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Marriots Ridge-Oakland Mills-Resevoir @ Centennial HS

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Meet Host - Centennial HS
Location - Centennial HS, Ellicott City, MD - Map
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Centennial HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Centennial HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Dustin Yourstone18:16Centennial
2.12Mike Cascio18:35Centennial
3.-Jon Kay18:43Centennial
4.12John Thornton18:46Oakland Mills
5.11Aaron Levine19:08Centennial
6.12Eric Bell19:13Centennial
7.12Lou DiStefano19:29Centennial
8.10Teddy Carney19:34Oakland Mills
9.11John Briguglio19:45Centennial
10.10Brian Larson19:52Centennial
11.12Eric Nathan19:58Oakland Mills
12.11Matt Schwarz20:02Centennial
13.11Tommy Radford20:04Reservoir
14.11Brian Allen20:06Reservoir
15.11Chris Wachtman20:13Centennial
16.12Michael Bayless20:42Centennial
17.10Brendan Wray20:42Marriotts Ridge
18.12Brian Pettit20:54Reservoir
19.12Jimmy Snyder21:03.00Oakland Mills
20.9Peter Sammis21:10Oakland Mills
21.12Bryon Travitz21:22Oakland Mills
22.9Ryan Cavanaugh21:26Reservoir
23.11Josh Jamison21:34Reservoir
24.9Jake Williams21:35Reservoir
25.11Brian Neumaier21:39Reservoir
26.10Eric Brochers21:41Reservoir
27.12Don Berry21:42Reservoir
28.11Ian Anderson21:49Oakland Mills
30.9David Reyman22:00Marriotts Ridge
31.10Michael Ponce22:10Oakland Mills
32.10Matt Hynson22:29Marriotts Ridge
33.12Stephen Sullivan22:30Oakland Mills
34.10Stephen Oltjen22:31Marriotts Ridge
35.10David Todd22:38Marriotts Ridge
36.9Michael Bargamian22:44Marriotts Ridge
37.11John O'Connor22:49Oakland Mills
29.10David Kozlowski22:55Reservoir
38.11Paul Pariseault23:10Reservoir
39.9Majid Waheed23:13Oakland Mills
40.9Christian Dorman23:26Reservoir
41.9Scot Stacharowski23:44Marriotts Ridge
42.9Nick Gradone23:50Marriotts Ridge
43.12Richard Duarte24:01.00Oakland Mills
44.9Andrew Mavronicolas27:16.00Marriotts Ridge
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.11Ben Marschner20:22Centennial
2.9Jack Western20:23Centennial
3.9Eric Feinstein20:28Centennial
4.10Matt Francis20:43Centennial
5.11Mark Watson21:43Centennial
6.9Matt Killoran21:43Centennial
7.12Matt Thomas22:08Centennial
8.9Kenneth Clarkson22:26Centennial
9.12Danny Sheain22:28Centennial
10.10David Sikorski22:40Centennial
11.11Asanee Satirabarab...22:44Centennial
12.9Aaron Heineman23:06Centennial
13.11Eric Liang23:53Centennial
14.9Micheal Sandy24:07Reservoir
15.12Yang Zhang24:15Centennial
16.9Andreas Mitchell24:16Centennial
17.9Kevin Eikenberg24:17Marriotts Ridge
18.11Travis Erdman24:19Centennial
19.12Colin Miller24:25Reservoir
20.10Austin Rector24:30Reservoir
21.10Zach Coe24:43Reservoir
22.9Benjamin Sechrest24:55Oakland Mills
24.10Eric Lavalvo24:58Centennial
25.9Andy Hawthorn24:59Centennial
26.10Gerald Obah25:01Centennial
27.12Kevin Yang25:12Centennial
