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Central Valley League Conference Meet HS

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Meet Host - South Salem HS
Location - Bush Park, Salem, OR - Map
Mens Races

Bush Park

5,000 Meters Varsity2:45 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:15 PM
Womens Races

Bush Park

5,000 Meters Varsity2:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:30 PM
Last Updated 8:21 PM, Wed, Oct 27


VARSITY GIRLS: South Salem 18, Redmond 58, West Salem 75, Sprague 110, North Salem 124, McNary 155, McKay inc.

VARSITY BOYS: West Salem 37 (#6 runner 15th) North Salem 37 (#6 runner 25th) Redmond 83, Sprague 112, South Salem 113, McNary 164, McKay 175

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Trenton Kershner16:11.2Redmond Meet Record
2.12Cody Franklin16:27.2North Salem
3.12Trent Dudley16:30.3West Salem
4.11David Clark16:37.4West Salem
5.11Jorge Rico16:51.3North Salem
6.10Jacob Atkinson16:54.5Sprague
7.10Emanuel Kraynick16:59.8West Salem
8.10Brendan Abel17:02.3West Salem
9.11Ramon Villa17:02.8North Salem
10.12Sergio Olmos17:03.7North Salem
11.11Chris Musser17:10.2North Salem
12.9Nathaniel Roberts17:16.3Sprague
13.11Andrew Jensen17:17.0South Salem
14.12Jared Lambert17:26.8Redmond
15.11Matthew Thomas17:31.4West Salem
16.10Sean Barr17:32.0West Salem
17.11Ben Whitenack17:41.9West Salem
18.12Ryan Wilson17:42.9Redmond
19.12Ian Scott17:43.8McNary
20.11Jacob Jungck17:52.4Redmond
21.10Tony Goemaere17:55.6McNary
22.10Slater Broaddus18:02.3South Salem
23.11Nick Ellis18:04.0South Salem
24.10Carlos Cornejo18:06.0McKay
25.10Carlos Flores18:11.5North Salem
26.11Caleb Clark18:12.2South Salem
27.12Justus Mac George18:15.5Sprague
28.12Mitch Winkle18:16.1McKay
29.11Hayden Harms18:16.6South Salem
30.9Jimi Seeley18:18.3Redmond
31.10Andrew Miller18:22.9Sprague
32.11Lee Lindley18:26.1North Salem
33.10haydn Coons18:29.3McKay
34.12Tristan Wrosch18:30.9South Salem
35.9Sam Ruck18:35.0South Salem
36.12Jordan Vesper18:44.2Sprague
37.12Pierre Densing18:46.2Redmond
38.9Forrest McCauley18:46.8Redmond
39.11Taylor Nusser19:15.4Sprague
40.12Mason Grine19:29.1McNary
41.12Forest Feltner19:51.0McNary
42.11Jeff Howard19:55.2Sprague
43.11Edgar Jimenez20:06.2McNary
44.11Gonzalo Perez21:04.6McKay
45.9Dalton Lindsey21:08.6McNary
46.12David Mansfield21:10.8McKay
47.10Steven Martinmaas-...21:19.1McNary
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Aden Petersen18:19.8Sprague
2.11Luke Scheuermann18:30.4South Salem
3.12Eli Forman18:32.4Redmond
4.12Alex Ojeda18:39.5North Salem
5.12Matt Clark18:41.9South Salem
6.9Miles Berglund18:45.0South Salem
7.12Alberto Alvarez18:47.4North Salem
8.11Daniel Fauss19:15.9South Salem
9.10Joey Donohue19:17.5Redmond
10.11Noah Sachs19:19.1North Salem
11.12Cesar Velazquez19:19.8North Salem
12.11Ryan Haney19:20.1Redmond
13.11Ian Jarvi19:28.4Sprague
14.12Andrew Upchurch19:34.7Sprague
15.12Phil Lenox19:41.6Sprague
16.10Brandon Fletcher19:44.8West Salem
17.12Trevor Wong19:47.5Sprague
17.12Austin Wong19:47.5Sprague
18.11Daniel Perez19:48.9North Salem
19.12Phillip Stoltz19:49.5Redmond
20.10Jon Upchurch19:50.7Sprague
21.9Luke Davis19:54.2Redmond
22.9Riley Hankins19:55.0West Salem
23.10Luis Galvan-Miranda20:09.8North Salem
24.10Jeff Bierman20:11.6Redmond
25.10Riley Cron20:16.6Redmond
26.12Parker Vernon20:20.9Redmond
27.9Alec DeHart20:22.7Sprague
28.10Dylan Howlett20:24.7South Salem
29.11Gage Sarrett20:34.4Redmond
30.12Andrew Schollian20:40.0North Salem
31.12Joe Hurley20:40.8West Salem
32.11Jean Breton20:42.9North Salem
33.11Alex Muravez20:43.7North Salem
34.10Omar Mosqueda20:44.5North Salem
35.11Nicholas Evans20:47.1Redmond
36.10Chris West20:49.7Sprague
37.12Jim Lauer20:52.6West Salem
38.12Brandon DeWeese21:14.8Redmond
39.9Austin Kirkland21:17.7Redmond
40.9Anthony Gonzales21:18.5Redmond
41.12Jason Hess21:20.6McNary
42.10Kyle Brooks21:31.1Redmond
43.12Sean Funk21:34.9Sprague
