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Grand Rapids Golf Club

5,000 Meters Class A Team
5,000 Meters Class A Individual
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Grand Rapids Golf Club

5,000 Meters Class A Team
5,000 Meters Class A Individual

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Class A Team  

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17.11Lisa Burger19:19Clio
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5,000 Meters Class A Individual  

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8.12Sue Sterts19:06Warren Cousino
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Class A Team  

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1.11Pat Hamparian17:54Brighton
2.10Kelly Shumate18:02Clio
3.-Judy Yuhn18:06Walled Lake Western
4.-Lisa Franseen18:09Rochester
5.-Erna Messenger18:15East Lansing
6.-Aimee Landry18:30Rochester
7.-Cathy Schmidt18:42Grosse Pointe North
8.12Sue Brown18:53Brighton
9.-Lisa Reimund18:56Troy Athens
10.-Martha Whitaker19:03Grosse Pointe North
11.-Jane Wilson19:04Grosse Pointe South
12.-Mary Johnston19:04Portage Northern
13.-Beth Gilmore19:05Highland-Milford
14.-Dawn Clark19:11Grand Haven
15.11Rosie Hamparian19:13Brighton
16.-Mini Baker19:14Bloomfield Hills Lah...
18.-Mary Gleason19:20Davison
19.9Beth Reynolds19:25Clio
20.-Angie Mogielski19:28Redford Union
21.-Kami Laird19:29Redford Union
22.-Laura Lieblein19:30Jackson
23.-Donna Tremper19:31Highland-Milford
24.-Betsy Schneider19:34East Lansing
25.-Wendy Taylor19:36Highland-Milford
26.10Lisa Clark19:37Brighton
27.-Jill Taaffe19:40Portage Northern
28.-Nancy Ingram19:41East Lansing
29.-Valerie Stone19:44Grosse Pointe South
30.-Tracy Carrier19:47St. Clair Shores Lak...
31.10Paula Sheldon19:49Clio
32.-Dawn Mordis19:52Rochester
33.-Cathy Koski19:53Redford Union
34.11Julie Misekow19:53Clio
35.10Tisch Schmidt19:56Brighton
36.-Colleen Smith19:57Davison
37.-Penny Frank20:00Trenton
38.-Patty Meehan20:04Grosse Pointe North
39.-Ronitt Rubinfeld20:04Ann Arbor Huron
40.-Lisa Metzen20:09Highland-Milford
41.-Ann Case20:10St. Clair Shores Lak...
42.-Denise Rogers20:10Grand Haven
43.-Michelle Roper20:11East Lansing
44.-Beth Gadsen20:12Grosse Pointe North
45.-Michelle Burdiak20:15Rochester
46.-Betsy Steward20:17Portage Northern
47.-Carol Otten20:18Jackson
48.-Janet Hughes20:19Troy Athens
49.11Jennifer Lancour20:21Brighton
50.-Cathleen O' Brien20:25Troy Athens
51.-Nancy Adams20:25Redford Union
73.-Janet Ford20:25Redford Union
52.-Marie Norris20:26Trenton
53.-Nancy Glagola20:27Walled Lake Western
54.11Beth Pominville20:28Brighton
55.-Polly Ostrander20:29Livonia Stevenson
56.-Kris Olenzek20:29Livonia Stevenson
57.-Ann Schaening20:32Highland-Milford
58.-Kris Haloppa20:36Ann Arbor Huron
59.-Sue Nabozny20:37Highland-Milford
60.-Cassie Vela20:39Clio
61.-Lorraine Allen20:40Trenton
62.-Stephanie Godek20:40Trenton
63.-Debbie Norgan20:41Trenton
64.-Vicky Matz20:42Bloomfield Hills Lah...
65.-Wendy Davy20:42Troy Athens
66.-Cathy Collins20:48St. Clair Shores Lak...
67.-Kim Marcum20:50Highland-Milford
68.-Michelle Baker20:51Jackson
69.-Kelly Kosuth20:53Bloomfield Hills Lah...
70.-Anne Marie Ribant20:54Rochester
71.-Kris Maher20:55Walled Lake Western
72.-Chris Fricano20:56Grand Haven
74.-Korie Bachleda21:06Portage Northern
75.-Roey Defever21:07Davison
76.-Nancy Zieliuski21:07Livonia Stevenson
77.-Kelly Carrier21:09St. Clair Shores Lak...
78.-Ann Peelham21:11Portage Northern
79.-Denise Segley21:11Davison
80.-Sue Reed21:15Portage Northern
81.-Julie Foldi21:15Redford Union
82.-Brenda Cole21:21Ann Arbor Huron
83.-Kelly Louwers21:22Grosse Pointe North
84.-Angela Krassa21:25St. Clair Shores Lak...
85.-Sue Doup21:25Jackson
86.-Jayne Johnston21:26Davison
87.-Carol O' Brien21:27Troy Athens
88.-Dawn Spears21:32Rochester
89.9Kim Hobson21:34Clio
90.-Karen Blechinger21:36Bloomfield Hills Lah...
91.-Jennie Balch21:40Ann Arbor Huron
92.-Mary Pampreen21:42Bloomfield Hills Lah...
93.-Mary Esser21:42Troy Athens
94.-Maureen Anderson21:43Ann Arbor Huron
95.-Monica Marsden21:47Portage Northern
96.-Lisa Bishopp21:49Trenton
97.-Lisa Bryan21:55Jackson
98.-Ginny Ford21:57Jackson
99.-Liz Kane21:57Grosse Pointe South
100.-Lisa Dennis22:00Bloomfield Hills Lah...
101.-Sara Bivins22:01Jackson
102.-Melissa Moehring22:02Troy Athens
103.-Karen Schwartz22:03Ann Arbor Huron
104.-Donna Edwards22:05East Lansing
105.-Holly Frank22:07Trenton
106.-Grace Kennedy22:08Grosse Pointe North
107.-Bev Weidenhamer22:09Redford Union
108.-Marilyn Hocking22:11Redford Union
109.-Chris Kibble22:12Grand Haven
110.-Ellen Derkowski22:13Livonia Stevenson
111.-Terri Toporski22:15Davison
112.-Kim Evans22:16Walled Lake Western
113.-Karrie Vince22:30Rochester
114.-Jenny Steranou22:35Walled Lake Western
115.-Debra Bach22:38Livonia Stevenson
116.-Linda Waarnor22:42Grand Haven
117.-Beth Ingram22:45East Lansing
118.-Peg Moore22:59Ann Arbor Huron
119.-Wendy Flynn23:00Grosse Pointe South
120.-Ann Forrest23:04Livonia Stevenson
121.-Kerry Helmers23:06Grand Haven
122.-Heather Gillespie23:08Walled Lake Western
123.-Martha Whitaker23:11Grosse Pointe North
124.-Barb Walsh23:13Bloomfield Hills Lah...
125.-Mary Jo Kalman23:14Grosse Pointe South
126.-Christina Nehem23:15Grosse Pointe South
127.-Vicki Bergin23:46East Lansing
128.-Ann Gavoor23:51Livonia Stevenson
129.-Karen Fellows23:56Grosse Pointe South
130.-Jayne Korecki28:51Grand Haven
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5,000 Meters Class A Individual  

