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MPSSAA 2A South Regional Championship HS

Thursday, November 03, 2005

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Meet Host - Patuxent HS
Location - Patuxent HS, Lusby, MD
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Mens Races

Patuxent HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Patuxent HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Andrew Revelle17:15.00Atholton
2.11Devon Gillett17:33.00Hammond
3.11Daniel Mcpherson17:41.00McDonough
4.12Reggie King17:43.00Atholton
5.12Asteway Ribbiso17:48.00Forestville Military
6.9Graham Bazell17:55.00Atholton
7.12Christopher Anderson18:02.00Forestville Military
8.11Brian Allen18:07.00Reservoir
9.12Russell Morin18:09.00Patuxent
10.12Joey Spurrier18:17.00Glenelg
11.11Seth Harwood18:20.00Atholton
12.12Nick Bosse18:22.00Glenelg
13.12John Thornton18:36.00Oakland Mills
14.12Brian Pettit18:41.00Reservoir
15.12James Lloyd18:44.00Patuxent
16.9Jake Williams18:51.00Reservoir
17.11Adam Graybeal18:52.00Glenelg
18.12Patrick Dymond18:54.00Glenelg
20.10Ian Gross18:57.00Hammond
21.11Sam Mcclelland18:58.00Calvert
22.10Teddy Carney19:03.00Oakland Mills
23.11Bpaaki Vandi19:04.00Central-PG
24.11Jonah Meyers19:12.00Oakland Mills
25.10Jarrod Spurrier19:15.00Glenelg
26.10William Mettle19:19.00Glenelg
27.11Zach Cecil19:22.00Calvert
28.10Thomas Hoesman19:24.00Howard
29.12Eric Nathan19:25.00Oakland Mills
30.9Ryan Cavanaugh19:25.00Reservoir
31.9Kyle Stanton19:26.00Hammond
32.11Tommy Radford19:26.00Reservoir
33.9Alex McCoy19:27.00Atholton
34.12Matt Lukas19:37.00Patuxent
35.11Paul Pariseault19:38.00Reservoir
36.11Kwame Johnson19:39.00Potomac
37.12Bryon Travitz19:39.00Oakland Mills
38.10Mark Thomas19:40.00Hammond
39.9Patrick Squires19:41.00Calvert
40.11Jesse Ridgway19:43.00Calvert
41.10Scott Menner19:44.00Glenelg
42.10Phillip Moorehead19:45.00Hammond
43.10Tom Bradtke20:02.00Hammond
44.9Andrew Lloyd20:04.00Patuxent
45.10Joseph Adams20:07.00Forestville Military
46.11Michael Fields20:16.00Howard
47.11Matt Bode20:17.00Atholton
48.-Sean Fockler20:18.00Patuxent
49.12Garrett Summers20:25.00Fairmont Heights
50.11Daniel Reiss20:26.00Howard
51.12Don Berry20:27.00Reservoir
52.9Sterling Thornton20:28.00Fairmont Heights
53.9Peter Sammis20:30.00Oakland Mills
54.9Matthew Fowler20:30.00Howard
55.12Chris Rogers20:31.00Patuxent
56.-Steven Getz20:33.00McDonough
57.11Trevor Barger20:34.00Calvert
58.10DeAndre Tingle20:35.00Central-PG
59.10Brad Humpert20:36.00Hammond
60.9Josh Barrett20:38.00Patuxent
61.-Wendell Walters20:39.00McDonough
62.11Ibraham Kamara20:40.00Central-PG
63.12Jimmy Snyder20:45.00Oakland Mills
64.11Ethan Leonard20:55.00Calvert
65.10Jesse Carlson20:56.00McDonough
66.10Ronald Exum21:00.00Central-PG
67.-Aaron Harris21:03.00Calvert
68.10Julian Defronzo21:05.00Howard
69.10Josh Clark21:13.00Howard
70.-Andrew Merki21:14.00McDonough
71.-Terrence Bratton21:18.00Fairmont Heights
72.11Darin Hensley21:46.00Potomac
73.11Dominique Parker21:49.00Fairmont Heights
74.-Ringo Blaine22:06.00McDonough
75.10Jermiel Perry22:11.00Central-PG
76.-Miles Deiudonne22:11.00Fairmont Heights
77.-Chris Jones22:14.00Potomac
78.9Gary Lucero22:33.00McDonough
79.10Steven Shelby22:40.00Howard
80.11Willie Lackey22:43.00Forestville Military
81.10Marquis Moore23:39.00Forestville Military
