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Texas UIL 5A State Cross Country Championships HS

Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Old Settler's Park, Round Rock, TX
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Mens Races

Old Settler's Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races
3,200 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Craig Lutz14:41.51Lewisville Marcus
2.12Brian Gohlke15:17.63Conroe Woodlands Col...
3.11Daniel Vertiz15:24.93San Antonio Reagan
4.11Kevyn Hoyos15:27.12Lewisville Hebron
5.12Donovan Torres15:30.80Lubbock Coronado
6.11Craig Nowak15:32.30Houston Cyp. Woods
7.12Yonas Tesfai15:34.54Houston Westbury
8.12Mark Pinales15:34.82Round Rock Stony Pt.
9.11Troy Taylor15:35.64Northwest
10.12Phil Schneider15:38.25Conroe The Woodlands
11.12Sean Canavin15:39.96Lewisville Marcus
12.12Nick Gibson15:42.48Houston Strake Jesuit
13.10Brigham Hedges15:43.07Conroe The Woodlands
14.10Robert Domanic15:43.42Lewisville Hebron
15.11Greg White15:45.75Katy Seven Lakes
16.12Jose Ortega15:49.64Pasadena Rayburn
17.12Roland Cantu15:51.21Eagle Pass
18.12Weston Novelli15:52.63Houston Strake Jesuit
19.12Matt Mazur15:53.09Lewisville Marcus
20.10Joe Sansone15:54.21Southlake Carroll
21.12Andrew Scheffey15:56.31Conroe The Woodlands
22.10Trevor Gilley15:57.56Southlake Carroll
23.12Jonathan Wyatt15:58.36Lewisville Flower Mo...
24.11Cale Wallace15:59.67Houston Cyp. Ranch
25.12Meron Fessahaie15:59.93Richardson Lake High...
26.11Jake Hendrick16:00.22Conroe The Woodlands
27.11Jordan Chavez16:00.42Southlake Carroll
28.12Nick Hager16:00.42Garland Rowlett
29.11Fidel Leon16:03.22Katy Mayde Creek
30.12Chris Schiller16:04.86Houston Strake Jesuit
31.12Johnny Watson16:05.88North Mesquite
32.11Luis Romero16:06.03El Paso Montwood
33.10Nate Sullivan16:06.71Southlake Carroll
34.11David Guillen16:07.68Los Fresnos
35.12Alfonso Lozoya16:07.88Harlingen
36.12Derwin Graham16:08.62Copperas Cove
37.11Ben Golestan16:08.62Southlake Carroll
38.12Andrew Kogut16:10.35Katy Seven Lakes
39.12Travis Beck16:11.17Humble Kingwood
40.11Chris Vargas16:12.19Conroe The Woodlands
41.12Ryan Thomas16:13.30Lewisville Marcus
42.11Conner Moncrief16:13.90Conroe The Woodlands
43.11Caullen Parker16:14.43Keller Central
44.11Alex Johansson16:14.61Southlake Carroll
45.12Joseph Pena16:15.52Eagle Pass
46.12Todd Bennett16:16.63Humble Kingwood
47.11Kevin Webb16:17.96Georgetown
48.12Sean Sannwaldt16:19.13Georgetown
49.12Rene Escobedo16:19.59Eagle Pass
50.10Eric Vibrock16:20.14Conroe The Woodlands
51.9Alex Ntagawa16:20.70San Antonio Lee
52.11Dorian McCradic16:22.07Georgetown
53.12Logan Terry16:23.61Humble Kingwood
54.12Austin Schankel16:23.89Houston Cyp. Fair
55.11Anthony Rodriguez16:24.92Brownsville Hanna
56.12Ryan McCann16:25.23Northside O'Connor
57.11Silvester Harrison...16:27.55Killeen Ellison
58.9Frank Lara16:28.36Houston Strake Jesuit
59.11Justin Brinkley16:31.17Humble Kingwood
60.12Jacob Milles16:32.38Lewisville Flower Mo...
61.11Chase Brown16:33.31Lewisville Marcus
62.11Adriel Govea16:33.47Del Rio
63.12Ryan Casey16:33.83Houston Cyp. Fair
64.11Jonathan Alvarado16:37.04San Antonio Churchill
65.12Brian Moynihan16:39.03Georgetown
66.12Cameron Foreman16:40.82Georgetown
67.12Michael Teeple16:43.31Lewisville Flower Mo...