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1.-Kayla Skelly18:00Midland
2.-Susan Paquette18:07Hazel Park
3.-Marti Whynott18:35East Kentwood
4.-Anna Bauer18:43Birmingham Seaholm
5.-Brenda Schenk18:48Flint Kearsley
6.-Janet Fulkerson18:57Midland
7.-Sherrie Jelsone19:00Eastpointe East Detr...
9.-Marti Bissinger19:12Lansing Waverly
10.-Tish Kriechel19:13Flint Kearsley
11.-Robin Champagne19:14Warren Cousino
12.-Julie Recka19:15Livonia Churchill
13.-Bonnie Mc Donald19:15Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
14.10Kim Harrie19:16Warren Mott
15.-Kara Walcher19:17Temperance Bedford
16.-Sharon Smith19:23Taylor Kennedy
17.-Joanne Simonetti19:28Birmingham Seaholm
18.-Dawn Van Brocklin19:34Flushing
19.-Carlene Isabelle19:35Flint Northern
20.-Tina Williams19:35Flint Northern
21.-Jane Mc Intyre19:40Pontiac Central (Clo...
22.-Kathy Barnum19:42Ann Arbor Pioneer
24.-Marlene Isabelle19:45Flint Northern
25.-Ginny Barnes19:46Ann Arbor Pioneer
26.-Helen Mc Curdy19:49Detroit Henry Ford
27.-Kathy Falzon19:49White Lake Lakeland
28.10Kris Ollila19:53Warren Mott
29.-Debbie Le Dena19:54Lansing Sexton
30.-Allys Dwyer19:54Traverse City Central
31.-Kim Curry19:55Walled Lake Central
32.-Kim Berlin19:55Swartz Creek
33.9Lisa Greb19:56Utica Ford
34.-Diane Gustom19:57Lansing Everett
35.-Phyllis Day20:00Roseville
36.-Maria Dyer20:01Flint Kearsley
37.-Kathy Hoffman20:02Swartz Creek
38.-Debbie Reath20:03Rockford
39.-Leslie Rude20:04Grand Ledge
40.-Kathryn Townsend20:05Lansing Eastern
41.-Debbie Andrews20:13Redford Bishop Borgess
42.-Kristy Klan20:18Battle Creek Lakeview
43.-Leslie Burgess20:20New Baltimore Anchor...
44.-Cathy Burkert20:20Holly
45.-Michele Masoure20:21Berkley
46.12Laura Weyand20:22Wayne Memorial
47.-Annette Sulick20:23Farmington
48.-Amy Byle20:24Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
49.-Gretchen Martz20:28White Lake Lakeland
50.-Yvette Carriere20:31Grand Blanc
51.-Jean Mc Carthy20:32Farmington Hills Mercy
52.-Louise Shaheen20:32Redford Bishop Borgess
53.-Beth Beimers20:33Battle Creek Central
54.-Diane Montgomery20:34Walled Lake Central
55.-Ruth Sample20:34Salem
56.-Kery Reed20:37West Bloomfield
57.-Leslie Wheaton20:45Temperance Bedford
58.-Mary Wellhaussen20:47Mt Clemens
59.-Lori Mc Kimmy20:49Adrian
60.-Cece Da Lave20:50Warren Regina
61.-Amy Brown20:52Farmington Hills Mercy
62.-Polly Mann21:00Lansing Waverly
63.-Patty Dellies21:01Roseville
64.-Linda Hansen21:02Southfield-Lathrup
65.-Linda Brown21:04Livonia Churchill
66.-Mary Robbins21:15Eastpointe East Detr...
67.-Patty Francoeur21:19Adrian
68.-Judy Mc Namara21:27Rochester Adams
69.-Pam Prater21:32Westland John Glenn
70.-Renee Axdorff21:37Grandville
71.-Sue Hoffman21:42Traverse City Central
72.-Tammy Huntman21:46Flushing
73.-Mary Walters21:47Rockford
74.-Marina Virgona21:50Eastpointe East Detr...
75.-Diane Jachim21:52Grandville
76.-Carol Sicheneder21:54Romeo
77.-Carolyn Powell21:57Benton Harbor
78.-Dorie Dreves22:14Traverse City Central
79.-Sheri Myers22:31Grandville
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