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James M Bennett HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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James M Bennett HS

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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James M Bennett

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1.12Zachary Temple16:38Parkside
2.11Eric Wood16:40Parkside
3.12Mitchell Witherow17:01Stephen Decatur
4.12Maurice Cotton17:58Washington
5.12Helmut Bevensee18:19 PRJames M Bennett
6.11Gray Reeves18:47James M Bennett
7.11Evan Geary18:51 SRJames M Bennett
8.11Cameron Campbell18:54Stephen Decatur
9.10Corey Zimmer18:57 SRStephen Decatur
10.11Costen Merritt19:09James M Bennett
11.10Garrett Mohammadioun19:25Stephen Decatur
12.11Patrick Mcgean19:27Stephen Decatur
13.11Joshua Wilder19:42Stephen Decatur
14.11Andrew Murrell19:43Stephen Decatur
15.-Gordon Custer19:55 PRJames M Bennett
16.11Paul Turner19:58James M Bennett
17.10Tommy Robinson20:06Parkside
18.-Patrick Palmer20:17Salisbury
19.12David Cassavant20:19James M Bennett
20.10Robert Sterling20:33Parkside
21.10Kyle Morrison20:40James M Bennett
22.-Danny Sherr20:47 PRParkside
23.12John Ritter20:53Pocomoke
24.11Manzi Whaley20:58Wicomico
25.11Zeus Rodriguez20:59 PRStephen Decatur
26.10Mike Levdansky21:01 SRJames M Bennett
27.9Spencer Cropper21:03Stephen Decatur
28.-Sean Kelley21:13 PRJames M Bennett
29.12William Vincent21:14Mardela
30.10Sean Irwin21:27Parkside
31.-Steve Hearne21:49 PRJames M Bennett
32.12Tyler Greene21:54Pocomoke
33.-Ryan Holland21:58 PRJames M Bennett
34.9Timmy Travitz22:14Parkside
35.-Sean Foreman22:16Stephen Decatur
36.-Allen Brandenberg22:21 PRStephen Decatur
37.-Jimmy Leighton22:22 PRStephen Decatur
38.9Benjamin Rakowski22:26Stephen Decatur
39.-Kang Dong22:46Stephen Decatur
40.10Will Mavpin22:50 PRJames M Bennett
41.-Jonathan Holloway22:50 SRJames M Bennett
42.-Matt Morris22:51 SRJames M Bennett
43.-Mike Raffetto23:08Parkside
44.10Garon Clark23:25Parkside
45.-Brian Riebert23:29 PRStephen Decatur
46.-Ethan Kahn23:29 PRJames M Bennett
47.-Matt Bellistri23:36 SRJames M Bennett
48.-Mike Bellistri23:39 PRJames M Bennett
49.-Thomas Moreno23:49 PRJames M Bennett
50.-Brendan Clarke24:05 SRParkside
51.-Lee Norton24:06 SRJames M Bennett
52.-Zack Knopp24:27 PRStephen Decatur
53.-Andrew Timmons24:40 PRPocomoke
54.-Bryce Roberts24:50 PRParkside
55.-Charles Lemon24:59 PRWicomico
56.-Daniel Kim25:37Salisbury
57.-Kyle Kresge26:01 PRJames M Bennett
58.-Teddy Dunning26:20 PRJames M Bennett
59.11Markell Price26:24 SRWashington
60.-Dillon Lucas26:24 SRStephen Decatur
61.-Christian Hardesty29:35 PRStephen Decatur
62.10Cameron Morris29:36Wicomico
63.9Jalon Doane30:40Wicomico
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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James M Bennett

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1.12Lindsay Chetelat20:07Stephen Decatur
2.10Savannah Bozman21:07 PRJames M Bennett
3.10Elizabeth Davidson21:21Stephen Decatur
4.9Amy Turner21:25 PRJames M Bennett
5.10Hailey Spinapont21:28Parkside
6.11Jessica Ames22:05Stephen Decatur
7.12Katherine Janson22:26Stephen Decatur
8.12Jessie Early22:43Mardela
9.10Christina Rodriguez23:00 PRJames M Bennett
10.12Molly Vimini23:17Parkside
11.11Teona Collins23:23Crisfield
12.10Katie Craft23:48James M Bennett
13.12Carrie Early24:15Mardela
14.9Clare Dougan24:39Stephen Decatur
15.-Lindsey Miller24:50 PRStephen Decatur
16.10Paxton Mitchell24:56Stephen Decatur
17.9Amara Canfield24:58Stephen Decatur
18.11Carrie Hayman25:02 SRParkside
19.10Maddie Leisten25:13James M Bennett
20.12Hannah Hagler25:29Pocomoke
21.-Rachel Slotter25:31 PRStephen Decatur
22.12Claire Merson25:53 PRCrisfield
23.10Emily Somers26:15 PRStephen Decatur
24.9Becky Early26:25Mardela
25.9Olivia Skeen26:48Wicomico
26.9Lydia Logan26:53Stephen Decatur
27.-Cori Thompson26:56 SRStephen Decatur
28.-Emily Farr26:57Salisbury
29.12Jackie Wenke27:00 SRParkside
30.-Melissa Schworn27:16 PRStephen Decatur
31.-Jenna Brower27:34Stephen Decatur
32.9Ashley Hrebik27:44 PRStephen Decatur
33.11Caroline Hyneman27:51James M Bennett
34.11Kendra Hodgdon28:10Wicomico
35.9Paige Diller28:14Parkside
37.12Taylor Burns28:56Mardela
36.-Elizabeth Phillips29:36 SRJames M Bennett
38.10Sharryse Piggott30:37Pocomoke
39.12Kara Brower30:43 SRStephen Decatur
40.-Molly Likouch32:37 PRJames M Bennett
41.-Erin Lee32:38James M Bennett
42.-Madison Lathbury32:43 PRStephen Decatur
43.10Holly Thiel32:45 PRStephen Decatur
44.9Shannon Vaughan32:55Wicomico
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