28.12Chris Bundens25:36Reservoir
29.12Matt Donohue25:39Reservoir
30.9Aeryk Sullivan26:11Oakland Mills
31.9Roger Lee26:16Marriotts Ridge
32.10Peter Chun26:21Marriotts Ridge
33.9Daniel Meiners26:24Reservoir
34.10Mike Paddy26:28Marriotts Ridge
35.12Scott McGehee26:29Oakland Mills
36.11Shawn Kelley26:37Oakland Mills
37.9Joey Wrobel26:57Marriotts Ridge
38.9Patrick Roberts27:02Marriotts Ridge
39.9Alex Thomas27:09Centennial
40.9Michael Keane27:30Oakland Mills
41.9Ilya Dynin27:32Oakland Mills
42.-Nikko Thao27:45Reservoir
43.10Eugene Shin28:31Marriotts Ridge
44.9Kibom Kwan28:55Marriotts Ridge
45.11Tom Pachura29:16Centennial
46.9Alex Danner29:54Centennial
47.10Dean Yang30:10Marriotts Ridge
48.-Chris Griffin31:42Reservoir
49.9Antwoine Johnson32:04Marriotts Ridge
50.9Karthik Muppalla32:21Centennial
51.10Mitch Stahm32:50Marriotts Ridge
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Angeli Sivaraman20:57Centennial
2.12Lauren Catalano22:01Centennial
3.12Grace Concannon22:55Oakland Mills
4.12Sarah Lebro23:13Oakland Mills
5.12Amy Dunham23:53Centennial
6.10Stephanie Buckner24:14Marriotts Ridge
7.9Riley Mcintyre24:18Centennial
8.9Tara McVey24:22Marriotts Ridge
9.10Hanul Kim24:26Centennial
10.10Jaclyn Tsioumas24:36Reservoir
11.9Katie Kendall24:36Reservoir
12.12Lisa Rones24:40Oakland Mills
13.10Erin Killic24:59Reservoir
14.-Kelly Ulich25:00Reservoir
15.11Samantha Sammis25:16Oakland Mills
16.9Elizabeth Kimble25:40Oakland Mills
17.9Mariah Spence25:49Marriotts Ridge
18.11Claire Wilson25:54Centennial
19.11Victoria Groves26:01Oakland Mills
20.11Marie Pino26:04Centennial
21.11Laura Huang26:04Centennial
22.10Kristine Latham26:06Centennial
23.10Julia Kittel26:09Centennial
24.11Robin Roogow26:30Centennial
25.11Joy Jennifer26:39Oakland Mills
26.10Lauren Dorman26:41Reservoir
27.10Carissa Dorson26:42Reservoir
28.10Margo James27:00Oakland Mills
29.11Amy Zontek27:12Oakland Mills
30.11Bethany Watson27:38Oakland Mills
31.10Shana Rusonis27:57Marriotts Ridge
32.11Danielle Delatte28:03Centennial
33.10Molly Nicholl28:05Marriotts Ridge
34.9Rachel Shulder28:06Oakland Mills
35.10Sarah Sweet28:18Reservoir
36.12Corey Williams28:18Reservoir
37.12Millie Liu28:23Centennial
38.9Katie Bloom28:35Centennial
39.11Erica McNelly28:46Centennial
40.9Sarah Bluher28:46Centennial
41.10Michelle Garner29:06Marriotts Ridge
42.11Sangeetha Anthony29:07Centennial
43.12Holli Hackett29:49Oakland Mills
44.11Bailey Bauman30:20Centennial
45.9Shannon Hart30:34Oakland Mills
46.9Alexandria Deters30:39Oakland Mills
47.9Madeleine Robson31:02Oakland Mills
48.9Ananda Martin-Caug...31:03Oakland Mills
49.9Sara Francis31:15Centennial
50.9Victoria Broderick31:18Centennial
51.9Leigh Ann Doyle31:32Centennial
52.9Jocelyn Henline33:32Marriotts Ridge
53.10Jackie Meisel34:21Marriotts Ridge
54.9Briana Lawton36:06Marriotts Ridge
55.10Preethi Reddy36:28Centennial
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