68.10Gustavo Raskowsky16:43.43Houston Strake Jesuit
69.11Trent Higgins16:43.97Humble Kingwood
70.11Kyle Scanlan16:44.56Southlake Carroll
71.12Pedro Cortez16:45.90Brownsville Hanna
72.11Cole Atchison16:47.90Lewisville Flower Mo...
73.11Juan Rojas16:48.53Del Rio
74.10Gilbert Terrazas16:50.98Del Rio
75.10Adam Girgis16:51.33Katy Seven Lakes
76.11Nathan Ricketts16:51.45Katy Seven Lakes
77.12Manuel Vega16:53.85Brownsville Hanna
78.12Isaac Qureshi16:55.11Lewisville Flower Mo...
79.11Luis Reyes16:56.72Edinburg North
80.12Javier Zamora16:56.74Brownsville Hanna
81.9Cesar Moreno16:58.69Del Rio
82.11Eric Redondo16:59.13Humble Kingwood
83.11Jake Miller17:03.76Lewisville Marcus
84.10Fermin David Calde...17:04.99Del Rio
85.10Saul Camarillo17:05.61Eagle Pass
86.12Connor Troxclair17:05.85Houston Strake Jesuit
87.10Saul Vasquez17:07.23Eagle Pass
88.11Jacob Lefler17:09.49Houston Cyp. Fair
89.11Julio Cruz17:11.56Del Rio
90.12Hunter Daigle17:12.30Katy Seven Lakes
91.12Casey Broderson17:12.43Houston Cyp. Fair
92.12Michael Wakeland17:12.78Houston Strake Jesuit
93.11Luis Sandoval17:19.13Brownsville Hanna
94.12Robert Zarate17:21.23Eagle Pass
95.12Laine Melikian17:24.22Georgetown
96.10Andrew McRae17:24.64Lewisville Flower Mo...
97.11Daniel Shellhouse17:28.82Humble Kingwood
98.-Robert Suoboda17:30.37Katy Seven Lakes
99.9Zach Hamstra17:31.11Lewisville Flower Mo...
100.10Angel Garcia17:43.58Del Rio
101.9Jacob Babbidge17:45.56Lewisville Marcus
102.10Ryan Brenkus17:52.42Katy Seven Lakes
103.11Ezequiel Calleros18:02.34Brownsville Hanna
104.12Charles Vallhorral...18:21.49Houston Cyp. Fair
105.11Alberto Garcia18:44.02Houston Cyp. Fair
106.12Cody Broderson18:48.15Houston Cyp. Fair
107.12Ian Plantz19:02.44Georgetown
108.11Luis Trevino19:21.36Brownsville Hanna
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Womens Results

3,200 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Rachel Johnson10:55.41Plano
2.11Natalie Baker11:08.08Plano West
3.10Katherine Jensen11:08.59Conroe Woodlands Col...
4.12Hillary Montgomery11:14.33Klein
5.10Karis Jochen11:19.48College Station A&M ...
6.10Katie Willard11:20.51Conroe The Woodlands
7.11Catie Daigre11:21.21Humble Kingwood
8.10Katie Boane11:21.59Houston Cyp. Fair
9.12Rachel Baptista11:22.41Austin
10.11Kaleigh Ervin11:22.91Coppell
11.9Devin Norton11:24.18Denton Guyer
12.10Lauren Fritz11:24.95Houston Cyp. Fair
13.12Connor Ward11:25.12Lewisville Flower Mo...
14.12Brittney Wade11:26.67Houston Clear Lake
15.12Carly Kitts11:26.95Midlothian
16.11Julianne Perry11:27.75Houston Clear Lake
17.11Leslie Schilsky11:27.94Houston Cyp. Creek
18.11Ashley Mills11:28.20Humble Kingwood
19.12Taylor Light11:28.44Lewisville Flower Mo...
20.10Shelby Chapin11:29.08Southlake Carroll
21.11Kristyn Williams11:29.32Mansfield Timberview
22.10Courtney Kriegshau...11:29.78Southlake Carroll
23.10Sandie Raines11:32.37Humble Kingwood
24.12Rexi Parcells11:34.16Plano West
25.12Emily Jensen11:34.52Conroe Woodlands Col...
26.11Claire Andrews11:35.47Conroe Woodlands Col...
27.9Maddie McLellan11:36.18Conroe The Woodlands
28.10Faith Banker11:36.67Houston Cyp. Fair
29.11Sarah Roe11:37.03Southlake Carroll
30.12Amanda Bishop11:38.09Northside O'Connor
31.10Kailey Hill11:39.50Katy Seven Lakes
32.12Madeline Livergood11:39.79Houston Cyp. Fair
33.11Hannah Novelli11:40.91Conroe The Woodlands
34.10Ashley Guidot11:40.98Conroe The Woodlands
35.12Brianna Schrader11:41.39Conroe Woodlands Col...
