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Howard HS

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Craig Morgan
15:59River Hill
2.12Sean Kirby
16:04River Hill
3.12Andreas Mitchell
17:05 PRCentennial
4.12Adam Davis
17:16River Hill
5.11Kevin Shankar
17:21River Hill
6.12Eric Feinstein
17:24 PRCentennial
7.11Dan Coleman
17:40 PRCentennial
8.11Sam Oldhouser
17:45 SRRiver Hill
9.11Patrick Perez
17:46 SRHoward
10.12Will Ryan
17:55River Hill
11.12Grant Demaree
18:01River Hill
12.12Sundeep Patnaik
18:04 PRRiver Hill
13.11Yunpeng Gao
18:05 PRCentennial
14.12Kenneth Clarkson
18:05 PRCentennial
15.10Dominique Hoskins
18:25 SRHoward
16.10Thomas Routt
18:32 SRCentennial
17.12David Eastman
18:36 PRHoward
18.11David Mikulis
18:53 SRRiver Hill
19.11Josh Solomon
20.10Conner McIntyre
18:58 SRCentennial
21.12Stave Nguyen
19:02River Hill
22.12Chris O'Malley
19:06.1 PRHoward
23.11David Kearns
19:08.8 PRCentennial
24.11Colin Rubright
19:11 PRCentennial
25.11Zach Sivo
19:18 SRHoward
26.12Will Dyer
19:20 SRHoward
27.10Greg Limon
19:22 PRHoward
28.9Harry Colby
19:25 SRCentennial
29.10Mark Eagles
19:30 SRHoward
30.11Brendan Mackin
19:30 SRCentennial
31.11Matthew Sherry
19:41 PRHoward
32.10Cameron Kirby
19:48.2River Hill
33.-Nate Sweet
19:58.5 PRHoward
34.10Tyler Nicodemus
20:08 SRHoward
35.11Tim Walker
36.12Aaron Heineman
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

1.10Allan Huang
18:53 SRRiver Hill
2.10Ryan Frank
19:05 PRHoward
3.10Solomon Carnock
19:20 SRRiver Hill
4.12Carl Morgan
19:30 SRRiver Hill
5.12Adam Ross
19:37 PRHoward
6.10Andy Hughes
19:41 PRCentennial
7.9Justin Rosenstein
19:42 SRRiver Hill
8.11Owen Lu
19:52River Hill
9.12Alex Pollard
19:53 PRHoward
10.9Hashem Hraky
19:54 SRRiver Hill
11.9Corey Ruben
19:54 SRRiver Hill
12.11Brett Jennings
19:55River Hill
13.9Matthew Oldhouser
19:56 SRRiver Hill
14.9Mark Lapointe
19:56 SRRiver Hill
15.11Andy Wang
19:57 SRRiver Hill
16.9Michael Silber
19:59 PRRiver Hill
17.11Daniel Seigel
20:07 PRCentennial
18.11Mark Glass
20:07 PRRiver Hill
19.9Reed Stadler
20:09 SRRiver Hill
20.-Rafi Fernandez
20:12 PRHoward
21.10Tim Liang
22.9Seth Hoesman
20:24 PRHoward
23.9Glen Taylor
20:27 PRHoward
24.10Chris Hand
20:30River Hill
25.-Deuce McCallister
20:31 PRHoward
26.11Steve Witschey
20:39 SRCentennial
27.12Kevin Eckart
20:40 PRHoward
28.-Ryan Sal
20:43 PRRiver Hill
29.9Steven Eastman
20:51 SRHoward
30.10Trevor Sasscer
20:52 PRCentennial
31.10Cameron Lilly
32.10Sam Ang
21:06 SRCentennial
33.11Ben Blake
21:08 PRCentennial
34.11Sam Engel
21:09River Hill
35.11Kevin Stasak
21:12 SRCentennial
36.11Andrew Rotolo
21:13 PRHoward
37.10Ben Giuliana
21:14 PRCentennial
38.10Vin Giuliana
21:15 PRCentennial
39.12Scott Mu
