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Henley Invitational HS, MS

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Meet Host - Henley HS
Location - Henley HS, Klamath Falls, OR - Map
Mens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School Boys & Girls3:15 PM

Henley HS

5,000 Meters JV Boys4:15 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:15 PM
Womens Races
1.5 Mile Middle School Boys & Girls3:15 PM

Henley HS

5,000 Meters JV Girls3:45 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School Boys & Girls  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.8Cade Parker9:52Jackson Street
2.8Matt Jochim9:53Jackson Street
8Thomas Luna10:36Ponderosa
8Caleb Carlon10:39Ponderosa
9.6Jacob Gross10:46Jackson Street
7Ronan Rutherford-S...10:48Ponderosa
8Patrick Budden10:51Ponderosa
8Devin Landrum10:51Ponderosa
15.7Derek West11:03Jackson Street
8Joseph Birri11:05Ponderosa
17.8Storm Oliver11:07Jackson Street
8Graham Van Geem11:10Ponderosa
19.8Brenden Berry11:25Jackson Street
20.8Jacob Hill11:31Jackson Street
21.8Kevin Williams11:35Jackson Street
22.8Drake Casson11:40Jackson Street
8Logan Phillips11:44Ponderosa
26.8Ryan Andrus11:50Jackson Street
7David Marsden12:15Ponderosa
8Payton Poe12:23Ponderosa
31.7Nico Lupacchino12:30Jackson Street
8Milo Chase12:33Ponderosa
8Clay Parkinson12:54Ponderosa
8Robbie Stradtner13:00Ponderosa
8Luis Rivera13:04Ponderosa
7Kenny Mulder13:07Ponderosa
8Benji Belsky13:21Ponderosa
41.6Alex Anderson14:16Jackson Street
7Jacob deVries15:25Ponderosa
46.5Kamron Thomas16:01Jackson Street
7Jason Johnson16:07Ponderosa
8Chris Contreras17:02Ponderosa
7Lincoln Hopkins17:24Ponderosa
52.5Bryce Melander17:25Jackson Street
47.5Gregory Randazzo17:52Jackson Street
7Craig Price18:50Ponderosa
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5,000 Meters JV Boys  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Spencer Jackson19:39.91Klamath Union
2.10Jac Derner19:48.72Modoc
3.12Austin Wolff20:02.52Phoenix
4.10David Reed20:06.80Klamath Union
5.10Patrick Bratton20:17.42Modoc
6.10Joe Coffey20:40.96Klamath Union
7.11Issac Nott20:51.24Modoc
8.10Scott Kleeman21:03.00Klamath Union
9.10Landon Arested21:03.26Modoc
10.11Jacob Willis21:05.64Phoenix
11.9Jeff Hanson21:10.56Klamath Union
12.10Ryan Fitzgerald21:22.36Henley
13.11Cole Mulkey21:40.37Mazama
14.9Jeremy Smith21:42.07Rogue River
15.10Brandon Kynsi21:52.87Rogue River
16.12Hayden Leach21:53.30Mazama
17.9Lucas Gandy21:53.97Phoenix
18.9Erik Dassoff21:54.92Klamath Union
19.11Hunter Murga21:56.00Mazama
20.10Jackson Nielson22:33.16Klamath Union
21.9Zane Riggs22:50.84Henley
22.9Cody Alexander22:59.87Klamath Union
23.9Jonathan Garcia23:00.44Phoenix
24.10Conner Fitzgerald23:02.54Henley
25.9Stephen Paul23:08.45Klamath Union
26.10Nathan Dean23:19.73Mazama
27.12Gunnar Kropholler23:21.06Henley
28.11John Goldsmith23:23.32Henley
29.9William Haught23:28.29Henley
30.10Angel Barajas23:30.89Phoenix
31.9Nicholis Thomsen25:39.37Henley
32.11Jon Niskanen26:07.66Klamath Union
33.9Zac Campbell26:16.45Henley
34.11Gunnar Bier26:29.51Lakeview
35.9Dominic Roach26:34.26Henley
36.10Shawn Wheelock26:49.65Henley
37.11Dantae Ochoa27:24.15Klamath Union
38.9Nick Haupt27:43.09Klamath Union
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Zorg Loustalet16:19.27Henley
2.11Max Hamilton17:28.45Phoenix
3.12Jorge Gil-Juarez17:32.73Phoenix
4.9Zach Blanco17:42.52Rogue River
5.11Garrison Iams17:57.70Henley
6.11Kaleb Wagner18:37.06Phoenix
7.11Antonio Gil-Juarez18:38.28Phoenix
8.11Paul Adams18:43.11Mazama
9.10Todd Delaney18:43.37Mazama
10.11Alex Mangan18:43.96Henley
11.11Ned Corning18:44.38Lakeview
12.10Awbry Comstock18:52.98Lakeview
13.10Chris Cazneaux19:11.66Mt Shasta
14.11Killian Omotoy19:16.69Phoenix
15.11Nathan Snoozy19:22.92Mazama
16.10Matt Katibah19:31.51Phoenix
17.10Michael Cook19:33.85Mt Shasta
18.10Cheney Hardt19:40.95Henley
19.10Mike Janeke19:46.66Triad Christian
20.11Joshua Arntz19:47.66Mazama
21.12Drew Schiess19:52.56Mazama
22.11Brandon Williams20:00.17Weed
23.9Philip Todak20:01.16Phoenix
24.12Tyler Moser20:12.12Weed
25.11Carlos Hernadez20:19.44Henley
26.9Dylan Butcher20:28.74Mazama
27.11Terryn Downhill20:33.84Rogue River
28.9Sean Hughes20:45.08Mt Shasta
29.10Cody Lakin20:57.36Mt Shasta
30.12CJ McCully21:01.39Mazama
31.12Alex Collins21:02.02Henley
32.9Nathan Iams21:09.37Henley
33.9Tommy Hake21:20.76Mt Shasta
34.9Cole Mcfetridge21:35.33Rogue River
35.10Tanner George22:22.19Mt Shasta
36.9Ameido Mohamed22:28.10Mt Shasta
37.9Nathan Harlan22:30.61Lakeview
38.11David Langston22:49.38Weed
39.9Chet Bolstridge22:51.99Mt Shasta
40.10Michael White22:55.14Lakeview
41.11Andrew Champagne22:57.05Lakeview
42.9Wesley Woodside23:35.05Mt Shasta
43.12Seth Gretz24:05.16Rogue River
44.9Christian Roseberry24:15.46Lakeview
45.11Daniel Lane24:31.62Lakeview
46.12Greg Holguin26:48.93Weed
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Middle School Boys & Girls  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

