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Kincaid Park

5,000 Meters Open11:30 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity12:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity1:30 PM
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Kincaid Park

5,000 Meters Open11:00 AM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity12:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity1:00 PM
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Welcome to the 2010 Lynx Invitational

5:00p Tuesday Sept. 7th, 2010
Race entries are due by 5:00p Tuesday Sept. 7th 2010. Any changes made on after this time will NOT be in effect.  You will need to either email myself or manually change them the morning of the race.  We are using for entries.  If you do not have an account, it is pretty easy to set one up.  Email myself if you are concerned about using 

The entry fee has been removed as of 9/3/2010 because of a conflict between the Coach Freiss' schedule and the Lynx Invite's.  We will not be using chip timing.  We, instead, will be using a local family that has graciously offered to time the event for us.  I have a total of 500 bibs that I purchased for this year's event.  Currently, about 430 of them are reserved for schools that have pre-registered.  If you would still like to attend email me.  First come-first served.

Event Times:
9:45a - Coaches' meeting (Kincaid Bunker)
11:00a - Girls Open
11:30a - Boys Open
12:00p - Girls Junior Varsity (7 athletes max)
12:30a - Boys Junior Varsity (7 athletes max)
1:00p - Girls Varsity (7 athletes max)
1:30p - Boys Varsity (7 athletes max)
2:00p - Awards (outside unless weather is bad)

The course will be the Region IV championship course this year as there is supposed to be construction on the usual course.  The Region IV course starts in the stadium and heads North into the Mize Loop.  The course makes a Figure 8 on the Mize loop by going counterclockwise on the first half and clockwise on the second half.  Upon finishing the second half, you head back into the stadium from the South and finish.  The course is rolling with a couple longer uphills and downhills.  The course is all grass/dirt.  The athletes do not cross any pavement.  Spikes are recommended.  Using the map below, the athletes run on the following colors in order: Blue > Green > Red > Green > Yellow.

If you have any questions about the event please feel free to contact me at

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Open  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.10MacKenzie Franks17:47.5Service
2.12Thomas Burkel18:27.6Service
3.12Peter Mamrol18:54.9Service
4.9Chanc Deschamps-Pr...19:07.2South Anchorage
5.12Ryan McLaughlin19:26.9Service
6.12Conner Deal19:29.6Service
7.10Danny Maisey19:43.4South Anchorage
8.11Peter Metzger19:46.2Service
9.10Joshua Downs19:47.9South Anchorage
10.9Brandon Smith19:49.0 SRSouth Anchorage
11.10Ryan Gale19:50.7South Anchorage
