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MPSSAA 2A South Regional Championships HS

Thursday, November 04, 2004

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Meet Host - Atholton HS
Location - Fort Washington Park, Fort Washington, MD - Map
Mens Races

Fort Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Fort Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Zack Dickerson17:04.8hHoward
2.10Andrew Revelle17:05.8hAtholton
3.11Shane Wolter17:17.9hAtholton
4.12Ben Thomas17:28.4hReservoir
5.12Tim Burt17:40.1hGlenelg
6.11Reggie King17:41.7hAtholton
7.10Garret Maxson17:44.2hGlenelg
8.10Brian Allen17:51.2hReservoir
9.11Christopher Anderson18:11.2hForestville Military
10.10Lee Cumberland18:12.3hGlenelg
11.12Andrew Brazis18:14.3hAtholton
12.11Joey Spurrier18:14.6hGlenelg
13.12Erik Forseth18:15.6hCalvert
14.11Asteway Addisu18:18.9hForestville Military
15.12Dan Fortin18:24.7hGlenelg
16.12Zachary Lust18:28.0hAtholton
17.11Nick Bosse18:31.0hGlenelg
18.10Matt Bode18:38.6hAtholton
19.10Nick Rossovskij18:48.1hHammond
20.11Robert Roddey19:02.4hFairmont Heights
21.10Jesse Ridgway19:03.7hCalvert
22.11Will Isley19:10.4hGlenelg
23.12Marcello Virgil19:26.4hFairmont Heights
24.10Andre Thompson19:30.4hFairmont Heights
25.12Brian Harrison19:31.1hHoward
27.12Patrick Baker19:33.0hHoward
28.11Don Berry19:41.4hReservoir
29.10Zach Cecil19:47.4hCalvert
30.10Sam Mcclelland19:51.2hCalvert
31.12Stanley Ammend19:52.3hFairmont Heights
32.10Brandon Lebe19:55.3hHammond
33.9Mark Thomas19:57.0hHammond
34.10Ronald Brown19:59.3hDuVal
35.9Thomas Hoesman19:59.8hHoward
36.11Brian Pettit20:08.8hReservoir
37.10Tommy Radford20:11.8hReservoir
38.12Marc Schulman20:12.7hHammond
39.9Tom Bradtke20:18.9hHammond
40.9Phillip Moorehead20:24.6hHammond
41.11Tyrone Williams20:25.10Forestville Military
42.11Travis McLean20:25.8hFairmont Heights
43.9Richard Archie20:27.0hFairmont Heights
44.10Ethan Leonard20:28.8hCalvert
45.10Vandi Bpaaki20:29.6hCentral-PG
46.12Gregory Merson20:30.7hReservoir
47.10Duane Mclarty20:36.8hFriendly Senior
48.10Kwame Johnson20:54.1hPotomac
49.12Marc Jazwiecki20:57.5hHammond
50.9Matt Francis21:00.5hHoward
51.10Michael Fields21:09.5hHoward
52.11Bobby Bisson21:10.9hHoward
53.12Josh Kenny21:19.1hCalvert
54.11Walter Morton21:26.4hDuVal
55.12Eric Mcrae21:26.7hForestville Military
56.11Anthony Baynard21:48.6hForestville Military
57.12Jordan George22:18.8hCalvert
58.9DeAndre Tingle22:34.7hCentral-PG
59.9Ronald Exum22:35.1hCentral-PG
60.10Willie Lackey23:14.8hForestville Military
61.11Lawrence Heard23:17.8hForestville Military
62.11Derrick Dawkins23:20.4hFriendly Senior
63.12Kenneth Gerald23:26.6hFriendly Senior
64.11Phillip Robinson23:28.6hFriendly Senior
65.12David Houston23:29.3hFriendly Senior
66.10Allen Jones23:36.6hPotomac
67.10Wayne Artis23:37.3hPotomac
68.9Jeremy Parker23:46.0hFriendly Senior
69.11Caleb Gaskins24:41.5hFairmont Heights
70.9Lamech McLean24:50.2hPotomac