21:22 PRCentennial
40.10Derek Staub
21:23 PRCentennial
41.12Paul Diss
21:25 SRHoward
42.12Dwayne Saunders
21:27 PRHoward
43.9Dillon Lunder
21:28 PRRiver Hill
44.11Arvind Stone
21:31River Hill
45.11Garrett Case
21:33 PRCentennial
46.11Liam Aquino
21:35 PRHoward
47.9Harsha Neerchal
21:37 PRCentennial
48.9Daniel Geldof
21:40 SRRiver Hill
49.11Dylan Pool
21:41 PRHoward
50.10Kevin Baker
21:43 PRHoward
51.10Varun Tilva
21:43 PRRiver Hill
52.9Jackson Feroe
21:43 SRRiver Hill
53.10Russell Trench
21:46 SRRiver Hill
54.10Tim Reagan
21:49 SRHoward
55.-John Hogue
21:50River Hill
56.11Michael Zuzak
21:50 SRHoward
57.12Jamie Meade
21:50 PRHoward
58.12Steven Bank
21:51 PRRiver Hill
59.9Matt Bylis
21:55 SRRiver Hill
60.11Justin Green
61.10Srikanth Kowtha
21:58 PRRiver Hill
62.10Kevin Newell
22:01 SRHoward
63.12Eric Blackmon
22:07 PRHoward
64.10Daniel Shi
22:15 SRRiver Hill
65.-Dan Eakin
22:16 PRHoward
66.11Jessie Carrico
67.-Kaylor Rosborough
22:19 PRCentennial
68.9Matt Lurie
22:21River Hill
69.9Jonathan Geldof
22:23 PRRiver Hill
70.10Ryan Harman
22:29 SRHoward
71.10Conor Soop
22:41 PRHoward
72.10Michael Busam
22:41 SRHoward
73.10Sam Kraft
74.10Tyler Hippen
22:52 PRHoward
75.10Matthew Zuchero
22:55 SRRiver Hill
76.-Michael Baruch
23:01 PRCentennial
77.9Taylor Gibbons
78.11Will Malone
79.9Joey Milici
23:05River Hill
80.9Ryan Suess
23:06 PRCentennial
81.9Pingfan Tang
23:08 SRCentennial
82.9Devin Mayhew
23:13 SRRiver Hill
83.9Zachary Bailey
23:19 SRRiver Hill
85.11Collin Fugate
86.10Grant Harris
23:28 PRCentennial
87.12Mark Wang
23:34 PRHoward
88.9Austin Savage
23:36 PRCentennial
89.9Kiernan St. Denis
23:43 SRHoward
90.10Cory Boone
91.10Jason Rohner
24:14:00River Hill
92.9Michael Kim
24:17:00 SRRiver Hill
93.9Seth Rosenstein
24:25:00River Hill
94.10Alex Sicilia
95.10Walker Smith
24:42:00 PRHoward
96.9David Schiffer
24:45:00 PRHoward
97.12Robin Ji
24:47:00 PRCentennial
98.10Jack Riley
25:09:00 SRHoward
99.10Nick Du
100.10Isaac Owen
25:42:00 SRHoward
101.10Mohammed Mirza
25:42:00 PRCentennial
102.11Andrew Chadwick
103.10Mike Pekala
104.-Todd Bates
27:18:00 PRHoward
105.12Graham Denhard
106.11Adam Duvall
107.11Matthew Outland
29:32:00 SRHoward
108.9Andrew Schmit
29:34:00River Hill
110.9Lucas Cumming
111.9Jason Wang
30:56:00River Hill
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity

1.12Katie Harman
19:13River Hill
2.12Elyse Borisko
19:18 SRHoward
3.10Anna Demaree
19:41River Hill
4.9Hollie Adejumo
19:47 SRHoward
5.10Payton Lawrence
20:08River Hill
6.11Meredith Mill
20:12 PRHoward
7.10Kendall Auth
20:14River Hill
8.9Madeline Studt
20:26 PRHoward
9.12Kelsey Harman
20:40River Hill
10.10Meghan Heneghan
20:49 SRRiver Hill
11.12Jamie Scott
20:55River Hill