12.11Aaron Sprague19:56.3South Anchorage
13.9Ian Kroloff20:04.8Service
14.11Kenton Stephens20:05.5Service
15.11Patrick Duffy20:09.5Service
16.11Taylor Andrews20:09.7 SRChugiak
17.9Bryant Brewster20:12.3South Anchorage
18.11Keenan Brownsberger20:15.5East Anchorage
19.9Tanner Ramey20:17.6South Anchorage
20.11Benjamin Daniel20:21.0South Anchorage
21.10Adam Becia20:23.4East Anchorage
22.11Adam Paton20:27.2South Anchorage
23.9Andrew Maisey20:28.1 PRSouth Anchorage
24.10Christopher Scott20:29.0South Anchorage
25.11Duncan Keith20:31.1 PRChugiak
26.11Max Waugaman20:36.2South Anchorage
27.12Will Parry20:39.4South Anchorage
28.12Elias Smith20:40.7 PRService
29.10Adam Eberhardt20:42.2South Anchorage
30.10Trevor Steele20:43.9South Anchorage
31.11Tucker Jonas20:48.3South Anchorage
32.9Hayden Western20:48.6 PRSouth Anchorage
33.9Taylor Zietlow20:52.2 SRSouth Anchorage
34.9Rian Phillips20:56.5East Anchorage
35.9Ben Froehlich21:05.0Dimond
36.12Jae -Rim Lee21:06.6Service
37.9Seiji Takagi21:08.2South Anchorage
38.9David Warner21:09.8Chugiak
39.9Udayan Dutta21:11.0East Anchorage
40.12David Lenahan21:14.4Service
41.10Matthew Malecha21:14.6South Anchorage
42.12Cedric Richardson21:15.7Service
43.9Alvin Hernandez21:17.2East Anchorage
44.10Mark Bethka21:18.4East Anchorage
45.12Jaylon Lacy21:19.6 PREast Anchorage
46.11Cale Clingenpeel21:23.2 PRSouth Anchorage
47.10Nathan Dennis21:23.8Chugiak
48.9Mathew Seaman21:24.7Service
49.10Matthew Fischer21:28.9East Anchorage
50.10Jared Davis21:29.1Dimond
51.12Erik Bronczyk21:29.9Dimond
52.11Craig Lematta21:33.4Dimond
53.10Cole Deal21:41.3Service
54.12Patrick Swalling21:45.0Dimond
55.11Nicholas Seckers21:49.2South Anchorage
56.10Junehyuk Suenram21:54.1 PRDimond
57.10Stuart Goodman21:56.6Service
58.12Chris June21:58.8South Anchorage
59.12Corey Prewett22:03.0Service
60.10Chase Delatush22:03.9South Anchorage
61.10Corry McKeon22:12.2East Anchorage
62.9Trevor Cole22:12.4East Anchorage
63.12Grant Schultz22:15.9Dimond
64.9Nicholas Crews22:17.4South Anchorage
65.10Max Durtschi22:19.9South Anchorage
66.12David Burgess22:22.0South Anchorage
67.10Sterling Crossman22:28.7 PRSouth Anchorage
68.9Peter Marsh22:35.4Service
69.10Ethan-John Rasmussen22:38.3Service
70.9Davey Beigel22:42.9South Anchorage
71.12Adam McComb22:43.7Chugiak
72.9Connor Swalling22:45.6Dimond
73.9Zach McAllen22:54.7South Anchorage
74.11Riley Chien22:56.2South Anchorage
75.9Cade Cade22:59.5Chugiak
76.10Payton Lauwers23:02.0Dimond
77.10Everett Bostick23:03.1East Anchorage
78.11Cameron Toskey23:04.7South Anchorage
79.12Erik Kuper23:17.4Service
80.10Brady Deal23:17.7Service
81.11Korbyn Milani23:17.9Service
82.9Spencer Osgood23:19.1South Anchorage
83.9Zen Stephens23:38.8Dimond
84.11Ben Perrell24:10.4Chugiak
85.12Iain Miller24:10.9Chugiak
86.10Cayman Jarvis24:26.0Service
87.9Jacques Neptune24:35.5Service
88.12Brent Carey25:10.9East Anchorage
89.12Mark Jennings25:12.5East Anchorage
90.10Michael Cox25:25.4Dimond
91.10Casey Dinger25:25.6 PRDimond