82.12Caleb Gaskins23:48.00Fairmont Heights
83.-James Clement24:07.00Fairmont Heights
84.-Koon Peng Missana25:45.00Central-PG
85.-Aric Childs26:06.00Potomac
86.-Vincent Gray26:11.00Potomac
87.-Alvin Green26:22.00Forestville Military
88.10Lamech McLean26:33.00Potomac
89.12Jamal Gray26:48.00Potomac
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Alison Parris19:54.00Patuxent
2.11Alison Smith20:34.00Atholton
3.10Erin Killic21:29.00Reservoir
4.12Grace Concannon21:35.00Oakland Mills
5.12Jemu Zarzar21:45.00Central-PG
6.12Ashley Frederick21:59.00Patuxent
7.10Chelsea Foong22:06.00Howard
8.9Nicole Shouse22:15.00Howard
9.10Jaclyn Tsioumas22:42.00Reservoir
10.12Stephanie Sones22:49.00Glenelg
11.-Maggie DeLorme23:01.00Patuxent
12.12Sarah Pope23:04.00Hammond
13.10Lauren Dorman23:07.00Reservoir
14.11Kathryn Caffrey23:08.00Atholton
15.12Marquel Bowler23:18.00Atholton
16.11Terry Lebair23:20.00Glenelg
17.10Samantha Stehle23:31.00Atholton
18.-Karen Elder23:35.00McDonough
19.12Crystal Davis23:37.00Central-PG
20.10Sarah Sweet23:43.00Reservoir
21.12Sarah Lebro23:52.00Oakland Mills
22.11Samantha Sammis23:53.00Oakland Mills
23.10Shelby Starr23:57.00Glenelg
24.12Casey Beare24:01.00Oakland Mills
25.12Erika Clark24:07.00Central-PG
26.10Margo James24:11.00Oakland Mills
27.10Marina Overby24:13.00McDonough
28.12Akilah Clark24:27.00Central-PG
29.12MaryBeth Kasda24:30.00Glenelg
30.10Mallory Meiser24:32.00Patuxent
31.11Melkamsew Ribbiso24:33.00Forestville Military
32.10Jami Limon24:42.00Howard
33.11Selena Haggins24:44.00Central-PG
34.10Laura Crigler24:49.00Glenelg
35.-Kaylan Kaatz24:52.00Calvert
36.11Justine Hoerning24:57.00Patuxent
37.10Caitlyn Cumberland25:02.00Glenelg
38.10Kelly Klein25:03.00Reservoir
39.9Elizabeth Kimble25:09.00Oakland Mills
40.12Lisa Rones25:12.00Oakland Mills
41.11Kamilah Clark25:15.00Central-PG
42.-Megan Buckmaster25:18.00Calvert
43.-Bethany McKinney25:22.00McDonough
44.10Elizabeth Kallay25:27.00Fairmont Heights
45.10Tara Sones25:31.00Glenelg
46.10Melodie Bowler25:33.00Atholton
47.9Alissa Abitante25:38.00Atholton
48.11DeMarah Wilson25:43.00Fairmont Heights
49.-Uera Goldberg25:44.00Hammond
50.10Stefanie Frost25:47.00Hammond
51.10Liz Frantz25:57.00Atholton
52.11Bonnie Zwissler26:01.00Calvert
53.-Kim Butera26:06.00Calvert
54.11Crystal Crokett26:08.00Forestville Military
55.10Marybeth Heinrichs26:12.00Hammond
56.11Holly Schemm26:22.00Hammond
57.12Erin Knussman26:37.00Calvert
58.10Beth Toland26:52.00Howard
59.11Casey Williams27:06.00Reservoir
60.10Morgan Denhard27:23.00Howard
61.11Tess Wier27:28.00Hammond
62.10Alex Shipton27:34.00McDonough
63.9Alli Cardace27:56.00Howard
64.12Anglica Lackey28:03.00Forestville Military
65.-Diamond Smith28:07.00Potomac
66.10Teressa Nance28:10.00Forestville Military
67.10Carissa Dorson28:15.00Reservoir
68.9Brenear Wright28:30.00Fairmont Heights
69.-Colandra Finney28:38.00Fairmont Heights
70.12Irena Kucheuski28:41.00Hammond
71.10Kenterra Richardson28:51.00Forestville Military
72.10Diamond Jones30:21.00Forestville Military
73.11Zequilla Walton30:31.00Potomac
74.9Christina Gancayco30:45.00Patuxent
75.12Emily Brownlee31:46.00Calvert
76.12Stephanie Alexander32:12.00Fairmont Heights
77.-Chrishon Lewis32:33.00Forestville Military
78.-Ivana Terry32:47.00Calvert
79.9Susan Frazier33:02.00McDonough
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