12.12Alicia Seelaus
20:58 SRRiver Hill
13.11Keri Dickens
21:28 SRHoward
14.10Kelly Sullivan
21:37 SRRiver Hill
15.10Becky Danker
21:52 PRHoward
16.10Ellen Beatty
21:59River Hill
17.11Rachel Carbary
21:59 PRRiver Hill
18.9Megan O'Malley
22:09 PRHoward
19.9Sage McGrann
22:15 PRHoward
20.12Maria Ball
22:18 PRRiver Hill
21.10Erin Geoghan
22:18 SRRiver Hill
22.11Jennifer King
22:44 SRRiver Hill
23.10Heather Anderson
22:59River Hill
24.10Sara Kouroupis
25.12Victoria Broderick
23:03 PRCentennial
26.12Taylor Giullana
23:04 PRCentennial
27.12Melanie Colgan
23:35.8 PRCentennial
28.10Kelly Schofield
29.11Cara Fisher
23:38 SRRiver Hill
30.9Rachel Dvornicky
23:39 SRCentennial
30.-Rachel Duornicky
23:39 PRCentennial
31.10Emily Olszewski
32.12Pattie Lin
23:50 SRCentennial
33.9Alissa Mitchell
23:50 PRCentennial
34.12Marie Rau
23:51 PRHoward
35.11Corinne Tomaszewski
23:51 PRHoward
36.-Michelle Kuan
24:02 PRCentennial
37.12Allison Lamana
37.-Ali Lamald
24:03 PRCentennial
38.11Lauren Knauff
24:10 PRRiver Hill
39.9Sylvie Staines
24:11 SRRiver Hill
40.9Katie Andersen
24:12 PRRiver Hill
41.10Jocelyn Kojzar
24:12 PRRiver Hill
42.-Maria Patunga
24:21 PRRiver Hill
43.12Amy Barnhouse
24:44 PRHoward
44.9Kelly Pool
24:46 PRHoward
45.11Chelsea Carter
24:47 PRHoward
46.10Colleen Wilson
47.9Kerri Neal
24:50 PRCentennial
48.10Olivia Joseph
49.10Grace Kuo
24:55 PRCentennial
50.11Kelsey Brand
24:57 SRHoward
51.10Clare Boczon
24:57 PRCentennial
52.12Raymond Wang
53.9Kelsey Stewart
24:58:00 PRHoward
54.11April Zhu
55.-Jules Heckman
25:06:00 PRCentennial
56.12Jenna David
25:07:00 PRHoward
57.9Isabelle Staines
25:22:00 PRRiver Hill
58.11Maya Jordan
25:27:00River Hill
59.9Jodie Schumacher
25:32:00 PRRiver Hill
60.9Alicia Settle
26:14:00 SRRiver Hill
61.10Kara St. George
26:20:00River Hill
62.-Jenny Fuller
26:36:00 PRHoward
63.9Becky Newell
26:42:00 SRHoward
64.-Steph Pekala
26:53:00 PRCentennial
65.9Mary Simpson
26:53:00 PRCentennial
66.12Riley Mcintyre
67.11Kathryn Gaasch
27:08:00River Hill
68.10Hanna Dannelly
27:14:00River Hill
69.10Delaney Luman
70.10Abby Paterson
71.11Holly Rosnik
27:36:00 SRRiver Hill
72.9Betsy Fu
27:41:00 SRRiver Hill
73.9Sandia Akhtar
74.12Katie Bloom
27:54:00 PRCentennial
75.9Kelly Hogenson
27:57:00River Hill
76.9Sylvia Kitterman
27:58:00River Hill
77.11Jennifer Camolli
27:59:00 SRRiver Hill
78.9Danielle Matsamura
28:20:00 PRCentennial
79.12Kate Albertini
80.9Dominique Watts
28:36:00 PRHoward
81.10Emily Pan
28:47:00 PRRiver Hill
82.9Trystan Denhard
28:57:00 PRHoward
83.10Nicole Norris
29:42:00 SRRiver Hill
84.10Jennifer Lingg
85.10Victoria Michel
86.12Leigh Ann Doyle
87.11Kaitlin Wilhelm
88.12Katie Schofield
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