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Forest Grove/Tigard at Newberg HS

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Meet Host - Newberg HS
Location - Newberg HS, Newberg, OR - Map
Mens Races

Newberg HS

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races

Newberg HS

5,000 Meters Varsity5:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity6:00 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

12Dashiel Penfield18:32.00Forest Grove
11Jered McConaughey19:18.00Newberg
10Brayan Cruz19:27.00Forest Grove
11MacKenzie Smith19:30.00Tigard
10Judd Parson19:34.00Forest Grove
10Matt Duyck19:48.00Forest Grove
11Andrew Luu19:50.00Tigard
11Sawyer Hurd19:54.00Tigard
11Reme Amezcua19:54.00Forest Grove
11Marco Ramirez20:02.00Forest Grove
12Ian Craig20:11.00Tigard
12Carson Kennedy20:12.00Forest Grove
9Randy Avendano20:23.00Forest Grove
9Devin Roche20:25.00Tigard
9Matthew Walch20:30.00Tigard
10Eric Alcaraz20:47.00Forest Grove
11Matt Zakrevsky20:49.00Newberg
10Ben Vanderschuere20:49.00Tigard
11Griffin Bailey20:53.00Forest Grove
10Ian Dehner20:59.00Forest Grove
12Robert Till21:01.00Tigard
10Brandon Kolb21:01.00Newberg
9Dan Harper21:01.00Newberg
12Michael Kubisiak21:03.00Newberg
10Alec Malnati21:08.00Tigard
12Christian Hayes21:09.00Newberg
11Jacob Inman21:09.00Tigard
11Bryson Peters21:13.00Forest Grove
9Matt Staples21:16.00Newberg
11Max Randall21:23.00Newberg
12Nate Jones21:26.00Forest Grove
11Anthony Quach21:27.00Tigard
10Trevor Lusk21:36.00Tigard
11Misael Gaspar21:39.00Forest Grove
9Christian Stuck21:39.00Forest Grove
10Connor Pitt21:51.00Forest Grove
11Jace Fuller21:54.00Newberg
11Andrew Lepschat22:01.00Forest Grove
10Christian Davis22:01.00Forest Grove
9Jared Read22:06.00Newberg
12Ozzy Arrey22:13.00Newberg
11Randall Tate22:16.00Tigard
9Calvin Fischer22:24.00Forest Grove
9Tristian Reed22:30.00Tigard
10Brian Whitelock22:32.00Tigard
10Cody Blackwell22:38.00Tigard
11Josh Schneider22:45.00Forest Grove
9Bryce Outland22:52.00Newberg
10Harrison Le23:09.00Tigard
10Max Miller23:11.00Newberg
12Peter Tran23:18.00Tigard
11Jordan Gensler23:22.00Tigard
10Paul Schot23:22.00Forest Grove
11Brandon O'Neal23:29.00Tigard
9Keaton Merrill23:33.00Forest Grove
10Max McCourt23:33.00Newberg
11Ben Webster23:34.00Tigard
9Alex Weiler23:48.00Newberg
11Jack Turzillo23:49.00Tigard
10Caleb Johnstone24:19.00Newberg
11Gabe Duffin24:20.00Newberg
10Alex Watson24:37.00Newberg
9Aaron Elich24:57.00Forest Grove
9Kristopher Lennartz25:11.00Tigard
10Michael Mullen26:17.00Tigard
11Britton Gamons26:17.00Tigard
11Riley Snook26:18.00Tigard
9Jordan Long26:28.00Newberg
10Kevin Vanderzanden26:34.00Forest Grove
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