36.12Glynnis Meade11:41.46Northside Clark
37.10Haley Deakins11:42.11Houston Cyp. Creek
38.11Rachel Harper11:44.60Southlake Carroll
39.12Marissa Lee11:44.81Austin Bowie
40.11Chrissy Wassef11:45.24Houston Clear Lake
41.9Adrianna Suarez11:46.60Humble Kingwood
42.9Stephanie Barlow11:46.64Northside Holmes
43.10Rachel Jones11:46.77Lewisville Hebron
44.10Sarah Fritzsche11:49.76San Antonio Churchill
45.11Felice Johnson11:50.41Southlake Carroll
46.10Morgan Baulier11:50.44Southlake Carroll
47.11Julia Sunderland11:50.86Southlake Carroll
48.11Audrey Wassef11:53.07Houston Clear Lake
49.12Jessica Pagano11:53.43Katy Cinco Ranch
50.10Katie Bouton11:53.88Lewisville Flower Mo...
51.10Kirsten Zeller11:55.39Lewisville Flower Mo...
52.12Vanessa Galindo11:55.39Del Rio
53.11Kerstin Sheehan11:55.78Humble Kingwood
54.9Kellee McCann11:56.10Northwest
55.11Grace Kohler11:57.02Northside Brandeis
56.10Grace Howley11:57.63Humble Kingwood
57.9Daniela Crook11:59.84San Antonio Churchill
58.9Erica Brown12:02.37Katy Seven Lakes
59.11Celeste Neff12:02.92Conroe Woodlands Col...
60.10Caroline Mcbrearty12:03.28San Antonio Churchill
61.9Lauren Harrington12:03.74Katy Seven Lakes
62.11Shantel Swift12:04.71Northside Clark
63.11Rainy Castanenda12:05.90Laredo United South
64.12Sarah Pena12:06.12Houston Cyp. Fair
65.12Colleen Murray12:06.75Conroe The Woodlands
66.11Gena Hurst12:06.78Plano West
67.10Casie Ramsier12:07.90Plano West
68.12Margo Lyons12:08.15Conroe The Woodlands
69.9Rebekah Hernandez12:08.81Laredo Alexander
70.11Laura Craig12:08.99Humble Kingwood
71.11Katherine Wright12:10.42Houston Cyp. Fair
72.9Alana Bittner12:11.49Lewisville Flower Mo...
73.9Anna Lyons12:11.58Conroe The Woodlands
74.10Cece Kyler12:13.39San Antonio Churchill
75.11Annette Harpole12:13.59Houston Clear Lake
76.10Savannah Borgsmiller12:13.71Plano West
77.11Candida Chairez12:16.57Del Rio
78.10Emily Brown12:17.64Houston Clear Lake
79.11Karen Hunsicker12:18.37Houston Cyp. Fair
80.11Brie Barry12:20.67Conroe Woodlands Col...
81.11Kelsey Viertel12:20.74Lewisville Flower Mo...
82.12Connie Dong12:21.45Katy Seven Lakes
83.11Claudia Ramirez12:23.30Del Rio
84.12Rebekah Rodriguez12:24.75Edinburg
85.9Kristen Zimpfer12:26.80Houston Clear Lake
86.9Yvonne Zerda12:29.82Edinburg
87.10Sarah Mumme12:33.77Katy Seven Lakes
88.9Laura Mendoza12:43.61Edinburg
89.10Kaitlyn Killeen12:43.75Conroe Woodlands Col...
90.10Zoie Wilson12:43.86Plano West
91.10Samantha Munderback12:48.39Del Rio
92.10Alison Kelley12:52.01Katy Seven Lakes
93.11Evelyn Aranda12:52.30Edinburg
94.9Liz Romo12:52.43Del Rio
95.10Dulce Lopez12:55.88Edinburg
96.12Gloria Ramirez12:58.16Del Rio
97.11Jessica Crook13:03.56San Antonio Churchill
98.10Ashley Waterman13:04.05Lewisville Flower Mo...
99.11Katia Romero13:10.14Edinburg
100.12Kathryn Racine13:13.07Katy Seven Lakes
101.10Annie Garcia13:14.40Del Rio
102.12Sam Garza13:14.56San Antonio Churchill
103.12Audrie Vela13:15.54Edinburg
104.12Jordan Shull14:13.29San Antonio Churchill
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