92.9Josh Morgan25:27.9South Anchorage
93.10Joshua Keller25:35.2Chugiak
94.9Andrew Lawson26:01.0Service
95.9Carson Kline26:15.4Service
96.11Alex Graham27:16.6South Anchorage
97.9Kyle Allen27:20.4 SREast Anchorage
98.9Stuart Parry28:09.6South Anchorage
99.11Joseph Linden28:32.0South Anchorage
100.10Timothy Thornley30:20.7Service
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Matt Bauer17:40.2Service
2.10Ryan Kressly17:49.5 PREast Anchorage
3.11Emmanuel Betts17:52.1 PRService
4.10Jackson Parke18:05.3Service
5.11Kevin Greco18:19.6 PRChugiak
6.11Tadhg Nakada18:20.8Service
7.12Mackenzie Bailey18:24.1Service
8.12Tyler Mockta18:30.9Service
9.12Kyle Barnhart18:44.8Service
10.10Alex Loan18:53.5Chugiak
11.12Brian Stroble18:59.1 SRChugiak
12.11Blaine Bronga19:02.4East Anchorage
13.10Luke Pergiel19:06.8Dimond
14.9Charles Chard19:08.3 SREast Anchorage
15.11Connor Nuss19:15.6 PRSouth Anchorage
16.12Rob Pantaleone19:16.4South Anchorage
17.11Evan Fisher19:19.2Eagle River
18.9Brady Sanders19:30.1Chugiak
19.10Troy Walters19:32.1South Anchorage
20.12Peter Brewer19:36.3Chugiak
21.11Robert Colles19:41.8Chugiak
22.9Chris Lawrence19:47.0South Anchorage
23.12Tyler Gillam19:52.2Dimond
24.11Josef Rutz19:54.4Chugiak
25.11Connor Scher20:04.2East Anchorage
26.11Austin Brown20:08.4Dimond
27.10Jonathan Burgess20:22.4South Anchorage
28.11Joe Lurtsema20:27.2East Anchorage
29.11Nicholas Ruthruff20:32.5Dimond
30.10Kiel Kenning20:33.6Dimond
31.9Byron Kim20:35.2East Anchorage
32.9Zayn Roohi20:46.9Dimond
33.11Ryan Turpin21:10.9Dimond
34.10Justin Leiner21:15.6East Anchorage
35.10Michael Booth21:25.6Eagle River
36.9Aaron Feinstein21:48.3Eagle River
37.11Derrick Dringman22:29.5 SREagle River
38.12Mak King22:37.3Eagle River
39.9Taylor Holshouser23:46.6Eagle River
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jani Lane16:15.2Service
2.12Silas Talbot16:20.6Service
3.12Brandon Brewster16:25.6South Anchorage
4.10Lucas Hepler16:54.3Service
5.12Aaron Wheatall16:59.2Service
6.12Mitchell Brown17:05.4Dimond
7.9Tim Sorensen17:08.8 SRChugiak
8.12Benjamin Wheatall17:12.7Service
9.11Max Romey17:16.0Service
10.11Mason Huffman17:17.5 SRSouth Anchorage
11.10Lucas Schlemme17:25.1Service
12.9John Farr17:30.5East Anchorage
13.12Mark Schmidt17:31.5Chugiak
14.11Isaac Lammers17:34.4Chugiak
15.10Chris Kveseth17:45.3Chugiak
16.12Jack Novak17:45.7South Anchorage
17.12Forrest Mahlen17:49.0South Anchorage
18.12Kenny Brewer17:54.5Chugiak
19.10Benjamin Smith17:58.1 SREagle River
20.9David McPhetres18:01.2Chugiak
21.12Ben Fitzgerald18:07.7 PRChugiak
22.9Thomas O'Harra18:11.9East Anchorage
23.11Andy Schaffer18:15.7 PRSouth Anchorage
24.11Andrew Martin18:16.0South Anchorage
25.11Steven Malachowski18:17.8South Anchorage
26.12Willie Dalton18:18.4 PREast Anchorage
27.10Matt Froehlich18:21.3Dimond
28.11John Corr18:33.4Dimond
29.12Cameron Ginochio18:37.6Dimond
30.10Kerrick Eagle18:37.9Dimond
31.12Erskine Frank18:38.8Dimond
32.11Isaiah Montoya18:48.0East Anchorage