12Nick Roche16:36.00Tigard
12Mark Medgin16:36.00Tigard
12Aaron Kirch16:53.00Tigard
12James Myers17:08.00Forest Grove
12Jordan Carroll17:10.00Tigard
12Josh Johnson17:14.00Forest Grove
9Michael Garcia17:21.00Forest Grove
12Taylor Johnston17:29.00Newberg
11Kyle Fish17:34.00Newberg
11Scott Rice17:36.00Tigard
11Ian Rogers17:37.00Tigard
12Nathan Swanson17:46.00Newberg
11Tyler Shipley17:47.00Forest Grove
12Keaton Kell17:48.00Forest Grove
12Connor Runia17:50.00Newberg
10John Walker17:52.00Tigard
12Philip Gravatt18:02.00Newberg
11Darius Kline18:06.00Forest Grove
11James McCahon18:09.00Forest Grove
12Austin Dean18:20.00Tigard
11C.J. Johnson18:20.00Forest Grove
10Sam Lawson18:26.00Newberg
12Jake Hoskins18:29.00Forest Grove
9Nathanael Ditton18:29.00Tigard
11Tate Bankston18:30.00Tigard
10Bailey Peterson18:30.00Newberg
11Erik Lien18:32.00Tigard
11Ivan Kallevig18:35.00Tigard
12Tyler Pitt18:44.00Forest Grove
12Cristian Cosgrove19:05.00Newberg
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Eredi Pintor20:13.00Forest Grove
11Talli Koskela20:13.40Newberg
12Kelsi Schaer20:45.00Tigard
12Sharon Rooker20:51.00Forest Grove
10Elena Torry-Schrag21:02.00Forest Grove
12Kelsey Walker21:10.00Tigard
10McKaelie Wolfe21:20.00Newberg
12Stephanie Arnold21:26.00Tigard
12Tracie Tran21:31.00Tigard
11Emily Walch21:33.00Tigard
9Emilia Anderson21:43.00Forest Grove
12Anna Jolliff22:01.00Newberg
12Katie Humphrey22:04.00Tigard
11Olivia Masek-McInt...22:04.00Forest Grove
12Lauren Sherrard22:24.00Newberg
11Madeleine Kern22:28.00Newberg
12Maggie Peterson22:34.00Newberg
9Savannah Stanton22:46.00Newberg
11Tacey Smith23:49.00Forest Grove
10Jessica Steigerwald23:52.00Forest Grove
11Karla Broderson24:35.00Forest Grove
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

9Irena Pia23:21.00Newberg
12Hannah Johnson23:36.00Newberg
10Marilyn Wallenburn23:42.00Tigard
11Isabel Harger24:02.00Tigard
11Mikayla Kinneman24:10.00Newberg
11Rachelle Duyck24:19.00Forest Grove
12Cecilia Ruiz24:29.00Forest Grove
12Kacey Peterson24:41.00Tigard
12Natalie Perez24:42.00Tigard
12Diana Merchant24:57.00Tigard
9Haley Rhine24:57.00Newberg
12Hayley Dunning25:03.00Tigard
11Kayla Stalheim25:05.00Tigard
9Joelle Bruckert-Fr...25:05.00Forest Grove
10Emily Chinn25:22.00Tigard
9Emily Parker25:24.00Forest Grove
12Sarah Risinger25:41.00Tigard
9Kelly Fox25:42.00Tigard
10Audrey Tucker25:44.00Newberg
12Sara Smith25:53.00Newberg
10Brittney Stanley26:26.00Forest Grove
12Yadira Trujillo26:28.00Tigard
12Veerakaisa Koivunen26:38.00Tigard
11Theresa Stadeli26:42.00Newberg
10Madi Vanderzanden26:49.00Forest Grove
11Taylor Stadeli26:51.00Newberg
11Lauren Bolek26:52.00Newberg
11Stephanie Andres26:53.00Newberg
12Sarah De Long26:54.00Newberg
10Rosie Steinbach27:03.00Forest Grove
10Clara Dunklee27:45.00Tigard
10Rachel Cooper28:15.00Tigard
9Lynn Tran28:18.00Tigard
10Julia Martinez28:27.00Newberg
9Becca Gilly28:50.00Forest Grove
9Victoria Holtzheimer28:54.00Newberg
12Haley Heynderickx29:11.00Forest Grove
10Helena Beckham29:38.00Newberg
10Rachel Ramirez29:48.00Tigard
9Laura Chapman31:09.00Tigard
10Savannah Hinkle31:11.00Newberg
10Vanessa Tran32:27.00Tigard
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