8Bailey Pimentel11:08Ponderosa
8Gabby Werner11:17Ponderosa
8Cindy Reed11:41Ponderosa
6.6Rebekah Kimball11:58Jackson Street
8Mattie Meggles12:23Ponderosa
9.5Angelic Avery12:52Jackson Street
10.8Kaitlyn Solano12:55Jackson Street
8Jennifer Jennings12:56Ponderosa
12.6Emily Dienger13:12Jackson Street
8Meghan Riechmann13:22Ponderosa
18.7Arianna Brooks14:15Jackson Street
7Kalika Bullock14:17Ponderosa
20.5Eva Hill14:17Jackson Street
8Danelle Boham14:19Ponderosa
22.5Anya Ireson-Janke14:20Jackson Street
25.6Jane Collier14:29Jackson Street
8Jenah Lamons14:50Ponderosa
8Grace Rooney15:21Ponderosa
7Alex Lokey15:23Ponderosa
31.5Breanna Croy16:09Jackson Street
32.5Jessica Hopper16:14Jackson Street
33.8Miriam Kilian16:34Jackson Street
34.5Molly Schmidt16:35Jackson Street
35.5Anna Hogan16:54Jackson Street
8Jazmine Joya17:00Ponderosa
8Angel Ramirez17:00Ponderosa
8Alexis Stroh17:07Ponderosa
8Shayla Engelbrecht18:19Ponderosa
7Emily Pardon18:39Ponderosa
46.6Alethia Quirmbach19:17Jackson Street
7Sarah Tyson19:23Ponderosa
38.5Lauren Andrus19:30Jackson Street
39.5Savanna Russell19:42Jackson Street
40.5Lydia Jerry19:52Jackson Street
7Rebecca Jones20:11Ponderosa
7Melinda Jones21:53Ponderosa
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5,000 Meters JV Girls  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Violet Bolstridge24:56.51Mt Shasta
2.10Katherine Holst25:17.27Mt Shasta
3.9Kenna Funk25:17.51Modoc
4.9Stephanie Rey25:44.36Klamath Union
5.12Anna Connelly27:45.50Klamath Union
6.10Kristen Case28:22.24Klamath Union
7.10Jasmine Zangari28:27.79Klamath Union
8.12Elishamarose Foster29:02.10Phoenix
9.10Breanna Almond29:19.18Klamath Union
10.9Hannah Groom29:47.07Mt Shasta
11.12Jade Deck30:36.24Mazama
12.10Laura Hankins31:03.15Henley
13.12Jennifer Garlitz32:41.12Mazama
14.10Jaidyanne Podsobin...32:42.28Phoenix
15.10Alexis McKay33:34.63Mazama
16.10Ashley Holder35:58.57Mazama
17.12Lauren Hodder36:23.59Mazama
18.10Hannah Natho37:33.53Rogue River
19.12Lisa Orsbun37:33.78Modoc
20.12Isabelle Becker40:45.53Henley
21.9Zoe Chagas-Jump41:49.91Klamath Union
22.11Sylvial Leal43:19.94Lakeview
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Sarah Estabrook21:18.41Triad Christian
2.10Ellen Sampson21:33.33Mt Shasta
3.12Sarah Hagy21:39.63Phoenix
4.12Lisa Shinohara21:44.62Mt Shasta
5.12Anya Gandy21:55.72Phoenix
6.9Lindsey Vermillion22:00.03Phoenix
7.11Kelly Coash22:04.15Phoenix
8.11Danielle Tognolini22:09.69Mt Shasta
9.9Kasey Hamilton22:24.72Phoenix
10.10Janelle Jaegel23:07.82Mt Shasta
11.12Adrienne Engle23:30.13Phoenix
12.10Katie Muller23:30.56Henley
13.9Camille Loustalet23:38.60Henley
14.11Sara Rogers23:53.98Mt Shasta
15.11Hannah Fairfield24:18.33Henley
16.12Hannah Gretz24:27.92Rogue River
17.10Jackie Becker25:18.86Henley
18.10Margot Mattson25:46.67Mt Shasta
19.11Courtney Todd26:15.74Mazama
20.9Hailey Natho26:15.74Rogue River
21.11Taylor Crawford26:53.89Mazama
22.10Elana Hampton26:54.34Triad Christian
23.9Sarah Wolf27:00.58Henley
24.11Kendall Webber27:03.50Mazama
25.12Tawna Stancliff27:06.45Lakeview
26.12Ellie DeRoss27:19.22Weed
27.11Amanda Warrior27:30.28Mazama
28.12Chelsea Quigley27:55.10Weed
29.11Stephanie Schultz30:26.00Rogue River
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