71.11KM Mussana25:37.8hCentral-PG
72.10Darnell Glass27:54.2hPotomac
73.10Chris Smith28:20.2hDuVal
74.11Devin King32:27.8hPotomac
75.11Jamal Gray32:28.0hPotomac
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Alison Smith19:27.3hAtholton
2.11Jana Schuhman20:19.4hFriendly Senior
3.12Jessica Hibbert21:11.3hGlenelg
4.11Marquel Bowler21:14.4hAtholton
5.10Kathryn Caffrey21:21.4hAtholton
6.11Stephanie Sones21:28.3hGlenelg
7.11Jemu Zarzar21:48.7hCentral-PG
8.12Sarah Nelson21:50.5hGlenelg
9.12Laura Bolton21:55.7hAtholton
10.11Sarah Pope21:58.9hHammond
11.11Amanda Rogers22:05.1hReservoir
12.9Jaclyn Tsioumas22:14.5hReservoir
13.9Chelsea Foong22:15.7hHoward
14.12Mallory Heinke22:18.4hGlenelg
15.12Nicole Johnson22:21.9hGlenelg
16.10Shaakira Raheem22:31.2hReservoir
17.12Kelly Lefevere22:34.9hReservoir
18.9Melodie Bowler22:37.1hAtholton
19.11Irina Kuchevski22:38.3hHammond
20.10Bonnie Zwissler23:22.5hCalvert
21.9Tara Griffith23:23.1hCalvert
22.9Stephanie Buckner23:23.6hGlenelg
23.9Elizabeth Pflaum23:25.3hReservoir
24.9Kelly Klein23:27.6hReservoir
25.12Michelle Walsh23:32.4hHammond
26.9Tara Sones23:40.7hGlenelg
27.11Erika Clark23:43.7hCentral-PG
28.9Beth Toland24:16.2hHoward
29.9Jami Limon24:17.4hHoward
30.10Selena Haggins24:27.2hCentral-PG
31.12Sachi Gross24:29.8hHammond
32.10Victoria Castleman24:33.1hReservoir
33.12Paige Spencer24:40.1hAtholton
34.10Vera Goldberg24:43.6hHammond
35.12Renee Davidson24:55.8hHoward
36.10Kamilah Clark25:04.6hCentral-PG
37.11Emily Brownlee25:10.2hCalvert
38.9Stefanie Frost25:25.8hHammond
39.9Elizabeth Kallay25:31.9hFairmont Heights
40.12Rea Skylar25:35.8hFriendly Senior
41.9Liz Frantz25:45.3hAtholton
42.10Crystal Crokett25:47.3hForestville Military
43.10Melkamaseu Addisu25:51.1hForestville Military
44.9Morgan Denhard25:55.0hHoward
45.10DeMarah Wilson25:57.0hFairmont Heights
46.10Tess Wier25:57.0hHammond
47.12Ariel Craig26:06.7hCentral-PG
48.12Maureen Higgins26:08.4hHoward
49.12Nalcia Grayson26:10.4hDuVal
50.12Leslie Morris26:15.2hHoward
51.10Malinda Lippitt26:18.5hFriendly Senior
52.12Haja Jalloh26:46.5hDuVal
53.9Latrice Byrd27:18.2hFairmont Heights
54.11Anglica Lackey27:27.4hForestville Military
55.12Deborah Hill27:27.7hFriendly Senior
56.11Erin Knussman27:44.6hCalvert
57.12Stephanie Parker27:47.2hFairmont Heights
58.12Envia Malone28:01.0hFriendly Senior
59.11Hogan Quana28:10.5hPotomac
60.11Ashley Bembry28:13.1hForestville Military
61.9Anita Richter28:14.2hFriendly Senior
62.9Sheritta Hall28:15.2hPotomac
63.10Ashley Pair28:55.8hDuVal
64.12Blanca Abrico29:19.7hFairmont Heights
65.9Candace Aliphonse29:32.0hFairmont Heights
66.9Jasmyn Jones30:15.6hFriendly Senior
67.9Amber Gaskins31:54.2hFairmont Heights
68.9Kenterra Richardson32:24.8hForestville Military
69.9Teressa Nance33:33.8hForestville Military
70.9Lisa Payton-Webber36:30.7hPotomac
71.12Dominique Payne36:30.9hPotomac
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