross
70.-Sam Bailey
25:27.02 PRLord Botetourt
71.-Ayla Krause
25:28.18 PRSalem
72.9Kendall Jenkins
73.-Samantha Sampson
25:30.47 PRSalem
74.12Meghan Forbes
25:44.47 SRAlleghany
75.10Ali Burns
25:45.38Roanoke Catholic
76.11Robin Brown
26:04.50 SRWilliam Fleming
77.10Haley Fields
78.11Carrie Mott
26:17.43Lord Botetourt
79.11Jodee Martin
26:18.30Craig County
80.9Gemma Porras
26:29.51 PRSalem
81.10Audra Turner
26:36.78Hidden Valley
82.-Madison Altice
26:44.39 PRNorth Cross
83.9Sarah Hammer
26:46.84Lord Botetourt
84.12Kate Ballou
85.10Alyssa Armes
27:27.38Craig County
86.12Casey German
27:59.13 SRLord Botetourt
87.9Jennifer Martin
28:09.47Craig County
88.-Danika Hasinaj
28:21.98 PRCarlisle
89.11Mary Umstead
90.10Kayla Orr
28:30.06 SRFloyd County
91.10Kendra Lester
28:34.43 SRFloyd County
92.-Nicole Alley
28:56.83Craig County
93.11Ally Murphy
30:28.16 PRGlenvar
94.11Kristen Knighton
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