33.10Bryce Wolery19:03.0Eagle River
34.10Skyler Frank19:17.0East Anchorage
35.12Matthew Malnoske19:18.3East Anchorage
36.11Eric Guinn19:23.6 SREagle River
37.12Forest Fisher19:27.2 PREagle River
38.11Jacob Wahry19:33.6East Anchorage
39.12Zachary Reinbold19:38.3Eagle River
40.11Kevin Waterman19:43.1Eagle River
41.12Cameron Johnson19:43.5Eagle River
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Open  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Rachel Zafren23:03.5Service
2.10Allison Abo23:19.0East Anchorage
3.12Sarah Allen23:42.1Service
4.11Sarah Frankl23:47.4Eagle River
5.10Gabrielle Sines23:54.4South Anchorage
6.12Hayley Patin23:58.5Eagle River
7.11Evdokyia Hail23:58.8Eagle River
8.12Scottie Su LeClaire24:00.5Service
9.10Kaitlyn Cyr24:01.7South Anchorage
10.10kelsey Lindberg24:02.2South Anchorage
11.9Holly Andrus24:13.8 SRDimond
12.10Tasha Mockta24:23.7Service
13.12Megan Seaman24:59.8Service
14.9Olivia Lewis25:06.7 PRService
15.9Davianna Olert25:09.4 SRSouth Anchorage
16.11Hannah Souders25:13.4Service
17.9Emma Gilila25:15.5East Anchorage
18.10Kristyn Martin25:19.4Service
19.10Heather Schoff25:20.5South Anchorage
20.9Cristina Whitworth25:26.4South Anchorage
21.-KaiLlin Miknick25:33.2 PRService
21.9Kaitlin Miknich25:33.2 SRService
22.12Linda Lee25:59.5South Anchorage
23.11Morgan Frank26:02.3East Anchorage
24.10Sable McGovern26:04.6 PRSouth Anchorage
25.9Paige Mohl26:09.4South Anchorage
26.10Lily York26:15.6 PRSouth Anchorage
27.10Shannon McLaughlin26:15.8Dimond
28.11Kylie Moore26:16.0Dimond
29.10Maddie Bee26:20.6 SRDimond
30.9Sierra Keech26:28.7Service
31.10Alex Moutry 26:32.4South Anchorage
32.11Talia Sopp26:36.9 PRDimond
33.11Kristen Culver26:42.6South Anchorage
34.10Hannah Short26:43.3South Anchorage
35.12Brooklyn Zumwalt26:44.7Dimond
36.12Rebecca Wolfe26:52.0East Anchorage
37.12Rachel Gingras26:59.4East Anchorage
38.9Antonia Brune27:10.7Service
39.12Amy Gordon27:15.7East Anchorage
40.9Lizzie June27:19.0South Anchorage
41.9Ilana Zyatitsky27:21.8Service
42.10Allison Barrett27:26.9South Anchorage
43.11Becky Hanscom27:33.4South Anchorage
44.9Brynn Johnson27:38.1 SRService
45.9Gretchen Weinzirl27:39.1Chugiak
46.12Gabriella Brune27:40.4Service
47.9Astrid Williams27:56.1East Anchorage
48.12Hanna Deacon28:02.7East Anchorage
49.12Kaitlyn Hosken28:22.2South Anchorage
50.12Raina Rooney28:26.1Dimond
51.11Katie Owen28:28.8Dimond
52.12Sarah Wilson28:51.6East Anchorage
53.10Sarah Marsh28:52.7 PRService
54.9Camille Heninger29:08.2 PRDimond
55.9Elaine Brown29:25.0South Anchorage
56.12Avery Underwood29:35.7South Anchorage
57.10Abigail Schneck29:46.8East Anchorage
58.12Jennifer Sakumoto29:50.5Dimond
59.12Sally Ann Keyes29:56.4East Anchorage
60.11Ashley Jemmings30:06.2South Anchorage
61.12Charity Garritson30:06.7Dimond
62.12Arin Underwood30:53.4 PRSouth Anchorage
63.12Rose Hanson31:05.8Service
64.11Jordan Pruszenski31:55.6Service
65.9Amber Scheuer32:09.1 PRChugiak
66.9Julia Carmack32:17.8 PRSouth Anchorage
