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De La Salle Carondelet Invitational HS

Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Newhall Park, Concord, CA - Map
Mens Races
2 Mile Freshman
2 Mile Frosh-Soph Unlimited
2 Mile Junior Varsity
2 Mile Junior Varsity Unlimited

Newhall Park

3 Mile Varsity
2 Mile Frosh Soph
Womens Races
2 Mile Frosh Soph

Newhall Park

3 Mile Varsity
2 Mile Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

2 Mile Freshman  

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15.9Jack Tannenbaum12:56San Francisco Univer...
21.9Ian Wilson13:03San Francisco Univer...
33.9Austin Neri13:21San Francisco Univer...
67.9Zach Hall13:53San Francisco Univer...
70.9Lindsay Deffarges13:54San Francisco Univer...
9Mark LernerSan Francisco Univer... OOS
9Nikhil KrishnanSan Francisco Univer... OOS
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2 Mile Frosh-Soph Unlimited  

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16.9Christopher Sommers12:57Jesuit
23.9Rudy Suchil13:06Jesuit
25.9Will Androvich13:09 Jesuit
53.9Chris Graff13:41Jesuit
88.10Jesse Llopis14:10Jesuit
94.9McClane Sjolund14:14Jesuit
98.10Max Schmidt14:18Jesuit
106.9Caleb Eddy14:26 Jesuit
126.9Tanner Leon14:50 Jesuit
132.9Marshall Elliott15:08 Jesuit
141.9Patrick Sapunor15:26Jesuit
147.9Drew Standriff15:33 Jesuit
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  

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3.11Luke Gary11:12Jesuit
7.12Jeremiah Ziebert11:19Jesuit
11Christian Montano11:31Salinas
12Tim Brigantino11:38Salinas
10Jordan Caress11:45Salinas
31.11Chris Medina11:54Jesuit
36.12Justin Brown-Piniz...11:57Jesuit
39.10Austin Burrows12:00Jesuit
11Andrews Gutierrez12:01Salinas
67.11Tim Jones12:03Jesuit
11John Favazza12:11Salinas
67.12John Ricca12:24Jesuit
10Jeremiah Leonard12:40Salinas
96.12Mark Resch13:11Freedom out of 133
112.11Michael Valdez14:29Freedom out of 133
127.10Erik Pinkerton15:51Freedom out of 133
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2 Mile Junior Varsity Unlimited  

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28.12Zach McPherson13:04Jesuit
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3 Mile Varsity  

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12Max Bell16:06Salinas
21.12Ned Tannenbaum16:18San Francisco Univer...
29.12Colton Misono16:27Jesuit
30.12TJ Brown-Pinizzotto16:28Jesuit
11Bryan Tena16:32Salinas
36.12Nick Klein16:38Sonora
47.12Joe Mahoney16:49Jesuit
12Jeff Shen16:51Salinas
53.11Jesus Morales16:58Liberty
61.9Tristyn Martin17:06Jesuit
10Alex Adams17:16Salinas
80.10Chris Goode17:16Jesuit
80.11Clancy McConnell17:21Sonora
84.11Duncan Hosie17:21San Francisco Univer...
82.9Steven Grolle17:22Sonora
11Eduardo Cuevas17:25Salinas
12David Santana17:39Salinas
95.12Nathan Klein17:39Sonora
109.11Michael Valdez17:51Freedom out of 207
110.10Joey Fajardo17:53Freedom out of 207
117.12Preston Daniels18:00Jesuit
129.12Charles Deffarges18:23San Francisco Univer...
133.10Aaron Lened18:28Liberty
143.12Jonathon Smith18:47Sonora
9Kamryn Van Allen18:52Kimball
158.9David Horne18:56Liberty
160.10Ezra Zamora18:57Freedom out of 207
162.11Nathaniel Prunetti19:20Sonora
177.11Andrew Gaul19:25Liberty
10Jeremy Thompson19:44Kimball
185.11Guillermo Duarte19:49Liberty
187.11Roger Gonzalez19:57Liberty
9Greg Dawson20:05Kimball
10Alex Pelletier20:08Kimball
10Laurence Paulite20:14Kimball
183.12Kody Walton20:24Sonora
199.9Michael DeFazio20:55Liberty
200.11Andrew Finn21:01San Francisco Univer...
9Devin Patel21:06Kimball
9Roger Gomez21:42Kimball
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2 Mile Frosh Soph  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
10.10Sam Stoll11:27Jesuit
12.10Greg Woollgar11:30Jesuit
14.10James Burton11:31San Francisco Univer...
30.10Flavio Medrano11:59Jesuit
39.10Liam Gallivan12:14San Francisco Univer...
40.10Spencer Jensen12:14Jesuit
53.10Austin Burrows12:28Jesuit
59.10Will Dolan12:31San Francisco Univer...
60.9Jack Richardson12:36 Jesuit
77.9Ned Geeslin12:48San Francisco Univer...
79.10Daara Jalili12:50San Francisco Univer...
98.10Riley Harbour13:09Jesuit
133.9Josh Omoletski14:15Freedom out of 157
138.9Doug Cherry14:25Freedom out of 157
10Connor Coker15:14Kimball
10Ben Williams15:47Sonora
11Conner Gervin16:10Sonora JV 2 mile
9Sean Rodriguez16:33Kimball
9Shelby Mullen17:09Sonora
10Connor ClarkSan Francisco Univer... Injured
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Womens Results

2 Mile Frosh Soph  

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12.10Lizzy Teerlink14:18San Francisco Univer...
15.10Fionna Lehmann14:28Freedom out of 187
20.10Charlotte Young14:39San Francisco Univer...
25.10Kiki Hosie14:48San Francisco Univer...
9Emilie Costa14:49Salinas
11Amara Clayton14:51Salinas
10Maritza Cardenas15:06Salinas
10Caitlyn Moore15:06Salinas
11Crystal Soria15:23Salinas
10Jenny Pelagio15:38Salinas
60.9Tessa Hunter15:40Sonora
80.9Monique Paris16:17Freedom out of 187
87.9Maddi Wyman16:27Sonora
9Alana ZackSan Francisco Univer... Basketball
9Sydney LocksleySan Francisco Univer... Soccer
9Morgan LocksleySan Francisco Univer... Soccer
10Jamie KeresterSan Francisco Univer... Soccer
9Alissa HuntingtonSan Francisco Univer... Soccer
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3 Mile Varsity  

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7.11Holland Reynolds18:33San Francisco Univer...
12.10Samantha Smith18:53Sonora
23.11Bridget Blum19:23San Francisco Univer...
40.12Carmen Martinez19:58Freedom out of 169
49.10Lisa Tilcock20:06Freedom out of 169
9Malena Grover21:04Salinas
12Haley Land21:10Salinas
12Yessika Mayo21:11Salinas
11Kathryn Chin21:35Salinas
9Alicia Cuevas21:39Salinas
10Elizabeth Dawson22:03Kimball
118.11Alissa Hansen22:08Liberty
122.11Mercedes Langfeldt22:17Sonora
11Chelsea Cravens22:24Salinas
127.11Marissa Higgins22:31Freedom out of 169
12Lizzie Prader22:34Salinas
132.11Cora Williams22:51Liberty
10Anna Carrasco22:53Kimball
10Jemiyah Castro24:24Kimball
160.11Elizabeth Escobar24:41Liberty
168.11Katie Granger32:13Sonora
10Jennie CallanSan Francisco Univer... Injured
12Adrian KeresterSan Francisco Univer... Soccer
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
12Schuyler SchwartzSan Francisco Univer... Soccer
11Kate GridleySan Francisco Univer... Soccer
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