44.10Jared Probert21:46.9Redmond
45.10Taylor Jaeger22:00.5South Salem
46.10Ben Asay22:03.0McNary
47.12CJ Stapp22:18.2North Salem
48.9Rishi Seshadri22:19.6South Salem
49.12Jesus Valencia22:27.3North Salem
50.9David Bissinger22:46.6West Salem
51.9Tyler Niemczak22:52.2South Salem
52.10Anthony Aguilar22:53.6McNary
53.9Evan Rummerfield22:54.2McNary
54.11Alex Putnam23:01.3McNary
55.12William Favor23:02.1McNary
56.10Grant Moss23:06.7Redmond
57.9Nick Griffin23:28.2Redmond
58.12Ryan Lucas23:34.4Redmond
59.12Zach Kirkland23:35.9Redmond
60.12Thomas Mikus23:54.1McNary
61.9Lucas Shaffer24:36.4Redmond
62.9Josh Litchfield24:40.9Sprague
63.10Tyler Griswold25:56.1North Salem
64.10Braedon Wrosch27:41.3South Salem
65.9Quin Coons28:29.2McKay
66.9Erik Gabriel29:02.2North Salem
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Emily Weber18:53.2South Salem
2.9Vivian Hawkinson19:16.4South Salem
3.12Courtney Hochstetler19:20.9South Salem
4.10Tefna Mitchell-Hoegh19:27.0Redmond
5.11Kellen Friedrich19:39.6South Salem
6.12Grace Lin19:59.1West Salem
7.12Lila Hawkinson20:03.7South Salem
8.12Sarah MacKenzie20:13.3Redmond
9.12Steffani White20:31.4West Salem
10.11Alyssia Kuenzi20:39.1Sprague
11.12Sarah Lopez20:45.7North Salem
12.9Dakota Steen20:57.6Redmond
13.12Rachael Nelson21:01.7Sprague
14.9Aleksa Wood21:09.1South Salem
15.11Amy Lin21:15.2West Salem
16.11Elissa Brouillard21:15.5Redmond
17.10Miranda Williams21:37.4South Salem
18.12Ine Marie Raa21:43.5Redmond
19.11Ashley Burger22:08.2McNary
20.11Kyla Martichuski22:27.2West Salem
21.10Ashleigh Davis22:33.1Sprague
22.12Rachael Robinson22:49.2Redmond
23.9Kiahna Brown22:59.8Redmond
24.12Erika Villa23:02.7North Salem
25.9Ana Ramirez23:04.1West Salem
26.12Guadalupe Quevedo23:21.7McKay
27.12Yaritza Torres23:31.2North Salem
28.11Anna Hauck23:47.7West Salem
29.12Amie Apodaca23:51.8West Salem
30.10Madeline Jordan23:57.9McNary
31.11Amanda Tern24:21.7North Salem
32.12Emma Young24:34.6Sprague
33.10Kira Norton24:37.4McNary
34.12Kiera Downs25:02.4North Salem
35.9Yen Trinh25:07.7North Salem
36.10Nicola Young25:10.3Sprague
37.12Silaney Banke25:12.4McNary
38.11Kelly Johnson25:58.1Sprague
39.12Lilliana Ganchenko26:24.1McKay
40.11Joleen Braasch27:54.7North Salem
41.10Judy Jiang28:23.6McNary
42.10Emily Fleming28:34.4McNary
43.12Brianna Lemon28:41.8McNary
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Bethany Reding22:04.2South Salem
2.12Marilyn Brooks22:14.0South Salem
3.10Atalie Frank22:36.8South Salem
4.9Emily Wilson22:58.4South Salem
5.10Sarah Gunn23:07.7South Salem
6.10Danielle Duren23:14.5Redmond
7.9Claire Wright23:36.8Redmond
8.11Ellyn Hilts23:46.7South Salem
9.10Zoe Spangler24:12.2South Salem
10.10Rebecca Elmer24:13.5West Salem
11.9Jill Smith24:26.2West Salem
12.10Jessica Marthaller24:31.5Redmond
13.10Tiffany Dinh24:38.2West Salem
14.9Natalie Ulum24:57.8Redmond
15.10Michaela Conley25:04.1Redmond
16.10Madisyn Rohde25:04.5West Salem
17.9Kellie Harra25:04.9South Salem
18.12Marisa Bender25:29.5North Salem
19.9Maria Lopez25:37.6McKay
20.12Emily Goodman25:50.0North Salem
21.12Allison Moss26:01.2Redmond
22.9Marlene Arellano26:15.5North Salem
23.12Rebekah Polacek26:17.3North Salem
24.11Elaine Stewart26:28.7West Salem
25.10Emily Straight26:29.9West Salem
26.12Ivonne Mora26:44.6North Salem
27.12Hannah Long26:49.8Redmond
28.11Kereth Curliss26:54.2South Salem
29.10Tasha Brauhn26:56.9West Salem
30.11Emerald Pemberton27:01.9Redmond
31.12Krista Burrows27:23.0West Salem
32.10Jessie Stewart27:43.1West Salem
33.9Emily Boring28:19.1South Salem
34.12Lena Hamkens28:33.1Redmond
35.12Sarah Kleinman28:34.0Sprague
36.10Elizabeth Tran28:35.2McKay
37.11Suzanne Johnson28:40.4North Salem
38.12Emily Long28:43.5Redmond
39.11Brittany Sever29:23.4West Salem
40.11Madison Jones29:37.8West Salem
41.9kelly Rico31:25.8McKay
42.9Sadie Verville32:18.8Sprague
43.9Emily Lance33:21.0North Salem
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