67.9Aspen Knight32:18.0South Anchorage
68.9Nichole Child35:05.8East Anchorage
69.11Chelsea DeStefano35:24.2East Anchorage
70.12Star Paraoan36:17.6 SRDimond
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Samantha Castle21:17.6 SRDimond
2.10Ann Spencer21:38.6Service
3.10Teagan Yutrzenka21:46.0South Anchorage
4.12Rebekah Butler21:53.7 PRService
5.11Paige Fletcher22:14.4South Anchorage
6.11Gabrielle Markel22:20.5South Anchorage
7.11Devan Mandregan22:26.1Dimond
8.11Sara Falconer22:29.2Dimond
9.10Rebecca Hoshaw22:33.9Dimond
10.11Alexandra Cress22:37.9South Anchorage
11.11Yelenna Cavens22:45.9Service
12.12Catherine Stophlet22:55.9South Anchorage
13.12McKenzie Smedley23:02.5Service
14.11Brittney Lenahan23:09.9Service
15.11Min Joo Kim23:40.8East Anchorage
16.10Lindsey Freeman23:54.2 PREast Anchorage
17.9Laramie Brinkman24:00.5South Anchorage
18.12Sarah Fink24:07.0East Anchorage
19.9Ava Harren24:10.6Service
20.10Monica Richardson24:23.7East Anchorage
21.11Melissa Taylor24:31.6Dimond
22.11Jennifer Spessard24:36.7South Anchorage
23.11Deven Inch24:42.2East Anchorage
24.12Caitlin Porter24:44.4Chugiak
25.12Mariah Knox24:49.7East Anchorage
26.11Kylee Sam24:52.4Eagle River
27.12Kristen Lessard25:08.7 SRChugiak
28.11Kate Hoen25:11.2Dimond
29.12Nicole Warner25:11.5Chugiak
30.9Kirsten Alvarado25:31.5Eagle River
31.10Shannon Casey25:53.4Chugiak
32.11Katarina Alvarado26:24.4Eagle River
33.10Madi Lewis26:49.8Eagle River
34.9Jessa Montoya27:06.0Eagle River
35.12Candice Smith 28:22.0Chugiak
36.10Hilary Butler29:53.4Chugiak
37.9Madeline McCormick 30:16.8 PRChugiak
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Jenette Northey19:12.1Service
2.10Amelia Hennessy19:35.0Dimond
3.11Sarah Freistone19:39.8Dimond
4.10Tsaina Mahlen19:45.5South Anchorage
5.11Emma Minge19:56.9South Anchorage
6.11Katie Culver19:57.7South Anchorage
7.11Merielle Vania20:03.8South Anchorage
8.10Samantha Hartke20:13.1Chugiak
9.11Stephanie Kirk20:14.2South Anchorage
10.9Grace Graham20:22.2East Anchorage
11.10Alex Okeson20:23.3Service
12.11Kelly Yanoshek20:35.6South Anchorage
13.9Chloe Cook21:01.8South Anchorage
14.10Madison Imig21:04.1Dimond
15.11Rebecca Farr21:12.6East Anchorage
16.10Sadie Smith21:24.8Service
17.9Emily Biering21:36.0East Anchorage
18.11Molly Templin21:42.3Service
19.10Allison Haines21:47.3East Anchorage
20.12Jessica Todd21:49.5Dimond
21.10Tori Best21:50.7Dimond
22.11Britta Hamre22:03.3 PRService
23.10Hannah Xavier22:05.9Service
24.9Megan Neale22:26.9East Anchorage
25.12Jocelyn Murchie22:28.3Eagle River
26.12Josephine Reagle22:47.9 SREast Anchorage
27.10Christine Bottini22:55.5Eagle River
28.11Susan Fleurant23:13.1Chugiak
29.12Andrea Foster23:15.9 PRChugiak
30.11Elizabeth Wheatall23:17.8Service
31.10Regina McDiffett23:25.3East Anchorage
32.9Naella Lundell23:36.5Chugiak
33.9Sarissa Lammers23:43.7Chugiak
34.9Paige Nelson23:52.4Chugiak
35.10Annie Ross23:59.4Chugiak
36.11Jacqueline Klecka24:38.9Eagle River
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