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Maryland 4A East Region Championships HS

Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Meet Host - Severna Park HS
Location - Bay Brook Park, Baltimore, MD - Map
Mens Races

Bay Brook Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Bay Brook Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Severna Park

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12Andrew Finlayson15:42.70Severna Park
11William Neal15:47.60Chesapeake-AA
12Michael Hageman15:57.90Leonardtown
10Cody Vernon15:58.40Old Mill Senior
11Nic Walsh15:59.40South River
12Logan Wright16:02.20Leonardtown
12TJ Cowing16:03.50Severna Park
9Luke Gilman16:12.20Broadneck
11Brendan Cooley16:14.70Severna Park
12Kyle Fairchild16:22.40Chesapeake-AA
10Ben Pershall16:25.70Severna Park
10Ripken LaMarsh16:27.00Chesapeake-AA
12Tom Brus16:27.50Severna Park
12Tyler Miluski16:29.20Leonardtown
12Ryan Glynn16:32.20South River
11Shawn Greenspan16:33.40Severna Park
12Tj Myers16:33.90Chesapeake-AA
11Sean Hageman16:49.80Leonardtown
10Brian Oechsel16:52.90Leonardtown
12Eric Link16:55.40Broadneck
12Matt Oechsel16:56.60Leonardtown
11Stephan Randall16:57.50Arundel
10Avery Wentworth16:58.30Broadneck
11Ryan Cleaver17:02.30Broadneck
12Tim Wickless17:03.80Chesapeake-AA
12Alex Hayden17:12.00Severna Park
11Connor Gilbert17:21.00Broadneck
12Chris Seto17:22.10Chesapeake-AA
10Neil Macfarland17:29.50Broadneck
11Kyle Olslund17:37.50Old Mill Senior
11Phil Trainor17:41.80Chesapeake-AA
10Ryan Ponse17:42.80Leonardtown
10Teddy Anna17:45.10Broadneck
12Andrew Heys17:45.70Arundel
10David Kersey17:55.30South River
10Danny Ferris18:01.60Glen Burnie
9James Hay18:07.70South River
10Zach Jones18:09.70Arundel
10Scott Eliot18:13.80Arundel
12Simon Jerome18:17.10Thomas Stone
11Tyler McMullen18:21.60South River
11Ryan Kingrey18:21.90Arundel
12Kevin Deminne18:23.50Thomas Stone
10Josh Addison18:24.70Arundel
11Richie Henderson18:36.60Glen Burnie
11Emilio Henderson18:40.30Glen Burnie
9Shayne McIntyre18:45.40Old Mill Senior
9Tom Adams18:49.10North County
12Colin Whitker18:49.60Old Mill Senior
10Ian Stringfield18:57.30Old Mill Senior
9Chris Frye19:17.70North County
12Nathan Darch19:22.30Old Mill Senior
9Chris Layton19:24.10North County
10Ken Green19:30.10South River
9Dylan Seibenhaar19:38.80North County
11Ryan Kellough19:54.60Thomas Stone
12Brent Stower20:02.10Old Mill Senior
10Ian Vitanovec20:06.70Thomas Stone
11Matt Dyjack20:07.40Arundel
9Chris Kellner20:34.20North County
11David Moss21:04.30Thomas Stone
9Colton Dillard21:21.80Thomas Stone
11Liz Gelety21:52.30Chesapeake-AA
12Adam McClendon22:29.20Thomas Stone
10Dakota Slay-Vincent23:51.40Glen Burnie
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Severna Park

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11Hillary Lee18:42.10South River
11Jessica Gass19:01.20Leonardtown
10Lindsay Holland19:16.30North County
12Miranda Heater19:21.40South River
10Stephanie Crane19:24.40Broadneck
12Laura Blevins19:24.90Chesapeake-AA
10Anna Frowein19:27.20Leonardtown
10Chris Partick19:32.40Severna Park
12Mary Fromme19:33.30South River
10Marisa Centrowitz19:34.20Broadneck
9Jody Clouser19:40.50Severna Park
12Carrie Trevino19:41.20Old Mill Senior
9Ashley Hayes19:44.50Severna Park
12Anna Sprout19:45.30Leonardtown
9Katelyn Rilee19:51.10Chesapeake-AA
11Megan Irminger19:53.10Severna Park
12Kelsey Kenealy19:55.00Severna Park
10Liz Simmons19:56.00South River
9Kate Finkelstein19:56.50Leonardtown
12Katie Phipps20:00.00Chesapeake-AA
9Michelle Nelson20:02.30Severna Park
11Josie Fillat20:03.80Chesapeake-AA
10Ashley Duvall20:08.30Leonardtown
11Katelyn McDonough20:09.90South River
11Kortnie Walker20:11.90Chesapeake-AA
9Jaime Branaman20:18.50Leonardtown
12Chelsea Heatley20:20.90Arundel
12Carolyn Whiteman21:01.20Leonardtown
11Haley Kozek21:04.70South River
12Caitlin Phillips21:08.70South River
11Ashley Strickler21:10.70Arundel
12Jennifer Steinweg21:25.60Broadneck
11Leah Vest21:26.20Arundel
10Jennifer Panek21:28.30Arundel
10Nela Reynolds21:31.60Arundel
12Kelsey Hill21:46.30Severna Park
11Chiara Tringali21:47.80Glen Burnie
10Angie Sprecher21:54.40Old Mill Senior
10Samantha Davidson22:00.10Broadneck
11Kristen Pownall22:12.40Old Mill Senior
12Tori Schenker22:22.50Chesapeake-AA
11Jessi Bond22:36.50Old Mill Senior
9Cari Moos22:36.90Glen Burnie
11Mariah Smith22:41.40Broadneck
12Julie Kenner22:45.60Broadneck
10Sarah Platt23:05.00Arundel
10Jenna Gilman23:25.50Broadneck
10Kaili Owens23:43.20Old Mill Senior
9Shealyn Tucker23:45.20Thomas Stone
12June Bouchard23:53.70Old Mill Senior
10Maddy Short24:07.60North County
10Sarah Ringer24:07.90North County
10Samantha Wright24:39.40Thomas Stone
11Jazmine Holland24:55.90Old Mill Senior
10Ena Fonville27:13.50Thomas Stone
12Maisa Megahed27:57.40Arundel
12Nicole Grim28:11.70Thomas Stone
10Keyosha Tasker31:05.90Glen Burnie
12Kyra Carty31:06.80Thomas Stone
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